Bean update



We have been amazed by how much some of our beans have sprouted. Can you see our bean sprouts in the pictures above?

  • What are the best conditions for growing beans in our classroom ?

With water, daylight and near to the sink where it is still warm at night. The beans growing beside the window have not grown as tall and we think this is because it will be cold near the window at night time. This was a big surprise to us as we had predicted that the beans growing beside the window would grow the quickest.

  • How tall will our beansprouts grow?


For World Book Day we have been set  a challenge to decorate our classroom door like a book jacket.

At home look for your favourite books and if you are allowed you can bring them into class. We will share the books together and do some fun activities with them.

Then we will vote for the class favourite and we will design a book jacket for our classroom door when we have chosen the winning book.

Bring your books in on Monday 27th February for us to share.

  • Who will bring in the winning book?


Cress growing experiment

We have been learning how to design an experiment this block. We have explored what a fair experiment is, making predictions and recording what happens.

We grew cress seeds in different conditions to find out what healthy plants need to grow. We were surprised to discover that the seeds we grew in the dark grew the fastest but they didn’t look very healthy or nice to eat!


Our next step is to use what we learned from our cress growing experiment to help us design and plan our own bean growing experiment.