A Week in P7B

This week we have been practicing lots for our leavers assembly, that we hope you will all enjoy…

We also had Mrs Robertson from the high school come and visit. She came with two S2 pupils to help explain and answer questions about going to the high school.

For writing we done a lot of research about Keith Haring and wrote about him and his art for our writing assessment.

In maths we our dividing decimals to help get better for high school and looking at 3D shapes and their nets.

PE we done rounders and dodgeball with Mrs Edge on Monday and Wednesday.

In music we practiced Beltane and leavers assembly songs with Mrs Ingils on Wednesday.

This week some of the class did their 1980s presentations to the class and it had to be 2-5 minutes long.

This week our spelling words were wreck, wrap, wrist, wrestle ,cherry, curry ,narrow and mirror.

On Thursday we had wonderful wellbeing and had a chance to talk to Mrs Wilkinson and record stuff for the leavers assembly.

We have done problem solving as well

Also in music John preformed his bagpipes which was very loud!

This week we have had the field for lunch and had lots of fun.

We had our last PE leadership session with the P2s and P3s.

From now to the end of term we are looking forward to….

Our two day visit.
Our leavers assembly.
Sports day and our transition to high school!

Written by Ruby Taylor and Millie McAllister, P7B

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