Fun Packed Tuesday 22.6.21

We started our day with Inspire Learning enjoying working with the Spheros (see earlier post) .

Then we finished watching Hotel Transylvania, our movie from yesterday.

We then had a competition to see who could build the tallest free standing tower with one newspaper and tape.  Annabelle and Megan won with a height of 138 cm, Maisie and Isla and Olly and Charlie were joint second with 125 cm and Kirsty and Mea were third with 103 cm.  The whole class worked hard on this and realise the importance of a large base and triangular structures.  Well done everyone.


After lunch, we took part in a Scavenger Hunt around the school organised by Mrs Belleville. Thank you. The word spelled Holidays and the sentence was Have a happy holiday and a brilliant summer.


After afternoon break, we went on a little picnic and we were treated to a delicious cupcake for a snack and a special treat of bubbles and sweets. Thank you Mrs Clyde and the kitchen team for the yummy cakes and thank you Kingsland for our treat of bubbles and Haribos.


We ended our day with a game of clock in the tower.



Measure Fun

We had some fun today completing different measure activities.

We were measuring in mm,  cm and m. – Maisie

I liked the race car activity where I made a ramp and measured how far the cars went  – Jack.

Mea liked laying stones out in a row and measuring the distance.

Olly enjoyed measuring the amount of stones needed to be the same as some metric weights.

Some of the problem solving word questions were tricky – Anna



Review of the week ending 4/6/21

We did a little experiment to observe what happens to cooled water within the water cycle.   We could see condensation as the water collected as droplets on the cold surface and then as the droplets gathered together, the water fell back down as precipitation.

We also observed this in our little experiment with our Water Cycle plastic bag as the sun warmed the water, then it evaporated and condensed and fell back down into the bag.

Cornflour Gloop Fun

It’s a solid  …. It’s a liquid …..  It’s a Non-newtonian liquid!!!!

We had great fun in class working with this non-newtonian liquid.    We are familiar with substances that change state from solids to liquids to gases when we change temperature, such as freezing water into ice or boiling it away into water vapour.  But this mixture shows how changes in pressure, instead of temperature, can change the materials properties.

Mrs Scott took us for PE on Monday and we played lots of different games.  Thankfully Mrs Fletcher was back for PE on Wednesday.