Finding out about hedgehogs

P2 and P1 have been finding out about hedgehogs.

P1 got a big surprise today when they looked outside their classroom – there was a huge hedgehog ! They have been asking questions and throughout the topic we will try to answer as many of these questions as possible.

P2 learned that you are extremely lucky if you see a hedgehog in the daytime because hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. They also found out that hedgehogs love to drink milk and eat slugs and bugs – yuck !


P2 have been enjoying the increased responsibility of helping the P1 pupils in their class to follow the rules and routines of our new classroom. This has been very good for building up our confidence in communicating with others.

It has been fun meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.  We are working hard to build up friendships and work well with each other.

Prickly fun with Louie.


Today Primary 2 learnt how to draw cartoon style hedgehogs with a little help from their rabbit friend Louie. He started off by drawing the snout, then adding two semi-circle ears,  a circle for a nose and a lovely big smile. Then came the fun part – adding the prickly spines.

After we had drawn our cartoon hedgehogs we decided on our own backgrounds. Some hedgehogs were in a lettuce patch, one of us included a row of juicy looking carrots and there were even a couple of slugs spotted lurking amongst the lettuces !

( P2,  can you explain what a semi-circle is ? )