P3B have created a behaviour toolkit

Every morning we move our faces to how we are feeling. This has helped us think about how we are feeling and if we are ready to learn. Mrs. Thomson can catch pupils during the day and have a wee chat if they have been feeling worried or sad. Talking about this can be enough to help the feeling change.

We looked at a real toolkit and designed tools for our behaviour toolkit which would help us to calm down and change how we feel. Some of the ideas we have read about include imagine yourself laughing your head off!

Has this helped you to manage your feelings? How has it helped?

P3A focused on improving

Mrs Dundas and P3A have been talking about what we are struggling with in school. Now we can put effort into improving in these areas.

Spelling, 3x, 4x, and 5x tables, division, listening and ERIC (Everyone Read In Class) were all areas some of use are working on.


P3B are creating a new reading corner

We have thought of lots of great ideas to make our reading corner attractive so that we will all want to lose ourselves in a book.

Keep checking as we update what we have been doing.

On Wednesday Mrs. Smith, Isaac’s mum came with her sewing machine. We got to sew our on pockets.It was fun. The sewing machine went fast and slow. We pushed the pedal to make it go.

Huge thanks to Mrs. Smith for all her help.