Scottish Afternoon

We had an amazing Scottish afternoon. The pupils in our school have so many talents and skills, it was fantastic to watch! Here are some of the pupils from P5b that performed at our Scottish afternoon – we had a great variety… poetry performers, singers, chanter players, fiddle players and highland dancers! Some incredible talent to keep an eye on in future years! We’re proud of our KPS pupils!

lego driverless cars

We had a great time programming our LEGO driverless cars on Monday.  We had to write code to get the cars to drive across the room, turn round and drive back as quickly as possible. We had to really concentrate and we were using lots of maths and science skills.

light – source or reflector

We carried out some experiments to see which things were sources of light and which were reflectors.  We had to build very dark dens to allow us to carry out our tests so no sunlight was involved.  We discovered that a torch is a source of light but a mirror or a shiny material is a reflector.

Lego Robotics Workshop with Skills Development Scotland

Robot Race Video

We had a brilliant time today with David who came to visit from Skills Development Scotland.  He told us all about Driverless Cars and the skills we might have which could lead to a future career in their production and design.  We got to use Lego Mindstorms to explore our own skills and had so much fun we forgot we were learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, not to mention Problem Solving and Team Work.


Today we started a block of work on Multiplication.  Mrs Little wanted to check how many of our times tables facts we remembered so we all attempted to fill in a blank multiplication square as quickly and ACCURATELY as we could.  Our aim is to improve our accuracy and beat our time by the end of the block.

If you would like to practise this at home you could try this site:

Mathsbot Multiplication Grid

Instructions for use: Leave Left Column and Top Column set as #.  Change Operation to Left x Top. Click on Start Drill.  It will generate a random multiplication grid which you can then print out at home.