P3B Scots Poetry Competition

Well done everyone for learning your Scots Poems Captain Puggle and The Sair Finger. The winner in P3B was Chloe Girdwood. We were all very proud of Chloe today when she recited her poem perfectly in front of the whole school.

Our runner up was Frankie Smellie with another fabulous rendition of The Sair Finger. Frankie made us laugh with her angry fist when she said, “Ye rogue!”

What a lot of talented pupils we have in our school! We were so proud of Sam Fitzgerald who played The Skye Boat song on his treble recorder alongside Callum, his brother, on his descant recorder. A performance to be proud of boys. Well done.

P3B Keen Poetry Writers

The pupils below  have inspired more poetry writers to write poems at home.  Here are their poems:

Blue is and Yellow is poems by Maisie

Blue is the sky

Blue is the sea

Blue is the river

Blue is the water

Blue is the bath.


Yellow is the sun

Yellow is bananas

Yellow is lemons

Yellow is pineapple

Yellow is summer.

My Blue Poem by Megan

Blue is as blue as a blueberry,

Blue is as blue as my dolphin Giggles,

Blue is as blue as a blue pen,

Blue is as blue as a summer sky.


Some pupils have been so keen on writing poetry that they have written their own poems at home. Fantastic girls, well done.

Eliana Herd wrote a Red is list poem:

Red is blood,

Red is love hearts,

Red is a traffic light,

Red is roses.

Ailish Bartley wrote a poem about a hummingbird:


Hum hum little one brighter than the sun,

Hum hum Fun fun I found you,

Hum hum Fun fun Found found,

Flap now Flutter away  Hum hum Fun,

Fun Found Found Flap Flap

Have FUN!

Niamh Donnachie wrote a Scottish Landscape Poem:

Spring – warm and rainy, Purple and pink

flowers pop up when you think.

Summer – warm and bright, Yellow and blue

A really hot day for you.

Autumn – Windy and cold, red and brown

Autumn leaves falling down.

Winter – cold and snowy white and grey

The perfect day to make a snowman.



P3B It’s fun learning our multiplication tables with Maths Rockx

Maths Rockx

We have been learning our 4 times table along to the One Direction song What makes you beautiful.

Thank you to the adults who have bought this app at home. I am sure your children will enjoy learning their tables with these songs.

We have also used the song Row Row Row Your Boat to learn the stations of the 4 times table. Ask your child to sing them to you.

If your child is finding it tricky to understand what multiplication is all about. Use the language sets of. Use household objects and make sets  e.g. 2 sets of 2 apples. Write it as 2 x 2 apples. Point out sets in real contexts e.g. shops, your body 2 sets of 10 fingers, pairs of socks, gloves ….

We are enjoying playing Bingo to help us learn our tables. If you wish to do this at home choose a times table, draw a rectangle and split it into 6 boxes. In each box write an answer from your chosen times table. The caller calls out e.g. two sixes, 2 times 8, 2 multiplied by 5, 10 multiplied by 2 etc. If you have the answer to the caller’s question score it out or cover it with a counter/penny etc. Have fun playing.



P3 swimming every Monday

Last Monday we had our first visit to Peebles Swimming Pool for swimming lessons. Mrs. Thomson and the pool staff were very impressed with everyone’s confidence and hard work in the pool.

REMEMBER your swimming kit every Monday until the Feb holiday.

Our Scots Poems

We have been busy learning these 2 poems. You can find them on the Scottish Poetry Library website (link below)
Practise often. Everyone needs to learn a poem as part of our Scots language learning. I would love as many pupils as possible to take part in our school Scottish Poetry competition. There will be a winner and a runner up chosen from our class. Good luck everyone.

The Sair Finger by Walter Wingate

You've hurt your finger?
Puir wee man! 
Your pinkie? Deary me! 
Noo, juist you haud it that wey till 
I get my specs and see!

My, so it is - and there's the skelf! 
Noo, dinna greet nae mair. 
See there - my needle's gotten't out! 
I'm sure that wasna sair? 

And noo, to make it hale the morn, 
Put on a wee bit saw, 
And tie a Bonnie hankie roun't 
Noo, there na - rin awa'! 

Your finger sair ana'? Ye rogue, 
You're only lettin' on. 
Weel, weel, then - see noo, there ye are, 
Row'd up the same as John!


Captain Puggle by Matthew Fitt

Captain Puggle flees his plane
Frae Tumshie Airport tae Bahrain
Gets the Smiths and their wee wean
Brings them aw back hame again.

Captain Puggle flees tae Barra
Skites aff like a shootin arra
But he’ll soon be back the morra
Pechin like a puggled sparra.

Captain Puggle’s oot o ile
Efter ainly twinty mile
Sae he has tae bide a while
In a field ootside Carlisle.

Captain Puggle jets tae Crete
Wi his neebor, Bowfer Pete
In the cockpit, Bowfer’s feet
Aye mak Captain Puggle greet.

Captain Puggle’s sellt his plane
Says he’ll never flee again
But next week he’s aff tae Spain
In his brand-new Buhlitt Train.

P3A Great Start to the New Year

We have already been working hard in 2018.  This is what some of us had to say about this week.

I got better at the 2x table.    Kate

We learned how to play times table bingo.   Lucy

My 4x table got better. My body relearned how to stay awake all day.     Damian

We learned how our bodies feel when they are happy.    Ruby