P3B Keen Poetry Writers

The pupils below  have inspired more poetry writers to write poems at home.  Here are their poems:

Blue is and Yellow is poems by Maisie

Blue is the sky

Blue is the sea

Blue is the river

Blue is the water

Blue is the bath.


Yellow is the sun

Yellow is bananas

Yellow is lemons

Yellow is pineapple

Yellow is summer.

My Blue Poem by Megan

Blue is as blue as a blueberry,

Blue is as blue as my dolphin Giggles,

Blue is as blue as a blue pen,

Blue is as blue as a summer sky.


Some pupils have been so keen on writing poetry that they have written their own poems at home. Fantastic girls, well done.

Eliana Herd wrote a Red is list poem:

Red is blood,

Red is love hearts,

Red is a traffic light,

Red is roses.

Ailish Bartley wrote a poem about a hummingbird:


Hum hum little one brighter than the sun,

Hum hum Fun fun I found you,

Hum hum Fun fun Found found,

Flap now Flutter away  Hum hum Fun,

Fun Found Found Flap Flap

Have FUN!

Niamh Donnachie wrote a Scottish Landscape Poem:

Spring – warm and rainy, Purple and pink

flowers pop up when you think.

Summer – warm and bright, Yellow and blue

A really hot day for you.

Autumn – Windy and cold, red and brown

Autumn leaves falling down.

Winter – cold and snowy white and grey

The perfect day to make a snowman.



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