P3B won the cloakroom cup

Hooray! Well done everyone. You have made our cleaners and Mrs. Thomson very happy and very proud of you. You took responsibility for keeping our cloakroom tidy and you kept remembering without any help from the adults. You deserve to have this lovely shiny cup.

P3B Fruit Skewers

Today we cut up pears, pineapple and banana. We prepared satsumas and grapes and we pushed them all onto skewers to make a tasty healthy snack.

Charlie H – Some people tried new fruits that they had never tried before.

Sam F – They were amazing.

Lots of children are planning to try them at home.

Millie – They were so yummy.

Junior – I really enjoyed these good fruits.

We learned about keeping our hands clean and the foods clean, eating healthy foods and we had to do lots of maths – 2 x 26 grapes, fractions – cutting fruits into pieces. And we learned that preparing and eating food is FUN!