P3B It’s fun learning our multiplication tables with Maths Rockx

Maths Rockx

We have been learning our 4 times table along to the One Direction song What makes you beautiful.

Thank you to the adults who have bought this app at home. I am sure your children will enjoy learning their tables with these songs.

We have also used the song Row Row Row Your Boat to learn the stations of the 4 times table. Ask your child to sing them to you.

If your child is finding it tricky to understand what multiplication is all about. Use the language sets of. Use household objects and make sets  e.g. 2 sets of 2 apples. Write it as 2 x 2 apples. Point out sets in real contexts e.g. shops, your body 2 sets of 10 fingers, pairs of socks, gloves ….

We are enjoying playing Bingo to help us learn our tables. If you wish to do this at home choose a times table, draw a rectangle and split it into 6 boxes. In each box write an answer from your chosen times table. The caller calls out e.g. two sixes, 2 times 8, 2 multiplied by 5, 10 multiplied by 2 etc. If you have the answer to the caller’s question score it out or cover it with a counter/penny etc. Have fun playing.



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