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Another Week in P7B

This week we have been continuing with our learning around our Scottish topic as the children have continued to practise their Scottish poems and have explored the Scottish vocabulary within Tam O’ Shanter and have spent time sequencing the story. The class have also enjoyed learning about different Scottish artists, discussing their work and creating our own artwork in the same style. We look forward to sharing more of our work with you in our Scottish Celebration Assembly.

In Literacy, we have been revising the qu sound in spelling and challenging ourselves to grow new words with different prefixes and suffixes. Reading for information and finding evidence to answer comprehension questions has also been a focus this week and all of the children have been working hard. We have continued to work on writing our own limericks, considering which lines should rhyme and thinking about the specific rhythm of the poem. A link to how to write your own Limerick can be found below:

How to Write a Limerick

In Numeracy we have continued to learn about fractions and we have been learning how to calculate the fraction of a quantity. For practical maths, the children have been looking at position and movement in relation to compass points and can plot points on a grid.

In Health and Well-being, we have been engaging with our Resilience resources focusing on the theme ‘Respect Yourself’. The children had to come up with a minimum of eight positive words which described them and had to create a word search. Some of us found it hard to come up with positive words but luckily our friends helped us.

A big thank you to the Prefects this week who carried out their duties this week. Many of the adults in the school have commented on your hard work and good manners. Keep it up!

Questions to consider:

1. Name one thing you enjoyed this week and why.

2. Was there anything you found hard? Why was it hard and what did you do to overcome the challenge?

3. If you could do anything in school next week, what would it be? What resources would you need?

Leadership Skills with Paul Murray

Over the next five weeks, all of the Primary 7s will be working with our Active Schools Co-ordinator, Paul Murray, to develop their leadership skills. Our aim is for small groups of Prefects to run sports clubs for younger pupils at school.

Today we learned the best ways to put children into groups and thought about what skills a good leader possesses. These included:

  • Confidence
  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Being organised
  • Explaining activities well
  • Giving demonstrations
  • Listening to others

Thanks to Paul for coming in. We look forward to working with you this term!

First Week of 2022

It has been lovely to be back together again in school and we enjoyed sharing what we were up to over the Christmas break with each other.

The class have summarised our week’s learning and activities using SketchesSchool on their iPads:

This term we are focusing on being more independent and responsible for our learning, ensuring that we finish pieces of work within a set time frame. Well done everyone, keep it up!

Final week of 2021 in P7B

We have had a very Christmassy few days in P7 and have enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas activities!

Christmas Party:

Our Christmas Lunch:

Christmas iPad activities:

We made symmetrical snowflakes on Sketches, Christmas cards on Keynote and made gifs.

On Wednesday we enjoyed the virtual pantomime with an ice lolly!

The class also shared their Christmas stories with the Primary 1s. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to create and adapt different Christmas stories.

The children worked well in their small groups and the little ones certainly enjoyed hearing about the different characters and storylines!

These Christmas Story Treasuries will come home this week. You will be able to see the creativity and effort gone into each book.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year! See you all in 2022 for some more Primary 7 fun 🤩

Primary 7 Christmas Party

Monday was party day in Primary 7 and we all had a brilliant time!

We enjoyed some Scottish Country dances and games.

All of the children had their party food in their classrooms with Christmas music and selfie props.

Everyone returned to the hall for more games and party dances including the Cha Cha slide and the Macarena!

Thank you to the Parent Council for our party food.

P7B’s Penultimate Week in 2021

Written by P7B

This week:

  • We completed some Christmas problem solving activities. We had to use a range of problem solving strategies, such as trial and error and draw a table or a picture. We had to use our teamwork skills as we had the option to work with a partner or small group.
  • In writing, we have been looking at Narrative writing and have created our own Christmas Treasury containing a number of Christmas stories. Our first was based on the film, The Snowman, the second, on a book called Christmas Gingerbread and the third is a diary written by a busy elf who works in Santa’s workshop. We are looking forward to sharing our work with some of the younger pupils next week.
  • We practised our listening skills by completing a Christmas tree picture. The main skill that we find difficult is listening to all of the instructions, not just the first part. We will continue to work on this next term.
  • We had a Prefect Break where we had the opportunity to play table tennis, Just Dance and Karaoke, free time on ipads and crafts.
  • Some of the children have read a non-fiction book which included Christmas traditions from around the world. One of the chapters focused on food and featured Panettone from Italy. We all tried some on Friday. Most people in the class enjoyed it and likened the taste to mince pies. Those who didn’t some didn’t enjoy it said it was too sweet.
  • We received our Christmas presents from Mrs Wilkinson a little early so we can wear them next week for the Christmas lunch.

We are looking forward to:

  • Our Christmas Party on Monday
  • The Christmas Lunch on Tuesday
  • Watching the Christmas Pantomime
  • Painting our clay sculptures
  • Taking our Christmas crafts home!
  • The Christmas holidays!

Hello from P7B!

We have had a busy, Christmassy week in P7B!

In Maths, we have continued to work on division and multiplying decimals. We have also started to learn about money and had an interesting discussion about where we see money in everyday life.

In Literacy we read a variety of texts in our groups and made questions for each other and created a new page for our book.

For writing have started to make our own collection of Christmas stories as we explore narrative writing. Our first story is based on The Snowman. We have watched he film and split it into three parts. We have all worked hard to write the story and add illustrations . Our next story within our book will be based on a small book called ‘Christmas Gingerbread’ and we will be creating a diary for a busy elf who helps Father Christmas!

For Expressive Arts, we have been practising our song for our virtual performance and have made props to use. We have also been making Christmas cards with our new watercolour paints and using clay to make  Christmas present . This will all come home soon in a Christmas bundle!

We were all very proud of the children who participated in the Sportshall Athletics competition on Wednesday morning. All of the participants gave 100% effort in all activities, were well-behaved and polite. A big thank you to Mrs Fletcher and Paul Murray for their help in training for the event and to Mrs Istephan who took the children down to the Gytes. Well done everyone!

Hello December from P7B!

We have been wrapped up warm this week in P7B and we have been enjoying our turn in the MUGA.

In maths we have been continuing to practise our division skills and have had a look at word problems. We had the opportunity to create our own surveys in data handling and worked with a partner to collect and collate information. Some of the topics we surveyed included favourite breakfast options, favourite pizza topping and height. Then we had to create our own graphs and charts using the data that we gathered.

We also revisited co-ordinates and completed some Christmas co-ordinate challenges.

In writing, we wrote our final Information Report on Amazonian tribes and focused on the long i sound in spelling. We continued to read non-fiction texts and developed our group work skills as worked with others to share our learning. We have been creating our own pages of the book and creating questions for our group members to answer.

During our Prefect Break last week, a few children from P7A and P7B very kindly made us an Advent Calendar. There is a Christmas activity hidden under each door and we have also been enjoying a Christmas story each day.


Everyone has been busy creating new decorations to be hung around the school and in our classroom. They look beautiful!

Consider the questions below and post your response:

1. What was your favourite activity this week? What did you enjoy about it?

2. What did you find most challenging? How did you overcome this difficulty?

3. What activity are you most looking forward to in December ? Is there anything in particular you would like to do in school?

Highlights of our Week by P7

Here are some of our highlights of the week as sketched by P7B:

We were also rewarded with a Prefect Break where we enjoyed mixing with our peers. We enjoyed table tennis, advent crafts, Just Dance, a Kahoot quiz and some free time on the iPads. Thank you for your continued hard work Primary 7!

P7B Rainforest Work

Primary 7B have been learning about the various tribes that live in the Amazon rainforest. We have been carrying out research to write diaries through the eyes of a child living in the rainforest and we are going to write our final information report on our choice of rainforest tribe.

We have particularly enjoyed creating these beautiful pictures of Kayopo tribe children and used a range of cutting techniques and materials. We have been amazed with the results.