P2 Scottish Poems

These are our Scottish poems.  Please choose one of them to learn off by heart so that you can say it to your teacher.  Many thanks.

Twa Leggit Mice by J.K. Annand

My mither says that we hae mice
That open air-ticht tins
And eat her chocolate biscuits
And cakes and siclike things.

Nae doubt it is an awfu shame
That mice should get the blame.
It’s really me that rypes the tins
When left alane at hame.

But jings! I get fair hungert
And biscuits taste sae nice.
But dinna tell my mither for
She thinks it is the mice.

Ode Tae a Spider by Sheena Blackhall

Hairy feet, hairy feet noo whair ye hiddin?
Richt by ma plughole, ye clarty wee midden!
Hairy feet, hairy feet oot the cat flap
Or I’ll dunt ye and dunk ye and turn oan the tap!


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