Rice or Feast – What would you prefer?

Primary 4 and 5 have been learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This week we thought about what happens when peoples’ basic needs are not met.

We took part in an activity called ‘One for you, three for me’ to help us think about fairness in how food is shared throughout the world.  We each designed a plate of rice and a feast plate with all our favourite foods on it.  Next, we had to pick a meal ticket from a box to see whether we would be given the Rice or the Feast.  Only one third of us got to eat our feast plate while the rest only got a few grains of rice.

This activity helped us to see that while one third of the world’s population is well fed or has too much to eat, two thirds of the people in the world are not getting enough to eat.  This activity really made us think about how lucky we are and made us want to try to be more grateful for what we have.

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