Our Learning Week 3

Primary 6 have had a very busy week in school.  We have been thinking about our individual strengths that we can use when we find things tricky and looked at what skill or strength we have practised recently.

This week we have been working with the sequence of numbers to millions and place value.  Sometimes these numbers are very tricky to read but this is a great video to help with reading large numbers.  We learned about different type of lines;  parallel and perpendicular and explored outside to see these types of  lines in our environment.

For reading we have been looking at different types of questions;  Literal, Inferential and Evaluative.  We answered questions and created our own ones.  We will be continuing to work on this.

This block we are working on Descriptive Text and we looked at the text structure to remind us how to layout our work.  We will use some of the characters and setting from our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar to inspire our writing.

In science we looked at different germs and found out different ways to stop the spread of germs.




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