P3B Tasty Tuna Wraps

We had great fun making healthy tuna wraps. First we squeezed mayonnaise all over the wrap. Then we put some tuna and mixed beans on the top. Finally we grated carrot over the top.

Scarlett: I liked the tuna.

Millie: I liked tasting some new things.

Zack: I enjoyed my wrap with only carrot and tuna.

Lloyd: I liked trying something that I had never tried before – the mixed up beans.

Sam F: They were SO nice!

Junior: I ate them as fast as I could because they were so tasty.

Isaac: It was really good trying out new things.

Chloe S: I loved the carrot and beans. And I had never tried them before.

Ailish: I had never tried those beans before. They were yummy!

We have also been creating our own Eat Well Plates with the 5 food groups that we need to eat to keep healthy. What are the 5 food groups? Which ones have the biggest part of the plate? What does that mean?

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