Inventors – what we know already!

We are going to be learning about Inventors in block 2. Here are some of the things P4 know already about Inventors:

Inventors are people that spend weeks/months/years creating cool technologies for people that need them

Someone that invents things like computers

Invented by my mum

Make new/exciting things

Work in factories

God invented the world

Alexander Fleming invented penicillin

Inventor who made medicine for smallpox – Edward Jenner

Medicine was invented

Everything has been invented except for nature

Digestive biscuits made as people were choking on other biscuits

Xbox was invented by Microsoft and Ps4 by Sony

If we didn’t have inventors we wouldn’t have beds, shops, toilets, lights, heating, phones

Animals evolved so they invented new animals

Inventing has been around for 100s of years

Discovered is different from invented

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