Block 3 homework

Please choose one starter, one main and one dessert activity.

Homework due Monday 30th March 2020.


  • Make a quiz based on what you have been learning about in mapping e.g. a flag quiz, a capital cities quiz, etc.
  • Design a multiplication game that can be used to practise double digit multiplication.
  • Approximately what fraction of the walls of your bedroom is made of glass? Write about what you did to find out.
  • Make a poster demonstrating your knowledge of equivalent fractions.



  • Debates (Can be displayed in any form e.g. poster, PPT, etc)
  • Create your own motion to debate.
  • List as many proposing arguments and opposing arguments as possible.
  • Remember to give reasons for your answers.


  • Persuasive writing
  • Write a piece of exposition writing to try and convince your teacher to allow you to do something in class e.g. Always write with a pen or change seats every day, etc
  • Remember to include
  • An introduction
  • Arguments
  • Conclusion


  • Write about a famous Scottish person. Include at least 6 facts and opinions to tell us about them.



  • Create a French game demonstrating numbers to 100.
  • Investigate a Scottish Architect/ artist and create something based on their style.
  • Produce a 3D map of Scotland showing some physical features and locations of major cities.


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