Alien problem Solving in P5/4

In P5/4 today we used our knowledge of the 3 and 7 times tables to solve the following problem.

On the planet Vuv there are two sorts of creatures. The Zios have 3 legs and the Zepts have 7 legs.

The great planetary explorer Nico, who first discovered the planet, saw a crowd of Zios and Zepts. He managed to see that there was more than one of each kind of creature before they saw him. Suddenly they all rolled over onto their backs and put their legs in the air.

He counted 52 legs. How many Zios and how many Zepts were there?
Do you think there are any different answers?

We worked in pairs using different ways of recording and thinking about the problem. Some of us created legs with plasticine while others used numbers facts. We shared our solutions and methods with the whole class.

P7A Review of the Week Beginning 19th Nov

Struan – This week I enjoyed doing buddying for Scottish Book Week because we got to make fun art with our P1s.

Jennifer – I liked holding Shelldon.

Mairi- I enjoyed doing negative number in maths and learning the rules for addition and subtraction.

Lucy – I enjoyed doing the workshop with Angela from Changeworks because I learnt a lot about sustainability.

Ellie – I enjoyed watching Shelldon running around.

Elena – I enjoyed holding Shelldon because he was all fluffy.

Jennifer – I liked starting the pompoms.

Shaun – I enjoyed Sporthall Athletics and we won.

Alex – I enjoyed Sporthall Athletics because I liked doing the events.

Connor – I liked buddying up because it was fun making stuff with my buddy.

Isaac – I liked holding Shelldon and making the pompoms.

Mairi – I liked making the pompoms because it was fun and relaxing.

Layla – I enjoyed my first event in Sporthall and it was the first time I got to wear the tracksuit.

Ailsa – I liked doing the buddying up because it is activities that you get to do with younger people as well as the same age.

Mairi – I liked doing buddying up because you got to work with different age groups and do fun activities with them.

Demi – I liked holding the chick because it was fluffy.

Caitlin – I enjoyed doing Sportshall and my track events.

Jack – I liked doing Sportshall because it was really fun and exciting.

Ben – I liked doing the buddy up day because we got to listen to stories with the P1s and got to do lots of fun art activities.

Ruby – I liked it when we got to hold the baby chick because it was soft and cute.

Maisie – I liked seeing Shelldon again because he is really cute and I’ve not seen a chicken  in years.

Zak – I liked holding the chick because he was really soft and gentle to me.

Mairi – I liked going to the library because we got some peaceful time to enjoy our books.

Review of the Week 12.11.18

Struan – The half face art was really interesting

Mairi – I liked doing writing because it helped me with my vocabulary

Ruby – I liked it when the chick hatched because when it dried off it looked so cute and fluffy

Isaac – I liked doing the face art when we drew half of a face of a person from the war

Lucy – I liked going to the war memorial because you could see how many people died from the war

Andrew M – I liked going to see the museum that was about WW1 and WW2

Mairi – I enjoyed seeing all the people’s names that fought in the war

Chloe – I really enjoyed the writing because writing about a different genre really helped me to get better at writing rather than writing with the same genre all of the time

Lola – I liked going into P7B to meet Shelldon their chick

Elena – This week I enjoyed learning about young carers and doing some of the activities that can help you when you are stressed or feeling angry

Zak – I really enjoyed the half face art because you really have to take your time to make it the same as the other half

Fergus – I liked how we got to go and remember the people at the war memorial who died in the war and we will get to look up about this people

Mairi – I enjoyed the half face art because it helped to learn techniques for art such as shading

Lucy – I liked doing the propaganda posters because we found out what the difference between our posters and Germany’s posters were

Mairi – I enjoyed doing the negative numbers because I now know what it is

Ailsa – I liked doing the half face drawing because it is something that you had to focus on just that and you couldn’t think of anything else

Chloe – I really enjoyed going off with Mrs Anderson to do the spelling games focussing on prefixes

Mairi – I enjoyed doing the spelling games on the computer

Ruby – I enjoyed doing our first draft of our war stories because we got to write about what they went through and truly appreciate it

Alex – I just generally enjoyed this week

Esther – I enjoyed topic and research this week

Mairi – I enjoyed doing the young carers because you got to get included in it and you got to try different activities to do if you were stressed

Lola – I enjoyed doing the face art because it is a different perspective of drawing

Elena – I enjoyed having Mrs Ward for the day because it shakes up the timetable a bit and she has different rules from other teachers

Chloe – I really enjoyed going to the war memorial because it was an eye opener to see the amount of people that died

Lola – I really enjoyed doing PE this week because I managed to do a back hand spring with support

Highlights of the week

I liked making a telephone out of cups and string. Amalie

I liked making Dorothy’s ruby slippers glow. Robyn

It was amazing seeing the new born chick in the primary 7 class. Lochie

I liked watching the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy met the wizard in the Emerald city. Zack

I enjoyed making edible sparklers. Ailish

I liked it when we blew Dorothy’s house over the rainbow with the electric circuit. William

I have enjoyed making different electric circuits. John

I liked finding out about Alexander Graham Bell on the computers. Isaac

I liked painting the backgrounds for our castles. Elsie


War Memorial and Museum Trip


On Friday  P7 went to the war memorial at the Burgh Chambers to remember those who died for us. We found out a lot of things about the war in the museum exhibition about Peebles and WW1 . Some of us found the name of the person who we carried the poppy for at the remembrance parade on Saturday . We also drew some sketches of the memorial, wreaths and remembrance displays that were there. Both classes had made a poppy book with a poppy of remembrance from each pupil that had a note to the fallen on it. 4 of our pupils laid these books at the memorial and we had a minutes silence.

P7 really enjoyed Friday and these important people will never be forgotten . We will research some of the names we saw on the memorial next week.

By Zahara

The Chickens Have Hatched!

We were very excited coming into school this morning when we realised that one of our eggs had hatched over night!

Everyone poured into our room to take pictures and look at the chick for the first time.  After 21 days waiting, we finally got what we were hoping for.

It has been a busy and exciting day. Lots of us have being glued to the incubator watching the chick  get fluffier every hour. It has been amazing watching how it has acted towards the eggs we have left. It keeps jumping, knocking and pecking them. We think the chick is trying to help them break out of the shell.

We now have the difficult task of deciding on a name.  Some of the suggestions so far are:

Shelldon, Flash, Patch, Hulk, Tweeter

It’s a tough decision – please leave a comment with your favourite name.

By, Flynn and Ruaridh