The Salsean by Isla Duncan. World famous explorer

I am an important explorer. Recently I went to the Madagascan  rainforest to study birds. But while I was there I discovered a new animal. The Salsean. The Salsean is a small monkey type creature with bat wings. It is warm blooded and gives birth to live young.  It feeds its young with milk from their wings. At the bottom of their wings are points, and on those points are dispenser like things that the babies feed from. It lives on land and has great camouflage. When it stalks its prey and the prey turns round it can fly to a tree and hug it. What about the tail? It hangs like a liana.  The Salsean has powerful arms and strong fangs. It is a carnivore so it eats other animals. It will eat anything but its favourite things are Jaguars, Tigers, Panther, Caiman and Draco lizards. It stalks the prey and when it has got close enough it flies straight to it, wraps its arms round it and bites it in the neck with its strong fangs and paralyzes it. If it wants something smaller it just picks it up and eats it. How can you tell between a boy and a girl? Male Salseans have a tuft of hair in-between their ears and females don’t. It has brown and white fur on its wings and skin to  camouflage into trees. It live in trees in the canopy.