15 fun facts about the Jaguar, By Amelia

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  1. Has 3D vision!
  2. Its a herbivore!
  3. Can way up to 300 pounds!
  4. Its Camouflaged !
  5. Hunts alone!
  6. Scientific name is the Panther Onca!
  7. Very powerful jaws!
  8. It can eat something bigger than itself!
  9. Its shoulder height up to 75cm!
  10. Jaguars can swim out of there depth!
  11. They have night vision!
  12. Scientists call there black spots rosettes because there shaped like roses!
  13. They can live till 12-15!
  14.  Jaguars live alone and mark their territory by scratching trees!
  15. 3rd biggest cat!Image result for cool jaguar