10 fun facts about the Piranha by Amelia

  1. Piranhas lose teeth!
  2. It can eat 15x its size!
  3. Some piranhas are omnivorous!
  4. Piranha is a fresh water fish!
  5. Scientific name is the Caribe Venezuela!
  6. Found in Hawaii!
  7. Have sharp teeth!
  8. Is a fish and has gills!
  9. Piranha can be 5.5-17 inches in length and weight about 7.7 pounds!
  10. Cold blooded!
  11. Their jaw bone is so strong, that it can crush a human hand in 5-10 seconds!
  12. Piranhas are cannibals!
  13. Females can lay up to 5000 eggs!
  14. They live up to 25 years in the wild and 10-20 years in captivity!Image result for pirhana