P7A August Roundup

We’re very nearly at the end of the month so it seems like a good time to check in and see how things are going.  Please reflect on the following questions and post your answers in the comments:

  1.  What have you enjoyed the most since starting P7?
  2. What have you found challenging?
  3. What would you like to do more of?
  4. What advice would you give to yourself for next month?

11 thoughts on “P7A August Roundup”

  1. So far in p7 I have enjoyed making the optical illusion and maths.

    I found some of the questions in the maths test tricky because I couldn’t remember how to to some sums.

    I would like to make more optical illusion for maths.

    The advice I’m going to give my self is to try and finish the task when you we’re given it.

  2. 1. I have enjoyed learning about the iPads
    2. Doing the literacy learner work
    3. I pad work
    4. Do not chat as much to my friends

  3. 1. All the REALLY fun activities.
    2. The problems that have been in my way.
    3. Work on the Ipads.
    4. To focus on my work more.

  4. 1 I have found extending words hard since lockdown
    2 I have enjoyed using the protractor
    3 I like how p7 get a balcony

  5. I have enjoyed the iPad
    I don’t know what I have found challenging
    I would like to do more work on the iPad
    To answer maths questions more quickly

  6. 1. Being back at school
    2. Getting back into routine
    3.I would like to do more Writing
    4. Keep challenging myself

  7. 1. Seeing my friends again and learning
    2. Remembering to wash my hands after changing my shoes
    3. Art and iPad work
    4. Always keep trying to challenge yourself

  8. I have enjoyed athletics in PE.

    I have found challenging getting up early so I don’t miss the bus.

    I would like to do more mental math questions.

    My advice to myself is to not get distracted from my work.

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