Week beginning 15 June Show Your Learning

It is getting near the end of the session! This week is going to be a little difference. We want you to spend some time this week celebrating some of your learning.

We will have meets at 2pm most days. I’ll be in school on Tuesday so not then.

To do that we want you to show your learning, I’ve put some suggestions in different curricular areas below but you could choose something else to do as well or instead of. You could be presenting some skill or knowledge you have learn in school or at home. I’ve also put a few ideas for Quick Creates to help you practise your creative skills without spending too long on it.

You can choose to do one or more projects over the week. It is up to you. What I do want to see is your best work, both in content and presentation.

You can choose how you present your work, some suggestions:

  • Write
  • Make a movie, iMovie, Clips or some other app
  • Make a presentation, Keynote, PowerPoint
  • Make a poster
  • Record audio
  • Make a Mindmap

Whatever you are doing it and how you do it you need to plan out carefully what you are going to do. Make sure the ideas are in the right order. Think about your audience. They want to read, hear or see whatever you are doing clearly in a way they can understand. I want to see your very best.
The Features of Recount may help you think about how to organise your work.
Think about Skills.

The finished result should go on your blog. I’ll also put a link in Teams to let you send me huge files if you need them shrunk down a bit.


Here are some ideas:

Literacy | Maths | Art | IDL, Science & RME | ICT | Health & Wellbeing | Quick Creates



Create a text. This could be a poem, story or writing in one of the many genres we have learnt about this year. Really make an effort to polish the writing and present it well.

You could write and illustrate your work or type it and enhance it with images. If it is a poem you might like to record it as a audio or video file.

Take really care with your presentation, handwriting, spelling and illustrations. Make your work shine.

Look at these wonderful examples to get inspired: “Lost Words” Poems



You could share a maths skill you have, create an explanation of how you do a formal calculation, work out a mental math problem using your number talk skill or show your knowledge of shape or measure.

Here are a couple of brilliant examples: Function machines and Abacus maths-



We have made all sorts of Art, painted, drew and constructed a whole lot of different things.

You have an amazing set of Art Skills, can you produce something fabulous? If you need reminded or inspired look at the Art Category on our blog or the
Art Gallery . If this is too much you could just click for a random piece of art.

IDL,Science RME

The world is your oyster, show what you know about the world, now or in the past. About nature, science, people. You could think of one of the topics we have studied in school or share your own interests.



Health & Welbeing

Could you explain what you know about one of the SHANARI indicators.


Create a guide or set of instructions on how to do something technological.

You could create a scratch programme, using your skills or adding more.

Show what you have been doing in Minecraft. Make a video, screencast or combine screenshots and writing in a blog post. Let me know in Teams if you want the Minecraft server turned on at a particular time.


Quick Creates

If you only have 30 minutes to fill and want to flex your creative muscles

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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