Cardboard Engineers part 3

Most of the Biggies have now finished their marvellous machines. They took the basic cams and added some artistic flair.

Some of the class needs to go to the Kilsyth Academy Maths competition this morning so they need a wee bit more time to finish (now added to the video).

We also took some short videos on the machines in action.


Autumn Leaves

Last Week we took our Art outside, collecting leaves, and making Art.

Mirror sycamore by Heather
Leaf Art by Alana
Jessica’s leaf by Jessica
Leaf art by Alfred
Leaf art- Aaron by Aaron
Hannah’s leaf by Hannah
Elise’s Leaf by Elise
Leaf art by Alice
Rhuraidh M’s leaf by Rhuraidh M
Leaf art🍂 by Fulton
Leaf art 🍂 by Grace
Leaf art Rhea by Rhea

Biggy Monsters

We were learning to animate in keynote. We practised grouping and layering. We applied gradients and colours. We used our imagination.

There was a lot to take in and we had you use our listening skills.

We used templates from @wrightinteract, from their great site.

Click the images to see them full-sized:


Robot Microbit Guitar Music

We have been working on out Micro:bit guitar project.
We started by Hacking our headphones to work with the micro:bits Microbit Guitars

Hacking Headphones

We made guitars with our artist skills and programmed the micro:bits to react to light and acceleration to make ‘Music” Micro:bit guitars part 2

We then make Robot masks, and video or still image backgrounds for our performance.

We videoed ourselves playing our guitars in from of the green screen and used iMovie to add these to our background Movies.

Micro:bit guitars part 2

We have been working with our micro:bit guitars. We now control them with light and acceleration, the light controls the tone and the tempo is controlled by the acceleration.

To play the micro:bits you need to move it and control the light by waving you hand over it or putting near a light source.

Today we added two bits of tin foil on our guitars, and we will use this in the nearer future to turn it off or on.

Art, People Things!

Today we were looking at a artist called Miro and his weird and unique pieces of art. The art was mostly colours, shapes and lines. He mostly made unique and unusual creatures.

We used a sheet of paper that had different body shapes, head shapes, noses, eyes, then shapes to add and lines to add, we got a dice and that would tell us what shape or thing today but number six was different because you could make your own or choose one that was already there.

I got this weird but unique and strange piece of art but people in our class was extraordinary and cool so here is mine:


Dow’s Wood Spring Watch

On Wednesday Afternoon the Biggies went on a walk down to Dow’s Wood with Mr and Mrs. Carter. The focus was on trees, but we kept ours eyes and ears open to other experiences.

In this photo we are looking very interested in the Alder tree. We are wondering about the cones on it and we love the look of them. We are listening to everything Mr Carter knows about the alder tree. -Zara, Islay and Fulton

See more pictures of our walk and the sketches we drew…