Scribble Bots 2 – But is it Art?

We had great fun finishing of our scribble bots and making some “art”. We found that chunks of glue stick worked better than rubbers to keep the wobble going.

Is it Art? you be the judge:

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We also used videos, pictures, drawing to write reports and instruction about Scribble Bots on our e-portfolios.

Creativity from a Triangle

The biggies were given a sheet of paper with a triangle on it and the instructions “Complete the Artwork”

Half an hour later we had a wide range of really creative ideas:

Then we discussed the “Creativity Skills” of Open Mindedness, Curiosity, Imagination and Problem Solving. We could identify where we had used each of these skill making out pictures.

We got the idea after Mr Johnston saw this video when there is a correct answer Exercise in creative thinking – YouTube

Op Art

The Biggies have been investigating some Op Art Ideas, working with paper pencil, felt pen and digitally.

Op art 19.10.20 by Fulton
Op Art by Skye
Op art by Rhea
Op art by Rhuaridh
Op Art 2 by Skye
Op art 7.10.20 by Fulton
Mystery Ring by Alfred
trippy Op hand art by Heather
Op art by Grace
Op art Kristy by Kristy
OP Art by Heather by Heather
Op art by Grace
Op art by Alice
Op art by Alice

Mandala Design 8.9.20

Mandala Designs

Yesterday we were told to make Mandala designs. Mandala Designs are like circles with loads of different designs. Some of the designs are very very cool.

How to make them

You can make them by drawing a dot in the middle of the page.
Then you draw a circle round the dot.
Next you draw eight lines round the circle.
Then you can start to put letters on the lines and keep on working your way out with loads of different letters.
For example you could do your name as one.

Why people make them

People make them to do yoga and to do relaxing things and to think about things because people make them light up. And people really enjoy the calmness of them.


I liked drawing the Mandala Designs because it was fun, and they looked very cool.


Play Park Design a Sign Competition

North Lanarkshire Council Community Partnership Team in partnership with Banton Swingpark Group were delighted to announce that a new play area in Banton was completed in August 2020.

Pupils were invited to enter a competition to design a sign and think of a name for the new play area.  The winning entry will then be made into a sign which will be installed in the new play area.

Here are the Biggies designs. They show off both their creativity and artistic skills. I am glad I am not picking a winner.

New Biggies Logo

We needed a logo or icon to represent our class. This will be used in Teams and here on the blog as a site icon.

We though a bit about logos and how they are designed to stand out and look good at different sizes.  The class had some great ideas and designs as you can see below. To be fair we  asked Mrs Rae to judge which one to use,  after a bit of a struggle she choose Heather’s which you can see above.

Cardboard Engineers part 3

Most of the Biggies have now finished their marvellous machines. They took the basic cams and added some artistic flair.

Some of the class needs to go to the Kilsyth Academy Maths competition this morning so they need a wee bit more time to finish (now added to the video).

We also took some short videos on the machines in action.


Autumn Leaves

Last Week we took our Art outside, collecting leaves, and making Art.

Mirror sycamore by Heather
Rhuraidh M’s leaf by Rhuraidh M
Jessica’s leaf by Jessica
Elise’s Leaf by Elise
Leaf Art by Alana
Leaf art 🍂 by Grace
Hannah’s leaf by Hannah
Leaf art by Alice
Leaf art🍂 by Fulton
Leaf art by Alfred
Leaf art Rhea by Rhea
Leaf art- Aaron by Aaron