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Welcome to our P5A Class Webpage

P5A – 2020/2021

Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted here, onto our P5Apage.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation.  Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best.

It would great to see what you are doing so please do email us some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Mrs Rozniakowska 

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School Office Email –

School Office Phone Number – 01556 502071

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Mrs Teale’s Music – Donald Where’s yer troosers!

Week 1 Resources: (linked in the grid)

Morning Challenge Grid 1

New Years Resolution

Spelling Words 11.1.21

Mindfulness colouring

Icy walk

Number line

Week 2 Resources: (linked in the grid)

Morning Challenge Grid 2

Spelling Words 18.1.21

Timetable Worksheet

A Perfect Planet – Pencils & Pens

A Perfect Planet – Rulers & Scissors

Rigour Calendar – 1st Level

Rigour Calendar – 2nd Level

Ice Ornaments Recipe

Ice Picture

Daily Mile New Year Bingo

Prepositions 1

Prepositions 2

Ms Gainford’s Maths

Squares 18.1.21

Triangles 18.1.21

Stars 18.1.21

Circles Area

Squared paper

fractions sq 18.1.21

Triangles & Stars 18.1.21

Circles 18.1.21


Week 3 Resources:   (linked in the grid)

Morning Challenge Grid 3

Hello P5A Families,

Please find below, suggested activities to help practise the spelling sound/rule of the week. Homework jotters can be used for spelling menu activities but should not be sent back to school at the moment. Please keep these at home.  If you would like to send any pictures to the class email address then I would love to see them. 

Mrs Rozniakowska


Times Table Guidance

Times Table Homework 7th Dec

Times Table Homework 30th Nov


Here is a website you can also use to practice your spelling words, play some games with them, or do a spelling test! –  click here


spelling words 7th Dec

Spelling words 30th Nov

Spelling words 23rd Nov

Spelling words 16th Nov

Spelling words 9th Nov

Spelling words 2nd Nov

Spelling words 5th Oct 

Spelling words 28th Sept

Spelling words 21st Sept

Spelling words 14th Sept

Spelling words 7th Sept

Spelling Menu P5















Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted onto our P5 page.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation.  Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best 🙂
It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you
Mrs McCulloch  or visit our Twitter page – P5 Twitter Page
Mrs McCulloch and P5@Mrs_McCulloch08




29th June Home Learning P5

Above is your final home learning grid this term. The grid has lots of fun activities on it. Have a go at completing what you can. Email pictures over for me to see. Miss Gainford has also included some activities for you to complete.

I have created a piece of word art below.  It includes some of my favourite things we have done throughout the school year. It is shaped like an elephant because I will not forget the fantastic memories we have had together! Have a go at creating your own word art picture! Find details on the grid.

primary 5 Last week Online Learning 29th June Miss Gainford

Here is a legend P5

My School Year Memory Page P5




22nd June Home learning

Continue to work through the P5 learning grid and the transition grids from last week. There will be class meetings/chats on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11 am. Please email with any questions and keep in touch!


15th June Home Learning P5

Online Learning Primary 5 Week 11 Miss Gainford

Famous Christians 1

Famous Christians 2

Committed Christians p5 Week 11

Famous Christian table p5

8th June Home Learning P5


8th June Spelling P5

8th June Bingo Boards Multiplication

8th June Bingo Cards P5

8th June Mental Maths Challenge Cards Hot

8th June Challenge Cards Spicy

8th June Challenge cards Mild

8th June Aberdeen Angus Word Search

8th June Worksheets Highland Word Search

8th June Worksheets Jersey Word Search

8th June Worksheets_Galloway_Word_Search

KingfisherPoster_original P5


Online learning week 10 p5 Miss Gainford


Proof reading a story red group P5

Proofreading Sentences blue group P5

Sentence Corrections green group P5


Bike Choices squares P5

Cafe Pie Chart rectangles P5

Handling Data Circle, squares and triangles P5


Harriet Tubman group 3

The secret code of quilts P5


1st June Home Learning P5

Welcome to week 9 of home learning. The Microsoft Teams meetings/chats have been a big success. Information about this weeks meetings and times are on the learning grid. Any questions please get in touch. Please keep sending over pictures of your work. I look forward to catching up this week. 


CDPS Sports Week Grid 2020


Online Learning P5 Week 9  Miss Gainford

Handwriting blank sheet P5

Capacity H,C,T P5

Capacity problems Rectangles P5

Capacity Squares P5

commitment wheel p5 term 4



25th May Home Learning P5

Information about Microsoft Teams meetings for next week can be found on the grid. Friday is a non – school day for pupils as it is a teacher training day.

25th May Spelling P5

Week 8 Online Learning P5 Miss Gainford


What a Drip Blue Language Group P5

Direct and reported Speech Red language group P5

Speech Marks Green Language Group P5


Weight Squares P5

Weight Rectangles P5

Weight hexagons, triangles and circles P5


Jewish Commitment to God P5


Welcome to week 7 of home learning. Feel free to email me with any questions, pictures or news of what you have been doing.

This week’s home learning grid can be found below along with work from Miss Gainford. Complete as much as you can, however, please do not worry if you are finding it difficult to motivate your learner, we are going through challenging times and I am aware that it can be a struggle.  Don’t forget you can revisit learning grids from previous weeks too.

I will be sending out an email this week asking for everyone to check in and let me know how they are getting on.  I will also introduce the idea of ‘Teams’ meetings which I hope to start next week.

18th May Home Learning P5


Multiplication Dice game

week 7 primary 5 Miss Gianford


Introduction to the second join P5


Estimate then measure centimetres Rectangles P5

Length in Kilometres Hexagon, circles, triangles P5

Problem solving and Enquiry metres Squares P5


TuB’shevat Info sheet 17 p5

Tub’shevat p5 answers and invitation.

Tub’shevat p5 QUESTIONS



Welcome to week 6 of home learning. I hope everyone is well. Thank you for sending in the video clips for the Pass the ball challenge. Watch this space, hopefully, you will see the finished result later today! Do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions, and as always please send any photos of your work or activities you have been doing.

Please find the Primary 5’s ‘Pass the Ball’ video below!


11th May Home Learning P5


11th May Spelling P5


Lego Activities

Instructional Writing – Making a cup of tea

Week 6 Learning activities P5 Miss Gainford 11

Find the length of each object squares p5

Squares My Measurements p5

Rectangle maths pg 3 p5

Rectangle measurepg4 p5

mitzvah day info

lighning over water p5


4th May Home Learning

Hello, Thank you for your communication last week. It is great to hear how everyone is getting on and what you have been doing during the lockdown. Keep sending me emails, photos and Tweets! Along with activities on the learning grid, Miss Gainford has put together lots of interesting activities for you to do this week. Do what you are able. Any questions please get in touch. 

The P7 class have undertaken the loo roll challenge and created a lovely video. I would like our class to do a ‘Pass The Ball Challenge’ as a thank you to the NHS. Find more info in the PE section of the learning grid. Send your video clips in by Friday 8th May

4th May Home Learning P5 PDF

1st Level May Calendar (1)

2nd Level May Calendar (1)

1st Level May Calendar ANS (1)

2nd Level May Calendar ANS (1)

Book Review Template

VE Day Activity Pack

Music Learning Grid 5th May 2020

4th May Spelling P5

4 Digit Addition



3 Digit Addition with regrouping

2 Digit Addition grouping and no regrouping

Adding 3 digits regrouping




Week 5 Learning activities Miss Gainford P5 4

blue group       

Red group       

green group

Maths Size it up

Barmitzvah 1 P5

Barmitzvah 3 p5

barrmitzvah 2 p5

Thumbs up for Posties p5


 27th April Home Learning

I hope everyone is well. I would like everyone to be in touch with me at some point this week. You can email through Glow or the Gmail address above. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Please find the home learning grid for this week on the link below.

27th April Home Learning P5 PDF

27th April spelling

Aberdeen Angus 27th April Wordsearch

Jersey27th April Wordsearch

Highland27th April Wordsearch

Galloway 27th April Wordsearch

French Conversation With A Partner (1)

Week 4 learning activities Miss Gainford

Nelson handwriting verbs and adverbs

What Can You Do at What Age p5

When I was Born

Damien Hirst has created his own rainbow art to pay tribute to the



Lambing Time

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break. I had a busy time helping on the farm with lambing. I enjoy being a shepherdess but am happy to return to being a teacher now the holidays are over!  

I am looking forward to hearing from you all. Please keep in touch. The home learning grid for this week (20th April) is below;


20th April P5 Home Learning

Mary Queen of Scots Fact file

Spelling words

20th April spelling PDF


1st Level April Calendar (1)

1st Level April Calendar Answers


Primary 5 Term 4 week 3 activities Miss Gainford

My Birthday p5

birthday info primary 5

chinese zodiac p5

Birthstones and flowers. p5

gemstone pictures p5

chinese new year start dates 2007 p5 

Months and day names p5

zodiac calendar p5



General Resources – Here is a link to ‘Blooms Buttons’. This includes examples of questions that could be asked and may be helpful to use when carrying out reading activities – Blooms Buttons

This week’s core learning activities (click links to download

Hello! Please find the home learning grid for this week 30th March below.

Within the grid is a mixture of activities from Mrs McCulloch and Miss Gainford

Online Learning P5 30th

30th March spelling

Faberge Eggs Power point primary 5 week 2

Carl Faberge art sheet p5       Easter in other countries information p5         

For Music Activities, visit Mrs Teale’s Learning Page

Easter fun sheet  

Previous learning activities
(please try any of the activities as many times as you like.)


23rd March spelling

Online Learning P5 – 23rd March 2020

23rd March

Hello from Miss Gainford,

This week we are continuing with the Easter Story. After Jesus left the Last Supper he went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. See if you can find  The Lord’s Prayer and copy it using the correct letter joins and then try to memorise it. Prayers often include asking for something ( often to help others ), or guidance or to be forgiven and a promise. Using this list, write your own prayer.

We have been working on time and I would like you to draw up your own timetable.

Divide an A4 sheet into a table with four rows and eight columns .

Use this sheet to write the days of the week at the top [ starting in the second box along ] and divide your days into morning, afternoon and evening.

Include the following items in each day.

Exercise, an act of kindness, learning something new, communicating with friends or family, sharing, something creative, breaks and of course Monday to Friday, school work.

For art, I would like you to draw or paint the view from your window, it can be any time of the day. Look for detail that you might not have noticed before, decide the best media to use. You could even make it three dimensional by recycling items at home.




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