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Welcome to our ELC (Nursery) Home Learning page

Each week our Nursery staff will provide you with some activities or suggestions to promote learning through play while you are at home with your family.  These activities and ideas have been chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation. Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best 🙂

We would love to see what you are doing at home so please get your parents to email us with some of your photographs and video clips of you carrying out your fun learning experiences at home.  We would like to hear your news to keep us up to date with what you are doing to help us all keep in touch and keep our Nursery community thriving.

Parents/carers please remember we are here to help in any way we can so please email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks or get in touch if you are looking for advice and suggestions on other things you can try.  You can also keep in touch with us via our Facebook page, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you

The Nursery Team


Home Learning Parent Tips


We will be uploading all your fab home learning activities on our Blog to allow you to share these with your children.  Please feel free to use these ideas at home too, the more ideas we share the more fun we can have. We hope that by sharing these photos and keeping in touch this way, will help us all to still feel connected together as a Nursery community.

Please note that we can only share items on our blog from Facebook or emails if we have your permission.  When sending these through please let us know if you’d be happy for it to be shared.


Friday 12th February Learning Activity

Morning everyone, Mrs Donnelly here today 😊. To finish up with our language and literacy theme today I have shared with you some listening games 👂
We have focussed lots of activities around language and talking, however learning to be a good listener is just as important 😊!! We do lots of listening in school and nursery so practicing listening skills with your child will really help them 👍
Becoming a good listener helps children to:
🌈 Communicate with others by listening, talking and joining in conversations.
🌈 Remember what they hear and follow instructions.
🌈 Develop their attention and concentration skills.
🌈 Play cooperatively with other children and build friendships.
🌈 Learn new words, ideas and experiences.
Feel free to have a go at some of the games I have shared or think of some of your own 😍.
Next week we are on holiday, hope everyone has a nice break and all being well we may see you the following week 🤞

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May be a meme of text that says "Which sounds can you hear on your walk? Put a tick in the box every time you hear the sounds shown. birds animals cars bikes The weather people talking What else can you hear?"May be an image of text

Wednesday 10th February Learning Activity

Hello everyone,
It’s Mrs McKerlie here today, continuing on with our focus on literacy this week, I thought we could take a look at storytelling baskets and story props.
🌟Story baskets or sacks are a wonderful way to bring stories to life for children and supports their early literacy skills. They are an excellent way to create an interest in books and it allows children to be more hands on during story time.
🌟Story props can be used to make up your own story. This is a great challenge for some children who like to tell their own stories and use their imagination. You can collect a variety of objects and make up a story using them.
🌟Some good materials to use are:
🐻 Soft toys
🐄 Farm or zoo animals
👫Little people or characters
⭐Sticks and boxes
📖 Puppets
🌟 Hope you have some fun with this if you decide to try it ❤️

May be an image of text that says "FAIRY TALE STORYTELLING BASKET THE IMAGINATION"May be an image of toy and text that says "We're 're Going on.a Bear Hunt Michael Rosen Helen Oxenbury"

Monday 8th February Learning Activity

Good morning everyone, it’s Miss Renwick here today. It’s a cold but sunny day today so I thought we could wrap up warm and go on a scavenger hunt. 🔎🚙🚴🏼‍♀️🐄
🔎 Creating a scavenger hunt enables children to use their thinking and communication skills in order to solve clues. The outside environment is a great place to create a scavenger hunt, you can create clues such as ‘I am green and I grow on trees’, then allow the children to move around the area looking for the object. This activity supports memory skills alongside developing language.
📝 Scavenger hunts are an easy, adaptable, and fun way to interact with your child and help them start making discoveries of their own. It doesn’t matter if you’re grocery shopping, spending time at the park, or driving in the car — there are always things your child can be searching for. Not only can scavenger hunts be done just about anywhere, they also boost observation skills and help children develop early learning skills in a fun, relaxed, and natural way. Plus, it’s just so much more fun to hunt for the color red, the letter E, or find a favourite animal.
🌈Easy to Customize
Scavenger hunts are easy to customize to your child’s abilities and interests. Is your child really into pirates? Create a “treasure” hunt with pirate-themed clues. Do you have a math-lover in your life? Have them solve number problems to get to the next clue. If you are doing a hunt with multiple kids you can give each of them individual clues based on their ability. There are endless possibilities!
🥰Scavenger hunts really do encourage lots of fun team work together where you can chat, laugh and interact together. Maybe when you get home you can draw a picture together about your favourite finds.
Have fun xx
No photo description available.May be an image of book and text that says "BOOK SCAVENGER HUNT Find an animal in a book. primaryAnolaggooul Find the word spring in a book. Find someone helping someone in a book Find a picture of a sun in a book. Find a book that makes you laugh. Find a bug in a book. Find someone sleeping in a book. Find a character eating in a book. Find a pet in a book. Find a cat in a book. Find a superhero in a book. Find a bike in a book."May be an image of text that says "Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt FOR SALE Yellow Car Green Door For Sale S”gn School Flower Church Bike Traffic Light Cloud Bee Cat Tree Bench Bird Shop GIVE WAY Post Box Road Sign Litter Bin Fence Dog Statue Pushchair White House Crossing Motorcycie"

May be an image of text that says "Indoor scavenger Hunt How many of these items can you find around the house? stuffed bear lashlight paper airplane mug or cup random sock keys sunglasses book alarm clock crayon measuring tape toy truck ball of any sort scarf potted plant ruler building blocks BECC baby doll toothepaste salt and pepper"May be an image of outdoors and text that says "LET'S TAKE A WALK! FAMILY SCAVENGER HUNT LET'S TAKE A WALK! SCAVENGER HUNT Tick each item off the list as you find it. OMail box O Blue door Street light OLarge wheel Wooden gate Truck ORed bricks O Something square O Bench seat O Spider web Birdbath Something orange O Street sign Number O Bicycle o White flower Mołorcycle ODog Chalk drawing OCat Letter H OBird Chimney Green car B月B BER 688 BEB ลยB"May be an image of text

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Friday 5th February Learning Activity

Hello everyone,
Mrs McKerlie here. This week we have been talking about the importance of literacy in the early years. As we have seen there are many ways we can encourage communication and language skills. Reading books, singing songs, playing games, talking and listening….
Here is a rhyming story for you all and later I will show you something I have made that you may want to try and make too.
Enjoy 😊
Video- please click here
Here is a video for an activity idea. Puppets are a great way to encourage language skills. Your child may have puppets they could use or may want to make finger puppets instead.
All you need is an odd or old sock and some items to decorate with if you have them.
If you do make any, we would love to see them ❤️
Video- please click here

Wednesday 3rd February Learning Activity

Hello everybody 🤗 Mrs Donnelly today 🤩
It’s never too early to start introducing early literacy skills to young children in order to support them in building these strong foundations for starting primary school 🙂!!
Activities like talking, singing, reading, storytelling, drawing and writing are all things we can be doing at home to help develop children’s early literacy skills. In younger children, nursery rhyme books, sound games and books with lots of rhyme, rhythm and repetition are good starters 😊!!
Today though I’m going to focus on stories!! Simply reading a book to your child has so many values in itself but there are lots of ways to make storytime more interactive that will enhance the opportunity for your child to develop those all important comprehension and communication skills 🌟. So here are some ideas…..
📙 ‘Guess what happens next’ So discuss while you are reading the book and ask your child questions.
📘 Act out the story.
📗 Photocopy (if have access) some of the pages and do a story scramble. Getting your child to put the pictures in order of the story.
📙 Play Guess the Rhyme. This is fab in rhyming books such as the Julia Donaldson ones, simply read the sentence and get your child to call out the word that rhymes at the end.
📘 Use sensory and touchy feely books to encourage interaction.
📗 And finally you could put together a story sack from a favourite book and you and your child can retell the story, put on a show, draw pictures or anything you want. But again a fab way to encourage those basic language and communication skills.
To finish I have popped on a story for you all, hope you like it 😊, so even use this one to discuss at home if you wish or pick a favourite at your house 🌈
Story Video- click here 

Monday 1st February Learning Activity

Hi everyone, Miss Renwick here today, I hope everyone is well and keeping okay.
This week we are going to be focussing on language and communication and how we can facilitate and enhance these skills in children.
“Speech, language and communication skills are crucial to young children’s overall development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child’s development”.
There are many fab fun ways we can engage with young children and enhance their skills in these areas. Things for us to remember whilst interacting with children:
🎨 Speak clearly and calmly
🚗 Use age-appropriate language
👀 Make eye contact (get down to the child’s level if necessary)
👄 Repeat sentences back to children, replacing mistakes with corrections and expanding on the words they’ve used
🧩 Describe and comment on what you’re doing and also on what the children are doing
💻 Label objects and actions
👂 Listen carefully when the children are talking to you – be patient and give them plenty of time to find their words
I have made a video of a mystery box game that I have made and played with, this is a great fun activity that can be easily adapted in many ways for you and your child to engage with and have fun with learning together.
Have fun playing alongside me and if you try this activity out at home over the next few days please send us some photos or comments either on here, privately via the Facebook page or through your child’s learning journal.
Take care everyone xx 🥰
What’s Inside the Box??
To view video, please- click here

Meet Miss McKie, our new Nursery Manager

Please view this video- click here

Friday 29th January Learning Activity

🌸 Mrs Garside’s Big Garden Birdwatch 🌸

Video- click here

How many birds are in the basket?
Can you spot the odd one out👀

May be an image of bird

Wednesday 27th January Learning Activity

Morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here today!!
Hope everyone is well 😊. Continuing🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on with our Scotland theme this week I thought I’d show you some of the activities that we would have been doing this week had we been in nursery 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
So why not try some of them at home 🤩
1, Design and paint your own family tartan.
2, Use a car to drive the paint over the paper to create a tartan design.
3, Use cut strips of coloured paper to criss-cross to make a tartan design, or you might even try to weave the paper with a little help 😃.
4, Make your own Scotland flag just using any materials you have at home.
5, For a messy sensory activity your child could paint their hand (or have someone do it) in purple and green to print a thistle picture 💜
Good luck everyone, can’t wait to see them!!

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May be an image of rose

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Tuesday 26th January 

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿As part of our weekly celebrations of Burns and Scotland here is our very talented Miss Potts sharing a great Scottish Story called “There was a wee lassie who swallowed a Midgie”🦟– 
👵🏻🚌 Enjoy a Scottish sing a long with Miss Potts-

Monday 25th January Learning Activity

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃🐭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃🐭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃🐭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃🐭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃🐭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 BURNS DAY 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❄️☃️

Good morning, Miss Renwick here today, hope you’ve all had a safe, fun filled snow weekend. This week we will be celebrating Burns with a variety of activities. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Today 25th January is Robert Burns birthday. Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet who was born in Alloway in Scotland in 1759. He lived in Dumfries for many years where he wrote many famous songs and poems. A statue to remember him is found in the centre of Dumfries. 🥃

He wrote lots of poems and songs which are famous all over the world, one of his most famous is Auld Lang Syne. 🐭 People remember him by celebrating on his birthday. It is traditional to eat a burns supper of Haggis, Neeps and tatties and recite his poems and songs. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃

I have added some photos of Robert Burns, where he lived in Dumfries and also some poems and songs for you to try and learn. Have a go and let me know how you get on.

Are you having a burns supper or trying any new Scottish foods for the first time if so let us know, maybe send us some photos or use a template like the one I have included to draw your favourite Scottish food or favourite celebration meal. 🍕🍲🥗 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The Scottish Book trust run great online book big sessions and have a great Scottish themed one:


May be an image of 1 person and strawberry

May be an image of brick wall

May be an image of 1 person, monument and text that says "Statue of Burns in Dumfries town centre, unveiled in 1882"


May be an image of text that says "Burns Night Supper A traditional Burns Supper will often include the following: Cock-A-Leekie soup (chicken and vegetable) Haggis, neeps and tatties Sherry Trifle Oatcakes and cheese If you can't get hold of haggis or would prefer not to, you could always make a meatloaf! A plate of haggis, neeps and tatties"

May be a cartoon of text that says "Roon aboot, roon aboot, Catch a wee moose. Up a bit, up a bit, In his wee hoose."

May be an image of text that says "Heid, Shooders, Knaps and Taes Sing to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Heid, shooders, knaps and taes Knaps and taes Heid, shooders, knaps and taes Knaps and taes And een and lugs and mooth and claes Heid, shooders, knaps and taes Knaps and taes"

No photo description available.


😊🌟 Story Time 🌟😊

Just popping on a story for you all ❤️

click here

Friday 22nd January Learning Activity


Good Morning Everyone

Mrs McKerlie here today 🤗

This week we have focused on loose parts play. Loose parts can be used in so many ways you just have to use your imagination ❤️.

If you would like to you could find loose parts from around your house or garden and use them to make a picture 😊

It could be a big or small picture, it could be a picture that tells a story. It could be a picture of you or someone in your family. It could be your favourite animal. The list is endless!!

Use your imagination and be creative 😊🌈.

We would love to see your loose parts pictures so please send a picture if you can 🌟🌟

Here is my loose parts picture with some materials collected from outside 😊


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Mrs Donnelly’s Game

🧶🎲 Kim’s Game 🥎🖍️
Here is a game you can have a shot at playing at home and testing your memory 😏!! Also can give the kids a giggle at an upside down Mrs Donnelly at the end 😂😂 as it won’t let me edit it 🤦‍♀️ (joys of technology today 🙈)
Please follow this link-

Wednesday 20th January Learning Activity

Loose parts play
Morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here today
(apologies for the delay, facebook wasn’t being kind to me this morning 🙈) So following on this week with our loose parts play theme I thought I’d give you some simple ideas of how to introduce loose parts play into areas that your child would normally play at home 😀
🚛 Try adding some ramps/bits of old wood/gutters/small building bricks/duplo etc to your child’s car garage/Airport. What about making something out of a cardboard box?
🎠 Again could use small bricks/duplo/off cuts of wood to add to small world toys, this could be a dolls house, playmobil, mini figures. Try adding in any loose parts that you have lying around your house, again a cardboard box (we know how much kids love a box 😂) and watch as your child uses their imagination to explore and use them in many different ways 😊.
👒 Set up a dressing up area and make up a box of some of mum and dad’s shoes/hats/handbags/dresses/shirts/belts etc. This will encourage using lots of different resources in their role play.
☔ Pop on your coat and wellies and go outside and see if you can gather lots of different rocks/sticks/pebbles/leaves/shells and see if you can make a pattern with them outside. Endless possibilities 😊
There are lots of ideas, these are only a few suggestions to get you thinking about some of the things we do in nursery to incorporate loose parts play!!
🧵 Loose parts give the children the freedom to use their imagination by arranging and rearranging objects, creating their own rules and designs. This allows the focus to be on the experience rather than the end product 😍. Fine motor skills are also strengthened and developed as the children grasp and pick up small objects.
🧶 Little fingers love little things. They love trinkets and treasures and just bits and bobs. But not all loose parts are small, they can be big too, basically anything that allows your child to explore.
Have fun trying out and experimenting with this play concept at home and let us see any photos/comments 🤩
🎲 Look out later for a game that I thought we could play together 🪀

Image may contain: food


Join Miss Renwick with her story, Who’s in the Loo, from her very own den – click here

Monday 18th January Learning Activity

☺️Good morning everyone, Miss Renwick here today, hope you’ve all had a good weekend?
This week we will be looking at different ways we can use loose parts resources to have fun both indoors and out. Today I thought we could use “loose parts” to have lots of fun den building 🥰
⛺️ you can create your den indoors or out. I chose to make my den indoors.
In the photographs you’ll see examples of different resources that can be used. I’m sure everyone will have lots of great things in and around their homes that will help create a great fun den. As a parent you don’t need to do much to encourage den building with children, just supply the materials and they’ll excitedly do the rest.
Skills developed when den building:
⚙️Cognitive skills – problem solving and planning
⛺️Social skills – cooperation, negotiation and teamwork
🪑Physical development
🧸Personal skills – independence and confidence building
⛺️Creativity and imaginative skills
😁 Language and Communication
🔦STEM activity – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Have fun making you den, laugh chat and share in a great play experience together 🥰
Please share with us any photos or comments we love seeing the children and hearing how everyone is doing.
Look out for a story I have to share later too 🥰
Stay safe everyone, love Miss Renwick xx

Image may contain: 4 people, shoes and indoor, text that says "TR. PIC.COLLAGE"Image may contain: textImage may contain: bedroom and indoor

Image may contain: indoor

Friday 15th January Learning Activity

🌨️Make your own fake snow🌨️
Hello everyone,
Mrs McKerlie here today 😊. I am going to pop on a little song time video soon but first I thought you might like to have a go at making your own snow to play with on a tray or in a container. I made some with my children at home and they added some play people and made a small world Winter scene.
It’s really simple and you only need two ingredients that you may have at home.
❄️ 1 bag of Cornfour ❄️
❄️ 1 small cup of hair conditioner or lotion ❄️
Simply mix together in a bowl and add more cornflour if it’s too sticky or more conditioner if it’s too dry.
You should be able to form it into little balls to make your own snowman.
🌟 This is a sensory activity and helps to develop fine motor skills and language skills.
You can encourage your child to use their senses and talk about the smell and texture.
It may encourage language through small world play 🌟
❄️ Great fun but it’s not for eating 😊 and please wash hands after playing with it. ❄️
🌟 If you do make your own, please pop on some pictures for us to see🌟
Have a lovely weekend everyone 😊

❄️🌨️☃️ Song time ☃️🌨️❄️

For songs with Mrs McKerlie please click here


Mrs Donnelly’s Story- Kipper’s Snowy Day- please click here

Wednesday 13th January Learning Activity

Morning everyone 🙂 Mrs Donnelly here today 🤗 Sticking with our winter theme for this week ❄️ I’ve put together some craft ideas for you to try at home if you wish!!
Over the last couple of weeks, some of you were lucky enough to get a little snow, or go some nice walks to find the snow and have lots of fun 🌨️ More snow is forecast so fingers crossed Castle Douglas gets a proper snow day this time and enough to build a snowman ⛄
So in keeping with this, the craft ideas I’ve shown you are all various snowmen activities. There are 10 designs so you can pick one or as many as you like the look of or maybe you want to design your very own and show us your creations 💙
Check back on here this afternoon at 2.30pm where I’ll be uploading a winter story ❄️
Image may contain: textNo photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: hat and textNo photo description available.Image may contain: food, text that says "ALAA 7 Mix n Match Stone Snowmen"

Image may contain: hatNo photo description available.

Monday 11th January Learning Activity

Good morning everyone, Miss Renwick here today. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
❄️ With the weather being very wintry recently with lots of frost, ice and some snow, I thought we could enjoy some family fun with a “winter walk quiz” I’ve made up, then get creative as we investigate and experiment with ice.
I’ll post the Quiz on this nursery post and then attach the experiments on a separate post. Please remember these home learning posts are just fun family activities for you to try if you want to, please don’t feel you have to complete them all.
🐾❄️🍁❄️🌿 WINTER WALK QUIZ ❄️🐾❄️🍂❄️
Piper and I have been enjoying lots of frosty, snowy walks lately. I’ve taken some photos of some things hidden under the snow and frost and some prints we found in the snow and frost. Can you match the correct letter and photo to the correct print and hidden object. I’ve listed these below.
❄️ Car tracks ❄️ log ❄️ tree ❄️ paw print
❄️ stones ❄️ hand print ❄️ boot print
❄️ pine cone ❄️ leaves ❄️ bird foot print
You can have fun creating your own quiz for other family members to try or have fun making your own marks and prints in the snow and ice. (When it returns 🙈❄️🧊🤣)
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 1 person, hat, outdoor and nature
❄️🧊 My daughter Reece and I had fun at the weekend getting creative with 2 ice experiments. You can try one or both or get creative with your own ice experiment ideas.
(I will list below instructions to both our experiments.)
❄️🧊 Simple Ice experiments are a great sensory way for young children to learn about temperature and properties of water as well as developing skills in fine motor, concentration and curiosity. They are also great for enhancing children’s skills in questioning and prediction.
( Where can we freeze the ice?)
(What will happen when we put the Ice in the freezer?)
(How long will it take to freeze?)
(Will it change colour?)
To make you ice lanterns you’ll need a very short list of supplies
• Two plastic containers of different sizes. You need to be able to fit one inside the other
• Leaves, foliage or flowers
• A tealight (LED or real flame)
• Water
• Freezing conditions!
🍂🌿To begin place your leaves at the bottom of your largest container, then place the smaller container (open end facing up) inside the larger container so it holds the foliage in place.
❄️You want to ensure that you’ve chosen two containers that allow you to create a lantern that is neither too thin (it’ll just break when you try to remove the inner container) nor too thick (it’ll take forever to freeze)
🧊Fill the space left between the two slowly with water. If your containers are lightweight you may need to fill the smaller bowl with something heavy so it does not float up and free the leaves. I used coins.
❄️🍁Leave to freeze outside overnight if cold enough or place in the freezer. In the morning run some warm water over the outside of the outer container to allow a little bit of melting so that the inner container will release from the ice.
disposable gloves
sequins, mini ornaments, buttons, and beads {whatever you have!}
tray for holding and exploring hands while they melt
🧤STEP 2: Add fun items, glitter and sprinkles to a disposable glove.
❄️STEP 3: Fill the glove all the way with water and cinch the end with a rubber band (we used a hair bobble) as if you were tying off a balloon.
🧊STEP 4: Place outside or in the freezer.
Remove the frozen hands by cutting the end off of the rubber glove and peeling the glove off of the hand gently.
🧊🧤Set them in a tray and have fun exploring and investigating till your hidden objects all appear.
🥰 Have fun with your experiments and please share any photos or comments with us if you give any a go, we would love to see and hear how you get on. Xxx
Image may contain: food, text that says "PIC.COLLAGE"


Thursday 2nd July

🌈 Today brings us to the official last day of term (please keep an eye on your emails for updated PLP’s being sent out) It’s usually emotional but an extra fab fun day within the school and nursery. Today will be very different for us all but we wanted to say a big thank you again to all your amazing children, families and yourselves for the overwhelming support that you have shown to us over the last few months. It has meant a great deal to us all and has given us extra strength and determination to help everyone stay in touch and have fun. We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of our nursery family ☀️
⭐️We wish those moving on to P1 the very best and look forward to seeing you “over the fence” for lots of news and catch ups, to those of you returning we look forward to lots of fun learning experiences to share in together and we are also very much looking forward to meeting our new starts and hope you are all as excited as we are to getting into nursery and getting to know each other.
📸 Today we thought we would love to share some photos from our time together in nursery this year, so many amazing fun times were had by us all, it was so hard choosing as so many great memories. 🥰
☀️Please stay in touch over the holidays and keep sending us photos and activities, especially our new families as it will be a great way for us to see all the things you and your child love to do.
Stay safe, stay in touch and have a great summer break, love and best wishes from Miss Renwick and the rest of our amazing staff team.

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Photo memories– click here

Wednesday 1st July

Today’s the day the Teddy Bears had their picnic…

Kaylah and Zoey


Theo and Mrs Donnelly





Leah and Taylor

William and Jessie


Jack and Sam

Isla and Fraser

Gracie and Mrs Gowans





Aria F

Miss Renwick

Wednesday 1st July Learning Activity

Morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here 🙂 Hope everyone is excited to be joining in our teddy’s bears picnic today!! Hope you have everything ready 😍
Whether you have your picnic outdoors or on a blanket in your living room the most important thing is to enjoy time with your family and of course enjoy your yummy food 😋
Try imagine what your friends are going to be having at their picnic at their house and also us teachers 😃 We all have our teddies ready too 🧸
We can’t wait to see all your photos/video clips 🥰
We just want to say a huge thank you for supporting us throughout these strange times and for all your engagement/support from our Facebook activities and at home learning & fun. Last day tomorrow 🥰 xx

 Tuesday 30th June

Jessie doing a great job of feeding the teddy bear 🙂

Tuesday 30th June Learning Activity


Morning everyone! We only have 1 day to go until our Teddy Bears Picnic! You are all doing a super job of getting ready.

Today I thought I would share with you the Teddy Bears Picnic song and a Teddy Bear Game- now he is a hungry Teddy Bear so can you feed him for me please…☺️

Have fun everyone

Mrs Gowans

Teddy Bear Numbers Game- click here

Teddy Bears Picnic Song- click here

Monday 29th June

Jessie’s yummy Teddy Bear shortbread!

Freddy has made yummy Teddy Bear cookies 🙂

Monday 29th June Learning Activity


Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good weekend ☺️

With only 2 days till our Teddy Bears Picnic, I thought today we could bake some yummy cupcakes for our picnic 🧁

Ingredients you will need are;

For the cupcakes

🟡 110g/4oz butter or margarine, softened at room temperature
🟡 110g/4oz caster sugar
🟡 2 free-range eggs, lightly beaten
🟡 1 tsp vanilla extract
🟡 110g/4oz self-raising flour
🟡 1-2 tbsp milk

For the buttercream icing

🟢 140g/5oz butter, softened
🟢 280g/10oz icing sugar
🟢 1-2 tbsp milk

M e t h o d

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4 and line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper cases.

2. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale. Beat in the eggs a little at a time and stir in the vanilla extract.

3. Fold in the flour using a large spoon, adding a little milk until the mixture is of a dropping consistency. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases until they are half full.

4. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until golden-brown on top and a skewer inserted into one of the cakes comes out clean. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes, then remove from the tin and cool on a wire rack.

5. For the buttercream icing, beat the butter in a large bowl until soft. Add half the icing sugar and beat until smooth.

6. Then add the remaining icing sugar with one tablespoon of the milk, adding more milk if necessary, until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

7. Spoon the icing into a piping bag if you have one and pipe onto the cupcakes when they are cool, if you do not have a piping bag it doesn’t matter you can spread the icing on the cupcakes with a knife.

You can make your cupcakes have some bear faces or decorate them nice and brightly 🌈

I’m sure you will all be excellent helpers on this activity 🧑‍🍳👩‍🍳 I can’t wait to see the yummy cakes 😋

Miss McLellan 🥰

No photo description available.Image may contain: foodImage may contain: food

Friday 26th June Learning Activity


Spot the teddies hiding in the tree…how many teddies can you see…..

Try hiding a teddy in your garden or your house and see if anyone can find him or her…..

Walk around the garden looking for a bear, One step, two steps, Oh look the bear is there…

One little teddy bear hiding in the tree, can you find him on the count of three….😊

Where can you hide bear to make your family smile…🐻

Have fun! Mrs Garside 🌸

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and natureNo photo description available.

Thursday 25th June

Caitlyn and Freddy look great as Teddy Bears!

Thursday 25th June Learning Activity


✂️🖍Teddy Bear Picnic Craft Activity 🖍 ✂️

As we continue to prepare for our Teddy Bears Picnic next week, today I thought we could enjoy some Teddy Bear craft!

You can make some teddy bear ears or masks for you to wear at your picnic and join in the teddy bear fun!

They are simple and effective and you can adapt to what you have at home to use. These are just some ideas, you might have some of your own you would like to share…

As always, have fun 🤗

Mrs Gowans

Wednesday 24th June

Beautiful bunting from Caitlyn 🙂

Freddy’s super teddy bunting- it will look at your Teddy Bears Picnic 🙂

Wednesday 24th June Learning Activity


Hello boys and girls, I hope yous have all had fun so far making your invitations and menus for our picnic 🧺 and enjoyed the bear hunt story from Miss Renwick🐻.

Continuing with our preparations for our teddy bear picnic, I thought it would be a good idea to make some decorations for all the teddy bears to look at 👀

You can make a poster of a bear or some yummy food that is on your menu, or you can have a go at making a teddy bear picnic bunting- you can do this by cutting paper into a shape that you like and draw loads of things that the teddy bears will like and tie them on to some string 🧶

You will need:
📃 paper
✂️ scissors
🎨✏️ paint or pens/pencils/crayons
🧶 string or wool

I can’t wait to see your decorations children, and I think the bears are really excited too ☺️🧸

Miss Mclellan ☺️

No photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.

Tuesday 23rd June

Jessie decided to do an indoor bear hunt today! Jessie counted all her teddies first and then hid them all over the house for each other to find. Great rainy day fun!

Jessie has also been exploring on purple mash and made a super Teddy!

Tuesday 23rd June Learning Activity



Miss Renwick Story- click here


🐻 Teddy Bears picnic activities 🐻

Hi everyone it’s Miss Renwick today, hope you enjoyed our “Going on a Bear Hunt” story,

🐾🐻 Let’s go on our own bear hunt, can you make your own binoculars and map ready to go on an adventurous, exciting bear hunt with us at our teddy bears picnic next week.

🐾🐻 let’s learn some new bear songs to sing together, which one is your favourite?

Image may contain: one or more peopleNo photo description available.Image may contain: dog, text that says "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around, Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground, Teddy bear, teddy bear, reach up high, Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the sky, Teddy bear, teddy bear, bend down low, Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch your toes, Teddy bear, teddy bear, go to bed, Teddy bear, teddy bear, rest your head, Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn out the lights, Teddy bear, teddy bear, say "good night.""rdNo photo description available.Image may contain: text

Monday 22nd June

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

Gracie is excited about the Teddy Bears Picnic and is inviting Mummy, Charlie and Holly, her pet dog 🙂

Jessie has done an excellent job with her invites and menu. Such great writing! Well done Jessie 🙂

Sonny has been busy making invites for Granny, Nana and Papa. Great work Sonny!

Caitlyn has made a super job of her invite and menu- wonderful writing and colouring in! Well done Caitlyn 🙂

Freddy’s great invite and menu- great writing and drawing Freddy! Super work 🙂

Monday 22nd June Learning Activity



Morning everyone 🤗 hope you all had a good weekend and have your wellies and raincoats ready for today if you are venturing out 

We would like to invite EVERYONE to join us and host your own Teddy bears 🧸 picnic next Wednesday 1st July from 11.30 – 12.30 🙂 This can be in your living room or in the garden. The idea is that we will all be having our own picnic at the same time and having fun, since we can’t have our usual end of term fun day.

So this week we are having a break from our usual activity ideas and instead, over the course of this week we are going to post some fun activities to get us ready for our picnic 🧸🎈🎉!!

To start us off…’s task is for your child to design and make an invitation, inviting family to the picnic 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and then talk together and decide on ideas of what type of things they would like to eat and drink at their picnic and make up a menu 🥤🍰🍓🥪

Let us see your ideas 😃

Mrs Donnelly 🌈

Image may contain: text that says "You're invited to a TEDDY BEAR. PICNIC"

 Friday 19th June Learning Activity


Hello, Mrs Garside here with some mini beast games and drawing challenges.

Have fun…🎉🎊

Bees and Ladybirds, who love the sun, are bright colours and different patterns- which we use alot in our clothing and decor.


As we are aware being out and about in nature is very good for our Mental Health and Well Being, so it’s great to encourage and teach our children how important our natural world is and learn to respect and care for everything in it from the smallest mini beast to the biggest mammal.


No photo description available.No photo description available.

Mrs Garside Video

Video- Songs

Video- Weather watch with Mrs Garside

 Thursday 18th June

Everyone’s sunflower are growing so well! Great work boys and girls 🙂

 Story Time

Video- Sunflower Story

Thursday 18th June Learning Activity


Good morning everyone 🤗

Today I thought we could check on our sunflowers! It has been 8 weeks- 56 days since we planted them…
With all the lovely sunshine we have had I think we will have some lovely tall sunflowers…

Can you measure your sunflower? How tall is it? Think of different ways to do this…

🤔 How many hands is it?
🤔 How many sticks is it?
🤔 Is it taller than you?
🤔 Is it shorter than you?
🤔 How many petals does your sunflower have?

Gracie chose to use her measuring tape-

‘It is 8 and 5’

85cm- wow!! 🤩

Ours hasn’t come into bloom yet- this can take 120-180 days…

Please share pictures of your sunflowers. We would love to see how much they have grown 🌻

Mrs Gowans

Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, cloud, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 1 person, plant and outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, plant, outdoor and nature

Video- Sunflower Song

 Wednesday 17th June

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoor

After doing her numbers yesterday, Jessie has been doing a letter jigsaw today!

Ava completed 26 jigsaws in one day! Very impressive Ava. We can tell you love your jigsaws and you are very good at them!

Here is Freddy with his favourite animal jigsaws. Great job Freddy 🙂

 Wednesday 17th June Learning Activity


Morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here today 👋 For today’s activity I thought we could do some jigsaws 🧩 Always a hugely popular table top activity in the nursery where we are continually swapping over the puzzles to challenge your little people’s minds 😀!!!

Getting your child to focus on putting together a jigsaw has lots of learning benefits….

🧩 Problem solving skills
🧩 Fine motor development
🧩 Hand and eye coordination
🧩 Social skills
🧩 Building their self esteem
🧩 Cognitive skills

So go on give it your best shot and let’s see you proudly showing off your finished puzzle 🤩

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: 1 person

Tuesday 16th June

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, child and indoor

Jessie went on a number hunt around the farm. She took pictures of all the numbers she found, cut them out and then ordered them! Great work Jessie! 🙂

Tuesday 16th June Learning Activity



🚳 Good morning, it’s Miss Renwick today, I’d like to share with you some photos I recently took on my environmental print walk. How many can you recognise?

♻️ Environmental print refers to the symbols and print that can be seen everywhere in every day life.

🚻 These symbols and logos give children meaning to prints. These can often be the first print that children learn to “read”.

🅿️ Noticing and talking about environmental print helps children to:

🚸 recognise that reading and writing is useful for different reasons.
📵 see themselves as readers.
⚠️ learn to identify sine letters and sounds.
🚮 want to have a go at writing.

 If you are out on a walk take time to share opportunities for looking out for symbols, letters and numbers and chat about their meaning. Children may like to look for things that are familiar to them like their age or letters in their name.

🚸 Remember to have lots of fun and share with us any exciting finds.

No photo description available.Image may contain: text that says "UNITED BRICKS BUILDING HISTORY"Image may contain: text that says "Royal Mail"Image may contain: text that says "!! STAND HERE WHILE QUEUEING Keep a 2m distance from others"

Image may contain: sky and outdoor, text that says "STOP"Image may contain: text that says "CLOSED"Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: outdoor, text that says "THE TOFFEE SHOP Glen ice creams. sorbets. Urr farmhouse"No photo description available.

Image may contain: text that says "LIBRARY"Image may contain: cloud and sky, text that says "GIVE WAY"No photo description available.

Image may contain: text that says "The co-operative erat food"Image may contain: ‎outdoor, ‎text that says "‎פ National Cycle Route‎"‎‎No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: outdoor

Monday 15th June Learning Activity

Hello children ☺️ Miss McLellan here today! Did you all have a good weekend? I hope so ☺️

For today’s activity I thought we could do some listening to music and follow the actions 🎶💃🕺

You can search YouTube for many different Movement Songs for Kids- Animal Actions with Jack Hartmann is good and of course Sticky Kids!

We all enjoy a bit of music in nursery, so I hope you will enjoy these at home.

👂Remember and listen carefully to the song and follow the instructions – for example.. if the song sings “run run run like a cheetah” what do we do? We runnnnn😬

⚠️ remember to make sure you have enough space around you and be careful when running around.

Have lots of fun children and can’t wait to see some pictures, maybe some videos too 😃

Image may contain: textImage may contain: 1 person

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

It has been another busy week and once again thank you to everyone for taking part and sharing your pictures. We love hearing from you all.

Raven has been adding his rocks to the snake at the school and also made an awesome Transformer! It’s lovely to see your happy face Raven 🙂

Robbie has been intrigued by a wasp nest! What a great chance to see inside it and how these clever mini beasts can make a nest…

Friday 12th June Learning Activity


Hello everyone hope you are all well….🌈

For the next few weeks I am going to be thinking about mini beasts and weather because some like it sunny and some like it to be rainy and not too breezy 🌾.
This activity will help the children understand:
How weather effects the environment.
How weather effects living creatures.
Why we need different types of weather🤔.
Fine motor skills.
Number work + measuring with rain gauge.
Our senses (smells like rain)😌
And we could think about what effect weather can have on our mood and emotions .

Have fun, look after yourselves, eat well, sleep well and we very much look forward to seeing you all soon, from Mrs Garside.🙋🏻‍♀️🌸.

No photo description available.No photo description available.

Mrs Garside Activity Video- click here

Children, why is this seagull dancing in the wet grass- click here

Thursday 11th June

Freddy made moon sand with grated chalk to to make the hippos waterhole in his zoo!! Great idea!

Thursday 11th June Learning Activity


🟡Moon Sand🟡

Following on from our previous activities of using our hands and fingers- practising our scissor skills, drawing, playdough…
I thought today we could have fun with Moon Sand!

You may know this as kinetic sand or cloud dough…

It is a great sensory learning experience that again can promote our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

It is great for sensory development- through feeling, manipulating and moulding.

It is so easy to make, with only 2 ingredients. Now, it is a messy one so use a large sided container/tray if you can. If you would prefer not to make a mess indoors it can be easily done outside.

To make-
🟡 4 cups of plain flour

🟡 1/2 cup of oil (you can use any oil, we used baby oil but you can use any cooking oil)

🟡 mix it up really well until all the oil is incorporated into the flour. It will have a crumbly texture but will be mouldable- just like moon sand!

You can use playdough shapes and cutters, sand toys, plastic cups, cars, trucks and diggers…

You could even add food colouring, glitter…

Be creative and use your imagination! And as always, have fun ☺️

Mrs Gowans

Image may contain: one or more people, text and foodImage may contain: food and textImage may contain: text that says "DIY MOON SAND ...crumbly, yet moldable lov"Image may contain: food

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and foodImage may contain: 3 people, foodImage may contain: 2 people, food and indoor

 Wednesday 10th June

Jessie has been busy with her number beads making patterns and ordering her numbers! Well done Jessie! 🙂

Caitlyn has been setting out her number cards and practising writing the numbers and words. Great work Caitlyn! 🙂

Freddy has been playing with his counting bears and number cards. He has been showing a great interest in maths. Well done Freddy!

Wednesday 10th June Learning Activity



Morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here!! Today I’ve put together a few fun number activity ideas for you to try 😊

Why not make some number puddles and place them around your home or your garden and shout out some numbers to your child asking them to jump to that number. You could also make it harder by saying things like “jump to the number that comes after 5” or “jump to the number that comes before 3”

Another idea is to do some popcorn number recognition 🍿 All you need is a tub to be the popcorn and fill it with folded up bits of paper with numbers written on them. Fill it up and get your child to pick out the ‘popcorn’ and see if they can tell you what number they have picked 😊 To make it harder they could try and copy writing the numbers they have picked on a seperate bit of paper.

There are also a few crafty ideas that I’ve shown you that incorporate number recognition but whilst making it fun at the same time.

Let us see how you get on 😊👍

Image may contain: one or more peopleNo photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Tuesday 9th June

Jessie and William are pictured here with their stick family and dancing in the stick family tree. They have also made a raft with sticks!

Mrs Donnelly and Theo had great fun at the beach at weekend. Theo wrote his name with a stick! He also drew a house for a cat and a dog. Well done Theo 🙂

While Miss Renwick and Reece have been at the farm, Reece wrote her name with sticks. What a great idea 🙂

Freddy has been exploring at the woods and found a huge stick to draw with and also made pictures from sticks. After a busy day Freddy and his family were then going to enjoy the Stick Man story 🙂

Tuesday 9th June Learning Activity



Good morning everyone, it’s Miss Renwick today, hope everyone is keeping well. My children have always loved sticks, almost every trip out saw us bringing home at least one stick 🙈😂 Sticks are a valuable resource and as well as being great fun have great learning benefits too.

🌲 Today we are going to find out about all the great, amazing things you can do with a stick.

🌴 Sticks can be used to stir magical potions, used for mark making instead of pencils and paintbrushes. Sticks can be used to understand length and measurements or they can be swords, wands, horses, construction and puzzle pieces. Sticks can be so many fantastic things.

🌳 Sticks can encourage shape and letter recognition and support counting, sticks can also be props in child led imaginative play.

🌲 Stick play develops and enhances :-
🌴problem solving
🌳decision making
🌲team work
🌳imaginative thinking
🌲and fosters language and

🌲☀️ See if you can find some sticks and create some great creative play experiences.
Don’t forget to find and read the Stick man story too, it’s one of my favourites 🤗

Image may contain: outdoorNo photo description available.Image may contain: text that says "Make a fairy animal den or"

Image may contain: text that says "Creating with Sticks and Play Dough"Image may contain: food, text that says "Get creative"Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature, text that says "Shape recognition"


Image may contain: foodImage may contain: text and outdoorImage may contain: text that says "Letter and name recognition Making Boys Men"

No photo description available.Image may contain: text that says "Create your own Stick Man"

Story Time


🌠🌌 STORY TIME with Mrs Donnelly 🌌🌠

“The Smeds and The Smoos”
by Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler.

Video- The Smeds and The Smoos

Monday 8th June Learning Activity


✏️ s h a d o w d r a w i n g✏️

Hello boys and girls, hope you all had a good weekend, what did you all get up to? 😊

Today I thought we could do some shadow drawings, you can use what ever you want – from your favourite toy to your family ☺️

All you need to do is place the object of your choice just above a piece of paper and draw around the shadow. This activity will work best outdoors but we all know what our Scottish weather is like 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️☔️🌤. We can also do it near a light in the house or even sitting at a window.

Benefits of this activity to the children are;

🌟 observing the different (funny) shapes created by sunlight at different time of the day.
🌟 it helps children recognise and understand several important concepts in physics
🌟builds children’s creativity skills

I can’t wait to see what you all use to draw your shadows 😃

Have fun 🥰

Miss McLellan

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

No photo description available.

Image may contain: outdoor

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Thank you to all our little sports stars this week- hope you are enjoying a well deserved relaxing day today. We have some more sports pics to share and more from our other little stars…

Robyn enjoyed a sports morning at home- we can see you have worked hard! Well done!

Max is very busy at home growing vegetables with big brother Dylan- they have potatoes, carrots, peas and cucumbers!

Caitlyn has made a super rocket after seeing the International Space Station pass over- she is hoping to take this to the space men- they will love it Caitlyn 🙂

Friday 5th June Learning Activity


After a very busy week doing all your sports it is good to get plenty of sleep when it’s bedtime at the end of each day’s activities….
Routine is so important for us all especially now.

Sleep is good for-

🧠Brain activity
💪Helping you grow
🤒Fighting illness
😀 Mental Health


Look out for the story of ‘Russel the Sheep’

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Garside


Image may contain: phone and screen, text that says "my bedtime routine bath time brush teeth go potty read a book bed time honey lime"

Story- Russell the Sheep

 Thursday 4th June

Freddy was able to enjoy these ball games with big sister and little brother.

Jessie and William had lots of fun with these activities today 🙂

Thursday 4th June Learning Activity


Sport’s Week- Throwing and Catching Games

Good morning everyone. I hope you have enjoyed your week of sports activities so far…

Today I thought we could focus on our throwing and catching- these skills are important in children’s physical education…

These skills develop hand-eye co-ordination, improve fine and gross motor skills and are needed in a wide range of sports.

Practise your hand-eye co-ordination along with throwing and catching with these activities…

They are good for doing together and team work!

Possible equipment- soft ball, rolled up socks or tights, bean bags, scrunched up paper ball, beach ball, balloons, hoops…

⚽️ Roll it- any type of ball will work here. Can you catch it? Can you roll it all the way to your partner? As you get used to it, introduce other challenges- can you bounce the ball once? Can you clap your hands before you catch it?

🎈 Keep it up- a beach ball or balloon works best for this. Aim is to simply keep the ball in the air…can you count how many times you can keep it up? Be careful playing this game indoors!

🎾 Aiming- set up a basket or container a short distance away and use a selection of ball type items to aim and throw into the container. Encourage under arm throwing…

🥎 Towel toss- grab a towel, hold two corners each, using a light weight ball, bounce the ball into the air by moving the towel up and down. Try to catch the ball. How many times can you do in a row?

🎖Hoopla- put some sticks in the ground make some hoops out of cardboard- stand a short distance away and try throw them onto the sticks…

Have lots of fun and please share your photos!

Mrs Gowans ☺️


Wednesday 3rd June

Freddy went for the indoor bowling idea with cups for skittles- ‘It was great fun, and made Freddy want to experiment with different ways of stacking too’

Wednesday 3rd June Learning Activity


Hello boys and girls, I hope you have all enjoyed this lovely weather ☀️ we have had, however I don’t think the lovely sunshine wants to stay today so here is what we can do today ☺️

I hope you have all enjoyed your sports activities so far from Mrs Donnelly and Miss Renwick, so today we are continuing with sports week! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Why not have a go at indoor bowling? All you need is a ball ⚽️ and any items such as cups, toilet roll tubes or empty bottles. You can also use other things in your house that will work, count how many you can knock over🔢

Play indoor tennis – you can do this on your own or with someone else in your house. All you will need is a balloon and a stick or you can use your hand. See how many times you can hit the balloon backwards and forwards before it touches the ground.
Also you can make little tennis rackets out of paper plates and a lollipop stick.

Also you can make little sports crafts ☺️ you can make a football out of a paper plate, or a basketball.

If the lovely sunshine appears out today you can give these a try outside but if the sunshine doesn’t feel like coming out today that’s okay we can play these games in our houses.

Have fun boys and girls 🥰

Miss McLellan ☺️

Image may contain: one or more people and textNo photo description available.Image may contain: 1 person, standingImage may contain: text


Image may contain: food, text that says "RAPER PLATE tennis (a)"

Tuesday 2nd June

Freddy enjoying his obstacle course

Jessie and William have set up their obstacle course…we love the star jump finish Jessie! Well done 🙂

Tuesday 2nd June Learning Activity



☀️ Hi everyone it’s Miss Renwick today, looks like it’s going to be another hot sunny day. If outdoors remember your sun cream and too drink lots of water 💧☀️

🥇As part of our sports week can you and your child work together to create and follow an obstacle course indoors or outdoors.

🏏 Encourage your child to talk about the resources you have chosen and the different ways you can use them.

🪀 As your child goes around the course really think about the language you are using and focus in on such words as the action and command, ie. balance, walk along, jump, roll. Repeat these back to your child and give lots of praise for any attempts and good ideas.

☀️ Most importantly have fun together.

📸 Please share any photos or videos, we’re missing you all and love to see everyone having fun together. Xx

Image may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor, text and natureImage may contain: 1 person, outdoor and nature, text that says "Balance"

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor and nature, text that says "Jump"Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, grass, outdoor and nature, text that says "Throw"

Image may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor and nature, text that says "Walk in and out"

Image may contain: 1 person, text and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, grass and outdoor, text that says "Roll along"

Monday 1st June

Freddy and his brother and sister loved their home Sports Day today!

Jack and Sam had a fun packed afternoon with races and even made their medals! Well done boys 🙂

Ava enjoyed sports day with her little sister- look like great fun 🙂

Monday 1st June Learning Activity



Morning everyone 🤗 hope you all enjoyed your weekend in this fantastic weather 🌞!!

This week many places will be taking part in different sporting activities, so we thought that it would be fun to take part too.

Normally at this time of year we would do lots of outdoor sports games with the children, taking them to the big pitch to enjoy learning and taking part in some fun sports day races 🏃‍♀️

This develops their gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, listening and following instructions and also turn taking 🙂!!!

So today why not try out some basic sports day races in your garden 🎾 Get the whole family involved and remember it’s about having fun 🤩.

Here are some of the races that we would normally do, but feel free to try others too….

 Running race
 Egg and spoon race
 Balancing an object on your head
 Running whilst holding a ball between your knees.
 Throwing an object into a hoop.
 Do a circuit of your garden on a bike or scooter!!

🏅 Why not finish off with getting your child to design and make their own winners medal 🏅

Have fun guys and please let us see some photos 😃

Mrs Donnelly 🌈

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, child and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor and nature

No photo description available.

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Thanks again to everyone who has taken part in this week’s activities, as always you are all little stars!  We have had lots of you get in touch with what you have been up to during this time at home…

Aidan has been harvesting his home grown radishes…

Angus has become a big brother! Welcome Alfie 🙂

Austin has been having fun on his new trampoline

Bethany and Sam are enjoying time at home and keeping busy. Bethany enjoys walks with her pram and Sam has been making a great mask!

Brody has been enjoying adventures on his walks looking for different flowers.

Clayton has been doing lots of work to get ready for P1.

Connie has made a story with the help of Mum.

Connor has been practising writing his name

Ethan has been experimenting with pens…

Fallon has been enjoying lots of walks and being outdoors

Harlow has been reading lots of books…toy story is her favourite!

Isla loves dressing up!

Harper has learned to ride her bike…amazing Harper, well done!

Jack has been helping Dad in the garden…and even found dinosaur fossils!

Jessie and William set their butterflies free this week

Kayla has been enjoying arts and crafts at home

Robbie has made a great robot from junk modelling!

Rosa has been making yummy pizza

Sophie is enjoying being at home with her pets

Friday 29th May Learning Activity


Hello everyone I hope you are all well, I thought it might be nice for the children to start naming the days, tapping out the rhythm of the words…

And keep a record of the weather along with the sundile
This was one of the first ways we measured time passing….it must have been a permanently sunny country for that I feel…

Mrs Garside

Video- Mrs Garside Song

Image may contain: plant, grass, outdoor and nature

Thursday 28th May Learning Activity


Playdough Activity

This is a firm favourite at nursery. The children love helping to make it and spend lots of time playing, having fun and creating!

This is a great activity to build on our fine motor skills we have been looking at over previous weeks 🙂

Benefits of playdough-

🔴 It develops fine motor skills- strengthens muscles in those small hands by squishing, rolling, flattening, pinching- these fine motor movements are good for holding a pencil and using scissors…

🟣 It is calming for children- can ease tension, release excess energy, improve focus and express emotions…

🟠 It encourages creativity- there are lots of creations to be made from playdough- creating objects from scratch can encourage children to stretch their imaginations. There is no right or wrong way…

🟡 It enhances hand- eye coordination- different materials and tools can be used- rolling pins, cutters, plastic knives, scissors, beads, buttons, shells…

🟢 It improves social skills- do this activity together- sharing and communicating. Encourage the children to describe the process as they play…

🔵 It supports literacy and numeracy- encourage counting, shapes and descriptions. Mould letters and numbers…

🔴 It promotes play time- helps children slow down and focus while using a number of senses and skills…

There is a recipe below to make your own playdough which is simple and fun for the children to join in and help. We use hot water in nursery so please ensure an adult does this part.

Get creating and have fun!

Mrs Gowans 😊

Image may contain: textImage may contain: food Image may contain: text that says " Play Dough Prints"Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and food


Image may contain: one or more people and food, text that says "PLAYDOUGH Letter Mazes"Image may contain: text and foodImage may contain: text

Image may contain: textImage may contain: 4 people, people eating, child and food


Transition Information

Mrs Baird and Miss Conacher have been busy preparing transition activities, advice and information to help get your children ready for P1.

📨All parents whose children are transitioning to P1 should have received an email from the P1 Teachers yesterday so please check and let us know if you didn’t receive it.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦All families are welcome to join in with the activities which will be updated every Friday.

🔗These can be found on Castle Douglas Blog, please follow the link for more information:…/c…/p1-transition-aug-20/

Miss Renwick story



💛This story has always been a favourite in our house, hope you enjoy it too. 💜

💙Very much everything we are missing just now❤️

Video-click here

Wednesday 27th May

Freddy doing a super job with his name recognition

Jessie is doing great with her name recognition and writing.

Wednesday 27th May Learning Activity


 Name & Letter Recognition Activities 

Morning everyone, Mrs Donnelly here today 🤗 hope everyone is well 😊!!

Today I’ve posted a variety of different pictures with great ideas on getting your child to practice recognising their name and also the individual letters in their name.

These can be tailored to meet the age and stage of your child.

This is important as in nursery and in the P1 classroom your child will see their name on lots of things, eg, their coat peg, the snack board, their coloured groups, their water bottle and stickers to put on their work etc.

If your child is confident at recognising their name, they could practise writing it in a variety of different ways ✏️ this also helps to encourage fine motor skills and the correct pencil control and grip!!

Have a go at any of the ideas I’ve shown you or any of your own ideas and let us see how you get on 🤩.


No photo description available.Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 1 person, sittingNo photo description available.

Image may contain: one or more people and textNo photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

No photo description available.Image may contain: text

Tuesday 26th May

Image may contain: 1 person

Freddy made a jungle glitter jar to shake up and watch whenever he needs a wee peaceful minute to himself 💚🐒

Tuesday 26th May Learning Activity



Good morning everyone, it’s Miss Renwick today, how is everyone feeling? 😔🤗😭🥰😡

🌈😀Now more than ever it is important that we take time to talk together with our children about how we are feeling.

🌈😔 Like us our children are missing their friends, family and normal daily routines.

🌈🤗 Therefore to help our children from becoming overwhelmed by big emotions we need to talk about our feelings together, help them understand their feelings and give them strategies to deal with big emotions.

🌈😊 By listening, offering empathy and being a positive role model we can make a difference 🥰

🌈 There are lots of free fantastic resources online just now to help support us with mental wellbeing both for children and adults. 🌈

🌈 stories and rhymes such as “If your Happy and you know it” and “twinkle twinkle” are great for supporting younger children.

👀 look out for a story time session tonight 🤗 xx

Video- While We Can’t Hug

Image may contain: textImage may contain: textImage may contain: textNo photo description available.

No photo description available.Image may contain: textNo photo description available.Image may contain: text

📸 🐞🦩🌺☀️🌈🍎⚽️🎨🎲🚗🚲📸🌈🐑

Hi everyone,
We would love to send some of the home learning activity photos that you have shared with us with the Galloway news. We think you have all been doing such amazing fun activities and would love for them to be shared with everyone.
If you have sent us a photo but would not like us to share it with the Galloway News please let us know by email or via our Facebook page.

Thank you 🌈☀️

Monday 25th May

Lovely to see your pictures Angus and Piper. Angus gave this a go for Miss McLellan- he’s not normally a fan of drawing/colouring- so a huge thank you to you Angus! Piper has done an amazing picture of Puss in Boots, well done Piper 🙂

Jessie loves colouring and drawing. We love your Gruffalo picture 🙂

Freddy loves colouring and drawing these days. He sat and coloured these flamingos this morning all by himself- lovely work Freddy!

Monday 25th May Learning Activity


Hello boys and girls, it’s Miss McLellan here, I hope you all had a good weekend even though we didn’t have much sunshine 🌪😢

Today I thought we could do a simple activity. ☺️

I would love to see you all colour in a picture from your favourite colouring in book 📚 or if you don’t have a colouring in book then I would love to see you draw a picture of something you love ❤️

Drawing and colouring have many benefits, some of these are;

🌟stimulates creativity
🌟improvement of handwriting
🌟hand eye coordination
🌟builds knowledge
🌟relaxation and patience
🌟self expression

I myself love a bit of colouring in so I hope you all have fun and I can’t wait to see your pictures guys ❤️

No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: drawing


♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

As always, a big thank you to all our little stars that have taken part in our activities this week. We hope you have all had fun. Here are more of our little stars that have been busy…

Aidan has been enjoying his time at home with his brother and sister. He has been busy playing with bricks to make a domino run, drawing and running outside. He has also been enjoying listening to the nursery stories and made a centipede using pegs. Its lovely to see your happy, smiley face Aidan.

Rakisha has been busy making bread rolls…

Aria has been busy with her workbook…you look like you are working hard Aria.

Friday 22nd May Learning Activity


Good morning children, Mrs Garside here🙋🏻‍♀️ Hope you are all well.

Have you learnt the Sunshine song and the Spring song yet…I would love to hear you singing them….

Here is something you can try in the sunshine…
☀️Take a picture of some shadows…
☀️Draw round a shadow
and see if it moves…
☀️Chase them with your family like you chased the bubbles you made…

Guess who’s shadows these are in the pictures?

Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, people standing, plant, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: shoes and outdoor

Video – Who is this visiting with his wee shadow…

Thursday 21st May

Max created his very own sunshine and it is amazing! Well done Max. Auntie Rachel and Gracie especially loved you taking part in our Sunshine Activity 🙂 Hope you have been singing the songs lots for Mummy…

Freddy has done a great job making his sunshine. Mummy has been very proud of him doing this- he painted it all by himself, drew the face all by himself and cut by himself (with Mummy holding and turning the plate). Freddy’s fine motor skills are really coming on. Well done Freddy! 🙂

Jessie and William- Mummy’s two little sunshine’s! 🙂

Robyn and her super sunshine! 🙂

Thursday 21st May Learning Activity


☀️Sunshine Craft Activity☀️

Following on from our scissor/cutting practice last week, I thought it would be good to make something to use these skills.

Practising these skills will-

🖐🏻 improve and develop the movement of those little hands and fingers

👀 improve hand eye co-ordination

🤩 boost self esteem- art and craft activities create a sense of achievement

🌟 promote creativity- creating new things allows for problem solving

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Be FUN to do together!

You can choose to make a sunshine in any way. You don’t need many resources. We chose to use a paper plate, paint and google eyes but you can use pens and paper. Using the scissors to make snips to makes rays of sunshine ☀️

If you find the scissors too tricky, don’t worry, perhaps a big brother or sister or Mum or Dad can help. It’s all about having fun together! 🥰

I look forward to seeing your creations ☀️

Mrs Gowans 😘

Video- You Are My Sunshine

     Image may contain: text that says "Paper SUN Plate RA"Image may contain: text that says "Paper Mosaic Sunshine Craft"No photo description available.

No photo description available.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Wednesday 20th May


Image may contain: one or more people and childImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, grass, tree, child, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 2 people, child and outdoor

This is a bubble solution that actually works! Hours of fun for all. Everyone loves bubbles!!

Wednesday 20th May Learning Activity


Here’s a little fun activity to try at home in the sunshine today, it really works and is great fun, try looking for the rainbows in the bubbles 🌈☀️

Image may contain: drinkImage may contain: one or more people and outdoor

No photo description available.Image may contain: text

Image may contain: one or more people, drink, tree, cloud, outdoor and nature


Tuesday 19th May

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Freddy’s Mum came across this preposition activity on the computer which was ideal for Freddy.

We sat and discussed it, I asked him questions like ‘what animal is in front of the gate’ etc and then he asked me questions. A lovely 10 minutes was spent cuddling and chatting about the position of the farm animals and what they were up to’

Lovely, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

‘We played your game putting first one teddy in positions and then two teddies. Jessie and William went on to give each other instructions round the house. William also had a beebot app to download for his P1 work, it is fab. Jessie managed the garden level with a little bit of help. We will definitely revisit this again as it was so much fun’

Sounds a great activity to do together, well done William and Jessie.

Tuesday 19th May Learning Activity



Hi everyone it’s Miss Renwick today and my communication and language activity today is all about positional language.

🐰 Positional language is about using linking words to tell us where something or someone is.

🐰 Supporting your child with positional words such as BEHIND, ON TOP, UNDER, IN FRONT, BESIDE and BELOW will expand their vocabulary, build on their understanding and help with their ability to give and follow instructions.

🐰 You can choose to use any toys for this activity, choosing your child’s favourite such as dinosaurs, cars, cuddly toys etc will make it more fun for them.

🐰 start by only giving one clear instruction at a time such as “put teddy in the cot” you can add extra objects or instructions if your child needs challenged more.

🐰 change the activity by you placing the toy somewhere and you then asking your child “where is ……………….”

🐻 There are lots of great story books such as “Going on a Bear Hunt” that use good repetitive positional language.

Have fun ☀️🌟🌈

Video- Positional Language

Image may contain: text that says "on under above next to in front behind between over around"Image may contain: text that says "The ball is behind the bench. The ball is on the bench. The ball is next to the bench. The ball is is in between the bench and the doll."Image may contain: textImage may contain: text

Image may contain: text that says "We're Going on a Bear Hunt Michael Rosen Helen Oxenbury N inefes"No photo description available.No photo description available.

No photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.

Monday 18th May

Max, your tower is the same size as you! Super building 🙂

Freddy has used his blocks to make a tower- well done Freddy!

Robyn has used books to make a tower- great idea!

Jessie built towers from the connect 4 counters and coins from her piggy bank- clever girl!

Monday 18th May Learning Activity

🏰 🗼 🏰 🗼 🏰 🗼 🏰 🗼 🏰 🗼 🏯 🗼

Hello children, Miss McLellan here today, have you all had a good weekend and had lots of fun? I hope so.

I thought today we could have a little fun by trying to make some towers. 🏰

You can make your tower out of anything you like that is in your house, you could use; cups, tins, cushions or blocks.. anything you find that you could build a tower with.

Why don’t you see if you can make it taller than you 🤩 or count how many things you have used 🔢

A few benefits of Tower building are;
🌟 help improve creativity and imagination
🌟 hand eye coordination
🌟 improve fine motor skills
🌟 uses visual and spatial awareness
🌟 builds confidence

Have fun and I can’t wait to see all your towers!! 😬☺️🥰

No photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.


🌟 We are currently still awaiting information through from the education department on the allocation of places and hours for our nursery sessions starting in August and will share more information when it comes through. We have also had a few queries in relation to placing orders for our nursery uniforms. We will provide everyone with more information and details on our uniforms and how to order as soon as we can.🌟

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. ☺️

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Kerr wanted all his friends at nursery to meet his new baby chicks! These are his Silkie chickens Very cute Kerr!!

Lydia has made some delicious chocolate lollies! They look very yummy Lydia!

Friday 15th May

Freddy and his shaker he made from a Pringles Tube and some lentils!

Gracie made a drum, guitar and shaker from things she found around the house.

Jessie and William have made shakers and a guitar!

Friday 15th May Learning Activity

Hello children Mrs Garside here with an instrument to make and a Spring song for you to try and learn and play along with…


Children love to play with junk and if there is any left after Miss McLellan’s great idea..

You could use some of the items you found on your scavenger hunt.

Experiment with what you can find and see what happens 😀

 Good for memory
rhythm and language
 Construction skills
 Listening and distinguishing changes in sounds that are produced by different materials.

No photo description available.

Mrs Garside’s Spring Song


Click below for song-

Spring Song

 Thursday 14th May

Freddy has been working hard on his scissor control. Getting the correct grip is proving tricky for Freddy but he enjoys giving it a go! Super proud of you Freddy!

Theo is getting confident at using the scissors. He’s good at following the lines but finds it tricky to turn direction. Very well done Theo!

Jessie loves cutting and will do it at every opportunity. She loved the worksheets as they were the same as Gracie and she felt like a big girl doing work like her big brother, William.

Thursday 14th May Learning Activity


Morning boys and girls. It’s Mrs Gowans here today. Hope you are all well 🙂

For today’s activity, I thought we could practice with scissors…

This can be a tricky task for little ones, but it’s a really important one for developing those fine motor skills…

Practising with scissors-

 strengthens hand muscles- important for holding a pencil, eating with knife and fork, brushing teeth, getting dressed…

 develops independent movements of each finger

 develops 2 handed co-ordination (holding scissors in one hand and paper in the other)

 hand-eye co-ordination

 promotes grasp

 promotes focus and attention

Having strong fine motor skills will help children as they begin learning to write. When using scissors, children are developing muscles they haven’t used before, and so it requires lots and lots of practice. Be patient and encouraging 🙂

Start with snipping things, play dough is good to start, then cut along lines on paper, then curves and zigzags. Old birthday cards are good for allowing the children to experiment.

⚠️ Discuss the importance of being safe with the scissors.

Happy snipping boys and girls!

 Wednesday 13th May

Thank you Angus, Logan, Rohan, Fred, Freddy, Jessie and Max for your amazing portraits!



Wednesday 13th May Learning Activity


Hi everyone 👋 Mrs Donnelly here today, hope you are all well 😊!!

Normally at this time of year in nursery an activity that we do is get the children to paint their own self portrait 🥰

So it would be lovely if you could get your wee ones to do this at home, write their names on them and then let us see them 😊 as it would be nice to make up a wee gallery of their fabulous faces 🤩

Get your child to look in a mirror and tell you what colour of skin, eyes, hair, lips, eyebrows etc that they have. This is a great activity for children to focus on what they look like and translate this into a drawing!! It also strengthens language skills as they talk about what they see and engage in self expression and emotions 🥰

The 2 main resources you need are paper and a mirror!! The rest can be anything you have at home……paint, pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, wool, buttons….anything at all, just as long as it’s the right colour 😊.

Look forward to seeing all your portraits 😁!!

No photo description available.

 Tuesday 12th May

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Freddy enjoyed this outdoor scavenger hunt today, using words such as smooth, rough, dry, wet…


🌈 Our Speech and Language department are also available to speak to you if you have any concerns or would like any advice about your child’s language and communication. 🌈

No photo description available.

Tuesday 12th May Learning Activity


💥Good morning everyone, it’s Miss Renwick today, very much missing you all, hope you are all safe and well

💥As part of my Communication Champion training I have decided to base all my Tuesday activities around ways we can enhance our children’s language and communication skills. (Verbal, non verbal and Visual).

💥Language is seen as the vehicle for all learning it enables understanding and expression of thought, supports thinking, problem solving and reasoning. It allows us to learn, make friends and feel confident.

💥Every week I will share a fun activity and communication “TOP TIP” If you have any questions or great activities we can use please share them with us too.

💥 Today’s activity is a “SENSORY SCAVENGER HUNT” this is a great way to interact with your child, and enables them to use their thinking and communication skills. It introduces them to new sensory language such as soft, jaggy, prickly, smooth, bumpy and also can extend the great language and understanding they may already have. You can use one of the templates below or create your own, these sensory hunts can be done inside or outside.

💥💥TOP TIP 💥💥

🔴 Always give your child plenty time to respond to what you ask them, they need time to process what has been said and work out how to respond. Use facial expressions to show you are listening and happy to wait.🔴

Have fun 🌟🌈☀️ xx

Image may contain: textImage may contain: textNo photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 person

Message to all parents for children starting P1…



If your child is starting school in August, please look out for an email that will be sent home by the end of today (Monday 11th May) from your child’s key worker. This will have information about your child’s buddy.  We hope you will find this helpful as an introduction to some kind of transition under the circumstances that we are facing!!

Monday 11th May

Robyn has made a rocket from a lemonade bottle…it looms fab! Good work Robyn!

Freddy made junk models of a crocodile, whale and yak! Very inventive Freddy!

Monday 11th May Learning Activity

😀 🙌 👀 ✂️ ✏️ 🏠 🚗 🏰 🌞 🤖 🦺

Hello children, Miss McLellan here again.
I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine ☀️

This week I thought we could do some junk modelling 📦

Benefits of junk modelling

⭐️ develops problem solving skills
⭐️ develops fine motor skills
⭐️ teaches children about recycling
⭐️ builds self confidence
⭐️ used imagination and creativity skills

You can make anything you would like to 💭 things you will need is; empty boxes, milk cartons, egg cartons… the possibilities are endless 😀

⚠️ you might have to use scissors to be able to cut and stick pieces so remember to carry, hold and use scissors properly and be careful ✂️

💡 there are lots and lots of ideas of what you can make, I have added a few pictures of things that you can make

❤️ I love how creative we get at nursery with junk modelling and can’t wait to see what you all make 😀

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Rakisha has been making a vase of flowers for her grandmas 60th birthday in June. Great job Rakisha!

Look at Fred’s amazing picture! It is his ‘first ever helicopter’ that he drew all  by himself. Very impressive Fred!


Max would like all his nursery friends to meet his new puppy, Maisie. She is just adorable Max and we have been hearing what a good job you have been doing of looking after her. Well done you 🙂

Mrs Gowans Bedtime Story

For our number story please click link below

A Quiet Day in the Jungle

Thursday 7th May

Sonny completed a number treasure hunt using numbers 1-10. Great work Sonny. Can you try numbers 11-20 next time…

Thursday 6th May Learning Activity


👀What can you see? 👀

Today, while you are out on your walks, or around the house, what can you see…

🔢 What numbers can you find, can you find your age…
🔷 What different shapes can you see, what colour are they…
🔠 Can you find the first letter of your name…
🔶 Perhaps someone could hide some numbers around the house for you, can you find them and put them in order…

There are many different ways we can make number, colour, shape and letter recognition fun.

Remember to look all around you, up high, down low…

Let me know what you find!

Also, look out for a number story later…📗

Mrs Gowans ☺️


Wednesday 6th May

Freddy enjoyed playing with his Duplo in the sunshine today and created an ‘animal police station’…

Jessie loves her duplo. Her favourite activity the now is building houses 🙂

Sonny built a base to protect the army from zombies! We love your work Sonny! Looks like you had great fun 🙂


Lego is one of Charlie’s favourite things to do. Here he is after making a huge marble run! Looks super Charlie!

Wednesday 5th May Learning Activity


Hello everyone 👋, hope you are all well on this wonderful sunny Wednesday morning, Mrs Donnelly here today 🤗
Today I am challenging you to do a Lego Challenge 😊
Lego is always a hugely popular choice to play with in nursery and you always come up with some amazing ideas 💖
I know all you fabulous children have different likes and interests so I’d love you to decide on what you’d like to make and have a go at building some lego into your very own creation of your choice 🤩

Benefits of playing with Lego include:
 Fine motor skills development
 Improves focus and concentration
 Develops problem solving skills
 Promotes child’s creativity and imagination
 Develops communication skills
 Develops patience and organisation skills
 Develops knowledge of size, shape, weight
and balance
 It’s lots of fun.

Can’t wait to see some photos of what you come up with!!

Have fun 😍

th May

Tuesday 5th May

Freddy enjoyed giving these a go with Daddy. He especially enjoyed the crab! Well done Freddy! 🙂

Tuesday 5th May Learning Activity


Morning everyone we thought we would try a PE activity this week. Our pre movement gymnastics will hopefully get everyone up and moving and having fun. 🐛🕷

  1. Spider 🕷
    2. Bunny Hops 🐰
    3. Chicken walks 🐔
    4. Caterpillar 🐛
    5. Giraffe 🦒
    6. Frog 🐸
    7. Crab 🦀

These activities are good for gross motor and muscle development and help with balance, coordination and listening skills. 🐛🐔

See video below

Ms Renwick PE

Monday 4th May

Bryce had fun making a face from his wrap and fruit for his snack! Looks great Bryce, well done you 🙂

Freddy loves being a snack helper and chose to bake a cake with Daddy! Looks a delicious treat Freddy!

Fred has been a super snack helper and made scones! They look very yummy Fred, well done!

Jessie has been a great snack helper and helped to make soreen and butter, Well done Jessie 🙂

Monday 4th May Learning Activity


Good morning everyone 👋 it’s Miss McLellan or “the snack lady” here today. I hope you are all having loads of fun, I’ve seen that you’s have all been really busy! I can’t wait to see you’s all again and hope you are all staying safe with your families!

Now I know how much you all love being the snack helper so today I thought we could all be snack helpers! 🧑‍🍳👩‍🍳

You can be a snack helper by helping your mummy, daddy, brother or sister (or anyone in your house) make some yummy breakfast 🥞, lunch 🍴 or even a snack 🍎

💦 first thing we need to do is wash our hands so that our hands are all nice and clean!

🥪 now you can have some fun by making a sandwich or toast into a face, you can also make an animal like we did with the bears at nursery.

🔢 why not count how many foods you are using? For example – on my sandwich I used • cheese •2 slices of cucumber •2 slices of pepper •1 tomato •2 slices of ham.

I can’t wait to see what everyone has created and don’t forget to give yourself a sticker for being the snack helper 👍 if you don’t have any stickers, don’t worry! You can make your own like I have 😁

Image may contain: food and text
Image may contain: dessert, fruit and food, possible text that says '©meandbmaketea'
Image may contain: 1 person, close-up



Ms Renwick’s Bedtime Story

For Ms Renwick’s story please click on this link –

Owl Babies

♥♥♥ Our Little Stars ♥♥♥

Here each week you will find some of the photographs you have shared through our Facebook page, messenger and email. We love seeing all your photographs and love to know how you are getting on. Please continue to keep in touch.

Max has been enjoying lots of time in the garden, having fun with his big brother and even helping Mummy water the flowers! It looks like you’ve made some yummy cakes aswell Max. Lovely to see your wee happy face 🙂


Lydia has had fun doing a treasure hunt in the garden…great to see you Lydia.


Rakisha has been practising her writing and did an amazing job! We are super proud of you 🙂

Robbie has made some yummy biscuits…a favourite that some Mummy and Daddy’s might remember from their school days…


Rohan has done an interesting experiment with Acrylic paint and silicon oil and a Fireworks in a glass experiment! Looks great fun 🙂


Aria has been learning and matching her letters and doing numbers with the use of bricks. Such a good idea!

Friday 1st May Learning Activity

Morning everyone. Mrs Garside here today…

Today’s activity will be:

😀 Fun
🤫 A bit noisy
🌸 Re-purposing
🎱 Shapes and Numbers

It may take time and patience to collect up the tins or boxes but could be used along with your imagination🤩 I hope you have fun with it🥳

Please follow this link-

Mrs Garside’s Activity

Thursday 30th April Learning Activity


Good morning everyone! Mrs Gowans here today for our activity 🙋🏼‍♀️

I am continuing with the gardening theme…
After planting our sunflowers last week, we then had potatoes to plant this week. We are hoping by growing our own vegetables that Gracie’s big brother will show more interest in eating his vegetables!!

We planted our potatoes in grow bags but you could use a large pot or container. Perhaps you already grow your own vegetables…please let us know!

This then led onto lots of discussions about different vegetables and perhaps some fruit we could grow. Some easy things to grow with children include strawberries, cherry tomatoes, runner beans, lettuce, carrots and of course potatoes! We are hopeful 🤞🏻

This linked in well with Charlie’s school work about Healthy Eating so we went on to discuss healthy and unhealthy snacks. We simply drew our idea of a healthy meal and snack.
Why not try drawing your own? You could draw your favourite fruit or veg, meal or snack! 😋
A lot of the children were really enjoying drawing before the nursery finished so I thought it would be nice to do some more. It’s great for…
✏️ imagination and creativity
✏️ fine motor skills
✏️ developing pencil control
✏️ concentration
✏️ problem solving
✏️ hand eye coordination
✏️ increasing confidence

You can get so much from a drawing, why not give it a go.

Another idea from Gracie was to use her toy food and kitchen to sort her fruit and vegetables, and what was healthy and unhealthy. If you have some food, could you do some sorting or prepare a meal…

Please share your photos and we can put on website also.

Have a good day everyone 😊

Mrs Donnelly’s Bedtime Story

For Mrs Donnelly’s story please follow this link – Supertato

Wednesday 29th April

Jessie and her brother have made great Superheros. Jessie’s super power is to save people and William has lightening power!!


Caitlyn’s superhero is Wonder Woman. Caitlyn says: “Wonder Woman is my favourite because she is the best! She is really strong and she can jump high. If I could use her super powers I would sneak to Granny’s house without the germs seeing me!” 


Freddy enjoyed his superhero day yesterday 😍🦸🏼. Here is his ‘catboy’ inspired mask!

Wednesday 29th April Learning Activity



Good morning everyone 🤗 Mrs Donnelly here today 😊 Hope you are all good 🥰.

Yesterday was National Superhero day 🦸‍♀️ and as I know very well, how much all you children LOVE to make a mask….or 2 or 3 😜 with me at nursery. I thought what better task to celebrate this day than to make your very own superhero mask at home 🤩.
You could pick your favourite or even make up your very own superhero and tell us all about their special powers.

I would love to see all your creations so please post some pictures to let me see 👀.

I would also love to hear all about why you love that superhero, so a great communication task would be to make up some simple questions to ask your child, giving them time to think of their answers. This allows them to be creative, use their imagination and develops their use of language.

Theo absolutely loves superheroes and Power rangers 😍 As you can see from the pictures he can easily change his mind on a daily basis who he wants to be 😂.

His favourite superhero right now is the “Gold Power Ranger” and you’ll see his answers as to why 😁💥. And we’re going to make the mask later today!!

Make sure and have a look at our page this evening as I might just have a wee story for you all to round up our superhero day 🤗.

Have fun everyone 😀

Miss Renwick’s Bedtime Story


Tuesday 28th April

Jessie had a fun idea with the pegs! Click to see…

Cian Peg Sums

Cian did a great number game with his pegs and did his sums! Good idea!

Gracie practised her numbers with the peg game and found it really fun!

Clayton and his brother enjoyed doing this peg activity together today and made a spider! Greet idea! Good work boys 🙂


It has been lovely to see Angus and little sister Piper take part in today’s activity. There is some good concentration going on there Angus! Well done 🙂

Tuesday 28th April Learning Activity




Monday 27th April

Some amazing Bug Hotels- thanks for all taking part! Good to see some sibling and family team work! 🙂


Monday 27th April Learning Activity


Hello boys and girls it’s Mrs McBurnie here again, I hope you are all still keeping busy and having lots of fun playing and staying safe at home with your family. It has been lovely seeing all your updates and thank you for sharing all the fab work you have been doing, we miss you all and can’t wait until we can see you again.

☀️ During this lovely sunny weather I wonder if you have noticed more and more bugs in your garden or when you are out on your walks? We certainly have, and my boys love nothing more than to pick them up and have a good look at them before carefully putting them back where they belong.

🐜 I read an RSPB article recently that told me bugs are having a bit of a tough time finding places to live just now because old garden walls are being knocked down and being replaced by fences. This means that the cracks and crevices that bugs would normally use to shelter, live and breed in are being destroyed.

🐛 This made me get my thinking cap on to see if there was anything I could all do to help give the bugs a home in my garden. The RSPB says that a bug hotel is simple, and a great way of recycling, that provides all kinds of creepy crawlies with somewhere to live, so me and my boys are going to give it a go!

🧱 For todays activity why not try to build your very own bug hotel in your garden, window box or balcony and share your constructions with us.

For a list of items you could use follow the link:…/garden-activit…/build-a-bug-hotel/

Or watch the video for some ideas

Happy building



Friday 24th April Learning Activity

Hello children,
Mrs Garside here hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.☀️

It seems a very long time since I have seen you all and you must have grown since we last saw you 5 weeks ago today 35 days ago wow🌱

🧒👩‍🦰👦🏻 I would love you to be measured with the help of an adult and sent me the measurements so I can put them on the chart, or you can keep a record at home don’t forget to put the date that you were measured 👧🏻🧒👧👩‍🦰


🌻Some of you are growing sunflowers but if you haven’t you can always measure different plants..

🌺a flower🌸
🌿a bush🌿
🌾the grass🌾
🌳a tree branch🌳

📋Make a measurement every week and record it in a chart or picture you have drawn….📝

🐑I wonder how long it will take for the pet lambs to grow🐑

🌈Have fun stay safe🌈

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Thursday 23rd April

Caitlyn and Mum came up with this great way of making a sunflower from using things from the garden…very creative! Well done Caitlyn!


Freddy did an amazing Sunflower. Great job, well done Freddy!

Thursday 23rd April Learning Activity


Good morning everyone, Mrs Gowans here today with our activity. Gracie and I are very much missing nursery, we hope you are all ok. Gracie really enjoys seeing all your photos and videos, thanks for keeping in touch 🥰

With the lovely Spring weather continuing, we have been enjoying lots of time in the garden. We have just planted our Sunflower seeds which we are looking forward to watch growing 🤞🏻

If you are able to plant your own, all you need is some sunflower seeds, a pot and soil. We pot ours first to put in the house to start off and when more established we transfer to a bigger pot outside.

🌻 First, fill your pot 2/3 way full with soil, use your finger to make small holes in top of soil, add 2 seeds (incase 1 doesn’t take)
🌻 Cover seeds with bit more soil and pat down gently.
🌻 Don’t forget to water 💦

As we wait for ours to grow we have been doing some sunflower craft activities.
A simple, effective one we tried was using paint. For this you will need…
🌻 Yellow, black and green paint.
🌻 A sponge cut into a leaf shape
🌻 Cotton Bud for middle part of flower
🌻 Paint brush for stem

You may have some sunflower pictures of your own to share…

We will keep you updated with our sunflowers! Have a good day everyone 🥰

Wednesday 22nd April

Freddy drew his favourite animal… a baby bison! Amazing Freddy!


Jessie and her big brother, along with Mum, snuggled up together to watch Monkey Puzzle at bedtime, lovely 🙂

Wednesday 22nd April Learning Activity


Hi everyone 👋 its Mrs Donnelly today, missing you all lots. Hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and had lots of fun in the sunshine ☀️

🐑 Following on a bit from Miss Renwick’s naming of the new lambs I thought it might be a fun activity for you to see how many names of different baby animals that you know 😊 E.g a baby dog is called a puppy 🐶 or for a tricky one….a baby rabbit is called a kitten 🐰

🐴 Count how many you can name and let us know 😊 We’d also love to see any pictures that you could make showing us your favourite baby animal too 😍

🦒 You could do a matching game if anyone has one at home or maybe a book about animals 📖 I’ve also attached some sheets if you’d like to get your child to match them up!!

🐵 Finally, a great book to read is Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, it illustrates how not all baby animals are the same and also that not all of them look like their mums when they are born. It’s always a favourite in the nursery 🦋

🦆 Have fun everyone and we’ll look forward to seeing some pictures 🤗

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Tuesday 21st April

Jessie enjoyed investigating the water and objects while big brother William made labels and organised the sorting rings. Great team work! Well done Jessie and William 🙂

‘Professor Frederick’ doing his experiment! Good work Freddy 🙂

Theo was very good at predicting the results, even to the surprise of Mum and Dad that a tangerine floats! Theo also used tally marks to record his results. Great idea Theo! 🙂


Gracie really enjoyed this activity with big brother. They even made a raft and experimented with things on top to see if would sink or float!

Tuesday 21st April Learning Activity



This fun activity mixes water play with a simple science experiment. Children love playing in water and this activity is sure to keep your little ones busy for a long time and best of all is it can be done almost anywhere so long as an adult is nearby.

You can try this out
🛁 in the bath
🌞 in the paddling pool or a bucket outside
👍 even at the kitchen sink

Why not give your child a list of things to find to see if they float or sink?

These could be things like
💧Duplo/Lego                                         💧Metal utensils
💧Sticks                                                    💧Coins
💧corks                                                     💧Stones
💧bathtub toys                                        💧Toy cars
💧foam shapes                                        💧keys
💧crayon                                                  💧glass gemstones/marbles
💧rubber ball                                          💧empty bottles

Extending the learning:

Predicting: Before you get your child to drop the item in the water, you could ask them if they think it will sink or float?

Hypothesising: Before explaining why items sink or float, ask your children why they think an object sinks or floats?

And finally why not get your child to record their findings, there is a fun and easy way to do this in the pictures. Please remember to send us your findings from your experiments so we can share these on our blog but most importantly make sure you have lots of fun.

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Monday 20th April Learning Activity


Meet our Newly named pet lambs, Poppy, Baba, Timmy, Alvin and Sonic. We will keep you updated with photos and videos of how they grow and progress over the next few weeks.

🐑 We would love it if you could draw, paint or create a great creative lamb picture for us. Send us a photo of your art work and we’ll make sure to display it on our Facebook page and nursery website page.

🐑 Thank you to everyone who sent in name choices for our pet lambs, we have kept hold of the names we haven’t used and if we have any more pets we will draw another name. 😊


On Sunday night the names were drawn…. watch the video to see the names being drawn out of a hat.



On Friday night Miss Renwick posted a video on Facebook asking for name suggestions for some lovely little lambs.  Have a watch of the video to find out more.

Friday 3rd April Learning Activity


Hello children it’s Mrs Garside again with another video. Last week I challenged you to keep watch and see how many birds you could see, I counted 35, I’d love to know how many you managed to spot too 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦

This week I thought it would be fun to see if you can hear the birds when you are out and about. I have made a lovely spring picture using lots of collage materials, why not make your own picture and see what you can create with different materials that you have at home, lots of creativity and a touch of imagination.




Thursday 2nd April Learning Activity

Good morning everyone…Mrs Gowans here today with our activity…

🐣🐣🐣 Easter Songs🐣🐣🐣

Singing and dancing is something Gracie and I love to do around the house! 🙈 We’ve been having a go at some of these Easter songs which we found online, as well as a favourite of Gracie’s- Sleeping Bunnies 🐰 (I am working on getting a video of her but she gets camera shy!)
There are lots of Easter songs on You Tube and a great Cosmic Kids Yoga- Peter Cottontail and the Tickly Monkeys!

Music and dancing is great for-

🌼 Communication skills- learning new sounds, patterns and words
🌼 Engaging the brain
🌼 Allowing children to express themselves-
Be creative and imaginative
🌼 Developing physical skills- coordination and balance

Give these a try and have fun! You may have some of your own Easter songs to share 💛

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Image may contain: text    No photo description available.

Wednesday 1st April

Freddy completed his own Scavenger Hunt! 🙂

Wednesday 1st April Learning Activity


Hi everyone, its Mrs Donnelly here today 🤗 Missing seeing all your wee happy smiling faces 🥰 Hope everyone is well!!

One of my own boys activities this week (P4) was to go on a “Senses” scavenger hunt. We did this around the garden and had lots of fun 🧐 And it was actually while I was doing it I thought this would be great activity for our nursery kids too!!!

It will encourage them to think about their 5 senses….Touch, smell, sight, sound and taste!! I’ve copied the worksheet that we used for you, however it’s just a guide so feel free to make up your own.

Have fun guys and hope we’ll be seeing you very soon 🤗 Remember if you take any pictures, post them here so we can use them on our blog

 No photo description available.

Tuesday 31st March

Freddy and his trinket box…

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Tuesday 31st March Learning Activity


🌈 Hi everyone we are all very much missing our nursery children and their families but very much enjoying all the fab photos and stories you are sharing with us, thank you. 🌟

Today’s activity:

TRINKET BASKET 🧺 – this is a favourite resource of mine (Miss Renwick) one I have used for many years and from which I can create a variety of fun activities to promote and enhance skills such as communication and language, numeracy, confidence, sharing and cooperation).

🧺 you will need a basket or tub and then collect together a few items from around your home, if possible make some of your items rhyme (cat/hat, star/car, doll/ball).

🌈 Then the fun begins, choose an activity from below to try with your child or make up your own fun activity and share them with us. Make sure you have taken time to talk through each of the items with your child so they know what they all are.

🧺 STORYTELLING – together make up your own fun story using some or all of the objects. Lay the objects out in sequence as you go along and then see if your child can re tell the story back to you.
Example : (The man🧍🏽‍♂️went for a walk with his dog 🐕 they saw a cat 🐈 wearing a funny hat 🧢 and a parrot 🦜 trying to eat a carrot 🥕.)

🧺 RHYMING – see if you child can find the rhyming pairs, then for a harder challenge get them to think of other words that rhyme with that object.

🧺 MATHS – encourage your child to sort the objects by size or colour or lay them out in a row and see if the can count them all by slowly touching each object as they go.

🧺 SONGS and RHYMES – ask your child to close their eyes and choose an item from the basket, see if you can think of any songs or rhymes to sing about this object.
🌟– Twinkle Twinkle
⛵️ – Row Row Row your boat
🧍🏽‍♂️ – This old man he played 1
🐸 – 5 Hungry speckled frogs
🐐 – Old McDonald

🧺 KIMS GAME – a memory recall game. Limit the number of items in the basket to around 4 or 5 to begin with. Talk through your chosen objects with your child then cover over with a tea towel. Get your child to close their eyes then remove an object. Can your child work out what object is missing?
(They will love hiding them from you too 🤣)

Have fun and remember to share some pictures with us and if okay we will share them on our website too. 🌈☀️ xx


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Monday 30th March

Here is Freddy planting cress seeds in his eggs- well done Freddy! This will make some yummy egg and cress sandwiches for a picnic in the garden!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child

Monday 30th March Learning Activity


Growing Your Own Easter Grass Head

Now the warmer weather has arrived, what better way to spend your time than enjoying some gardening.
Gardening has many benefits for children:

It helps with their sensory development. Gardening engages all sorts of senses and helps children to develop and recognise them without even realising.

It promotes and encourages healthy eating. It’s a well-known fact that if you engage children in growing their own vegetables, they gain a keen interest in eating them too.

It teaches them responsibility & patience. Growing any sort of plant or vegetable from the seedling or bulb stage requires daily attention and care. Children need to make sure their plants are watered and taken care of if they want them to grow. Planting is a great way to teach responsibility, but, it is no overnight process, children will learn to be patient when waiting for their flowers and vegetables to grow.

We have provided a link to a sowing and harvesting guide to help you plan what you might want to plant with your child later on in the month…/when-plant-vegetables-guide…, but in the meantime, why not try this simple and quick Easter growing activity with your child to spark their interest in growing plants, fruit and vegetables.

What you’ll need:
Grass seeds
Permanent marker

Step 1
Boil some eggs.

Step 2
Once the eggs have cooled, you can chop the top of the eggs off. Keep the top egg shell if you’re making the chick egg head.

Step 3
Use a small spoon to gently scoop the egg out of the shell.

Step 4
Draw the face on the eggshell using a permanent marker.

Sprinkle some soil in the egg until the egg is three-quarters full.

Step 6
Add a good layer of grass seeds on top of that soil.

Step 7
Cover the grass seeds with a .5cm layer of soil and give it a good water.

Step 8
Water the grass head every day and keep it in the sun.

Within three days you should start to see grass shooting out of the soil and within 5-7 days a full head of grass hair will appear.

We can’t wait to see how your grass egg heads turn out. Happy growing.

No photo description available.


Friday 27th March Learning Activity


Our fabulous Mrs Garside has brought you todays special activity via video. We hope you enjoy watching Mrs Garside and look forward to hearing how many birds you manage to spot in your garden.  Have a think about what items you might want to use to keep track and what you might keep them in so that they are handy.  Happy bird watching.


Thursday 26th March

Some of our Star Bakers from today…


You have all done an amazing job- we are super proud of you!

Thursday 26th March Learning Activity

For today’s activity why not try some baking…I see we already have some fantastic bakers! This proved a fun activity at home that we could do as a family, to encourage the children to work together- as we get into a new routine of being together more, which can be testing at times! We used a simple kit from Tesco that cost only £2 and made 10 delicious Toy Story cupcakes- a winner with the children! 🙂 Not only was it fun, we were able to adapt the learning for the different ages- counting, recognising numbers, reading the recipe, building maths skills and fine motor skills. We look forward to seeing some of your baking pictures, and please share any recipes you have!

Wednesday 25th March

The Henry family have been busy creating their rainbows this morning.  They have certainly brightened up our day!  We have been trying to guess who painted each one, I guessed Angus’ one is… umm, bottom left🤩… was I right?

Aria has been learning her numbers using her hallway hopscotch.  What a brilliant idea to learn numbers and get exercise at the same time, Well done Aria!

Robbie has had a great day getting his shorts on and helping his mummy tidy the garden.  They have also done a super job at making their own rainbow pictures to brighten everyone’s day! Excellent work Robbie!

Rosa made banana loaf today, Mummy says it smells amazing!! We all think it looks delicious too! What a great job Rosa!

Theo enjoyed painting with a fork to make these lovely flowers and also did his rainbow today too.  Well done Theo you have been a very busy boy!  I am sure everyone will love seeing your rainbow when they pass your house!

Angus made some yummy banana bread too! 

If you’d like to make your own Angus’ Mummy kindly shared her recipe with us.  
140g butter mixed with 140g flour, 2 eggs, 140g sugar, 1tsp baking powder and two extra ripe bananas. Into the oven at 180 for 35 mins 👍🏻 

Do you have any good recipes you’d like to share too?

Layla has been enjoying the sunshine and took a walk around the beach at the weekend to collect pebbles. This week she and Ellie have decorated them all and will pit them in the garden to brighten up the path as people walk by.  What a lovely idea Layla, that is very thoughtful, we love all your pretty designs!!

Wednesday 25th March Learning Activity



Good morning everyone 🌞 hope you are all well and have been having lots of fun at home 😃!!!
As Spring official sprung last week 🌷🐑🐰🐥 we thought we’d share with you a few crafty ideas that can easily be done at home!! But please remember to just adapt to what materials and resources you’ve got at home!! The most important thing is to have fun 😍
Remember to send us photos of your creations 🤩 Can’t wait to see all that you come up with!!
🐥 Keep an eye next week for some exciting Easter activities to get creative with too 🐰
Love The Nursery Team 💖


Tuesday 24th March 

Ava and Maya have been busy making Easter crafts and playing in the sand pit, as well as doing a lot of gardening and spring cleaning 😁 Ava also made an under water sea world for her dolls.  Wow that is such a creative thing to do!  Well done Ava, looks like you have lots of lovely things to keep you busy while you are at home. 

This morning Kayla was teaching her family some sign language.  Good job Kayla.  If anyone is interested in learning this invaluable life skill please follow the link: Online British Sign Language Course

Angus has been playing lots of music for the last few days. He had a great idea to make a drum kit out of pots and pans for Piper! Well done Angus, what a great idea using the resources you have around you to make more music.  p.s. it is great to see that you are keeping in touch with your friends on facetime too, keep having fun.


 Jessie and William enjoying their yoga. William had to plan a Teddy Bears picnic with a menu, Jessie made hers too. We made bear shortbread and had fun at lunchtime.  Looks like a great family time being had by all, well done Jessie and William.


Sonny helped mummy with her work 🙋🏼‍♀️🍎… then later we had fun in the fresh air 🌱☀.  Good Job Sonny, looks like some hard work you are doing there.

Isla and her family made their rainbow window today 😊, Isla it looks beautiful, well done for helping to put a smile on everyones face.

Aria and mummy having fun with words


Caitlyn loves making scrambled “eggies” for her family. Looks delicious!


Charlie enjoying doing his Cosmic Yoga This Morning. Good Job Charlie!


Cian done his morning exercises, then went on his daily walk and fed the horses carrots. He then went home and made a cottage pie and practiced doing his letters. Phew, good job Cian!


Grace has been collecting eggs and cleaning up after her hens this morning. She has been making them “spaghetti bolognaise” with mealworms and corn mixed in water – yum yum!


Jack F taking part in the Joe Wicks PE lessons.  That looks like a great workout Jack!


Raven on a walk with his family to get lots of exercise and fresh air. Looks like a great adventure!



Robyn, showing off her creative skills by painting some rocks. Great job Robyn!


Freddy and his family having fun with Numbers.  Lots of lovely sensory fun!  Why don’t you have a go at a number hunt?


Jack and Sam’s excellent science experiment that shows us why we need to wash our hands!! Yuck! Why don’t you try it for your self by following the link below…