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P4 Class Page

Welcome to our P4 Home Learning page.

Miss Sarahs

This week’s core learning grid (click to download)






























Using the homework jotter provided, write out your 10 spelling words on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Use the look, say, cover, write and check method you are familiar with.

Below you will find 24 spelling activities. Choose one activity each week. Choice is important because it helps you connect with new concepts and allows you to identify activities which fit with the way you like to learn.  You may choose to play to your strengths one week and take on a more challenging activity the following week. The choice is entirely yours. There is even the opportunity to create your own activities. The activities become more challenging as you move from left to right; the orange being the trickiest. I hope you enjoy the activities and most of all have fun while learning.

For now, your jotter must stay at home and does not need to be returned. Instead, if you can, email one photograph of your completed spelling activity. Words will be posted here on Monday and we will do a spelling test on Friday. If you require a printed copy, just let me know and I’ll send one home.

P4 Spelling Activities

P4 Weekly Spelling Words Term 2

Previous spelling words:

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 31.08.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 07.09.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 14.09.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 21.09.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 28.09.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 05.10.20

Welcome to our P4 Home Learning page

Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted onto our P4 page.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation.  Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best. It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you,
Miss Sarahs

This week’s core learning grid (click to download)

P4 Grid 11.01.21

11.01.21 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Weekly Spelling Words January 2021

P4 Spelling Menu

P4 Oak Tree Spelling

P4 Level 11 Speed Words

P4 Compasses Numeracy Wall

P4 Coins Numeracy Wall

P4 Calendars Numeracy Wall

CDPS Times Table Menu

P4 Description

P4 Writing

P4 Scots Poem

P4 Grid 29.06.20

29.06.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Word Art 2020

P4 Wordsearch 29.06.20

P4 Talking and Listening 29.06.20

P4 Download Certificate 29.06.20

P4 Print Certificate 29.06.20

P4 Class of 2020

Previous learning grids 

(please try any of the activities as many times as you like.)

P4 Gird 22.06.20

P4 Grid 08.06.20

08.06.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Popcorn Maths 08.06.20

P4 Clock 08.06.20

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Group Unit 4 p14-15

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 08.06.20

P4 Anagrams 08.06.20

P4 Anagram Answers 08.06.20

P4 French Bingo 08.06.20

P4 French Numbers 08.06.20

P4 Cloud Art 08.06.20

P4 Grid 01.06.20

01.06.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Timestable Flower 01.06.20

P4 The Answer Is… 01.06.20

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Unit 3 p12-13

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 01.06.20

P4 Fact or Opinion 01.06.20

CDPS Sports Week Grid 2020

Flat Teacher Adventures Miss S

P4 Leaf Art 01.06.20

P4 Grid 25.05.20

25.05.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Puddle Jump 25.05.20

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Group Unit 3 p10-11

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 25.05.20

P4 Onomatopoeia 25.05.20

P4 Career Hair Stylist

P4 Career Paramedic

P4 Fashion Merchandising

P4 Career Vehicle Technician

P4 Feelings Cloud 25.05.20

P4 Shadow Art 25.05.20

CDPS Virtual Relay 2020

P4 Grid 18.05.20

18.05.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Card Games 18.05.20

P4 Weekly Spelling Words 18.05.20

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Group Unit 2 p8-9

P4 Book Review 18.05.20

P4 Name 5 Things 18.05.20

P4 Mindfulness Jar 18.05.20

P4 Grid 11.05.20

11.05.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Jigsaw 11.05.20

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Unit 1 p6-7

P4 Spelling Words 11.05.20

P4 Recipe Writing

P4 Conversation Practice 11.05.20

Castle Douglas Primary School Games

P4 Engineering Challenge 11.05.20

P4 Science Challenge 11.05.20

P4 Art Pointillism

P4 Grid 04.05.20

04.05.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Sumdog Live Play

P4 Oxford Owl

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Unit 1 p4-5

P4 Spelling Words 04.05.20

P4 Describe The Monster 04.05.20

P4 Technology 04.05.20

P4 Science 04.05.20

P4 VE Day Bunting

P4 Grid 27.04.20

27.04.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Information from Sumdog

P4 Oak Tree Spelling Unit 1 p2-3

P4 Spelling Words 27.04.20

P4 Talking and Listening

P4 Grid 20.04.20

20.04.20 Resources (linked on grid)

P4 Home Learning Wall 5A

P4 Spelling Words 20.04.20

CDPS Life Skills

P4 Grid 30.03.20

30.03.20 Resources (linked on grid):

P4 Spelling Words 30.03.20

P4 My Five Senses

P4 Talking & Listening Cards

P4 Grid 23.03.20

23.03.20 Resources (linked on grid):

P4 Home Learning Wall 3A

P4 Home Learning Wall 5A

P4 Spelling Words 23.03.20

P4 Spelling Menu


Number 4 15.06.20P4 Level 11 Speed Words

Postcard from my teacher 15.06.20

Postcard to my teacher 15.06.20

Flat Teacher Transition 15.06.20

Izzy introduces Literacy Ladders

P4 Speed Words

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