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P1-7 Music Home Learning (Mrs Teale)

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Welcome to our Music Home Learning page

It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you
Mrs Teale



8th March 2021

p4  Africa week 2 

p5  What is it? 

p6  Notation and drum along

p7  Last of the brass and Dance Monkey






1st March 2021

p4  Africa

p5  Call and Response Cuckoo. Rhythms with potatoes!  

p6  500 miles Notation and play along

p7  More Revise and Play activities




22nd February 2021

p 4   Can’t Stop The Feeling rhythm activity 

p5    I Know The Way play along              

p6    Body Percussion ‘Happy’                  

p7    Revise and play!                                




8th February 2021

I would like you to use this week to look back at all the Scottish songs and activities we have covered since the beginning of term, before we move on to new topics after our February break.

In addition, if you would like to try something new,  see the links below.


Go to this Sway

p1 – p3 A super selection of Scots songs, complete with actions…….Look out for Colin!


Go to this Sway

p4 -p7   Enjoy watching this basket ball player’s skills, or join in!


Go to this Sway

p4-7   There are 4 separate activities  in this document. Have fun!




1st February 2021

Please see additional notes at the end of this week’s list of activities.

p1a & p1b When You See A Puddle

p 2 & 2/3 Fingers Mouth and Nose   

p p2/3  3 and 3/4 The Loch Ness Monster

p3/4 & p4  The Boy And The Bunnet

p5a & 5b  (p6 & p7)   Drum along, Mairi’s Wedding

p6 & p7   Runrig  (learn about a Scottish group)

Additional notes.

P1 may also enjoy Fingers Mouth and Nose and parts of The Loch Ness Monster.

P2 & p3  may also enjoy The Loch Ness Monster

p3/4 & p4 please focus on The Boy And The Bunnet

p5a & p5b may also enjoy The Boy And The Bunnet

p6 and 7  Please remember you have Scottish musician fact cards to complete. This week’s lesson on Runrig is mostly reading and listening. You could also try drum along Mairis wedding





25th January 2021

As with last week’s activities please use the links to Sway documents.

Let’s learn about………

  1. The fiddle (1)  p1-p4   (with clapping activity)     
  2. The fiddle (2)  p5-7  (with clapping activity)        
  3. The accordion (1) p1-p4  (with action activity)   
  4. The accordion (2) p5-7  (with drumming activity)
  5. The bagpipes all levels (watching and listening with rhythm activity)

Brochan Lom (1) p1-p4

Brochan Lom (2) p5-7

A ‘Loch Ness Monster’ document will be added later today, when I sort out a couple of technical issues.

I hope you enjoy this week’s activities.



18th January 2021

This week’s activities are being presented in a different way.

Listed below are links to Sway documents which should be easily accessible, have all music tracks attached as well as youtube links where relevant.

Feel free to explore other classes links if you wish 🙂

Please let me know if there are any issues with the links


This week we continue with a Scottish theme.

p1-p4,  but good fun for all     Bananas Are The Best  

p1-p4,  but good fun for all     Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Aff A Bus   

p1-p5, but good fun for all  Katie Bairdie
p5-p7  Caledonia
p6-p7  Scottish Musicians
p6-p7 Pipes and Drums


11th January 2021


Here is a video which I hope will guide you through Sway documents 1. Three Craws

p1a & p1b             Three Craws 

p2  & p2/3           Hen’s March Tae The Midden

p3 p3/4 & p4      Scotland The Brave

p5a & p5b            Donald Where’s  Your Troosers?

p6a & p6b            Drum Along 

p7a & p7b            Scotland The Brave 








29th June 2020

Since this is our last week you have free choice. 


22nd  June 2020

Here are four new choice boards. 

Choice Board 5                 A  selection for p1-3    

Choice board 6                 A selection from PBS Kids

Choice Board 7                   Know your notes! Most appropriate for p4-p7, but all ages will enjoy the videos.

Choice Board 8                A selection from BBC  teach.      



15th June 2020

This week you can choose a music activity. There are four choice boards with several activities on each.


Choice Board 1      Music story books. Most appropriate for p1-p4 , but enjoyable for all

Choice Board 2     Music and science. Most appropriate for p4-p7 but, but may of  interest to all. 

Choice Board 3    Animal videos and songs. Suitable for all age groups.

Choice Board 4    Clapping games. Most appropriate for p4-p7,  but can be watched and enjoyed by all.




Music Learning Grid 8th June 2020





Music Learning Grid 1st June 2020





Music Learning Grid 25th May 2020




Music Learning Grid 18th May 2020



Music Learning Grid 11th May 2020


3rd May 2020

Thank you to all who have sent in videos of themselves, and other family members, singing I Can Sing A Rainbow. It is not too late to make a recording and send it to me or your class teacher.  


Music Learning Grid 4th May 2020





Please look at last week’s grid again and let’s try and have lots of people  singing 

‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’ . You could video yourself singing…

Send videos to me, or your class teacher.


Please see below  for additional music activities.


National Youth Choir Of Scotland – all ages, some of their cup games are tricky

Video Resources



Have a look on YouTube for Mrs Picken Primary Music

Some of you have already done these activities. Can you remember how to do them?


Good fun for all ages.


Music Learning Grid 27th April 2020




Music Learning Grid 20th April 2020


Music Learning Grid 30th March 2020

Core learning grid (click to download)


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