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Welcome to our P2 Class Webpage

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our home learning page.

Each week a new grid will be uploaded with links below it or on the grid itself. Please do not worry if you do not do all the activities or find some too tricky.

An e-mail has been sent to you with information and details about your children’s log in and the different groups we will be using. Please could you ensure we have an up to date email address for you.

Please do keep in touch using the class e mail. We do really like to see all the different things you have been doing. Do not hesitate to get in contact about anything to do with your child’s learning and we will do our best to help.


Miss Newall and Mrs Graham


8th Feburary P2 Home Learning Grid 


P2 Home Learning Grid 1st February

Miss Gainford Disciples work

Last week in RME we were thinking about how a good friend should behave. This week we are looking at Jesus’ special friends who were called the Disciples, there were 12 of them. Watch this video to find out how they met. Click the link below.

Jesus’ Friends worksheet

In health we are thinking about what we are good at. Maybe you have learnt something new or have got better at something during Lockdown but there might still be something that you would like to do better.
I am really good at worksheet

If you don’t have a printer divide a page in two and draw and write about things that you are good at on one side and things that you would like to learn or improve on the other.


Please remember Oxford Owl Login is – Username P2cdps

Password is 1234

Here is the link for the coin worksheet



Here is the link for the Chinese lantern instructions




Home Learning Grid 25th January


P2 – Alphabet Matching

P2 – Kindness Grid

P2 – Miss Gainford Online Learning 2

P2 – Handwriting

P2 – My Favourite Animal

P2 – My Favourite Season

P2 Dot to Dot

P2 Reading Activities 2

P2 The Four Seasons

P2 Money Worksheets







P2 Home Learning Grid 18th January

P2 – Reading Activities

P2 – Indigo Key Words

P2 – Blue Group Key Words

P2 – Purple Group Key Words

P2 Yellow and Green Group Key Words

P2 – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet

P2 – My Favourite Toy

P2 –  Handwriting Sheet

daily mile bingo

P2 Miss Gainford Online Learning









P2 Home Learning Grid 11th January


Owl Spelling Group

Emu Spelling Group

Fox Spelling Group


Hopes and wishes for 2021


















































Welcome to our P2 Home Learning page

Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted onto our P2 page.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation.  Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best 🙂
It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you
Miss Newall and Mrs Graham 


We hope you are all fine and enjoyed meeting your new teachers for next year. Here is our last grid for this year. We hope you enjoy trying out some of these activities looking back at your year in P2.  You have been sending in some super photos and it has been lovely to see what you have been doing. Please keep in touch by sending your photos to

Enjoy your summer holiday and we are really looking forward to seeing you back at school in August.

Home learning activities  week 13

Primary 2 Online Learning 29th June Miss Gainford

Primary 2 Me p2

Primary 2 memories P2

Primary 3 Thoughts




Online Learning Week 11 Primary 2

hanukkah and dreidel information P2

The dreidel pattern P2

dreidel rules and instructions^P2

This week’s core learning grid (click any links to download)

P2 Home Learning Week 10 – week beginning Monday 8th June

Online learning p2 week 10 Miss Gainford

Hanukkah candles p2,1 week 10

Hanukkah candles p2,2 week 10

Hanukkah info P2

Potato latkes recipe P2


Week 9 1st June

P2 Teams Meet 3rd June


Online Learning P2 Week 9 Miss Gaiinford

Judah the Maccabee P2,2 Pupil sheet

The Bravery of Judah p2,1 Pupil sheet

The Bravery of Judah Questions P2

The Bravery of Judah Story p2

hand signs p3,4



P2 Home Learning Week 8

Week 8 online learning Primary 2 Miss Gainford

Polite Words p2

Thank you p2

P2 Week 7 Grid

Hi everyone.
We hope you are keeping safe and keeping busy.
e hope you enjoy working on the activities this week. We are enjoying reading your messages and seeing the pictures you have sent. Please keep sending them through the email address if you are able to.
We look forward to hearing from you.
From Miss Newall and Mrs Graham

WEEK 7 Primary 2 Miss Gainford

The Ten Commandments p2,1 term4

The Ten Commandments p2,2

Celebratory Foods power point p2

Lets have a party p2


Previous learning activities
(please try any of the activities as many times as you like.)

P2 Home Learning May 11th

Week 6 Learning activities P2 Miss Gainford 11

the torah p2,1 term 4

the torah p2,2 week 6

Meals and treats p2 week 6


P2 4th May Weekly Grid

Week 5 Learning activities Miss Gainford primary 2

menorah pic

Shabbat Synagogue p2,1

star of David pic and info

synagogue p2,2 term 4

Synagogue p2,3 term 4

Food pyramid p2

P2 Home Learning 27th April

Week 4 Learning activities Miss Gainford primary 2

The Story of Kiddush Cup p2

The Kiddush Cup P2

Food wheel groups information P2

Food pictures for P2 to enlarge

Food Groups Sorting p2


P2 home Learning 20th April

Primary 2 Term 4 week 3 activities Miss Gainford

Days of the week

the butterfly life cycle p2_

P2 Friday 3rd April

Hi Everyone!

It’s nearly the Easter holidays – we hope you are all keeping safe and you manage to have some fun over Easter. There will be no home learning grid for the next two weeks but you can use the 100 ideas sheets that are in your home pack if you have some spare time. You might also like to create an Easter picture from things you can find in your house or in your garden. You might like to try a scavenger hunt too.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Have fun. Take care
From Miss Newall and Mrs Graham


P2 Home Learning 30th March

Hello to Primary 2,

This week in RME we are looking at how Christians celebrate Easter around the world. Watch the following video and talk about it with someone else. See if you can answer the questions, remember that the American word candy means sweets.

Now print out the sheet below , cut carefully around the dotted lines and glue the correct sentence underneath the matching picture and the colour them in. Remember, no gaps or overlaps and don’t forget to neaten off the bottom edge.

Primary 2 Christian Easter week 2

On the back draw a design to add to a hard boiled egg [ that a grown up has boiled for you and let cool ]. Can you help to time the boiling of the egg which is about 6 to 7 minutes ? You can take it outside and roll it until it cracks [ if you have a garden ] or keep it for a few days in the fridge before you smash it open and eat it.

You could also make an Easter card to send to a friend or relative to let them know that you are thinking of them. This could be on card and posted or created on the computer and sent as an email.

You could also try making a miniature Easter garden using things that you find in the garden or around the house. Don’t forget to roll the stone away from the entrance to the tomb on Easter Sunday. Have a look at this link to see what it could look like.

In Health we are looking again at the emergency services and learning how and when to contact them and what to say when we do.

Firstly you will only have to do this in a real emergency. Never phone 999 unless you have to or you might stop the emergency services helping someone else who has a real emergency and you could be in trouble for making a hoax call.

Scroll down the page to watch the video, talk about it with an adult and read through the information leaflet and fill it in.


Now see if you can remember your name and address and your phone number, don’t forget your post code.

Do you know which emergency service to ask for ? Try these out.

Primary 2 which emergency? week 2

I have added a fun Easter sheet for you.

Happy Easter everyone.

Easter box p2 week 2

Colour, cut glue on the shaded areas and make a box for your hard boiled egg.


Weekly Activity Grid – March 23rd – Click here

Hello from Miss Gainford

This week in RME we are looking at the last Supper which Jesus shared with his 12 disciples in Jerusalem.

This meal took place on Thursday evening during the Holy Week and Jesus explained to his disciples what was about to happen to him. Either read or listen to this story or watch this

Jerusalem is a hot country and people at that time people wore sandals and no socks so as they walked from one place to another their feet became dusty or dirty and it was the servants job to wash their feet when they arrived at someone else’s house. At the last Supper, Jesus washed the disciples feet to show that he loved them and served them for them to become part of his Kingdom and to learn to do the same for each other

  1. Print out the sheet below and cut it across the middle horizontal line.
  2. Cut out the pictures and match them to the sentences and stick in place.
  3. Colour the pictures carefully. Remember no gaps or overlaps.
  4. On the back of the sheet, draw around your bare foot and draw the top of a sandal on it and cut it out.

The Story of Easter [ the last Supper]

Tell somebody what you can remember of this story.

Who you would share a special meal with and which food and drink would help them to remember you.

We were also going to look at the emergency services.

Can you name five of them?

Choose one of these and draw a picture with five interesting facts about them underneath.



money matching 1p and 2p powerpoint

P7b DNK Split PDF

P2 My favourite story character

P2 Emu spelling words week 4 home learning

P2 Fox spelling words week 4 home learning

P2 Owl spelling words week 4 home learning


Fox spelling week 5 Feb 8th

Letter formation s

My Favourite Foodheet

Owl spelling words week 5 8th February

Emu spelling week 5 8th Feb

coin counting worksheets 3

counting 1p coins

counting 2p coins worksheet 2

Numbers to 100 sheet 2

Missing numbers to 100 sheet 3

MAP- Ordering Numbers to 100 Worksheet


MAP- Ordering Numbers to 100 Worksheetting worksheets 3

Health worksheet

BBC Schedule 8th February

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