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Welcome to our P2/3 Class Webpage

These are the spelling lists until the end of term

Badger spelling group

Hedgehog spelling group

Rabbit spelling group



Mice Spelling 26.4.21

Rabbits’ Spelling 26.4.21


Mice Spelling 19.4.21

Rabbits Spelling 19.4.21


Rabbits spelling 12.4.21

Mice spelling 12.4.21






Hello everyone,
Welcome to our Home Learning page.
Each week, a new Home Learning Grid will be uploaded below, with additional resources linked on the grid or underneath it. Please do not worry if you do not do all the activities or if you find some too tricky.
An email has been sent with information and details of your child’s log-ins and the different groups we will be using. I will continue to use the class email address regularly so please ensure that we have an up to date email address for you.
Please do keep in touch using the class email. I really like to see and hear about all the different things which the children have been doing. Do not hesitate to get in contact about anything to do with your child’s learning and I will do my best to help.
Miss Bell


Home Learning for 8th February


Home Learning Grid for 1st February


Home learning grid for 25th January


Home Learning grid for 18th January


Home Learning grid for 11th January


Resources for week 4 linked on grid

Teams Meet

Chinese Calendar

Badgers wordsearch

Badgers game

Rabbits game

Research map

Board Game templates

Circles money worksheet

Circles number

Rectangles money

Rectangles number

 Squares money worksheet

Squares number

Triangles money worksheet

Triangles number

BBC Scotland schedule

Miss Gainford’s work

Health worksheet

RME crossword

Resources for week 3 linked on grid

Teams Meet

Places we live and belong to

My Local Community

Badgers wordsearch

Badgers i-e game

Hedgehogs roll and read game

Hedgehogs sound cards

Rabbits roll and read game

Rabbits wordsearch

Description bubble

Gina the Giraffe description

Stick challenge

Bird watch

Rhyming Words

Tartan powerpoint


Squares money worksheet

Rectangles money worksheet

Triangles money worksheet

Circles money worksheet

BBC schedule

Miss Gainford’s work

The Bible

Do and do not

Who is right



Resources for week 2 linked on grid

Teams Meet

Well being challenge

Stem landmarks

Crocodile colouring

Croodile patterning

 Scots words in the Gruffalo

My creature

Symmetry powerpoint

Capital letter symmetry

Line symmetry

Winter symmetry

Australian School

How to write instructions

Instructions worksheet

Draw and write worksheet

Miss Gainford’s work





Resources for week 1 linked on grid

Hedgehogs spelling

Badgers spelling

Rabbits spelling

Active spelling ideas

Daily mile bingo

Mapping challenge

Scavenger hunt sheets

P2/3 Teams Meet information

My Hopes for 2021





















Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted onto our P2/3 page.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation. Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best 🙂

It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you
Miss Bell

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed the last two weeks transition activities and getting to know your new teachers. This week’s grid has lots of activities to round off our year together and look forward to your summer holiday. As always please do not feel any pressure to complete the activities and please do feel free to email me with any photos, comments or queries.

Have a good week,

Miss Bell

Home learning activities 29.6.20

Mrs Teale’s music activities.

Here are some fun challenges you could try over the holidays.

Art and design challenges

Creativity challenges

30 day LEGO challenge

I have split the class into Primary 2 and Primary 3 activities but you can choose either classroom activity if you want to. Miss Gainford

Primary 2

Primary 2 Online learning in p2,3 29th June Miss Gainford

Primary 2 and primary 3 Me p2,3

Primary 2,3 memories P2 and p3

Primary 3 Thoughts

Ann’s Classroom p2

Ann’s Classroom questions p2

Primary 3

Primary 3 Online Learning in p2,3 29th June Miss Gainford

Primary 2,3 memories P2 and p3

Primary 2 and primary 3 Me p2,3

Primary 4 Thoughts

Working well p2,3 primary 3

15/6/20 & 22/6/20

Hello everyone,

for the next two weeks I am handing you over to your new teachers. They have created some very exciting activities for you to help them get to know you better. Please follow the links below to your new class for this week’s activities!

Mrs Philpott and Mrs Potts P3              Miss McCall P3/4

I am not putting up any new learning for the next two weeks but you can continue to use Education City, Purple Mash, Oxford Owl and any of the game s on my previous grids if you want to but there is no expectation for you to do any of these activities. I’m still happy to hear from you all via the class email about what you are doing if you want to. Have fun!

Miss Bell


Online Learning Week 11 Primary 2,3 Miss Gainford

The Christian Minister p2,3 Week 11

A place for Prayer p2,3 Week 11

on line learning week 10 Miss Gainford

church_year_colour_ activity sheet p2,3 1 week 10

Colours of the Church Year info pic p2,3 1

Colours of the Church Year P2,3 1 activity sheet

Church-colours information sheet p2,3 week 10


What does a Vicar wear info P2,3 2







Thinking of others information sheet P2,3

Thinking of others P2,3 2 pupil sheet

This week’s core learning grid (click to download)



I hope you all enjoyed your sports week, thank you for the photos and videos you sent in. This week I would like to have a Teams meet on Glow on Wednesday the 10th of June at 2pm, all the information about how to do this are on the links on this week’s grid. I really hope you can make it as it would be lovely to be able to chat.

Please do keep sending photos and comments about the children’s work it is so good to hear how they are getting on. If you have any questions about this week’s activities please get in touch via the class email I’m happy to help.

Have a good week,

Miss Bell


Home learning activities 8.6.20



Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather. This week’s grid focuses on Sports week and I’ve tried to link most of our activities to a sports theme. I hope you enjoy it

Please keep in touch using the class email, it is lovely to hear what the children are doing whether ‘school’ activities or not.

Take care

Miss Bell

Home learning activities 1.6.20

CDPS Sports Week Grid 2020

Squirrels spelling

Skeleton Labelling Sheets

Wordsearch Template

Maths challenge cards 1

Maths challenge cards 2

Rosette ideas


comic strip

Throwing and catching 2

Obstacle course

Online Learning P2,3 Week 911   Miss Gainford

Helping us to do things 1 P2.3

Helping us to do things 2 P2,3

In a Gurdwara P2,3



Featured Image


Home learning activities 25.5.20

Additional resources for this week’s grid

These worksheets do not have to be printed out. You can use from the screen and write answers in your jotter or on your whiteboard. The answers do not need to be written down most of these activities can be done by talking with you child.


Robins and Parrots verbs

Doves and Skylarks verbs

Hummingbirds verbs

Reading skills

Hummingbirds Baby Talk

Skylarks and Doves Tidy Up

Puffins Read and draw 1

French Rainbow colouring

STEM Shadows     and   Clouds


Triangles money week 1

Rectangles amounts

Rectangles How much

Circles How much

Our Town Local shops and services

Art Mobile shape template

Purple Mash 2 create a story

week 8 Online Learning Primary 2,3 Miss Gainford

Only print out work if you need to and remember to choose just one RME group work.

Guru Nanak info 1 P2,3

Guru Nanak pupil sheet 1 p2,3

Guu nanak Questions 1 P2,3


Guru Nanak Information 2 P2,3

Guru Nanak pupil sheet 2 P2,3

Guru Nanak questions 2 P2,3


My Fruit Salad P2,3



Thank you for all the lovely emails and pictures. Do keep sending them in it’s lovely to see whatever you are doing. Please do not worry about what activities you do or don’t do, they are just suggestions for you to try if you have time there is no pressure to complete them at all.

Take care and stay safe

Miss Bell

Week 7 Learning Activities 18.5.20

Here are some resources for this week’s activities you may want to use.


How to use 2publish on Purple Mash

animal masks

finding adjectives

Spelling Menu for active spelling ideas.



Week 7 Primary 2,3 Miss Gainford


Buddhist Information P2,3

Buddhist Questions p2,3

In a Buddhist Temple p2,3

Celebratory Foods power point P2,3

My favourite Celebration p2,3

a celebration



Hello again. I hope you are all healthy, happy and having fun at home.

I’ll send out individual emails on Monday morning with usernames and passwords for Purple Mash, Education City and reading levels for using with Oxford Owl. Please get in touch with any queries or problems you have. Keep sending photos and updates , it’s good to keep in touch. I saw lots of lovely work and a very yummy looking birthday cake last week!

Stay safe

Miss Bell

P23 Home Learning Activities 11 May

Ice garden STEM

Timeline STEM

Week 6 Learning activities P2 /3Miss Gainford

 the life of buddah p2,3 1 term 4

week 6 the Buddha P2,3,2

The Story of Buddha


WEEK 6 healthy_eating_p2,3


Previous learning activities
(please try any of the activities as many times as you like.)



Hello. I think there were a few problems with links last week hopefully things will work more smoothly this week. Please let me know of any issues and I’ll try to resolve them. I’m aware not everyone has access to a printer but the worksheets can be used from the screen and answers written on whiteboards or just for reference please do not feel any pressure to keep printing the sheets it’s just a way for me to communicate my ideas to you. Also please keep sending photos of you and your work I really enjoy seeing them and replying to your emails. I’ve put a Play Live challenge on Education City and I’ll be on at the times I’ve said for each group so we can play against each other. When you go on to Play Live choose the school tab and you can play against other pupils from your school, good luck!

I’m missing you all and hope you are all well and having fun.

Miss Bell

week 5 learning activities 4.5.20

Castle Douglas Coat of Arms

coat of arms template

kindnes challenge 1

stem bodies

Here is an indoor scavenger hunt just for some fun on a rainy day.

indoor scavenger hunt


Week 5 Learning activities Miss Gainford primary 2,3

The Story of Bernadette p2,3

Pilgramages to Lourdes p2,3,1 questions term 4

Pilgrimage to Lourdes p2,3,1 pupil sheet term 4

Pilgrimage to Lourdes p2,3,1,info term 4


lourdes info sheet 2,3,2 term 4

lourdes p2,3,2 term 4


saint bernadette infant re

Healthy balanced plate p2,3


Hello, I hope you enjoyed last week’s activities. We are going to look at some of the buildings in Castle Douglas this week. Please let me know if any of the links I have included are not working as I can edit them during the week. The maths work is on the second page of the grid. P3s could you please log on to Accelerated Reader using the link below and do a STAR test?

Keep sending me photos and emails please – it’s good to keep in touch. I hope you are all well and having fun at home.

Miss Bell

week 4 learning activities 27.4.20

Rainbow art

Animal alphabet sheet

Animal fact file

Stem Challenge animal

Accelerated Reader

Mrs Teale’s music 27.4.20



Week 4 Learning activities Miss Gainford p2,3

Mandir information p2,3

Hindu temple statues 

Hindu temple doorway p2,3 

Hindu temple doorway p2,3 b term 4

A Mandir term 4 p2,3 

food pictures for p2,3 enlarge 

Food Groups p2,3

healthy eating

Food group sorting p2,3

Monday 20th April

Hello again, I hope you had an enjoyable Easter. I’ve been enjoying the bright weather and working in my garden where we have a blackbird nest which has inspired some of our work for this week. Over the next few weeks we are going to be exploring our local area virtually and maybe on your daily walks. Please don’t forget to use the email address if you have any questions or if you’d like to send some photos, I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing. Have a good week.

Remember to visit Mrs Teale’s grid as well and try her activities.

Mrs Teale’s grid 20.4.20


Taj Mahal p2,3

hand washing p2,3

P2/3 Learning Activities 20th April




Friday 3rd April

Hello I hope your second week at home has been fun and you’ve managed to try some of the activities on the grid. We are now at the start of the Easter holidays which will be so different this year. I know you’ll be doing lots of fun things at home over the next 2 weeks. I’ve put links to some Easter activities below if you want to try them. Also remember to look at the P1-7 general ideas page ( link at the top of this page) for lots of super ideas to try at home.

Please feel free to send any pictures or videos of any activities you have been doing. It’s been lovely to look at the ones I’ve been sent so far of work, junk modelling and even a homemade newsround!

I hope you have a relaxing and fun holiday. Please check back after the two week break for a new grid.

Miss Bell



Easter maths p2

Easter challenge cards p3


Hello everyone. I hope you are all getting on well and have had a chance to try some of the activities on the learning sheet. Please get in touch with and queries or problems or any photos of what you’ve been up to.

This week I’ve put up a link to a story about a Toy Museum and some follow up ideas as well as some of our usual work.

Have fun and stay safe.

Miss Bell

Week 2 learning activities 30.3.20

Active spelling ideas Spelling Menu


Miss Gainford’ s week 2 work

This will take a little while to load.

Home Learning Week 1 (23rd March)

Active Spelling ideas Spelling Menu

Hello from Miss Gainford,

This week we were going to learn about Jesus the teacher. If you have a children’s bible at home see if you can find a story that Jesus told or search the internet with a grown up to find one. His special stories were called parables and he used them to teach people about important things so that they could understand them. When you have found one, draw a picture of it and discuss what it means .

Our other lesson was on staying safe at home. So again with the help of a grown up you can become a safety officer and check that all dangerous items or places are made safe.

These could include; medicines, cleaning or garden products, sharp knives, tools, glue, batteries, stair gates, electrical leads and sockets, matches and toys.

Did you find anything that needed sorting? If you did, well done.



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