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Welcome to our P1a Home Learning page

Each week a new grid of suggested activities will be posted onto our P1a page.  The activities and ideas have been created and chosen so that they can be used at home without needing too many resources or preparation.  Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities during the week or find some tricky – try your best 🙂
It would great to see what you are doing so please do email me some photographs or video clips and share your news. Please also email if you have any questions about the activities or tasks.

Thank you
Miss Conacher

This week’s core learning grid (click links to download)

Welcome back! This week we are finishing off our Scottish topic by listening two local stories, read by myself and Mrs Baird.

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities. We have a new sound and a new number to learn this week, as well as some creative modelling tasks and some science experiments to try. Click the link below to access the grid and the additional resources.

Week 5 Grid – 8th February

Pattern Activity

Chinese New Year Activity Grid (Optional)

Chinese New Year Dates (Optional)

Chinese New Year Ordering Activity (Optional)

Ongoing Additional Resources

Sound and Action Game

Sound and Action Cards Sheet

Letter Formation Handwriting Tips

Reading Keywords – Stage 1    Stage 2

Ten Town Number Formation Posters

This week’s Team Meets: Tuesday 9th at 11am and Thursday 11th at 11am.

Please refer to the Week 1 email for more details on how to access Microsoft Teams. Additionally, click here to access help sheets and videos for Microsoft Teams.

Miss Gainford Activities – RME and Health

  • RME: Use this link to learn more about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. Practise  saying Gong Xi Fa Cai (pronounced Gung Hay Fat Choy) to wish people great happiness and success this new year. Why not draw your on Chinese dragon – colour some of it red as it is seen to be a very lucky colour.
  • Health: We are learning about how plants grow. Watch this video to learn about the life cycle of a sunflower. Have a look at the flowers growing near you or see if you can get some seeds to grow your own flowers.


Previous Grids – January 2021


Welcome back to Week 4 of home learning. This week we are continuing to explore some of our favourites stories, this time read in Scots Language. We hope you enjoy listening to ‘The Teeger that Cam fur his Tea’ by Judith Kerr and its follow up activities. Click below to access the grid and some other resources mentioned for this week.

Week 4 Learning Grid – 1st February

O’Clock Time Board Game

Children’s Mental Health Week – Art Booklet

Lifelong Learning Booklet


Miss Gainford Activities – RME and Health

  • RME: Watch this video to learn about the Hindu Spring celebration of Holi. Click here to colour in this Holi picture: Holi Colouring Picture  Or draw your own picture of you celebrating the festival.
  • Health: Do you have a pet? Discuss with someone at home how you look after your pet properly. Watch this video from the RSPCA to learn about caring for your pets. Look at the picture below and see if you can match the pet to the correct food.



Hello, everyone! Welcome back for Week 3 of home learning. We are continuing our Scottish theme this week, with even more emphasis on Scots language and culture due to the celebration of Burn’s Night this week.

Our story on the grid is ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson, read in Scots language. We hope you enjoy this week’s activities! Click below to access the grid and any other resources you may need.

Week 3 Grid – 25th January

Woodland Addition Sheet

Miss Gainford Activities – RME and Health

  • RME: Use this video to learn more about the Persian New Year Festival called Norouz. Click on the link to access the colouring page to go along with the Festival – Norouz Colouring Pages – and follow Miss Gainford’s instructions in this week’s email on how to colour it.
  • Health: This week we are looking at living things which include plants, people and animals. Living things breathe, move, grow and reproduce they also need food and water. The next time that you go for a walk see how many living things you can spot.



Hi, everyone! Welcome back for Week 2 of home learning! This week we are visiting a well loved character and story!

After listening to ‘Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted’, we have some lovely activities for you to try – some draw-alongs, some independent writing, some outdoor art – and much more! We have also introduced some new learning via online learning videos. Click the link below to access this week’s grid.

Week 2 Grid – 18th January

Outdoor Art Ideas

Miss Gainford Activities – RME and Health

  • RME: Talk to someone at home about the family traditions you have at New Year. Watch this video about New Year traditions around the world:
  • Enjoy this video showing different fireworks celebrations:
  • At the beginning of the year, people often make a goal they’d like to achieve that year. Talk about what you want to do this year.
  • Health: We are spending more time at home at the moment and need to know it’s a safe place. See if you can spot 10 dangerous things in the picture of a kitchen below. Then go to your own kitchen with an adult and talk about how to be safe in this room of the house.



Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first week of home learning!

We are starting off our Scotland theme with a focus on ‘Nip Nebs’ by Susi Briggs, a Scots retelling of Jack Frost. Please click the link below to access the learning grid of activities for this week. Feel free to email with photos of what you’ve been up to!

Week 1 Grid – 11th January 2021

Winter Hat Template

Below are additional resources used in this week’s grid. You can come back and use these again in later weeks too, as they will be a good resources for consolidating our sounds and number.

Additional Resources

Sound and Action Game

Sound and Action Cards Sheet

Letter Formation Handwriting Tips

Reading Keywords – Stage 1    Stage 2

Ten Town Number Formation Posters



Previous learning grids:  March – June 2020


Welcome back for the final week of Primary 1!

Just a few activities for you to try if you wish.

Week 13 Grid – Final Activities

Otherwise, it’s been wonderful to have you in my class this year and I wish you all the best as you head into P2 and P2/3! Have a wonderful summer holiday when it arrives!

Primary 1 Online Learning 29th June Miss Gainford

Primary 1 memories P1

Primary 2 Me p1

Primary 2 thoughts p1

My School Uniform p1

My New School Uniform P1

15/06/20 & 22/06/20

Hi there! Things are a little different over the next two weeks. To help with transition and getting to know your new teacher, please follow the links below to your new class for this week’s activities!

Miss Newall P2     /      Miss Bell P2/3

Although there is no official P1 grid for the next two weeks, please click below to see what is still available if you are looking for something extra to do. Please note: there is no expectation to complete these activities.

Week 11 & 12 Extra Activities

Finally, if you have yet to send us a clip of what you’ve loved doing in P1 for the celebration video, please send it via email as soon as possible. Thank you!


Ted’s Diary

Hello, everyone! I’m staying with Miss Conacher whilst we’re all at home, but don’t want to miss out on telling you about my adventures. Make sure to check back here each week for a new diary entry!

Ted’s Diary – Week 1 – 23/3/2020

Ted’s Diary – Week 2 – 30/3/20

Ted’s Diary – Easter Holidays – 6-19/4/2020

Ted’s Diary – Week 4 – 20/4/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 5 – 27/4/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 6 – 04/05/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 7 – 11/5/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 8 – 18/5/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 9 – 25/5/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 10 – 01/06/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 11 – 08/06/20

Ted’s Diary – Week 12 – 15/06/20


online learning p1 week 11 Miss Gainford

Build a Church P1

Inside a Church information P1

What Happens Inside the Church P1



Welcome back to another week! We’re back with Mrs Armitage in her final book, Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave.

She’s heading to the beach in the story and learns how to surf. We hope you enjoy all of the seaside activities we have for you this week! We’ve also got a special activity for you to do in the last box on the grid – please complete if you can.

Week 10 Learning Activities – Mrs Armitage & the Big Wave – 08/06/2020

Additional Links: Outdoor Art Ideas

Have a great week, everyone!


on line Learning week 10 P1 Miss Gainford

specialplaces P1My

  Special Place p1

What is your bedroom like p1 term 4


Hi, everyone! We’re returning to Mrs Armitage once again this week and travelling with her on adventures in her new car.

Quite a few craft/junk modelling ideas this week, alongside some more computer activities. Look out for a separate email giving you log in details for Purple Mash – a new resource we’re looking to use quite regularly.

Don’t forget – this week is our Sports Week, so look out for the last box on the grid which has ideas for staying active. On Wednesday, we’re doing a Virtual Relay. All the slots in the timetable have been taken, but please feel free to join in by being active for 30 minutes during the day, and send in any photos of what you’ve been up to!

Hope you have an enjoyable week!

Week 9 Activities – Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road – 1/6/20

Additional Links

Car Colours Survey Sheet

Car Labelling Sheets

CDPS Sports Week Grid 2020

Road Signs Bingo Sheet

Miss Gainford’s Activities

Online Learning P1 Week 9   Miss Gainford

Homes Around The World PPT P1

Labels P1

Our Town P1

Property info form P1


Hello, everyone! We are back this week with another book related grid!

This is one of my favourite stories, so I hope you enjoy the activities! We are introducing a new topic in Maths this week – time! Watch our video on how to tell o’clock times on an analogue clock. Lots of bike activities this week as well. Have a super time! Looking forward to seeing what you’re getting up in the emails!

Week 8 Activities – Mrs Armitage on Wheels – 25/5/20

Additional Links

Blank T-Shirt Design Sheet

Time Board Game


Miss Gainford

Week 8 Online Learning Primary 1 Miss Gainford

Best Friends story Discovery rme p1

My best friend #


Hello, everyone!

This week we are consolidating some of the learning from the last 4 weeks. We hope you enjoy the activities we’ve put together for you! We are introducing activities on Education City this week – those will be live on your Education City log in for Monday! Have a great week!

Week 7 Learning Activities – Consolidation Week – 18/5/20

Additional Links

Blank Grids for Ten Town

Fast Finger Coin Mat

Fastest Finger Coin Recognition Cards – suggestions for questions for the Fast Finger Coin Game, but feel free to make up your own!


Week 7 Primary 1 Miss Gainford

lost sheep craft

sheep sheet p1


Hi everyone! This is the last week for Oliver Jeffers – we hope you enjoy the story and activities!

We’ve had lots of lovely feedback about the drawing and science activities, so we’ve added some more of those in for you this week. We’ve also included something that you might be missing – TEN TOWN! We’ve used another video to allow you to access this resource and hope we can continue to do this weekly. Look out for a separate email this coming week, giving you extra suggestions for your own child on how to keep up the reading at home. Have a great week!

Week 6 Activities – Up and Down – 11/05/2020

Additional Links

CVC/CVCC/Tricky Words Dice Games

Toy Shop Coins Game

Miss Gainford

This week we are listening to a story from Sikhism called Week 6 Miss Gainford

02 Discovery RE F1-2

The crocodile and the Priest


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to a new week and a new grid.

This week’s story is ‘The Way Back Home’. Follow the boy as his aeroplane journey doesn’t go quite to plan and he makes a new friend on the moon. The grid has lots of fun activities for you to choose from  – we hope you enjoy the activities.

Week 5 Learning Activities – The Way Back Home – 04/05/2020

No additional links this week – all links and resources are in the grid. Enjoy!


Miss Gainford Activities

Week 5 Learning activities Miss Gainford p1

wolf mask p1

The Boy Who Cried Wolf story p1



Hello, everybody! I hope you enjoyed last week’s grid.

This week’s Oliver Jeffers story is ‘Lost and Found’. We have linked three different versions of the story for you to choose from, but also feel free to read from the physical book if you own in. This week’s grid has some new learning – we are introducing the topic of money and completing some floating and sinking experiments – so please read the note at the bottom of the grid for more information. Have a great week!

Week 4 Learning Activities – Lost and Found – 27.04.20

Additional Links

Hidden Numbers 0-10  /   Hidden Numbers 0-20

Float/Sink Recording Results – Table 1  /  Table 2

Boat Building Ideas – Cardboard Boat  /  Foil Boat


Week 4 Learning activities Miss Gainford p1

the butterfly life cycle p1

butterflies cycle finger play p1



Welcome back, everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable time over the last two weeks.

Over the next four weeks, we will be completing book studies on Oliver Jeffers’ stories. Each week will introduce a new story by Oliver Jeffers, the grid will link you to videos of the story being told, and the other activities will be based around the topics within the story.

This week we are reading ‘How to Catch a Star’. I hope you enjoy listening to the story and trying out some of the related activities on the grid below. Please don’t forget to use the email address if you’d like to send some photos – I really love receiving them! Have a good week!

Week 3 Learning Activities – How to Catch a Star – 20.04.2020

Additional Links for Games (7th activity on grid)

Star Constellation Dice Game


Primary 1 week 3 activities Miss Gainford

fast or slow

Easter Holidays

We’re now heading into the Easter Holidays – although these holidays look very different than expected. I know you’ll have lots of fun things you’d like to do over the next two weeks, but if you find yourself with some time on your hands, we’ve made a document filled with ideas to keep you busy.

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas

Please feel free to continue to send pictures and videos of the wonderful activities you’ve been doing – I love to look at them!

I hope you have a fun and relaxed time over the holidays. Check back here after the two week break for a new grid and a new diary from Ted! Stay safe and well, everyone!



Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an enjoyable time at home and staying safe!

This week we are finishing off our Bears topic and have some Easter time activities for you. Click the link below to download the learning grid. A few activities have extra links that are not attached to the grid – please come back to this page and click the other links to complete those activities.

Week 2 Learning Activities – 30/3/2020

Additional Links for ‘Guess the Word’ and ‘Bear Facts’:

CVC ‘Guess the Word’ Game

CVCC/Double Sounds ‘Guess the Word’ Game

Bear Fact File Suggestions


Hello from Miss Gainford and Doofles.

This week we are looking at Easter symbols which are things that are linked to Easter such as Easter bonnets, bunnies and eggs and chicks, candles and crosses. See if you can find and count each one then write the correct numbers in boxes and colour in the pictures neatly, remember no gaps or overlaps.

On the back of this sheet, you could design your own Easter bonnet which could have one or more of the Easter symbols on it and if you have the materials, you could make it to wear. The easiest way to make a hat is to staple, glue or stick a strip of paper to fit your head and then add your pictures to it. Everyone could join in and you could have an Easter parade in your Easter bonnet.


Following your bear topic theme, I would like you to organize a teddy bear picnic [don’t worry if you don’t have a teddy any toy or family member could be invited].

Make a list of what you would like to eat at your party and check to see if you have everything that you need.

You could design an invitation with pictures of what you are going to eat and drink and a teddy bear border.

With a grown up prepare the food, taking care with any sharp objects such as graters and knives and don’t forget to wash your hands well and use a clean surface and tidy up afterwards.

When it is all ready choose your spot. If you are lucky enough to have a garden and the weather is fine it could be outside or if not, choose which room.

Lay a cloth or picnic blanket down on the ground and arrange your food and drink in the middle and set the places with a cup and plate for everyone, including teddy, and knife, fork and spoon if you need it.

Think of some games you could play at your picnic and take a photograph of your teddy hiding.

Listen to the Teddy bear picnic song and enjoy.  

Here is an extra Easter sheet for you to have fun with.


 Primary 1a Easter colouring sheet week 2

Happy Easter to you all.





This week we are continuing our Bears topic. Click the link below to download a list of activities you can do with your child.

Week 1 Learning Activities – 23/3/2020


Hello from Miss Gainford and Doofles. We are continuing with our Easter topic and we would like you to watch or listen to the Easter story and to tell someone what you can remember about it and then draw a picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.

Watch how some Christians celebrate Easter

CBeebies | Celebrating Easter | Let’s Celebrate

In drama, we were going to have an Easter egg hunt. You could draw or paint Easter eggs and then cut them out and hide them for someone else to find and tell them that they are getting closer by saying hot or hotter or cold and colder for further away and then they can hide it for you.

Happy hunting.

From Miss Gainford and Doofles






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