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Welcome to the Summer Term at CDPS

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

Our class news will start again next week.

In the meantime this week there a few photographs from our P6 visit to New Lanark, Bikeability Breakfast and coming soon – P7 India Day on the School Facebook page and website.

There will be a newsletter coming home on Monday with dates for the Term ahead.

Information about

– ordering school uniform for next session

– opportunity for P4-6 Musical Instruction and

– P6 Kingswood Information

will also be sent home.

Please look out for this in school bags  🙂

P6 New Lanark Visit

On the first day of the Summer Term our Primary 6 visited New Lanark to find out more about the life, work and times of 19th Century families.

Primary 6 are invited to post comments telling our website visitors about

  • What did they find interesting about the visit.
  • What new knowledge they learned.
  • How they found the school experience.
  • Their thoughts on living in a single room with all their family and no electricity or inside toilet.
  • What they will remember most about the visit.

Please remember to think carefully about your writing – use key words and interesting sentences that have correct spelling and punctuation.

Weekly News – March 31st

School News

Easter Holidays – Saturday 1st April – Monday 17th April

Summer Term starts on Tuesday 18th April


An invite from Castle Douglas Parish Church

Palm Sunday Service – Sunday 9th April

Procession from Lochside Park to the church with Paul and our donkey. If you would like to join the procession please meet in the park at 10.45am. The church service will be at 11am in the church where you are invited to wave the palm leaves some of you have made. We look forward to seeing you there!


Class news

(Comments on our activities are very welcome – click on the small comments link underneath each Post heading on our website.)


Primary 1

We are doing a Wedding topic this week.  Ewan said, “We read a story”. Zane said, “We drew the characters from the story”. Rosie said, “It was the scarecrow’s wedding” and Brooke said, “We also wrote a wedding list”. We are all excited about Miss Hardwick’s wedding in the holidays and wonder if her real dress will be like the dresses we designed for her?!  After the holidays she will be called Mrs.Thompson.

Primary 1/2

This week we have been learning about celebrations and weddings. We found out about weddings and traditions around the world and had a super wedding party! We have also been doing lots of Easter crafts and activities. The whole class would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Primary 2a

We have been looking at what happens in our reading books and answering questions. We have been talking about the different kinds of weathers around the world and deciding where we would like to live.

Kianna – “I would like to stay in Spain.” Callum – “I would like to live in a tropical climate with lots of bananas.” Chloe – “I would like to see lots of polar bears in the polar climate.” Gary – “I would like to live on a mountain because I like snow.”
Primary 3a

P3a have had a busy week. On Tuesday we had great fun making fruit smoothies using the smoothie bike.  On Friday we had a visit from PC Ellis to talk to us about Stranger Danger and about how to keep ourselves safe when out and about.

Milly said “I enjoyed it because I learned lots of things.” Eilidh – “I loved seeing all the things on a police officer’s uniform.” We have also came up with some ideas for rules when using the new playground games.



We went on the smoothie bike and tasted three kinds of smoothies. Forest fruits and apple juice were our favourites . We are learning to multiply and divide by 2 and are also learning to work out durations of time. We wrote a personal  on ‘My Mum or Dad’ and have also been working on our magnet experiments. Well done to Lhlyaijana who can now spin her drumsticks round at pipe band, to Liam who won 2 medals for football and to Sam who did well at horse riding and won a rosette. Liam, Ellie-Jay and Josh reached their Accelerated Reading Target too.


Primary 4

We have had a very fun week finishing off our Viking topic with our Viking hill walk trip! We learned how to attack a Viking hill fort by re-enacting a raid and enjoyed ourselves, even though the hill was very steep!

Primary 5

We worked hard at achieving our reading targets. We are drawing timelines in the playground of Scottish history.

Primary 6

This week we learned about the Easter story. We have been doing VCOP in our literacy settings and we completed a Big Writing Assessment. We have also been reading ‘Far from Home’- the Street Child’s sequel. In Health we’ve been learning more about relationships and we pretended to be Agony Aunts. We have been continuing to learn/develop our time skills and we also did a write up about tidal turbines. Well done to Marisa who has learned a new tune on the guitar. The class would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!


Primary 6/7

We have completed our ‘Anderson Shelter’ projects. Next term we have some tests to carry out but for now they are on display.
In ICT we have been updating our ‘My Merit e-portfolios’. Please feel free to add more at home.


We had our final badminton competition. Fynn is singles champion, Lahela runner up.  Fynn and Bryan pair champs.  Alistair and Owen runners up.

Primary 7

This week we had a visit from Mrs Cook DHT from Castle Douglas High School to talk about transition.

Eva said “The High School sounds great – especially lunchtimes.”

In Maths we have been looking at area. In topic we have been funding out about Ghandi. Jessie – “It was interesting finding out about how Ghandi stole the salt.”

Well done to Ruby for coming 2nd and Anna 3rd in the Stewartry Cross Country league.  Well done to Mollie McNally for being awarded pupil of the month for super effort in Maths.

Well done to Jessie, Ruby, Amber and Eva for winning our end of term quiz.


Reminders for Next Week

P6- Reminder that our school trip to New Lanark is on the first day back to school which is Tuesday 18th April. Parent helpers are Kayla’s mum and Hannah’s mum.

Awesome Accelerated Readers

Well done to the pupils listed on the books for achieving their Spring Term Accelerated Reading target. Thank you for your hard work.

P6/7 Anderson Shelters

Have a look at the wonderful model air raid shelters made by P6/7 for their WW2 Home Front topic.

Click on a photo to open slideshow.

P4 Viking Experience – Gatehouse

Our class visited Trusty’s Hill near Gatehouse of Fleet. This is the site of a hill fort which is now believed to have been an important site in the ancient history of Galloway. Click here for BBC News link.

The class had thought about how difficult or easy it would have been to defend or attack a fort, what food the people may have eaten and what type of houses they lived in. Today we visited the old hillfort and found out for ourselves. We had a Viking Feast in the Park after our history walk.

Have a look at our comments to find out what we learned and enjoyed about the visit.

Sharing Learning – Weekly News – March 24th

This week’s school and class news. Please do share with us any comments you have about our class activities. Click on the Comments tab underneath the Title of the activity.

School News

A HUGE thank you to Primary 2a and 2b for their hard work in setting up Comic Relief activities today and to everyone who supported their appeal by buying Red Noses and taking part today. A fantastic £748.70 has been raised – very well done.

A reminder that we have the PTA Spring Disco next Thursday (30th). P1-3 from 6-7pm and P4-7 from 7:15 – 8:30 pm

Class News

Primary 1 We made dinosaurs in groups at our ‘Make a Model’ morning. We enjoyed sharing this with our parents and grandparents.

Zane : I liked making the Triceratops.

Eli L “ I liked making Terry-Pterodactyl”

Next week – Wedding Party on Friday 31st March. Pupils are very welcome to come dressed in party clothes 🙂


Primary 1/2

We have enjoyed Red Nose Day. We dressed in bright clothes and took part in lots of activities. Friday afternoon as great fun. Our parents joined us for an afternoon of Easter and Spring activities including and Easter Egg trail, chick crafts and team games. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Primary 2a

We have been busy getting ready for our Comic Relief Assembly on Friday. We have also been doing Bollywood dancing with Primary 7 and collecting weather information from our weather station outside the classroom.

Primary 2b

We have been practising and preparing for our Assembly and worked hard to learn our song. We hope that you enjoyed watching it.

In maths we have begun to learn to tell the time one hour before and one hour after. We are finding this tricky but will keep trying.

Primary 3b

We have been multiplying and dividing by 5 and 10 this week. We wrote a personal story about ‘A Birthday Party’ remembering to use capital letters, full stops, correct sequencing and including escribing words. We have been experimenting with magnets and we took part in Red Nose activities.

Jessica and Anna sang in front of their parents at the Wee Sing Concert in Dumfries. Liam went to Dumfries to play football for Threave Rovers and the score was 3-1 against Lochar Thistle. Erin and Reece achieved their accelerating target this week.

We enjoy going to lunchtime rugby club on a Thursday.

Primary 5/6

This week we took part in the Dumfries and Galloway Sumdog competition. We were 5th out of all the schools.

We had a visit from the Smoking matters Team as part of our health and wellbeing learning.

In maths were are using local bus timetables to plan a journey around the region. We are going to make maps of our journey.

Some of us went to see Oliver at the Fullarton. We enjoyed it.

Primary 6

We finished our Street Child book and made a start on a book review. We have identified what we like and dislike about the book.

We have been turning 12 hour times into 24 hour times and vice versa. We have also been working on square roots of numbers.


Joshua moved up a level in Rugby.


A reminder that money for our New Lanark visit should be brought in please.

Primary 6/7

Our class won the Dumfries and Galloway Sumdog Competition. Fynn, Jake and Kacey finished in the top 10 students.

The final Rugby coaching session was this week. Contact Rugby session are available at Stewartry Rugby Club during the Easter holidays.

In maths we have been drawing and measuring angles.

This week’s badminton champions were Fynn and Jake.


Reminders for P6/7 – PE Kit on a Monday and Projects in for Monday too.


Primary 7

This week we have been working on perimeter in maths.

We have also been completing Maths INCAs on the computer.

We had an opportunity to sue the smoothie bike to make Mango Lassi on Wednesday.

We also created Rangoli patterns which look beautiful.


Weekly News – March 17th

Please scroll down for news and photos of some of these week’s class activities.

Class news 

Primary 1

This week, we’ve been investigating number stories to 10.

Lewis shared “6 and 4 are partners.”

Kahlen said “5 and 5 make 10.”

Milly added “We can’t flip this sum because it is the same.”

“1 and 9 equals 10.” says Rose

Imogen and Caleb explained 2 and 8 are partners to 10.

They worked well together.


Primary 1/2 

We have been exploring addition this week.  We can add numbers using different strategies and we are enjoying doing lots of activities and games.


Primary 2b

We have started learning to tell the time using half past as well as o’clock.

In topic we have been doing activities for and learning about the water cycle.

We have started selling Red Noses around the school.

We have also designed our own Red Noses.

Primary 3a 

This week P3a have been focusing on our 2 and 4 times tables and learning how they help us with our division work.

We have also been creating similes.

In French we have been counting up to 31 and learning the months to help us say the date.

Elle has been able to stitch a snake while at Stitchclub.

Kyla moved up a group in swimming and Curtis was able to dive to the bottom of the pool.


Primary 3b

We are learning to divide by 10 in mental maths.  We are working hard to recognise quarter to and quarter past.  We have been writing personal stories about the fair and the farm.

Lucy, Erin, Holly, Jessica all said their Brownie promise this week.

Barney, Anna, Georgia, Jessica and Josh are all moving up a group at swimming.

Anna, Lucy, Yvie, Lacey and Holly have all achieved their Accelerated Reading Target this term.

The smoothie bike is in school.  We are hoping for a turn next week.


Primary 4

This week we have learned about how Vikings travelled and how they designed their ships.  We have worked really hard on our own Viking Longship pictures, using a range of mixed media.

We also really enjoyed using the Smoothie Bike this afternoon – they were so yummy!

We are getting really excited for our Viking Hillwalk!  Please can any slips be brought in by the end of next week.  Thank you!

Primary 5/6

We had our 2nd visit from Pitch, Pulse and Magic.  This week we heard a string instrument.  Jack, Sophie and Dylan played Hot Cross Buns using glasses of water as their instruments.

We also had our class assembly this week.

We will start organising our collection for the food bank next week.  We hope to solve our murder mystery next week too!

Pitch Pulse and Magic Clip – Click here for video

Primary 6/7

In ICT we have used our research skills and computing skills to produce fact files of famous people in World War 2.

In PE we have been having a badminton competition with this weeks ‘champions’ – Ben and Martin.

In topic we have been designing WW2 games using equipment they would have had in the 1940’s.

Alistair – “I have enjoyed using time, distance and speed formulas in maths.”

Kieran – “In PE I have been practising my badminton and I am getting so much better.”

Primary 7 

This week pupils have been focusing on measure, specifically length, with Mrs Luebke.

Naomi – “I liked using the trundle.”

Leah – “I estimated the length of the wheel pegs well.”

We performed our Bollywood dances on Friday with P2.

Mackinley – “Watching and helping the P2’s was funny.”

We have continued to develop our Rugby skills with John.

Logan T – “My reactions were good on Thursday.  I scored a try.”

In topic we have been making comparisons between India and the UK.

Andrew – “I was amazed to see the difference between how we live.”


Reminders for Next Week

Non Uniform Day next Friday 24th – Dress in bright colours for Red Nose Day

P1 – Wednesday 22nd March, make a model morning 9:15am gym hall.

P1/2 – Easter Open Afternoon at 2:15pm in the hall on Friday 24th.  Let us know if you can join us in the diary please.

P6/7 – Local Sumdog competition has begun.  Please log on if you can.

Final week of Rugby on Thursday, remember your kit.

One week to go to complete your topic projects.  If your shelters are finished, please bring them into class.


Community News 

Cyclo-cross Event – Lochside Park, Castle Douglas 19th March. There are under 8, under 10 and under 12, under 14, under 16 and adult categories. Entry needs to be online before the event.

Stewartry Wheelers are looking for volunteers for their cyclo cross race on Sunday 19th March at Carlingwalk, this is the final round of the south west winter service and should be an exciting day so please get in touch if you can spare a few hours to help marshall with one of our most popular clubs. To help out please contact Lynn at CD Cycles http://www.cdbikes.co.uk/ or facebook Jennifer Oliver https://www.facebook.com/groups/251023688292744/




Weekly News – March 10th

School News

A reminder that we have an Open Evening, this Thursday, 16th March 5:15 – 6:45pm which is an opportunity for children to share work and achievements with their family.

It is Comic Relief Day on Friday 24th March and Primary 2 are going to be holding their joint assembly and running activities during the morning in the hall. It is going to be a non-uniform day and we are asking the children to come dressed in bright clothes on the day. We would appreciate any donations towards this and the activities in the hall. We will be selling red noses around the school from Monday 13th March at the cost of £1.

Class news

Primary 1

Zane was our Hero Handwriter this week so well done to him! We have been sorting dinosaurs into Herbivores and Carnivores. Congratulations go to Milly who passed a dancing exam.


Primary 1/2

This week we have been learning to tell the time. We created our own clocks and we have been learning how to tell ‘o’clock’ and half past.  Ask us the times at home!

Primary 2a

We have been learning about symmetrical patterns.

We have been looking at lots of weather instruments and what they tell us about the different weathers.

We are going to find out how much rain falls, what direction the wind is and what the temperature is next week. We will then record our results on a simple bar graph.


Primary 2b

Ria is our pupil of the month for super reading. We have started to practise our songs for assembly.  We will get our words home next week.

We have been working on trying to get quicker at mental maths – doing adds and take aways to 10 as quickly as we can.

We have been having fun doing Art raindrops with Mrs Harris.


Primary 3a

This week in P3a we have been learning to divide by 2 and 4. We have also been practising the times tables to match these.  We have also been carrying out experiments to find out about magnetic materials.

Skye passed her Highland Dancing exam. Curtis learned the dolphin dive and Milly moved up a swimming group. Well done all!

There are also some photographs from last week’s Iron Man Outdoor Art to share.


Primary 3b

We started our new topic forces and magnetism. We know that pull, push and twist are all forces.  We were writing descriptive personal stories on “The Fairground”.  We are learning the 5 times table.


Primary 4

We have started a Viking art project which uses lots of fun arty techniques. We will be designing our Viking ships for these pictures next week.  We have also started reading How to Train your Dragon in class and we’re really enjoying it so far.

Thank you for all the cereal boxes – we’ve got all that we need now!


Primary 5

“We are learning about Mary Queen of Scots” – Mia

“We are learning about time in maths.” – Mya

“We made a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots.” – Rory L



Primary 5/6

This week we have continued using our 5 senses to investigate ‘The Murder’. We have explored the structure of the ear and the eye.  We reacted the white powder found on the murder scene with acid and were learning to hypothesise and predict.  We explored the importance of variables in Science too. As part of our health and wellbeing topic we are learning basic first aid skills.  We have learned about making 999 calls, CPR and putting someone in the recovery position.

Primary 6

We have been preparing for our class assembly. We have been learning more about similes and metaphors through popular pop songs.  We have been focusing on our 5 times table to help us with our time work.  We have been working on 12 and 24 hour time.  We recorded music during a music lesson.

Morgan finished her snake in Stitchclub. Marisa has improved in her swimming.  Josh faced his fear of singing in front of an audience.  Ava got top marks in her Highland Dancing exam.


Primary 6/7

Continued with Rugby coaching.


P7’s have been working hard on INCA’s tests.


P6/P5/6/P7 and P6/7 have been writing setting.


In French we were learning how to talk about families.


In PE we have been developing our Badminton skills and playing competitive games.


In topic we have been reading Carrie’s War as the Evacuee storylinks to our World War 2 topic.


Primary 7

This week in P7 we continued with our Bollywood dancing. We are working with pupils in P2.  It is lots of fun.

In Maths we have been discussing money – safety, internet versus store and needs and wants. We have also started our measurement block.

Well done to Matthew for this success in Chariot racing last weekend.


Reminders for Next Week


P1 A reminder that the return slips for the ‘Make a model’ morning are to be returned by Friday 17th March.

P1/2 – Please RSVP in home diaries for our Easter Open Afternoon on 24th March.

P5/6 – Class Assembly Friday 17th March.  All welcome

P6 – Reminder that New Lanark trip letters and money is due please.





Well done to our Class Pupils of the Month

P1 – M for trying very hard and lots of effort.

P1/2 – K for being a super listener and a very neat worker. K has been trying so hard with her sounds and numbers.

P2a – I has worked hard to use the stories of 11 and 12.

P2b – R is putting lots of effort into reading, not just books but instructions and notices too.

P3a – R for super attitude to work and caring for others.

P3b – K for working hard and improving her reading.

P4 – N for trying his best especially with his Scottish animal research about adders.

P4/5 – M for very positive attitude and settling in so well to his new class.

P5 – S for nurturing and supporting others in the playground.

P5/6 – B for remaining on task, working hard and getting involved in all class activities and all with a smile.

P6 – K for overall positive attitude but especially for work on percentages.

P6/7 – R for excellent effort in all tasks, positive attitude and mental maths work has been super.

P7 – Anna for great effort especially for reading session, preparing feedback and for Persuasive Leaflet writing.

Special Mention to D (P7) for hard work in getting over £1000 of new Accelerated Reading books ready for the library.

Thank you to K and E for telling us about Rainbows, L for Karate, T for Riding for the Disabled activities and O for Ballroom Dancing.



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