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Our Weekly News – September 21st

Our Weekly School News

Sharing our learning with the school community. 

Class News 

Primary 1a    

Last Friday we celebrated Dot Day! We read a lovely story called ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds, and then decided to try and make our own dots using the things we found outside! We had some lovely designs and really used our imaginations!

This week we have also enjoyed learning more of our sounds, numbers and learning some simple French phrases! We learned how to say hello, goodbye and my name is. Well done for working so hard this week!

Primary 1b

We celebrated Dot Day in the classroom and the Nature Garden. We used the ‘dabbers’ to create dot pictures and collected natural objects to create our own dot art. Angus made a dot in the mud using a stick and Willow used leaves for her art work.

We have met two new characters in Ten Town this week – Freddie Four and Fiona Five. Freddie Four likes to go on adventures like our class bear Ben and Fiona likes to keep fit and healthy. We have been writing our numbers in the sand and Flynn made a fantastic Freddie Four using the wooden building blocks.

We are enjoying learning our new sounds and sharing our homework as a class. This week we have been learning ‘t’ and ‘i’ – our friend Inky Mouse is helping us with our sounds.

As part of our ‘All About Me’ topic we have been looking at eye colour. We used mirrors to make sure we knew what colour our eyes are (super idea Hannah!) and then coloured a picture of an eye to match our own. We collected all the coloured pictures in and created our own pictogram.

After the wild, windy weather we had a look at the school grounds to see the impact on the environment. A tree had fallen down, lots of leaves had blown off the trees and we tidied up the sticks that were lying on the ground.

Primary 2

P2 made a Mr Potato Head to help us match the correct word to the senses.

Floyd I liked sticking the face on and I matched all my words correctly.

I listened very carefully and I got my face in the right place.

We wrote stories called What am I? We had to think of an object and write three thing about it. Then we had to share our stories and everyone had to guess what it was.

Cara – I wrote about a butterfly. 

Clay – I wrote about a bat 

Luci – I wrote about a bear. 


Primary 3

We have started our new class topic this week – Forces and Friction. In the Nature Garden we explored different surfaces to investigate friction and we built ramps to see how we could make our cars go faster and slower. We have learned lots of new words about magnets, like ‘repel’ and ‘attract’ and we are enjoying investigating which materials in our classroom are magnetic and which ones are not. We carried out an experiment with paper clips to see which magnet was the strongest – Fallon’s one could hold 5 paper clips in a chain!

Primary 3/4 

This week we have been using our knowledge of place value to help us order numbers.

This week some of us have started accelerated reading.

Ruby – “It’s really fun!”

Emma – “The new library is a comfy place to read our new books” 

Leigha – “We have so many good books to choose from” 

We have also started our new topic this week.

Cameron – “Our new topic is forces and magnets” 

Fern – “I like doing forces and magnets beacuse I’m enjoying all the experiments” 

Leah – “We have been learning about different forces this week. They are pull, push and twist”.  

Jake – “forces make something start or stop moving. They can also speed it up or slow it down. 

Coby – “We learned that gravity is a force that pulls us down to earth”. 

In health and wellbeing we have continued our topic of SHANARRI.  

Tika – “We learned about A for Active today”.  

Alex – “We did some dancing on Go Noodle to help us keep active”.  

Kaidi – “I go to lots of different clubs to keep active”.  

Primary 4 

P4 have been using digital technologies to responsibly access and retrieve information about ocean creatures. In ICT the children have been researching, using a range of websites, to find out more about sharks, whales, turtles and octopus! They have searched for interesting images and videos of the creatures they have chosen and are now writing an illustrated fact file which we will make into a book.

In RME we are learning more about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. The class sequenced the story of Rama and Sita and have begun designing a Diwali lantern.

We completed our underwater adventure stories and added our star writers to our wall display. The divers in our display used their senses imaginatively in their writing and included super adjectives to describe. Can you guess who they are under their goggles and snorkel?

Primary 4/5

Coll – We have started to play rugby in PE.

Shea – I really enjoyed passing the ball with Freya. We both worked really hard, it was good fun.

Alannah – I now know that you hold a rugby ball up like an egg, not sideways.

Jesse-leigh – I enjoyed playing a new game called tag tig.

We have continued to read our class novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class. We heard Ahmet’s story about his journey from Syria to the UK.

Lily – Refugees run away from war to stay safe. Sometimes they have to go on a small boat in the sea. It can be really dangerous.

Lhlyaijana – We read that the boy in our book had to travel a long way just to get to a safe country. Sometimes they have to climb mountains and go over rivers.

Brooke – If you are a refugee you could lose some of your family in different countries.

Murray – The boy in our book likes to eat pomegranates because they remind him of home.

Shea – Ahmet likes football and comics. He is just like all the other boys and girls.

Maxi – Ahmet’s journey wasn’t easy. He couldn’t just jump on a plane.

Jesse-Leigh – Ahmet’s family were left behind and he is now living with a foster family.


Oliver R learned how to ride his bike. Well done.


Primary 5 

We have decorated our book boxes with blue paper and interesting quotes we found from the non-fiction books. We were using our knowledge of speech marks to put words we’d taken from the book into quotes and remembered to say who had written it if that information was included. We found out lots of useful information while we searched through the pages and it gave us a chance to read some of the non-fiction books we have in the classroom. These are now on display on the windowsill. We also used our measuring skills to work out what size of paper we would need to cover the length, width and height of the boxes

We have continued our work on shape with Mrs Starkey and place value with Miss Mackintosh.

In P.E. we have started learning about rugby skills. We learned how to throw a ball with our thumbs facing the person we are passing the ball to as well as how to pass a ball while on the move.

In RME. we have been looking at The 10 Commandments and came up with our own commandments for having a happy school

We are all enjoying our class novel ‘Kasper Prince of Cats’ and we try and find time at the end of each day to read this alltogether and have class discussions on important points.

Primary 5/6

Fantastic start to writing setting this week. We explored connectives and came up with some amazing alien sentences. We reflected on some of the hilarious names of people who should never become teachers in “Billionaire Boy” and created our own. Mr Coulthard’s personal favourites included Harry Bow, Jim Nastics and Dan D. Lion. The record was finally set straight about apostrophes and when to use them with the help of Education City. It has also been a great week for all the Accelerated Readers with most people managing to get full marks in their quizzes!

Primary 6 

P6 weekly news:

In PE, we started Basketball and were practicing dribbling. (Teigan)

We have been learning about place value in Maths. (Rhianna)

We began practicing a Christmas song with P6/7 for P4/5’s CD. (Seren)

We have been practicing capital letters in Big Writing. (Tyler)

We have been working on visualising where we read a text and describe what we see in our heads. (Fraser)

We have been practicing openers and WOW words. (Lacey)

Molly was away to Fife Highland Equestrian show at the weekend. She won a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, Champion and 2x Reserve Champions – Well done Molly!


Primary 6/7 

On Thursday we held our sharing morning with P7 – See their Weekly News for more info.

We finished writing our letters to St Gabriel’s Primary in Prestonpans. They were at Kingswood at the same time as us and we have been writing to share our experiences.

The Squares and Rectangles have been looking at adding decimal numbers this week.

This afternoon we had a discussion about our local farming community and the children should now be able to tell you all about the importance of silage and how the farmers feed their cows over winter.

Next week we will start a new topic on Cyber-Communities.

Mya will be doing a dance class with Adam Garcia!

Lexie Wa got new figures skate this week and she goes skating every Friday.


Primary 7

Sam- We had our Sharing morning. There were lots of people there, asking detailed questions. I was talking about climbing.  

 Ryan K- Lots if people were interested in finding out about abseiling. 

  Katherine- I talked about what I learned at Kingswood and the audience thought it was funny.  

 Sophie- It was really fun and quite tricky doing the rounding challenge. It made it easier working with a partner- I worked with Neave.  

 Ollie – I enjoyed finding out about how World War One started this week.  

 Deacon – I liked learning about what school was like 100 years ago.  

 Rory T – I am proud of getting 10/10 in my spelling test.  

 Ryan – I enjoyed being a wet weather buddy to P3.  

 Elise – I am enjoying my job helping at the nursery.  







Our Weekly Class News – September 14th

Our Weekly School News
Sharing our learning with the school community.
School News
We had an Assembly this morning when introduced to our new House Captains and Vice-Captains, Pupil Councillors and Global Gang members who all help with school activities and are looking forward to taking on their responsibilities.
We also talked about how everyone can help in school. Some of our ideas were to be kind to others, don’t drop litter and making sure the laptops in the library are tidied and put on charge when we finish using them.
Helping others makes you feel good too!
Some Class News
Primary 1a
This week we have been trying out some new technology in our classroom. The wireless headphones have gone down a treat and we are loving listening to songs, rhymes and stories!
Murry “This is my favourite song about the Stickman.” (Julia Donaldson)!
Lexi “This one is so funny… it’s talking about bananas! “
We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Thursday by listening to some of the BFG and making our own dream catchers. We used our threading skills to decorate them and they look wonderful!
We have also started our homework this week and have done an amazing job so far! Well done!
Primary 2/3
In maths we have been continuing to learn about 3D shapes. This week we have been thinking about the properties of shapes. We have also started working on counting and how numbers are built using tens and units.
Eamon ‘ I like counting the edges of the shapes.’
In Health and Well Being we have been talking about all our different achievements. We designed medals for ourselves.
Alexander ‘I can count to 30 in French.’
Abbie ‘I was first in gymnastics.’
Gregor ‘I achieved moving into the green swimming group.’
Cooper ‘I make my bed and tidy my room.’
Aiden ‘I achieved full marks in my spelling test.’
We are all very proud of ourselves and each other.
P2/3 Reminder – It would be very helpful to have your child’s name on their clothing as it can get very confusing with what belongs to who after PE. Thank you
Primary 3
We have been enjoying exploring the brand new school library with the comfy chairs and cushions! We have been selecting our own books to read and share with our friends. We have been thinking about our favourite parts of the books we have been reading for our book studies and we have been enjoying using our class Listening Station as an activity.
Primary 3/4
This week we have been learning about place value in maths.
“It’s getting much easier now I’ve had some practice” – Alex
“I know how to split a number up into hundreds, tens and units” – Lucca
“It was really hard at the start but if you keep doing it it gets easier” – Ruby
In ICT we have been exploring Sumdog. We are having lots of fun!
“It’s helping me get better at maths” – Coby
“Miss McCall played against us – it was fun” – Leigha
“It is so much fun playing Sumdog” – Fern
We have also been learning about SHANARRI and our rights in health and wellbeing. We know that the H in SHANARRI stands for healthy. We created posters to show people all the ways to keep healthy.
P3/4 reminder – A reminder that homework folders should be brought to school every day.
Primary 4
As part of maths week Scotland, P4 entered a special nationwide maths contest on Sumdog. We began learning about shape and constructed buildings and towns using 3D shapes. We had to identify the vertices, faces and edges of each shape we included in our creations.
We worked out with Joe Wicks as part of Body Coach Schools Fitness week in PE. The class enjoyed the live streamed 20-minute workout alongside many other schools from across the world. In rugby we worked on the pendulum pass when standing still and when moving. We reordered ourselves in slow-motion and watched it back to self-assess. We are learning about the different creatures that live in each ocean zone as part of our topic. P4 made collage fish, experimenting with different colours and repeating patterns.
P4 reminder- Please bring in an empty, clear plastic, 500ml bottle with a screw top to use in our science experiment next week.
Primary 4/5
What a busy week in P4/5. We have been continuing to learn about rights and responsibilities. In pairs, we discussed what needs and wants are and how someone’s needs are similar to rights.
Brooke – We need to have shelter.
Alannah – We need clean water.
April – We need fresh air and nutritious food.
Coll – We need to rest and to play.
Charlotte – We need to go to school for an education.
Chloe – We need healthcare.
We now understand that our wants aren’t as important as our needs. We also talked about how it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what you look like, you still need all of these things.
In maths we have continued learning about place value and numbers up to 1000 and 10 000. We’ve also been revising what we know about 2D and 3D shapes.
This was our last week of team games in PE. We played Capture the Flag. In this game we all had to work together and come up with a strategy to win.
Hugo – You have to be a bit sneaky to win at this game.
Shea – Everyone took part and worked well as a team. They showed good sportsmanship.
Oliver R moved up into Cubs from Beavers.
Shea is learning new moves in gymnastics for his upcoming show.
P4/5 Reminder – Please can all pupils remember their full PE kits on a Wednesday and Thursday. This includes appropriate footwear.
Primary 5
This week we had pupil counsellor elections and all who volunteered for the role did an excellent job and made some great campaign posters. Isla and Douglas received the most class votes. Isla will be pupil counsellor until January and then Douglas will take over.
It is maths week this week! We have had a times tables treasure hunt where we were learning to increase the fluency and accuracy of our times table facts. Cards with numbers and letters on them were hidden around the classroom and we had to work out the calculations on their treasure hunt sheets to find the answer that matched with the correspnding letter. We also took part in Sumdog’s maths challenge competition and we have been continuing our work with Mrs Starkey on understanding 2D and 3D shapes.
In language we have been working on plot for our story writing. We have also taken part in Roald Dahl Day! We entered a competion to create a new bug for James and the Giant Peach and we have also used the first chapter of this novel to create our own ‘Incredible Introductions’. Titles include ‘Holly and the Hotdog’, ‘Max and the Marvellous Mini Cheddar’ and ‘Lacey and the Magic Lemon Tree’. We discussed our ideas of what makes an effective story introduction and later we will give feedback to each other based on what we have read so far of everyone’s first chapters.
In science, we discovered that some of our white flowers have changed colour overnight! Each table group tested if water dyed red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink would change the colour of a flower. Pink was the most effective dye that caused a colour change. The flower changes colour because the food colouring travels up the stem of the flower and goes to the petals.
For our topic work we have created posters using our research skills to find interesting facts in non-fiction books.
This week was also the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. A few students were asking about this which led to a discussion on terrorism. We then read Malala Yousafzai’s Story as part of our learning on children’s rights and found out that it is still the case in some countries that not every child has the right to an education which we were all shocked about. We also learned what a refugee is and how we can help them should we ever meet one.
In class we have a ‘Kindness, Compliments and Creativity Notebook’ where children can write down when they think someone has done something kind or well throughout the day. In it, Sebastian has been praised for his hard work and determination to stay focused on a task this week. Well done Sebastian!
‘I think Sebastian has worked so hard so far’ – Summer
‘I think Sebastian is working very hard’ – Erin
Primary 5/6
This week, P5/6 have been learning about the importance of keeping a balanced diet. Joe Spud from “Billionaire Boy” loves chocolate and we decided that there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it is eaten in moderation. We also became the characters from the book through “Hot Seating”, where the class took turns asking and answering questions. Mr. C. was particularly impressed with P5/6’s cooperative learning skills. All pupils took on a variety of jobs within their group and worked together to solve a problem. We realised just how important cooperation is in order to experience success as a team.
Primary 6
“In PE, we have been working on team work and playing bench ball.” (Molly)
“I became P6 Pupil Councillor and feel very happy.” (Tyler)
“We worked as a group of 4 to create a collage of Queen Victoria.” (Logan)
“We have been learning about division this week. It was a little bit tricky at first.” (Michalina)
“We have been talking about different emotions in Circle Time.” (Megan)
“We were working on our Glow account with Mr Tyson.” (Tommy)
Primary 6/7
We are putting together presentations for our sharing morning next Thursday in the school hall. We will be sharing our learning from Kingswood and from the team building challenges held by Mr Tyson in school last week. We are all working hard to produce posters and find pictures that show our learning. We have been writing letters to some pupils from a school in Edinburgh that we met at Kingswood to share our experiences.
Kalim and Noah S went to Threave Gardens with Mr Tyson to hide the Geocache.

Our Weekly News – September 7th

 Our Weekly School News 

Sharing our learning with the school community.  

Class News  

 Primary 1a       

We’ve had another fun filled week in P1! Here’s some of the things we’ve enjoyed! 

Iris: Drawing and colouring the characters (in our story books). 

Abby: Making art with the shiny bits. 

Kendyl: Jumping in and out of the hoola hoops. 

Owen: Playing on the yellow bike. 

We are all really loving playing outside, using the bikes and mud kitchen and exploring in the Nature Garden.  

Primary 1b 

Another fun filled week in Primary 1b!   

We are enjoying reading our stories in class and meeting the different characters. We have made 3 of our character puppets; Kipper, Biff and Chip and the children have been using them in class to tell stories.   

Charlotte: “We made puppets”  

We have new lego in our class and a super lego book that was given to us by Mr Maxwell, Primary 6 teacher. Many of the class have been building vehicles with the lego and using the book as inspiration.   

We have been writing our names in different ways; with sticks in the nature garden and painting in the classroom.  

“I like doing the pickers” – Jacob has enjoyed litter picking at lunchtime with Mr Robb. Super job Jacob!  

Max has enjoyed playing games and playing outside.  

Charlotte: “I was doing work on the computer”  

Beth: “I made pictures for Mummy”. 


Primary 2 

We have been counting to 100 this week in class and taking away within 10. 

We are working hard to learn all our key words that go with our reading books.  

We went to the nature garden to build dinosaur nests after reading Tyrannosaurus Drip in the class.  

We then made up a menu for Little Drip. He only eats plants. We had lots of ideas but we think his favourite meal would be leaf soup for starter, stick noodles for his main course followed by mud ice cream for pudding. 


Primary 2/3 

We have been learning our spelling using different activities.  

Zane ‘I like doing my spelling with chalk.’ 

In maths we have been building 3d shapes and investigating their properties. 

We have been discussing feelings and emotions in health and well being and we made  our own emoji faces. 

We also did a group challenge to help us work together to achieve a goal. 

Eamon  ‘I like the marble run at golden time.’ 

Abbie  ‘ I enjoyed watching the dancing at Assembly.’ 

Primary 3 

In a team, we have been building bird nests in the Nature Garden using natural materials.  

S.H. – “We used a block of wood and pieces of string”. 

F.PH – “My team had sticks but we couldn’t find any feathers.” 

We have also been exploring 3D shapes in P3 this week. 

We have been creating models from different shapes and we have a 3D shape Ice Cream Shop with lots of cones and spheres! 

M.G. “I made a castle with cones and other shapes”. 

I.H. “This is a playdough dice. It’s a cube”.  


Primary 3/4  

What a fantastic start to Primary 3/4 we have had. We have been so busy and have all settled into our classroom and new routines well.  

We have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and have created our own recipe for a potion/medicine and designed a bottle for our potion using oil pastels. We have had some very creative ideas!  

We have been working on place value in maths and have been working hard to be able to identify the hundreds, tens and units of a number .  

We have been exploring SHANARRI in health and wellbeing and have been thinking about what this means to us and how it helps us to have a happy and healthy life.  

Primary 4  

This week we have been working on number and place value. We have been learning why the digit zero is important to keep a place in a number when there are no units, tens or hundreds in that column.   

We began our oceans and seas topic by learning the names of the 5 oceans and identified them on a world map. We went on to explore the different depth layers or zones of the ocean and the creatures that live there. P4 thought the blob fish, which lives in the midnight zone, looked very funny!  

In P.E we are linking actions and skills together with control and flow during rugby. We have practiced running with the ball, changing speeds and direction.   

Primary 4/5 

Freya – In maths we have been learning about place value.  

Shea – We have been working on our mental maths and completing SAMSON strip sheets. I found it quite tricky but hope to get better. 

Hugo – We have been learning about the rights of children. Children have the right to a healthy and safe life.  

Jesse-Leigh – We have been learning about what a SHANARRI school looks like.  

Lhlyaijana – We have been taking part in fun team games. I am a good team player.  


Alexander, Hugo and Maxi completed their promise at Cubs and were awarded their coloured woggles, well done! 

Freya has started piano lessons and has already learned a note. 

Skye has completed her Level 4 swimming badge. 

Alannah has completed her level 3 swimming badge. 



Primary 5  

In maths this week P5 finished their ‘Figure Me Out’ posters for our maths working wall. Now when children are finished their maths they are able to discover new things about others in their class through working out their sums as an extension activity. We have also been working on our problem solving skills and sharing our own strategies. 

We have moved on to learning about setting the scene in creative writing. Children in Miss Mackintosh’s class focused on using the five senses to be able to describe the setting for their own scary stories, as well as using adjectives. Volunteers wrote on the whiteboard while others shared their ideas about what they would imagine they might see/ hear/ smell/ feel/ taste in a ‘gothic’ scene shown on the smartboard. They then went on to start describing their own settings using descriptive language based on the senses. We have also finished our ‘Reading Garden’ display – children were asked to write about either their favourite author, why they enjoy reading or what reading targets they would like to achieve in P5.  


We started science this week and learned about how flowers draw up water from their roots. We have planned our Colourful Carnations experiment for next week where we will be investigating whether or not white flowers change colour when they are put in coloured water.  

Anna said she did not think the flower would change colour because it’s still just water so would not make a difference.
Isla then pointed out, “Humans don’t change colour when they drink coloured juice – so why would flowers?”.
“Humans aren’t made from the same material as flowers though so that’s a different story,” Niamh responded and she thinks that they will change colour.
Results next week!  


Some students have been keen to do some extra home learning about what we have been covering in class. Georgia made a booklet of maths sums and a factfile about herself. Isla and Ruby focused on our topic of ‘Living Things’ and did some research on animal facts whilst Holly has written an imaginative story about her teacher’s adventure with dinosaurs!  

We are also very proud of Alper this week as he was Star Pupil last week for receiving the most dojo points. Additionally, this week he has been given more difficult spelling words for homework and has been flying through his spelling in class, continuing to challenge himself each day – well done Alper!
Also a photo of our achievers who spoke at assembly last week – great job everyone! 


Primary 5/6 

We’ve had a fantastic week of active learning! Highlights include “Reciprocal Reading” and “Times Table Splat”.  

Wider Achievement 

Rosie won second place in her horse riding competition.  

Jazmin’s football team won their match. 

Lottie managed to achieve a back bend without falling in gymnastics. 


 Primary 6 

This week, Primary Six have been learning about the Workhouse.  

“People in workhouses had to sleep in boxes!” Catrina 

“I wouldn’t like to work in a workhouse because the food sounds disgusting!” Lewis 

“We were making and playing board games in maths.” Molly 

“In Art, we were drawing and painting Victorian houses with watercolours.” Abi 

“We used the characters from Inside Out to talk about emotions.” Tyler 

“We have been watching video clips to help us learn about the Victorians.” Eilidh 

“We were researching how poor people lived in Victorian times.” Jack 


Primary 6/7 and 7 

Many of our P7s went on the residential visit to Kingswood and we will find out more about their challenges and experiences next week. 

Back at CDPS there were also lots of challenges during the week including  

  • Investigating directions and bearings by orienteering. 
  • Researching where our school geocache ‘travel bugs’ have gone to and preparing a display for the whole school to share. 
  • Problem solving and team work outdoors – shelter building, cooking, designing a way to cross the Nature area without touching the ground and working as small teams in a tyre race competition. 

Mr Tyson was really pleased to see how the teamwork improved during the week when everyone began to really focus on their listening and talking skills with each other – well done. 




P2/3- Please put your child’s name on all clothing, just writing it on with a biro on the label helps stop lots of muddles and lost clothes. 

P3/4- Please could all children bring a water bottle to school each day. Please ensure to write your child’s name on your child’s clothing. We have already had a few jumpers going missing and it is much easier to return them to the right person if they are clearly labelled.  

P4- Please remember your PE kit every Wednesday and Thursday.  

Homework bags and any Accelerated Reader books must be brought to school every day 


P6 – PE every Tuesday and Thursday.  






Weekly News – August 31st

Our Weekly School News

Sharing our learning with the school community. 


Class News 

Primary 1a

We have all settled in nicely to P1 and are having a great time exploring all the areas and resources. We also really enjoyed visiting the Nature Garden. We have talked about what we’d like to do in P1.

Ethan – “Play with my friends outside.“

Skye – “Learn how to read.”

Melisa – “Ride on the bikes.”

Abby – “Learn about ladybirds.”

Primary 1b

What a fantastic couple of weeks the Primary 1 children have had. They have settled in so well and are getting to know their new environment and friends really well.

We have spent time as a class thinking about our class rules – the children had super ideas.

Kai “Share the toys.”

Charlotte “Put the lids on the pens.”

Flynn “Smile and lots of laughing.”

Ziya “Be superstars.”

Angus “Be rockstars.”

We also have ‘be kind’ and ‘listen to others’ – we thought these were really important rules.

All the children signed with a handprint to say they agree with all the rules.


The class have enjoyed exploring the classrooms and balcony, playing with the resources and toys. We are really enjoying our trips to the nature garden and the school library. Hannah chose the story ‘Mr Bump’.

In our circle time we have been talking about things we would like to learn about and do in Primary 1:

Joshua “Dinosaurs and pirates.”

Brodie “Learning about animals.”
Eddie “I want to go around the world.”

Elliot “I want to learn about superheroes.”

Archie “Play with the garage.”

Tiffany “I’d like to learn about spiders and horses.”

Eryithysai “Playing outside.”

We’re going to be busy in Primary 1!


Primary 2


We read Robot Rumpus and then designed our own robots to help in the house.

“I designed dress up -bot.” Taleah

“I designed ear-ring-bot. He puts my earrings in.” Nell
“I designed sun-bot. He changes the weather.” Riley

“I designed every-bot. He does everything.” Clay

We have been counting and writing the numbers to 100.

Frankie took part in the Kirkcudbright fun run last weekend.


Primary 3


In Primary 3, we are exploring our new book studies The Enormous Crocodile and The Detective Dog. We have been working in groups to think of amazing adjectives to describe the characters and we have been using our recall skills in our writing activities. We have created our own huge crocodile for our classroom wall and we achieved our challenge to make a dog out of only four different materials.



Primary 4 


This week we have been settling into our new classroom, getting to know each other and learning our new routines. P4 have had a fantastic start to the new school year!

At the beginning of the week we brought in 4 items from home and used these to tell the class more about ourselves. It was lovely to hear about all of the talents and interests we have in the class. The children listened when others were talking and spoke clearly and confidently when it was their turn to share.

In P.E we have been taking part in team games, focusing on co-operation and participation. We have been learning why there are rules and can explain how these rules help to keep ourselves and others safe.

Primary 4/5


This week P4/5 have been learning about rights and responsibilities. We have made up our very own class charter and have all signed this. It is a little bit like a set of promises to help us ensure we have a safe and happy classroom. We have started our class novel. It is called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and is all about a boy named Ahmet who is a refugee. Over the coming weeks we will be learning about what Ahmet’s life was like before he arrived in the UK and how it was very different to ours.


Primary 5


First week back after the holidays we listened to music videos in groups to give us ideas about what some expectations in our new classroom might be. We also looked at the UN Rights of the Child and used this to help us think about what a good classmate, teacher and classroom should be like. We narrowed down our ideas to create a class charter which we have all agreed to and signed. On Thursday we worked with Mrs Starkey on 2D and 3D shapes and created some artwork – we have each started a self-portrait. At Friday’s assembly six P5s stood up in front of the school to speak about their achievements over summer:

Yvie – did the highest jump she has ever done on a horse!
Ellie-Jay – Has learned how to do a 360 on a trampoline!
Anna – Won first place at a flower competition!
Erin – Won a Blue Peter badge!
Cullen – Went drumming with the pipe band!
Emma – Ran the Castle Douglas race for the first time and got a medal!

This week we have started our topic of ‘Living Things’ and created a topic web as a class with all of our ideas about what we might cover before the October holidays – lots of interesting concepts.


Primary 5/6


Fantastic active spelling from P5/6 this week! Code words, rainbow writing and using our other hand made for memorable spelling experiences.

We also improved our talking and listening skills by blindfolding a partner and getting them to do a self portrait from our description. The results were hilarious!

Amy Grierson received a medal for her reading challenge at CD Library.


Primary 6


Primary Six have began this term by looking at addition and subtraction in Maths. We have been working on laying out our work correctly and have been playing a variety of math games. We started reading Street Child as part of our Victorian topic which we all enjoy so far! We have been comparing Victorian homes to our homes and were surprised at the differences. In PE, we have been playing different team games. Hoop Hop Showdown is one of our favourites.


Primary 6/7


We have been learning to add and subtract 4 digit numbers. P7s have been visiting classes to deliver speeches as part of their elections for House Captain. We are very excited about going to Kingswood or having an outdoor learning week with Mr.Tyson.

Leyland starts boxing this week. Jaimie-Leigh has started a trial for Queen of The South Football Team.



Primary 7


This week has been a busy one for P7! Pupils have been involved in House and Vice Captain elections. Deer candidates visited classes on Monday, Eagle on Tuesday, Hare on Wednesday and Swift on Thursday. We had a record number of pupils taking part and they put in so much effort. Well done to all who participated and good luck for the outcome. Pupils have enjoyed getting used to the new responsibilities of P7 such as tuck shop, buddying and wet weather duty. We have also continued to read our class novel – Bubble Boy by Stewart Foster. It has led to lots of interesting discussions.




P1– P1 Information Evening Tuesday 4th September 6-7pm. PE on Thursday – please send your child to school in their PE kit with school clothes in their bag. Please send you child with old/outdoor clothes on a Friday.If they have waterproofs and wellies please send them in too.


P1b–  There is a P1 information evening on Tuesday (4th September) a 6-7pm. Come along to the hall for a chance to learn more about the P1 curriculum and see some of the activities your child will do in class.


P7 –  A reminder for our Kingswood residential on Monday- please ensure all medication, money and mobile phones are clearly labelled. Updates and photographs will be posted on the school Facebook page throughout the week.

Welcome to our New School Year and our new Library

It has been a pleasure to welcome everyone back to the new school year and our pupils have settled in very quickly to their new classes. Our Weekly Class news will begin next week to share some of our learning, challenges and activities with the School Community.

Last session the school was given additional Government funding (called the Pupil Equity Fund) and we had a focus on Literacy development. One of the priorities identified by pupils was to improve our Library area and some of the funding was used to make the Library area more appealing and accessible as well as refreshing many of the books.

A big thank you to Mrs Carlyle, Mrs Hart and Mr Whan who have put a lot of time in to getting the library ready for the start of the new school year. Here are some before and after photos (click to enlarge) of our exciting new library area.

Our Weekly News Update – 8th June

Our Weekly School News

Sharing our learning with the school community. 



School News


Class News 

Some photographs of P1, P3/4 and P5/6 Beach Art activities.

Primary 1


P1 have been working really hard with their Maths this week. They are super speedy!

“We have been doing sums in Maths. We have been doing take away sums.” – Oona

“We have been doing subtraction.” – Frankie

We have started our new topic “Travel and Transport” and we changed the role-play areas in our classroom.

“We have a holiday shop in our classroom!” – Floyd

“You can buy stuff from the holiday shop.” – Angus

“We also have a travel agents in our classroom!” – Jack

On Monday we went on a class outing with P1/2.

“We went to the car park near the park to draw different vehicles.”


We have visited the nature garden a number of times over the last week. We really enjoyed taking the Mums, Dads and Grannies there on Friday for our story time session. We found lots of different things and made up stories about what we had found. We shared the stories in class and Luci even rode her broomstick!

“We went to the nature garden with Mrs Hart to practise doing our art.” – Eva

“We have been writing about things we have found in the nature garden” – Cameron

What an exciting week we have had in Primary 1!

Abbie: “We went to the Jungle Book show – it was good.”

Indie: “It was super good.”

Luci: “I liked it.”

Oona: “I saw my friend Tommy in the Jungle Book as a monkey.”

Floyd: “We did Sports day.”

Cara: “It was fun and some of the games were tricky but I did well with them”

Riley: “I saw my sister running.”

Rory: ”We did the egg and spoon race.”

Miya-Lilly: “we did the running race.”

Zoe: “We did the bean bag race.”

Arran: “Our Mums and Dads came.”

Frankie: “Eagle won.”

Well done to all the children in Eagle.

Well done to everyone for being such superstars.

Noah: “We’ve been learning numbers.”

Eilidh: “We went to the beach.”

Zoe: “We saw Joe Smith – he’s a famous artist we’ve been learning about.”

Lily: “At the beach we met Hazel Campbell, she helped us.”

Frankie: “We met Anne.”

Floyd: “We made art pictures – we had to go and find the things we wanted.”

The children made fantastic pieces of art using natural materials they found on the beach – stones, shells, seaweed and lots more!

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to the exhibition. Please look at the photographs of the children’s art work on the website or the classroom windows.

We decided that the beach is the best classroom in the world!


Primary 2

We have been learning about quarters. We found out there are 4 pieces when we quarter something. Lewis – “I liked making different quarters of pizza”.

We have been learning about food chains. We found out that carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat plants and omnivores eat both.

Alexander thought sports day was fun. Eli – “I thought it was excellent because Eagle won”. Amber – “I was tried but I tried my best”



We went to the beach.

How to find out the missing number.in a sum.

Saw the Jungle Book and learning our songs for our own assembly.

Sports Day – we learned how to work as a team and did races.

We were learning about Victoria Falls and the pool at the bottom gets deeper because of erosion.

We have been learning how to do chimney sums.

We all took part in Sports Day.

When we were building our shelters we learnt it was better to work as a team.

When we went to the beach we met famous artists.

Alexander, Maxi and Hugo got their first 3 badges at Cubs.

Shannon, Lily, Alannah, Charlotte, Tika, Seth, Chloe and Elle started choir.

Shea learnt new things at Gymnastics.

Hugo went to Beaver camp.

Lhyliajana learnt how to butterfly swim.

Elle and Charlotte made 4 healthy recipes at cooking club.


Primary 4/5

P4/5 had a fantastic trip last week to the Transport Museum in Glasgow. Charlotte – “We learned all about ships and made boat models”. Rosie – “I like seeing the old caravans”. We also had the opportunity to visit the Coastguard team and helicopter at Prestwick Airport. “We got to go inside the helicopter. It was fun”. Kyla – “I enjoyed having a go on the winch”. Please have a look at our school website for pictures.


Primary 5

This week in class we have been doing some topic. We have been making jewellery like Mary Queen of Scot’s.

Yesterday Tommy got a phone call from Alistair Jack the MP.

P5 were doing their assembly on team work today Friday 8th June. We sang our ‘ Under the Sea’ Song for the concert.


Primary 6

“We started having a look at data handling and reading charts.” (Ollie)

“We worked on circuits in PE with Lewis, using footballs, hockey sticks and hoops.” (Sam)

“On Thursday, we had Sports Day. I enjoyed taking part in the flat race.” (Mia)

“I liked taking part in the potted sports- especially the one where we jumped over the mat.” (Rory L)

“We were learning about personal hygiene in Health and Wellbeing and how we should look after our bodies.” (Sami)

Wider Achievements:

Threave Rovers received their new kit this week!

Charley, Mia, Hannah and Tiana all received a merit after their ballet exam- Well done girls!

Reminders for next week:

P6 children to attend the class Disney song on Tuesday and Wednesday evening 7pm sharp until 7.30pm.

P6 Europe Day – Monday 18th June. All P6 families welcome. 1.30pm-2.30pm


Primary 6/7

This week we chose teams to support for this year’s football World Cup. We will begin learning more about our chosen country over the next few weeks.

We continued our ‘Apprentice’ topic and completed our advertising challenge. Katie was voted as this challenges ‘Hired Apprentice’ and the advert is available for you to watch, along with 2nd and 3rd place. Our next challenge is Sales with double points on offer!

This week our boys and girls Paul Jones footballers completed their group games. The boys drew 3 and won 1 of their final 4 games with the girls picking up their first victory! Finals day is on Saturday the 16th of June with further details to follow.

Caitlin took part in a ‘Flash Mob’ as part of the Fox and Hound group she is part of.





Primary 6/7 – Practice your Disney song for next week’s performances.

PE kit every day


The Jungle Book at CDPS

The Drama Club has been very busy rehearsing their show ‘Jungle Book for Kids’ and we had a wonderful Dress Rehearsal for our pupils on Wednesday. Some of our older classes will also be singing a selection of Disney songs.

Performances are next Monday morning and Tuesday, Wednesday evenings. Please contact the School (01556502071) for ticket availability.


Global Gang go Litter Picking

Castle Douglas pupils tackle the litter issue  (Council Press Release)

The Global Gang of Castle Douglas Primary School joined forces with the Council to see what can used to tackle litter in the area around their school.

The Community Safety Team of the Council, who have the remit to enforce legislation around litter, dog fouling & fly tipping, were already active in the area on one of their Public Engagement Days. They were very keen to assist the youngsters with the issues.

The pupils were in for a treat as John a Street Scene Operator arrived with the huge mechanical street sweeper. This fantastic, but expensive piece of equipment does numerous jobs. Not only does it remove the litter and detritus from our streets, it can empty drains, wash areas and uses its pressure washer to try to remove graffiti.

Many had a go with the pressure washer normally used to remove graffiti, but very effective in cleaning the vehicle. All wanted into the driving seat of this left-hand drive vehicle. Many thought this was a great job to have, so we may have resolved a potential recruitment crisis for the council.

The Global Gang received a presentation into environmental issues an learned how to conduct a litter survey; very similar to the one conducted three times a year in the area for Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The group headed out around their school grounds and a few local streets in the area, keeping their eye open to conduct the survey. On a closer inspection, all agreed the area had areas of concern, although on a wide visual inspection had actually looked clean.

Pupils caused the litter in the school grounds and the Global Gang accepted this. It consisted mainly of plastic bottles & sweet wrappers. They intend to do an intensive litter pick prior to the summer holiday.

Out on Jenny’s Loaning the major items of concern were dog fouling, cigarette ends & broken glass, all items that can influence our health, but things that can be easily solved by people being responsible in the community. Saying that, the dog fouling in this street has greatly reduced over the last eighteen months.

The youngsters fully believe that if we all work together in our communities and do our bit, we can make Castle Douglas a great place for us to live, learn, work, visit & grow.

P4/5 go on a Transport Research Day

Here are some photographs from visit to the Transport Museum in Glasgow and then to the Search and Rescue helicopter base at Prestwick.

P4/5 pupils are invited to post a comment on

  • Interesting things I discovered on the visit.
  • What was enjoyable and exciting about the visit?
  • What changes would you make if you were to go the visit again?


P7 Watersports – Video Clips

Please click on the links below to have a look at videos (from Outdoor Education) of our P7s Watersport challenges in May.

CDPS Group 1 @ Carlingwark Outdoor Centre: May 2018

CDPS Group 2 at Carlingwark Outdoor Centre May 2018

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