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ELC (Nursery)




Our Weekly News – May 17th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.


Primary 1a 

Last week we enjoyed having our families join us for our Aeroplane Challenge! Thank you to everyone who came along, watched us test out our planes and helped us measure the distances! 

We read ‘Bear on a Bike’ this week and enjoyed seeing all the different types of transport the bear uses to catch up to his friend, Mouse. We decided to use this to create our own stories. 
Teagan: Giraffe on a skateboard! 
Riley: Puppy on a tractor!  
Darla: Dog on a motorbike. 

In maths this week, we have been looking at telling the time on analogue clocks and have started looking at subtraction.  

Skye: I liked telling the time with the clocks. 
Murry: We’ve been playing with the clocks and the beebots. 
We’ve also been looking at directions – forwards, backwards, left and right – and using the beebots to help us.  

In PE, we’ve started practising the races for Sports Day. We love the beanbag and the egg and spoon!


Primary 1b 

We read ‘Bear on a Bike’ story this week – Zach thought it was “hilarious”! Using the book for inspiration, the children created a piece of imaginative writing with an animal and a mode of transport. We had lots of fun sharing our ideas! 
Flynn: “Snake on a skateboard.” 
Zane: “Gorilla on a aeroplane.” 
Charlotte: “Unicorn in a trolley.” 
Brodie: “Lynx on a skateboard!”
Jacob: “Gorilla on a scooter.”  

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction, telling the time on analogue clocks and ordeirng numbers 1-20. 
Zane: “Take away.” 
Charlotte: “if you have 2p and you take away 1p, you have 1p.” 

We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine this week and have spent as much time as we can outside! We have enjoyed cooking in the mud kitchen and playing in the water tray.  

We have been practising our 3 races for sports day. 
Tiffany: “running, beanbag, egg and spoon.” 
We practised the races on the field, trying really hard to stay in our lanes. We are really looking forward to Sports Day.  


Primary 2/3 

Lily S – We have been making string prints of shells and stamping them on paper. 
Alba – If you have a colour you can change it to a rainbow colour. ( we were using paints for our printing.) 

Lewis – We were practising serving in tennis. 
Alexander – and volleys 

Zoe – We made a list of disgusting sandwiches to feed to the seagulls. I put in extra stinky cheese! 
Cooper – I put in rotten custard. 
Gregor – I put in 2 scoops of mud. 

Zane – We have been learning about dividing and multiplying. 
Zoe – The rectangles have started to do multiplication, now we can do sets of and do it with the times sign. 

Lewis – At Mrs Teale we learned another song working on the chime bars and glockenspeils. 
Abbie – We did a new song Big boat, Small boat, Any kind at all boat. 

Wider Achievement 
Eamon won a trophy and a medal at a tennis tournament. 


Primary 3 

Here are our favourite activities from our week at school; 

Ferne – ‘I liked making my own farm. I have a stable, pigs and sheep on mine. I have a greenhouse full of cherry tomatoes’. 

Anya – ‘I was making different times on the big clock’. 

Abi –‘We were doing circuits in PE and I liked playing rounders. We were helping our teammates.’  

Eli L – ‘I have been learning the 5 times table!’ 

Lewis ‘I was dividing – I am good at it now’. 

Wider Achievement  
Ewan received a certificate for his overnight stay at Beaver Camp – well done!  
Ewan enjoyed taking part in all of the different activities, particularly making a telescope! 



Primary 3/4 

Zak – “I learned how to do my times tables in lots of different ways” 

Kaidi – “I enjoyed playing in our new outdoor area.” 

Connor – “I enjoyed learning about foods from different countries. Pizza is famous for coming from Italy”  

Cameron – “I learned how to count in 2s and 10s” 

Cailtin – “I enjoyed learning about coding on the computer. We had to give our character instructions to follow”  

Anna – “I learned about coding”  

Fern – “I enjoyed doing written times tables. I found it hard at first but I used my think board and I found it a lot easier.”  

Jazmine – “I am happy this week because I filled my Accelerated Reading target”  

Wider Achievement 
Kaidi has finished a big book with 67 chapters.  
Ruby and Emma have moved up in swimming.  
Well done to all!  

Primary 4

In topic we are learning about circulation and pulse rate. We felt our pulse at rest and after exercise. Then we made a poster showing activities that affect your heart rate. Finally, we went outside and acted out circulation in a team. 

“We passed a beanbag from the veins to the heart and then to the lungs to get oxygen, we then sent it to the body” Kianna. 

“We threw and caught the beanbag around in a circle and to make it tricky we mixed ourselves up. We had to remember each step of circulation” Becky. 

We linked ICT with our maths topic time and created a calendar on glow. We had to log into Glow and open our calendar on one drive. We then added our important dates like birthdays. We had to search online for dates we didn’t know and add them to the calendar as well.  

“I added when my papa visited and the days when I was staying at my nanas house. I searched for Mother’s Day online and added this too” Callum. 

Wider Achievement  
Ben W played football in Stranraer, he plays for Threave Rovers. 
Holly won a ribbon coming 5th at gymnastics in Dundonald. 
Leo was playing rugby at Moffat. 
Isla McF took part in tennis competition in Kirkcudbright and came 2nd. 


Primary 4/5  

This week we have been learning about different passenger groups on the Titantic . Everybody enjoyed sketching the Titanic and colouring it in with pastels. In Maths we have been multiplying and dividing. 

Wider Achievement 
Charlotte finished her first piano book. 
Callum, Shea, Hugo and Maxi all learned how to light a camp fire at cubs. 


Primary 5 

Erin “We were learning how to do short division.” 
Barney “This is also known as the bus stop method – beep beep!” 

Olivia “We learned how electricity is powered.” 
Lacey “You measure electricity in volts.” 

Holly “We have been learning how to use instructions.” 
Yvie “I was doing synonyms and antonyms in grammar.” 
Kerys “A synonym is a similar word to the original e.g. hot, warm.” 
Anna “An antonym is the opposite meaning of the original word.” 

Jack “We played rob the nest in netball. We had to catch the other group bean bags and the ones in the middle.” 

Yvie “In maths I can divide a three digit number by a single digit.” 
Lacey “I can divide a three digit number with a remainder.” 
Anna “I can now divide by a four digit number.” 

Wider Achievement  
Cody “I can do a bridge in gymnastics.” 
Anna “I can do a walk over.” 
Eilidh “I know my karate grading off by heart.” 
Erin “I landed my handspring.” 
Holly “I am moving up swim club in swimming.” 
Olivia “I can do a stag in gymnastics – it’s a handstand but your legs are bent.” 


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6 

We have continued to work on money this week. Some groups have been learning about credit/debit cards and APR whilst other groups have been working on total cost and trying to find the best buy! We have continued to work on our Samson Maths this week and we are getting some great scores.

“I enjoyed the challenge of maths this week” – Rhianna. 
“I have enjoyed Samson this week” – Tommy. 


We have been doing art with Miss Starkey this week. She has been teaching us different tricks and techniques we can use when we draw self-portraits. We have not completed these yet so will do more shading work to complete them next week. 

“I enjoyed art with Miss Starkey” – Eilidh 
“I enjoyed drawing our face portraits” – Tommy 

In music we have continued to practise the tin whistle. I have included some photos of us whilst we were playing ‘chilled’. We have been trying to learn ‘bingo’ too but will spend some more time on it next week. Eilidh, Carlie, Lexi, Catrina, Cameron and Lacey are really enjoying tin whistle. 

We have been using an atlas to find the capital city of different European countries. We also completed our group presentations this week and all the children did very well! We have got a homework task regarding our topic. 
“I enjoying doing my presentation” – Logan 

We have continued to work on our lacrosse throwing and catching skills. We are getting better with every practice. We have also started to play full games and the third team are watching and evaluating their peer’s performance. 
“I have enjoyed lacrosse this week” – Tyler 


Wider Achievement 
“I am participating in the end of season rugby at the weekend” – Fraser 
“I danced at M&Co during the week” – Mylie 


-Operation safety letters need to be signed and returned 
-Targets were sent home this week 
-PE has moved from a Thursday to a Monday meaning kit is required on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 
-Topic homework has been sent home and is due back on Friday 31st May 


Primary 6/7 

Mya “Today in maths we have been learning about speed, distance and time.” 
Heidi “Distance=Speed multiplied by Time.” 

Jamie-Leigh “The P6s delivered presentations to the P7s about rationing. They made these when we were at CDHS last week.” 

Adam “Bobby and I played in the Paul Jones last night. We won 3 games and drew 1.” 

Abbie “ We worked with Mrs Carlyle and learned about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.” 

Cormac “ His artwork is very abstract.” 

Noah O “ He was the first person to make completely abstract art.” 

Brooke “His painting Broadway Boogie Woogie was based on a dance.” 


Wider Achievement  

Libby cantered on her new horse this week.
Brooke entered a show jumping and cross country competition.
Adam and Bobby played in the school football team.
Noah has a new hamster. 

Primary 7 

This week 24 pupils went to a Watersports session at Carlingwark:
Kayaking was really hard but near the end I picked it up. – Sophie.
I really enjoyed sailing and I might now go with my family to Lochmaben to try it out again. – Morven 

We ordered our P7 Leavers’ hoodies on Thursday:
I can’t wait to get my hoodie, I’m not going to let my mum wear it! – Rory L.
There was a big selection of colours and I’ve chosen sapphire blue. – Bob. 

We had our last rugby session with John too:
We played a game called Chicken Run and we got to level 5. We had to work on running forwards and passing backwards. – Katherine. 

Some of the children completed an engineering challenge: We made straw bridges. It had to span 15cm and had to be strong enough to hold 50 pairs of scissors. In the end our bridge held 2.5kgs! – Ryan K. 

Some of the pupils delivered solo talks this week as well:
I talked about dancing, I also demonstrated tap dancing to the class. – Mia.
I talked about volcanoes. My favourite is Mount Teide in Tenerife. – Daniel P.
My solo talk was on Lego. When my name was called out I felt nervous but once id done it I felt good! – Ryan S. 

Some of the other talk subjects we had this week were; Showing Dairy Cattle, Queen (the band), Titanic, Fortnite, Art, Gymnastics, Luke Shaw and Editing. We can’t wait to hear the rest on Monday! 

Well done to Rory L, Daniel P, Andrew D and Neave who were the Class Dojo winners this week.  

Wider Achievement
A great big well done to the pupils involved in the Paul Jones Football tournament. This week they played their first set of matches in Kirkcudbright. They did extremely well, winning three games and drawing one. Their next round is in Dalry next week. Good Luck!  


Walk to School Week Message

Next week is Walk to School Week and our Junior Road Safety Officers would like to encourage as many children and adults as possible to walk (or cycle) to school. It’s ok to Park and Stride too as not everyone lives in the town. This means you can park a distance away from the school and then walk the rest of the way.

The target is to get over 70% over the whole of next week – let’s go for it!

Thank you from

L&L P6

Our Weekly News – May 10th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School Uniform Orders – If you still wish to order any items of school clothing then please note that the last day for ordering is Tuesday 14th May. 

There are a few remaining tickets available for our Mary Poppins Show. Tickets can be bought from the school office. 

Nursery and School Inspection.
Our Nursery, Learning Centre and School was an even busier place this week with eight Inspectors visiting classes and focusing on our positive Learning Experiences, Attainment and Achievement. It will be quite a few weeks before Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate will finalise their reports and share the outcome of the Inspection and I will let you know when the reports become available.  Could I also please thank parents who kindly responded to the surveys and/or were able to meet with the Inspection Team.

D Tyson

Primary 1a 
This week we invited our families in for Storytime! We read ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers, an author and illustrator we’ve been looking at over the last few weeks. We really enjoyed learning about the boy, his aeroplane, his Martian friend and their adventures trying to get back home from the moon.  

We did some pieces of independent writing about where we’d go on an aeroplane:  
Iris : I want to go to London to see the buses.  
Kendyl : I want to go to Florida.  
Ethan : I want to go to the McDonalds.  
Ollie : I want to go to the Cocobean.  
Amelia: I want to go to Africa. 

We had a fun homework challenge this week, to design a paper aeroplane and write instructions for a friend. We tested our planes with our families!

Primary 1b 

Our Oliver Jeffers story this week was ‘The Way Back Home’. We invited our families in for story time and we loved sharing our new book with them.  
Conall : “The boy and the alien were friends.”
Eryithsyai : “The alien put petrol in the boy’s plane.” 

We thought about where we would like to go on an aeroplane.
Tiffany : “New York.” 
Kai : “Ireland.” 
Eddie : “Football stadium.” 
Joshua : “Lanzarote.” 

The homework challenge this week was to make a paper aeroplane and write a set of instructions so you can teach a friend how to make your plane. We then tested the paper aeroplanes with our families on the field, measuring how far they went. It was a lot of fun! 

Zach: “We’ve been learning how to write our numbers.” 
Beth: “100 + 100 is 200.” 
William: “I like playing with Ziya and Elliot and digging.” 
Joshua: “I liked playing with Elliot, Conall, Kai and Zach.” 
Charlotte: “I like learning our new numbers, our new letters. I also liked learning about our transport.” 
Ziya: “I like brushing my teeth.” 
Willow: “I like playing magic tricks in the playground with Miss Scott with the bark.” 
Archie: “I love my Dad.” 

Primary 2 

We were learning about area. We found four large sheets of paper covered our table and then we found out thirty six small sheets covered the table. We also found out the area of our hands and we made pictures of a certain area. 

Arran I liked doing area because I like guessing how many big sheets of paper would cover the table.
Evie – I liked to estimate how many squares my picture too. 

We looked at shells and we had to draw them with pencils using lots of detail. 
Angus drew a razor shell with lots of spikes. 
Cara brought some whelks and she drew one of them. 
We wrote stories about making sandwiches for a seagull using time openers. 
Morgan thought it was funny when they said yuk! 


Primary 2/3 

We were doing lots of different active spelling activities this week to help us learn our spelling patterns. 
Abbie – I like Boggle because I like making my spelling words. 
Zoe – I like using the dabbers because I like using lots of colours. 
Aiden – I like the sticks because it looked like a robot was doing it. 
In PE we continued to work on tennis skills and this week we started to use the volley shot. 
Rory – You have to hit it straight away before it bounces. 
Alba – We have been doing a number challenge in class. We put a number on the board then we have to write a sum for it. 

We read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe this week. We had a vote in class and it has been our favourite one of the stories do far.  
Darcie – We have been learning about food chains. 
Eamon – Something eats something then that gets eaten. So like a chain but with animals. 

Wider Achievement 
Kyle moved up a class in swimming. 
‘I can put my head in the water and turn it to breathe in front crawl now.’ Well done Kyle!


Primary 3 

This week, as part of our Food Glorious Food topic, we have been learning about and tasting some traditional Scottish foods. We have been learning to share our opinion with others and give a reason why. 

Harrie – ‘I liked the shortbread because it was crunchy.’ 
Rose – ‘I liked the porridge because it made me feel like I was Goldilocks in the story!’ 

Nicole and Cara worked together to complete a multiplication and addition challenge in maths. 
Nicole – ‘We had to work out the times table and then add a number to figure out the answer.’Cara – ‘I used my times tables – it made me think a lot!’ 

Wider Achievement 
Amber and Kahlen took part in a football tournament – well done! 
Amber – ‘I was the defender.’ 
Kahlen – ‘I was a middle fielder. We were against other teams’. 

Primary 3/4 

 “I liked playing hockey.” – Cameron.
“I liked tasting the different Scottish foods.” – Emma.
“I liked the irn bru because it was fizzy.” – Jazmine.

“I enjoyed enjoying multiplication in maths. I liked using the think boards so use different strategies.” – Fern  
“I enjoyed making the disgusting sandwich recipe. I liked giving Fern a star and a wish for her work.” – Ruby 
“I enjoyed learning all the different strategies I can use to solve multiplication questions.” – Coby
“I learned that Lockerbie Cheddar is made in Scotland.” – Kacey 
“I learned that sometimes raspberries and strawberries can come from Scotland.” – Connor  
“I enjoyed learning about all the different farms in Scotland. I know that there are poultry farms, dairy farms, pig farms and arable farms.” – Alex 

Wider Achievement 

“At Cubs we did firelighting. I did it all by myself.” – Coby 
Coby, Jake and Rhys took part in a rugby tournament.  
Coby, Connor and Kyle took part in a football competition. 
“It was my first time jumping in the deep end at Kircudbright. I was a wee bit nervous but once I had done it the first time I got better” – Cameron  


Primary 4 

In topic we have been learning about the lungs. We labeled the key parts of the lungs and created a model of them using straws to show the bronchus. 

In French we learned a song to recite the days of the week. We ordered the days and drew a picture of something we did on that day. 

We have continued to learn about time in maths. We have worked on 15-minute intervals as well as 5- and 1-minute intervals. We have enjoyed using lots of our new maths resources to help us learn, especially the bingo games, time tables dominos and clocks. 

In science we have been growing germs on a potato to understand the importance of hand washing and to describe that germs may be present even if they are not seen. We will look at the results of our experiment – yuck! 

For spelling we took part in lots of active stations including outdoor chalks, noodles and chocolate playdough.  

This week we welcomed Miss Wilson to our classroom, she will be helping us with our learning. We are really looking forward working with her this term. 

Wider Achievement 
Emily-Rose won a football trophy. She plays for Threave Rovers and played at Newton Stewart. 


Primary 4/5 

In PE we have been doing athletics.  
‘I really enjoyed the skipping’- Shea.
‘I enjoyed my Superscot but I was tired out’- Jesse- Leigh. 
In Maths we were learning about BODMAS which stands for Brackets, Operations, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. 
Darragh-’It was something new that I hadn’t done before.’ 
In Science we received a letter telling us that we had to build a boat and float it. If it could hold a cargo of more than 6 cubes without sinking it was successful. 
‘It was fun making it and ours held over 80 cubes’-Charlotte. 

Wider Achievement 
Freya went to the Galloway Thistles Football Tournament with her Threave Rovers team and they won the trophy.


Primary 5 

Emma “We finished off our stained glass windows.” 
Isla “I learnt how to draw a lightbulb.” 
Jack “We have been learning about multiplication and division in maths.” 
Barney “I can divide a three digit number by a single digit.” 
Ruby “Me, Rebecca and Holly filmed our own green screen videos in science.” 

Olivia “We were using dictionaries to find the definition of words in our reading books.” 
Erin “Then we had to write our own sentence with the definition of the word in it.” 
Lacey “We found out everything is made of atoms.” 
Ruby “The reason why a balloon sticks to your hair is to do with opposite charges being attracted to each other.” 

Emma “In big writing we did activities like a board game where we rolled a dice and we had to do the imperative verb. We also did hula hooping, how to draw a flower and how to catch a ball – we wrote our own imperative verbs.” 

Wider Achievement 

Summer “Me and my dad walked to Gelston and back.” 
Emma “I won keep the quote for being nice.” 
Freya “I am going to be starting guitar lessons.” 
Lucy “I’m going to start guitar, trumpet or saxophone.” 
Ellie “I got star gymnast for the whole term.” 
Cody “I am able to do a handstand for one second.” 
Georgia “I went silaging with my dad for 6 hours last night.” 
Eilidh “At the weekend I went camping with my friends and we had marshmallows.” 
Yvie “At riding lessons I was riding up to my knee and jumping up to my hip.” 
Anna “Yesterday I landed my handspring.” 

Sebastian “I achieved a silver award for getting reached 600 house points.” 
Anna “I got my gold award for reaching 900 house points.” 


Primary 5/6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news  


Primary 6 


In maths this week we have been looking at money and budgeting. We were showing the inspectors our brilliant money skills as we tried to organise a party with a set budget.  
“The maths challenge was challenging but fun.” – Carly 
“I enjoyed maths this week.” – Michalina 


In writing this week, we have been looking at different photo prompts and discussing the type of vocabulary we would use in this scenario. We then choose our favourite picture and started to write an imaginative story to match. So far we have got some fabulous story starters and we will continue to work on these next week.  
“I enjoyed writing my story.” – Tommy 
“I enjoyed how we have started writing our imaginative story.” – Rhianna 


In music we have started to look at Italian culture music. We have also been improving our tin whistle skills.  
“I really enjoy music in general.” – Tommy 
“I enjoy playing the tin whistle.” – Carlie 

In PE this week we have continued to use our warm up game of Octopus tig as the whole class gets involved and really enjoyed it. We have been practising our throwing and catching in lacrosse as well as some competitive games.
“I enjoyed PE this week.” – Tiegan
“We played octopus tig as a warm up.” – Eilidh
“Rhianna nearly won octopus tig.” – Megan 

Dojo of the Week
Congratulations to Lewis for getting dojo of the week (week ending 3rd May) with 31 points.
Congratulations to Fraser for getting dojo of the week (this week) with 34 points.  

Wider Achievement 
Megan, Ellie and Lois received a merit in their ballet exam.
Teigan is going to a horse riding parade this weekend. 
Fraser is travelling to Moffat for rugby. 
Seren is participating in a gymnastics competition in Dundonald. 

PE kits are needed on Tuesday and Thursday. 
Homework is handed out on a Monday and is due back in on a Friday. 



Primary 6/7 

We have been writing our own Cinquain Poems about The Blitz this week.  

In maths we have been learning to tell the time and read timetables.  

Mya ” P7s attended the Health and Wellbeing Day at CDHS this week.” 
Libby “I made a smoothie with strawberries and melon in Home Economics.” 
Jaimie-Leigh “We did Rugby with John and Mr Kay.” 

Wider Achievements  
Brooke ” I got a new chanter this week.” 

Primary 7 

I had lots of fun doing the activities at the High School on Wednesday. I really liked the Smoothie Making. I used strawberry yoghurt, pineapple juice, melon, banana and strawberries to make mine. – Connor 

I am proud of getting all my questions right in maths this week. We were working out time, speed and distance problems. – Elise. 

I really enjoyed doing the Smoothie Making at the High School because I’ve never made a smoothie before and it was fun cutting up the fruit and using the blender. – Hannah. 

When we went to the High School I enjoyed doing the Sensory Testing because we rated cookies and crisps. It was great! – Rory L. 

At the High School I did table tennis. We learned all the skills such as serving. We got to play rallies against each other and I won. – Bob. 

In maths we were calculating time, distance and speed. Working out the distance was easier than the others because I am more confident with multiplying than dividing. – Andrew A. 

We were working with calendars in maths. I felt good because I understood it. – Ryan S. 

On Tuesday, me Rory and Mya showed the Inspectors around the school . At first we felt nervous but we grew in confidence as it went on . – Mia 


Group 1 Watersports is on Tuesday. All letters and money to be handed in before then.  
P.E kit will be required on Tues, Wed and Fri next week.  







Maths Home Learning Ideas – May 2019

Dear CDPS Family

Home Learning

Listed below are links to this month’s Maths Home Learning activities.

Primary 4 has made a short video to guide you round the website 🙂

There are three levels of maths topic – Early (Nursery and P1), First (P2-P4) and Second (P5-7). Within each level there is a range of topics e.g. measurement, fractions with a list of activities which get more challenging as you scroll down the page.

Families are invited to have a look at the topics that your child(ren) are working on and choose together which activity to do which will be of interest and is not too easy or too hard.

The above is only a guide and families are welcome to look at other Levels e.g. P1 may wish to look at the First Level pages as well as Early and P4 at Second level as well as First. Likewise, if a child is less or more confident with Maths then please have a look at the activities from an appropriate level.

I hope that the activities will encourage discussion  and learning together at home and you will find them useful and supportive. Feedback is very welcome.

The links for the website are :
School Website – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdps/

Family Learning Home page – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsfamilylearning/

Early Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathsathome/

First Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathshomefirst/

Second Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathshomesecond/


For May 2019 families are invited to have a look at the following class maths topics :

P1 Classes – Time, Subtraction and Shape

P2 – Area and Numbers to 100

P2/3 – Fractions and Money

P3 – Time  and Multiplying and Dividing

P3/4 – Fractions and Multiplying and Dividing

P4 – Time

P4/5 – Time  and Multiplying and Dividing

P5 – Multiplying and Dividing

P5/6 – Time and Area

P6 – Time

P6/7 – Time

P7 – Time and Percentages


Thank you

D Tyson


Our Weekly News – May 3rd

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

Drama Club
Tickets for the Drama Club’s production of Mary Poppins Jr are now on sale from the school office. Tickets are being sold on a first come, first served basis. Due to the May Day holiday, Show Club will be held on Tuesday of next week instead.  

Nursery and School Inspection
Next week we will be welcoming an Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate Inspection Team to our school. The focus of the Inspection will be on learning and teaching and how well our learners are attaining and achieving.

We are looking forward to working with the Inspection Team and sharing aspects of what we do in our Nursery (ELC) and School. A report will be published a few weeks after the Inspection which will be shared with the school community.

Camera Bird Box
The sparrow family has nested in the camera bird box again this year. No young sparrows yet but we’re watching the TV screen every day to hopefully see some very soon.

Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a

This week we have been building a boat for our role play area! It’s been very hard work and we’ve put lots of exciting things inside it.
Ethan: “We’ve made a seaside with sand and boats and rocks.”
Charlie: “We’ve got float and sink stuff to see if things float or sink.”
Darla: “We’ve got a telescope and a compass!”

We’ve also been reading another Oliver Jeffers book. This one is called ‘How to Catch a Star’.
Lexi: “The boy was trying to catch a star. He was climbing and trying to jump.”
Abby and Skye: “He comes up by the sea … it was a reflection… and he makes a friend with the star.”
We were being illustrators and authors by writing our own ways of catching stars and drawing pictures to match. We used black pen and colour, just like Oliver Jeffers does.

Miley: “We made rockets out of string and balloons. We blew the balloon and tried to get it to the other side.” It took us a couple of tries but it eventually worked! We’ve left it out in our boat to try it ourselves for the rest of the week.

Storytime session on Tues 7th of May at 2:40pm. All families welcome!

Primary 1b

In boat related news…..! We had great fun testing to see if they would float. All but one floated – Charlotte “The water was getting in so it sank.”

Beth: “We been doing our pluses and adding and counting to 20.”
Hannah: “I done a full stop and I wrote my name.”
Mya: “We been learning to brush our teeth for 2 minutes.”
Ziya: “I liked playing outside – we played hide and go seek.”
Joshua: “I liked playing with Zane and Zach and football with Conall.”
Ellie: “We been reading How to Catch a Star.”
Brodie: “I like writing stuff and playing zoos with Eddie.”
William: “I like playing Brodie, Max too with jigsaws.”
Tiffany: “10 + 10 is 20.”
Zane: “I liked watching with P1a, Lost and Found movie. They were friends at the end.”
Eddie: “Me, Conall and Kai were playing football on the field and having races.”

Joshua is taking Ben the bear home this weekend – have fun Ben and Joshua!

Wider Achievement
Tiffany: “I can ride a big horse without the saddle.”
Willow: “When I was at my Granny’s, I rode Wolf the horse without a saddle.”
Eryithsayai: “I’m proud of myself because I can do a forward roll on the trampoline and backward roll.”

Storytime session on Tues 7th of May at 2:40pm. All families welcome!


Primary 2

This week we have been exploring different ways to sort living and non living items. We looked at lots of objects and in small groups we decided that living things are different from non living things.  Leigha said “All living things grow.”
Jorja thought, “All living things must eat.”
Miya-Lilly thought, “All living things have babies”
Robyn said “All living things moved.”

We have also created some fantastic new kinds of fish. We had to listen carefully to the instructions to make them. Indie really liked doing this.

Wider Achievement

Floyd has moved to grade 2 at Threave Rovers


Primary 2/3

This week we made sandwiches after we had chosen which fillings we wanted. Once we had made them most of us enjoyed eating them. We then went on to write instructions for how to make a sandwich. Now we are trying to think of things to put in a sandwich to scare away the seagulls like the ones in The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.
Darcie – a feather sandwich.
Eamon – a metal sandwich.
Zane – a fake sandwich.

Alex thinks we just shouldn’t put any sandwiches in the basket!

We did some work on patterns and made up some with sounds and actions which we used as a warm down in PE.

In maths some children have started to work on multiplication and we are learning to use an array to help us with the sums.

Abbie – “I used my knowledge to help me do the counting.”

We were learning how to do marbling with shave foam and food colouring. It was easy, messy and great fun.
Alba – “It was quite fun because you could push and make patterns. “
Brooke L – “We looked at and drew shells.”
We had a lot of fun using the magnifying glasses to look closely at the shells.

Wider Achievement
Darcie is very proud that she ‘has achieved going on the bars at gymnastics because I was very scared of it.’

As it is a holiday on Monday homework will be given out on Tuesday to be returned by Friday, thank you.


Primary 3

Our favourite activities this week;

Noah – ‘I liked using the little clocks to show o’clock and half past’.

Struan – ‘In PE, we were playing a throwing game. We were trying to improve our throw. ‘Improve’ means to make it better.’

Cara – ‘The French Café is great. I like being the waitress. I can use some of the French words for food and drink.’

Lewis – ‘We wrote about our favourite food. I was successful because I used a connective’.

This week, as part of our Food Glorious Food topic, we have been learning about traditional foods from other countries. We used our new knowledge to create an interactive flag with ‘lift the flap’ information.

Alexander – ‘Sushi is from Japan. It is made from raw fish and rice wrapped up. I made sushi at a club but I didn’t want to try it!’.

Eli R – ‘Curry is spicy. It is from India.’

We are enjoying adding our work and comments onto the ‘Our Learning Journey’ display in our classroom to see how we are progressing through our Food Glorious Food topic.

Wider Achievement

Milly has learned to do the Flora at Highland Dancing – well done!


Primary 3/4

Alex – “I enjoyed making a cow picture yesterday in art. I liked it because we got to pick what materials we used. We could pick water colours, chalk, oil pastels or crayons”.

Fern – “I enjoyed playing rounders in PE this week. I like being a batter because I think I am good at batting the ball.”

Devlin – “I liked PE this week”

Kaidi – “I liked making the cow picture because art is my favourite thing to do”

Max – “I enjoyed making chocolate crispies”

Leah – “This week in topic we learned about the different types of farms in Scotland”

Cameron – “You can get a dairy farm. It has cows to give us milk”

Anna – “There’s poultry farms. This is where chickens are to give us eggs”.

Caitlin – “There is a sheep farm and they give us meat and wool”

Coby – “I learned that there are not many pig farms in Scotland”.


Primary 4

Our top 3 favourite things this week:

“I enjoyed making a Skeleton out of art straws during topic. My skeleton is running and cheering. Your skeleton protects the organs and supports the body” Amelia.

“My favourite thing this week was P.E, we played a throwing game with a partner and if the ball touched the floor you won a point. We have been learning to move to the ball in volleyball” Alfie.

“We have been working on am and pm in maths, am is before 12 noon and pm is after 12 noon. At 4.00pm I would be reading at 4.00am I would be sleeping”. Emily-Rose

Wider Achievement
Isla McF won a bronze medal at her gymnastics competition in Edinburgh for teams.
Leo won a medal at the Stewartry rugby festival. He won 2 games, lost 1 game and drew 1 game.
Lexi and Kacie both passed their ballet exam! They are now grade 2.


Primary 4/5

This week we have been busy bringing the Titanic back to life. We all worked collaboratively, to plan, design and create different parts of the ship.

Darragh – We were working in groups to design and make the different areas of the Titanic.
Lily – It was good fun making all the windows.
Ollie – It was hard work recreating the sea but we all worked together as a team.
Callum – We designed each part and thought about the materials we were going to use for the funnels.

In writing setting this week we have started a new block, learning about how to write instructions and procedures.
Alexander – “We looked at the main parts of instructions and looked at examples of how they are laid out.”
Coll – “You need to include a section on ‘what you will need’ and also ‘what you have to do’.”
Chloe – “You need to put the instructions into the correct order.”

In maths we have been learning different strategies to work out multiplication problems.
Freya – “We have been playing games to practise our times tables.”
Jesse-Leigh – “We were thinking about the tools we can use to help us such as fingers, our heads, and cubes.”
Maxi – “I now know what an array is.”
Ollie – “Multiplication is repeated addition.”
Alannah – “We can share and divide to help us work out a multiplication problem.”

Wider Achievement
Callum, Alexander and Maxi learned how to build birdhouses using different tools, at Cubs.

Primary 5
Yvie “We did science experiments and we saw how the electrons were working.”
Max “We learned that most objects are neutral.”
Alper “When another object rubs against the balloon the electrons will move and the object will become negatively charged and the balloon will be positively charged and that means they will be attracted to each other.”
Skye “The water moved away when the rod went near the tap because it repelled. When the rod went near the paper they stuck together because they were attracted to each other.”
Lacey “These are examples of static electricity.”
Erin “We were learning to understand how objects can be negatively and positively charged.”

Anna “We started maths and learned about brackets.”
Kerys “Brackets are the first sum that you have to do and then you work out the rest.”

Lucy “We studied internet safety by creating word cloud art based on research we did online about staying safe online”
Wider Achievement
Emma “I was scared to go on the big beam at gymnastics but then I went on it.”
Olivia “I passed all my levels at swimming.”
Ruby “Me and Skye’s team at gymnastics won 5th place in a competition.”
Freya “On Tuesday I made a lentil dahl which is kind of like soup.”
Rebecca “I went to a gymnastics competition I won 3rd for floor, 3rd for team and 5th for overall.”
Erin “I started performing in the Railway Children yesterday. I play Lizzy Perks.”
Cody “I’m going to be starting carpet bowling.”
Yvie “I’ve started riding a new pony and she’s new and she’s quite nervous but I managed to stay on.”
Alper “I can do 7 pull ups.”
Georgia “I did a ballroom dancing competition. My team came first!”
Niamh “I’ve started going boxing.”
Anna “In gymnastics and the bar is higher than the old one and I can do a backwards circle up and a straddle shoot.”
Lucy “I can hang upside down on the climbing frame in the garden.”


Have a great May Day Monday holiday.


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6


We have carried on with our Europe topic this week. In pairs we have researched our chosen European country and created a poster on it. This information is also being used to create a power point so that we can share our findings with the class. Here are some of the things that we have enjoyed:

“I enjoyed drawing French monuments for my poster.” – Seren
“I enjoyed researching different countries in Europe.” – Teigan
“I found out that the Pope lives in Rome.” – Cian

Jack is looking forward to finding out about Brexit whilst Tommy is looking forward to finding out more about different countries and monuments.
This week, we have enjoyed warm up games of Octopus. We have included some photos of the fun below! We have also started lacrosse in PE. We have been practising control, underarm passing and shooting into the goal.

“I enjoyed using he lacrosse stick and team work to try to pass the ball.” – Eilidh
“It was really fun, I learned new things.” – Michalina
“We made an amazing throw and catch in PE. Mrs Potts was very impressed” – Tomas and Jamie


We have been working on our listening in Music. We have been singing and dancing to French songs as well as playing the tin whistle. Lacey and Cian really enjoyed this.

Class Dojo
Our class dojo reward system is up and running. We have chosen both individual rewards and whole class rewards for when we hit set milestones. We are powering through and are more than half way to our first whole class award of 1500 when we will get extra golden time!

Well done to Tommy – our first ‘Dojo of the Week’ in P6!

Wider Achievement
Seren participated in a gymnastics competition in Edinburgh and won a rosette for her team.
Lacey and Emily moved up a gymnastics class.
Megan, Ellie and Lois passed their grade 2 ballet exam.
Eilidh can now do a backwards roll in the pool.


Primary 6/7

Brooke “ We have been playing clapping games about syllables.”

Lucas “We have been learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past.”

Mya “We completed our posters about the different roles undertaken in WW2.”

Harris “I learned the difference between a metaphor and a simile. As simile uses like or as.”

Mati “My favourite simile is, “The puppy was as cute as a button..”

Cormac “We have been learning about distance, speed and time in Maths.”

Libby “In our comprehension group we have been reading about WW2.”

Wider Achievement
Adam, Kalim and Bobby have been selected to play in the Paul Jones’ Football League.
Mya can now do a handspring off the Olympic sized beam at gymnastics club.

Health and Wellbeing Day at CDHS for the Primary 7 pupils. Please return the reply slip to school in advance of this.

Primary 7

Sam – “We have been learning about time this week. I was good at working out durations.”

Ryan K – “In my Accelerated Reading I’ve been getting 95% of my questions right every time.”

Rory T – “I am 61% towards my Accelerated Reading target, I am proud of that.”

Jayden – “In topic we were learning about Guru Nanak.”

Mia – “In writing groups we have been writing narratives. I wrote the start of a drama.”

Morven – “I really enjoyed writing opening paragraphs this week in writing. I did a thriller/drama.”

Sophie – “P.C Ellis talked to us about legal and illegal drugs on Tuesday. She brought in samples of drugs (they weren’t real though!). We found out that 35 people die every day from drugs misuse in Scotland.”

Jack – “In rugby I have been good at dodging people and keeping my tags.”

Deacon – “Me, Sam, Cameron and Daniel G organised a quiz for everyone. It was about the brain, it was fun to do.”

Ryan S – “We learned about Gandhi on Thurs. He led India to freedom.”

Rory L – “I am proud of getting into the Paul Jones football team.”

Andrew A – “I’ve got 100% of my questions correct in Accelerated Reading so far this term.”

Tiana – “I am proud of answering the most questions on Sumdog this week.”

Well done to Isla L for winning the class dojo points this week.


Health and Wellbeing Day at CDHS for the Primary 7 pupils. Please return the reply slip to school in advance of this.

Sponsor money is due in as soon as possible.

Mary Poppins tickets are on sale now.

Watersports letters due in.


26 Daily Miles in a Day!

Primary 4 are very proud of their teacher, Miss Sarahs, who ran in the London marathon yesterday. Everyone in the school would like to congratulate Miss Sarahs on her fantastic achievement.

If you look closely at the bottom left of the video you can see Miss Sarahs just above the caption (yellow box Candi Staton) as she nears the finish line.

Well done Miss Sarahs 🙂

Our Weekly News – April 26th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a 

We are so excited to be back! This week we have been reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. Lots of our jobs and play has been about this book. 

Darla: “It was funny when the penguin went to the boy’s door because he’s not supposed to live there.” 

Riley: “I liked it when the wee boy came back with the penguin.” 

Lola: “My favourite part was when they went to the lost and found office.” 

Poppy: “I loved when the boy and the penguin went to the South Pole and then they went back home.” 

We began to look at floating and sinking, and took part in experiments to see what objects in our classroom would float or sink. 

Lexi: “We were putting things in water to see if they’d float or sink.” 

Kendyl: “If it was floating it was staying up and not going down.” 

Murry: “If it sank it went right down to the bottom.” 

We decided to try and make our own boats – just like the boy and the penguin do in ‘Lost and Found’. We used lots of different materials, testing out our designs throughout building and adapting our boats.  

Skye: “If it has too heavy things it could sink.” 

Miley: “I made mine out of a box and I put a cork on for the horn.” 

Kaci: “I made my boat out of a balloon and I made a bit out of straws.” 

On Friday, we hope to test our boats to see if they float! 

Primary 1b 

It is great to be back! It was lovely to hear about all the children’s adventures over the Easter break.  
What a fun start we have had to term 4! 

We have been reading ‘Lost and Found ’by Oliver Jeffers.  

Joshua: “He is the author and he draws the pictures.” 

Lost and Found is a beautiful story about a little boy and a penguin who became best friends. They go on an adventure in a boat so this week we have been making our own boats (photographs on the webpage). We thought back to our previous learning about floating and sinking during our Ready, Teddy, Go workshop.  

Brodie: “Float means it doesn’t sink – it bobs on the top.” 

Ziya: “It will be at the bottom if it sinks.” 

We had a selection of different items (including; an apple, lollipop stick and 50p coin) and predicted whether they would float or sink. We then tested the items to see if our predictions were correct. Brodie, Eddie, Conall and Kai discussed whether the weight of an object affected if it would float or sink.  

After our Science investigation, we spent Thursday afternoon making our own boats – thinking about our knowledge of different materials. It was a fun afternoon, full of creativity and problem solving. We talked as a class about dedication and persistence.  

We will be testing our boats throughout the day – we will post the results on next weeks weekly news! 

Ben the bear is going home with Ziya this weekend. Have fun Ben and Ziya! 

Wider Achievement 
Tiffany told the class she can ride her bike without stabilizers and her Papa doesn’t need to hold on to her anymore – go Tiffany!  

 Primary 2 

We have had a busy first week back. 

We have been putting numbers in the right order. We had to start with the largest or the smallest. Cara thought it was a bit hard but it will be easier next week. Frankie thought it was quite easy. 
We have been looking at what we want to learn in our seashore topic. Fern wants to learn how the sea moves.Oona wants to know why the seagulls like the beach. Clay wants to learn how sea animals breathe. 
Today we have been learning about how to stay safe in the sun. Morgan says we have to put sun cream on. Caitlyn says we have to wear a t shirt. Taylan says to wear sun glasses. 


Primary 2/3 

We have had a busy first week back. 

Our new topic is Sea and Seashore. 

Kyle – We asked questions and told things we know about the sea and seashore. 

Zoe knows that starfish live in the sea and Abbie wants to know what they eat. 

George knows the sea is full of lots of different creatures. 

Rory and Kyle want to know why whales come out of the water to breathe. 

Alba knows when the waves come in they are cold. 

Maisy wants to know why the sea goes in an out. 

Lots of interesting questions that we will try to find out about over the next term! 


The children thought of questions we could ask to help us decide if something was a living or not. 

Alex – Do you think it has an egg? 

Jack J- Have you seen it do things? 

Gregor- Does it breathe? 

Eamon – We have been sorting things that are living, never lived and once lived. 

Lewis – We started to do tennis. 

We have started a block of work on tennis skills. 

Wider Achievement 
Rory – I have moved up a level in gymnastics. 
Alba won a prize in the Easter colouring competition at the Co-op. 
Zoe has moved to work at Grade 1 at ballet class. 
Alexander has moved into swim skills 3. 
Darcie won the children’s entertainment competition on holiday with a good joke. 


 Primary 3 

This week, we have been transforming our role-play area into a French Café. We shared our ideas in a class discussion about the different things we would like to see and experience in our café and we even came up with a name for it – ‘La Tasse’ which means ‘the cup’. 

In ICT, we have been learning to use key words to search for a clip art image and insert it into a document. We used phrases such as ‘French food’ and ‘French flag’ to find images to decorate our café with. 

We have also been learning some new French words for different food and drink. We can’t wait to use our new knowledge in ‘La Tasse’! 


Primary 3/4 

Rhys – “This week we have been making a collage. We had to tear out pictures from a magazine. I made a picture of a cupcake.”  

Cameron – “I really like our French Café. Today I was a customer and I asked for ice-cream.”  

Rhuben – “I have enjoyed playing in the French Café”. 

Coby – “I really liked making me collage picture. It was fun ripping the pictures of the magazine. The pieces kept getting stuck to me!”  

Connor – “I enjoyed learning about all the ways to make £1. We had to try and use a range of different coins. I thought of lots of different ways”  

Ruby – “I enjoyed giving change from £1. It was a bit hard to start with but I kept going and I got the hand of it”.  

Tyler – “I have really liked starting our new topic. I liked talking about what I want to learn about in this topic”  

Jazmine – “I liked choosing a new name for our reading groups. I picked the bunnies.”  

Kaidi – “I liked making a PowerPoint in ICT. I am looking forward to showing it to the rest of the class on Monday”.  


Primary 4 

We started our new topic ‘The Body’. We explored lots of non-fiction topic books in our classroom library and shared what we already know. We then decided what we wanted to learn about this term. Here are some of the things that got us thinking! 

How does your heart work? – Alex 

What makes nails grow? – Emily-R 

How does the brain work? – Ben R 

How many bones are in the body? – Callum 

What’s a brain made of? – Kacie 

How do your lungs work? – Sam 

Why do you have red line in your eyes? – Kelvin 

How does your heart keep you alive? – Holly 

Why do eyes not dry up? – Freya 

I want to know more about my veins – Becky  

I want to know more about the bladder – Leo 

What’s the most important part of the human body? – Isla McF 

In maths we have started learning about time and in writing we shared all our exciting Easter holidays news. 

We are developing our volleyball skills in P.E. We were working on short and long throws with a partner. We were practicing moving to the ball at speed. It is important in volleyball to move your feet to get the ball so that other parts of the body can connect with it. When we were confident with this, we started throwing the ball instead of rolling it. 

Wider Achievement 
Kianna has moved up a level at swimming this week. 
Holly and Isla McF are taking part in a gymnastics competition in Musselburgh on Saturday. 
Saffron has been learning new songs at her piano lesson this week. 
Sam is taking part in a Judo competition at the weekend in Paisley. 
Leo is taking part in the Stewartry rugby festival on Sunday. 

You can track Miss Sarahs on the ‘London Marathon 2019’ app or the website by typing in her surname or race number, 23190. You also watch the race live on the BBC! 


Primary 4/5 

We have had a busy first week back after the Easter break.  

Lily – Our class received two TOP SECRET letters, with missions that we have been asked to complete. 

Coll – Our new topic is going to be based on the Titanic.  

Jesse-Leigh – We have discussed what we know already about the Titanic and what we would like to learn.  

Maxi – In PE we have started a block on athletics.  

Freya – We have practised our sprinting technique.  

Shea – This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication and division.  

Wider Achievement 
Freya – I learned how to do joined notes on the piano. 
Callum – At Cubs I learned how to pitch a tent.  
Maxi – At Cubs I learned how to use a hammer safely.  
Coll – I also learned how to use a hammer.  
Chloe – I learned how to do a front flip on a trampoline.  

Our times table challenges have started again this term. Please remember to practise.  

We are looking for any spare recycling/junk, scrap cardboard, yoghurt pots, old costume jewellery, fabric scraps, wood cut offs etc for a class project. Any donations would be very much appreciated.  


Primary 5 

We have had an enjoyable first week back after the holidays.

Emma “We made rose windows from Notre Dame Cathedral.” 
Anna “We found out how the Notre Dame cathedral came down.” 

Freya “We completed a survey in ICT.”

Georgia “We finished our Mary Queen of Scots topic” 


Lacey “We had a visit from Jamie from Nil By Mouth.” 
Skye “Jamie told us about sectarianism.” 

Isla “We did time in numeracy with Mrs. Starkey.” 

Wider Achievement 

Erin “I started rehearsals for the Railway Children at the theatre.” 
Niamh “I moved up a group in tennis.” 
Alper “I can punch 7 bags in 30 seconds in boxing.” 
Anna “Last Saturday me and Yvie did a swimming competition in Glasgow. I’m now in my second year of grade 2 ballet” 
Finlay “I reached tier 100 in fortnite. I got ruin” 
Douglas “I reached tier 97 in fortnite.” 
Yvie “With my riding I managed to start cantering again after a couple of weeks because Gypsy bucked me off and it knocked my confidence.” 
Josh “I completed a skin in fortnite.” 
Jack “I reached tier 89 on fortnite.” 
Lucy “I built a dirt house in minecraft.” 
Shannon “II built a house on minecraft and it took two weeks.” 
Emma “I did a front hand spring on my trampoline.”  
Eilidh “I’m working towards my grading in karate.” 


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6 


We welcomed our new teacher, Miss Rodger, to class this week. On Monday Miss Rodger will be Mrs Potts as she is getting married!

We have been setting up our own rewards points system for both the whole class and ourselves. On Friday we get to choose our rewards.

We have begun our new class topic which is about Europe.
Rosie would like to find out about the population of Europe.
The history of Europe interests Carlie.

We are working in pairs to research interesting information about European countries such as Finland, Poland, Latvia and Ireland.


Primary 6/7 

We have continued our WW2 topic this week and have focused on our 3rd Big Question about the roles adults played during the war.  

We are very excited to start reading the shiny new books on the reading scheme and have all chosen new Accelerated Reader books for the term. 

In maths this week the squares and rectangles have been multiplying 2 digit numbers using SAMSON methods. 

We played Tag Rugby with John on Tuesday afternoon. We will learn the skills of rugby over the next two weeks building into a rugby game in week 3. Pictures attached.  

Mya “ We have been learning to research the different roles people held during WW2” 

Aillie “ We have been using protractors to measure angles accurately” 

Melissa “ I chose The Toilet of Doom as my new Accelerated Reader book.” 

Wider Achievement 
Leland can now play Walk Me Home on his guitar and Brooke can play My Land on her chanter.  
Miriam has progressed to Grade 2 in her drum lessons.  
Kalim has joined the Scouts. 
Libby played her first cricket match with a hard ball…without injury! 

For the next fortnight we will have Rugby with John on Tuesday afternoons. A suitable P.E. kit should be brought on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays please.  


Primary 7

We have had a busy first week back after the holidays.

We have continued with our India topic. Pupils have begun working in groups to research and prepare group presentations about an area of Indian life that they are interested in. Some of the areas the pupils have chosen include; Bollywood, Indian fashion, Indian food, Important people, Popular sports and Indian animals. We also looked at Rangoli patterns during art this week. Pupils made their own Rangoli patterns in chalk, paint and out of natural resources. They enjoyed working in pairs and groups.

In maths pupils have been focusing on decimals and have completed assessments testing their knowledge of our learning. We will now be moving on to percentages.

John Muir, the Stewartry Rugby Development Officer, came in on Tuesday to deliver the first of three rugby sessions. The children had lots of fun.

Mr Coulthard gave us a demonstration of how to row correctly to help us prepare for our Cycle and Row Fundraising event on Saturday. The children enjoyed working on their technique.

Pupils have been issued a homework task to prepare for a solo talk which they will deliver to their peers. More information is on the sheet.

Pupils and parents taking part in the Fundraising event should have a copy of the rota. Please send sponsorship forms and money in next week, after the event.







A bit of drama while on holiday!

Our School Drama Club took a break from their holidays to help out with getting the scenery ready for their performance of Mary Poppins in the Summer Term and having a rehearsal of most of the songs too.

Thank you to all the children and staff who came along – the excitement is building but we’ll just have to wait a little longer till we can see the Show!



P5/6 raise £225 for Macmillan Cancer

P5/6 are so pleased to have raised money for Macmillan Cancer.

Mr Coulthard gave us all one pound and we managed to turn it into £225 by starting our own businesses.

Mrs Grierson works for Macmillan and she accepted our donation on their behalf. It was really interesting hearing about how our money helps people with cancer.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was able to buy the products we made.

Our Weekly News – April 5th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

School and Nursery Inspection
We were informed this week that we will be welcoming an Education Scotland Inspection Team to the School and Nursery very soon after the start of the new term. In preparation for the Inspection there are electronic surveys for parents, P4-7 pupils, staff and partner groups to complete. The link to the parent surveys will be sent out as soon as possible so could I please ask that you check your email inbox during the holidays.

Drama Club
Our Drama Club members from P5-7 have been working very hard on Monday evenings and Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes this term to prepare for the upcoming production of Mary Poppins Jr. Preparations are underway to build the set and props also. We’ve had lots of fun with the painting! Tickets will be on sale after Easter. 


School Uniform order forms for next session will be given out to children on the first day back to school after the holidays. Please note that all completed orders and payments should be returned to the school office by Tuesday 14th May to allow us to have delivery back to school before the summer holidays. 


Easter Holidays
We go on holiday today for our Easter Holiday. We return on Tuesday 23rd April for the Summer Term. Our pupils and staff have worked very hard over the long winter term and I hope that everyone has an enjoyable holiday.

Thank you
D Tyson

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a

This has been the last week of our Bear topic – one we’ve really enjoyed! We welcomed lots of wonderful homework projects into our classroom on Monday, which people have been admiring throughout the week. Thank you to everyone who came to see them on Thursday afternoon, and a big thank you to everyone who helped make our dens! 

Darla: My bear was sitting in my bear den.  
Luke: I made a polar bear den. It was made out of lego.  
Riley: Me and my Mum put bears in it and cotton wool. 

We also finished off our topic by learning more about polar bears. We all participated in the Polar Bear Experiment. We covered one hand in lard to act as the ‘fat’ under the polar bear’s skin. When we put both our hands – one with the blubber covering and one without – in the ice cold water, we realised how the bear stays warm living in the Artic! We really enjoyed this activity! 

Ethan: I liked the way that my hand with nothing on it wasn’t even cold.  
Amelia: We had bags on our hands. We were polar bears.  
Poppy: The loved the fat. It felts so squishy.  
Have a lovely holiday, everyone! 


Primary 1b 

We really enjoyed sharing our bear dens with our friends and families this week. 
Well done to all of the children for their hard work – the dens are fabulous! The children said they had lots of fun making them with their families.   
Ziya: “my bear den had a zip line” 

We have been practising our colours and numbers in French through different games in PE.  
Charlotte: “Vert is green.”  
William “Bleu is blue.” 
Brodie: “Rouge is red.”

Primary 2 

We went outside to look for signs of Spring. We looked closely at the trees and carefully drew exactly what we could see. Then we went back to class and created Spring trees using a selection of media. We also made colourful Easter pictures. 

Cara did really well when she read part of the Easter prayer in church on Friday.  

Ferne was chosen to take part in the silent obstacle course in church. 


Primary 2/3 

This has been the last week of our Night and Day topic and we have been busy building homes for Plop and learning about the stars. 

Maisy – We made houses for Plop in the nature garden. We all looked at each other’s and said what we liked about them.  

Gregor – We worked as a team. 

Aiden – We made clay owls and waited for them to dry to paint them. 

Rory – We have been learning about different types of stars. 

Zoe – The star that I like is the big dipper, I like the shape it is. 

Gregor – It also looks like a baseball cap. 

Lewis – We have been learning about planets that go round the sun. 

Brooke P – We have been learning to order the months this week. 

We have just finished a block of work on gymnastics. 

Alexander – We were jumping, rolling and balancing. I like jumping best because you go high. 


 Primary 3 and P3/4

We loved sharing our Spring Singalong performances with you this week! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have been exploring the story of The Velveteen Rabbit this week and thinking about the signs of Spring all around us. We enjoyed telling our friends about our own special toys that we have at home, just like the little boy in the story.

We worked in pairs on Friday to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt with P3/4. It was our own job to hide the egg from our partner and then think of a clue for them to solve in order to find it. We managed to find some egg-cellent hiding places and we had to make sure that our clues gave enough of a hint, without giving away the hiding place!

Happy Holidays!

Primary 4 

Harry Potter needed our help this week to create a new potion. He had found lots of materials that he could use however the material could only be added to the potion if they could dissolve in warm water. We decided to test the materials after making our own predictions using probability and chance words. Kacie used the words “possible, likely and even chance”. 

To make sure our investigation was fair, we had to make sure things stayed the same. Before we began, we agreed on the following.  

“Amount of water” Alfie 

“Temperature of the water” Leo. 

“How we mix it” Ben W. 

“All stirring the same” Saffron. 

“Time” Amelia. 

“Amount of material” Riley. 

We used words to describe what we saw happening in the beakers as part of our team observation. This helped us better understand the terms soluble and insoluble.  

“Getting smaller and smaller” Blaine. 

“Fades” Amelia. 

“Melts” Pawel 

“Loses its colour” Ben R. 

“Shrinks” Kianna. 

“Disintegrates” Callum. 

“Separates into bits and goes away” Kelvin. 

“Disappears” Lexi. 

To share our findings with Harry we drew him a diagram. Becky made a Carroll diargam and Fraser made a Venn diagram. 

On Thursday we were challenged to create a ramp using junk modelling materials that would make an Easter egg roll as far as possible. In teams we could choose the height of the ramp and surface of the ramp. To do this successfully we had to know about forces.  

“Forces make things move” Adam. 

“Push, pull, friction and gravity are forces” Lewis. 

“Friction pushes against the egg, it’s when two things rub together” Kacie. 

“Smoother ramps had low friction” Leo. 

“Carpet samples had high friction” Freya. 

Wider Achievement 

This week we said goodbye to our fabulous S6 students Erin and Kirsty. Both girls have been helping P4 with their learning and will be missed by all the children. Thank you for all your help! 


Primary 4/5 

This week we listened to the sequel of our class novel Light on Dumyat. It is called The White Stag Adventure and was also written by Charlotte and Alexander’s Grandpa. Half way through, we predicted what was going to happen next. We had great fun, coming up with lots of alternative endings.  

The P5s spent some time researching Scotland’s mountains, beaches and wildlife. They presented what they found to the rest of the class. We have really enjoyed our topic this term on Scotland. 

Brooke – I have enjoyed learning about different landmarks in Scotland.  

Freya – I liked presenting my topic on the Scott Monument to the rest of the class.  

Skye – Learning about The River Dee was interesting.  

Coll – I learned about different types of trees on our trip to Threave Nature Reserve. 

Ollie – I learned that Balmoral Castle has 775 rooms! 

Charlotte – The Glenfinnan Viaduct is featured in the Harry Potter films.  

Lily – We watched the local wildlife enjoying life on The River Dee.  

Lhlyaijana – It was interesting to know that you can’t build anything on a flood plain, unless it is on stilts.  

Wider Achievement 

Skye has been awarded the Jobs and Zero Waste badge at Brownies. Well done.  
Last weekend Freya played at a football festival and won some matches.  
Callum has learned to play the full scale on the chanter.  

Please remember to bring in an empty shoebox for a project we are beginning at the start of next term.  
Our Ferry Science Visit  payment is due to be paid by the end of May. Remember, this can be made in small weekly instalments if preferred.  

Have a lovely Easter break.


Primary 5/6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news.

Primary 6 

Primary 6 have been finishing off their Space science experiments this week. We had a group competition on Monday to see how far we could launch a plastic bottle rocket fueled by water pressure. We made a launch pad too. The thrust made from the air and water pressure when the bicycle pump jumps out of the bottle pushes the rocket the other way.

Some of the rockets shot along the ground but we did have a few lift off. We tried again on Thursday this time trying to get them launch straight up. The best rocket went at least 4 metres up in the air!

We also finished our Feis Rois traditional music sessions this week. Thank you to Ruth and Kate who have taught us many songs such as Herring Heids which is a working song from the Orkney Islands.

Thank you to our families who came along to hear us perform with P5 and P5/6 yesterday. Mr Tyson told us how much he enjoyed the tone of our singing – it was great!


Primary 6/7 

This week P6/7 have been learning more about the Blitz during WW2 – see our Green Screen video to listen to some of the most interesting things that we learned.   

We also have been working on some Blitz inspired art work. We have been learning to mix and blend colours and create silhouettes of the London Skyline. We have included some modern day features of the London skyline also like The Shard and The London Eye as well as Big Ben, London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Our artwork is the backdrop for our Green Screen video.   

For a bit of fun this week we are holding a decorated egg competition! Happy Easter, everyone!   


Reminder that there will be a Mary Poppins rehearsal during the Easter Holidays on Tuesday 16th. Please check your slip to see when you’ve to attend. Remember also to wear old clothes so that you can get involved in the set build too!   

Primary 7

On Wednesday some of the class went to a Cross Country competition: 

Me, Ollie and Rory T won the team event. – Sami 

I think I did really well because it was quite tough and I kept going. – Jayden. 

I came 34th and I’m really proud of myself because I didn’t give up or stop running. – Neave. 

The children have been working really hard at Show Club: 

I have been practicing my song, I am singing on my own and I have been perfecting it. – Morven. 

I know all my words and can now perform without looking at the script. – Ryan K. 

We finished off our Indian elephant art work this week: 

Indian elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years! – Sam. 

We were learning about Indian arts and crafts: 

We learned about henna. We drew designs and I chose to do an elephant on mine.- Daniel  P.  

Wider Achievement  

Two weeks ago I participated in a gymnastics competition. I got medals for 2nd on vault and 3rd on the floor. – Sophie. Last Friday I went for tri-outs for a new squad and I got in. – Sophie.  


The rota for our Sponsored Row and Cycle event will be sent home after the holidays.  
Sponsor forms and raised money should be returned to the school after the event.  
Show Club Easter holiday practice is Tues 16th April. 







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