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School Netball Team

Well done to our Netball Team who represented the school over several weeks in the Primary Netball League and came a great 2nd overall! Thanks also to Miss Niven and Miss Dooley for their coaching over the year.


Nursery and P1 Olympics!

Children in Primary 1b and  Nursery competed in a Mini-Olympics event on Tuesday the 21st of June. The children had a go at different Olympic events including hurdles, sprint races, gymnastics, basketball, hockey, javelin, discus and shot putt. All children tried their best and really enjoyed the afternoon. The children were presented with medals and enjoyed fruit from countries around the world as a reward for their hard work.

IMG_0635 (1) IMG_0565 (1) IMG_0515 (1) IMG_0499 (1)

Weekly News – June 17th

This Week’s News

Congratulations and best wishes to Mrs Hart, P1a Teacher, and family on the birth of baby Alfie earlier this week.
This week in P1a we have been learning how to brush our teeth.
Kianna – “We made giant toothbrushes.”
Freya L – “You need to brush your teeth for 2 minutes each time.”
We have started to make piggy banks out of milk bottles. We can’t wait to finish them.

P1b have had a very busy week practising for their assembly next Friday. We have started our new topic about the Olympics. We are looking forward to our Olympic afternoon with Nursery on Tuesday.
Riley – “We have been counting to 100.”
Oliver – “Running and table tennis are in the Olympics.”

This week in P2a we have been learning about food chains and we learned some new words. We are going to find out if eggs float or sink in different kinds of water. Emma’s dad is going to come and tell us about his job as a fisherman.

In P2b we designed logos for the Rio Olympics.
Olivia – “They are colourful.”
Yvie- “We had to make the picture big and clear.”
Erin – “I like doing division.”
The square and rectangles have worked on multiplying and sharing.”
Ellie-Jay joined our class this week.
Ellie-Jay – “I have new friends already.”
We designed waterproof suits for a deep sea diver.
Anna – I used tin foil for the top half because I thought it would be waterproof.”

P3 have made Father’s Day trophies. Amy moved up a level in swimming and so did Oliver. Cian has finished swimming. The class took part in a times table treasure hunt.

In P3/4 we have been writing our final “Big Writing” assignment for the session. It is a narrative/ descriptive story.
Thanks to you all for your support during my time in P3/4. It has been fun and a challenge! What a great class and wonderful children. Hope to see you next session – Mr MacIsaac

P4 This week the class have been looking up facts about their favourite sports stars and writing exciting letters to them. They have also enjoyed their last session of Let’s Cook and would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who were involved.

This week P4/5 have been busy with their Big Writing assessments. We wrote a diary entry based on Mr Mingin by David Walliams. We have also been learning about internet safety this week. Well done to Ryan K for completing his block of horse riding lessons and also Mia for doing so well in her dance exam.

In P5/6 we have been writing imaginery stories in Literacy and we have been learning about Frequency tables and the skills needed to create them. We have also researched different theme parks and why customers visit them as we have begun our new topic on theme parks this week. We are all really excited to learn more. A reminder that our Junk modelling homework challenge is due next week.

This week in P6/7 we have been rehearsing for our show. Tickets are on sale now. We are all enjoying working on our personal Olympic projects where we are developing skills in lots of different areas.
Well done to both our boys and girls football teams who both reached the final day of the Stewartry’s Paul Jones tournament on Saturday.

After a series of games the girls reached their final which they won in extra -time – very Well Done! The boys’ team did not qualify for the final this year but had done really well in the weekly games conceding only 3 goals in 17 games. Thank you to all the pupils who have attended training and did so well in tournament and also to Mrs Tait and Mr McClune for the time and commitment they give to coaching the Teams.

A reminder that the school welcomes news on Wider Achievement – ‘big and small’ activities and achievements that happen out of school, e.g. a pupil has baked a cake for the first time, can now tie their shoelaces, swam a length of the pool, won an award for a sport, etc

Please send in an email (photos also welcome) or a note so we can add wider achievements to Good Work folders. Pupils in p4-7 can add photos and comments directly in to their My Merit (online portfolio) pages.

Next Week’s News
It unfortunately looks as though we are due to be hit by heavy rain on Sunday night and into Monday morning which will mean the Sports Field will be too wet to use. According to the BBC and Met Office websites the rest of the week looks to be dry. Our P7s are away Tuesday to Thursday so we hope to have our Sports races on Friday morning.
P4-7 races will start at 10am and, following P1b’s Assembly, our P1-3s will join them on Sports Field for their races starting at 11am. We will end up with Parent Races and Inter-House relays before having a Picnic Lunch.
There will be a normal school lunch on Monday 20th.
P1a – Class town walk Tuesday afternoon. Move up afternoon on Wednesday and move up morning on Thursday. Have fun meeting your new teacher.
P3/4 – We hope Miss Dooley is going to be back with the class on Move up day on 22nd –23rd June.
P7’s are at Castle Douglas High School Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June for their Induction Days.

Coming Up 13th – 17th June

Fingers crossed the weather holds for our Sports Morning on Monday 13th June  – Please wear your PE Kit. Children are welcome to wear House colours if they wish – Deer (blue), Eagle (green), Hare (red) and Swift (yellow).

The Sports Activities start at 9:45 am with P4-7 races and P1-3 activities. There will then be a short break before P1-3 races and P4-7 activities.


P6 and 7 pupils then have the opportunity to take part in the Long Distance race, followed by Mums and Dads race and then the Inter-House relay.

After the Sports Trophy has been presented to the winning house all the children will go back to class for handwashing, collect lunch and then return to the Sports Pitch for ‘The Big Picnic’ and families are very welcome to join in this too.

P1b Farm Trip on Friday 17th June (Helpers needed) and Assembly on Friday 24th June.

P5 reminder – Big Writing Assessment this week.

Weekly News – June 10th

This week in P1a we have been learning our number stories to 9. Kianna “9+0=9” Isla “2+7=9” Gary “5+4=9”

We went a visit to Tesco. Ben “We tried some cheese.” Katie “We went in the big freezers brrrr!!” “The big lorry reversed in to the depot and we saw lots of milk coming out.”

P1b have been learning all about healthy foods. We went on a visit to Tesco to learn  all about where our food comes from.  We had great fun.

In P2a we have been learning about the two times table. We have been doing experiments about floating and sinking.  Rudy learned some materials float and others sink.  Emma learned a lollipop stick floats.  We had a sports practice. Eilidh “I liked the egg and spoon race”

Our challenge in P2b this week was to make boats which could float and hold shells. Yvie, Kai, Jessica and Lacey managed to get theirs to float and hold 5 shells. Well done!!!  We also did an experiment to see if an egg floated or sank in fresh and salty water.  We made predictions and tested them. Barney – “I think it will sink in salty water.” Yvie – ” I think it will float in salty water.” Coll thought it was really interesting.

P3 have learned about the story of Medusa and they made Medusa masks. The class have been writing letters and learned about the Greek alphabet.  In Maths we have been learning about Data Analysis.

In P3/4 the class has completed the “Wellie project”. They look fantastic!!!  We have been singing with P5/6 and are sounding better every day.

This week in P4 we have been starting to research Olympic athletes. We have also been preparing for Sports Day and are becoming pros at the sack race.  On Thursday, Mr Tyson brought the Galloway Mountain Rescue van and allowed us to see/try some of the First Aid equipment.

P4/5 have been busy this week examining graphs. We have also been taking photos and uploading them.  We have also been classifying animals.  We were surprised to learn that a dolphin was a mammal.  Caitlin, Craig and Erin took part in a bike skills session which they thought was really fun.

P5 have travelled a staggering 3600 miles in their Daily Mile Challenge and have now reached Washington DC. They had fun at their first tin whistle session and hope to show some videos of this soon.

P5/6 in Maths this week have been working with data and having fun learning about frequency tables. We have been planning an imaginary writing piece and have enjoyed thinking of ideas to use.  In topic, Kacey enjoyed learning about Oman and the United Nations Convention of Childrens Rights.  We all enjoyed making Mr Stink out of indoor materials.  We enhanced our communication and teamwork skills.

This week in P6 Anna and Ruby did a fencing demo and Tessa and Leah played against Annan and won a medal.

In P6/7 we have been practising for our play . For PE we’ve been playing rounders.
P7 did their solo talks for the High School teachers. We had to talk for at least three minutes on someone who has inspired us.


A reminder that the school welcomes news on Wider Achievement – ‘big and small’ activities and achievements that happen out of school, e.g. a pupil has baked a cake for the first time, can now tie their shoelaces, swam a length of the pool, won an award for a sport, etc


Please send in an email (photos also welcome) or a note so we can add wider achievements to Good Work folders. Pupils in p4-7 can add photos and comments directly in to their My Merit (online portfolio) pages.

Parentzone Scotland Update

Parentzone Scotland

Parentzone Scotland is a one-stop-shop for information and advice on education and learning in Scotland.

New content has been added to Parentzone Scotland on a number of topics including: Gaelic Medium Education; brain development in the early years; Children’s Rights; School food and drink; Families and Community Connections and Restorative Approaches.


Online Safety Training for Parents

respectme, is offering FREE practical Online Safety Training for adults in Glasgow city centre on the 5th July and 10th August between 10.00-12.00 noon. Find out more information here.


Active Play

Active Play is a Go2Play initiative which uses play and structured games to deliver fun, active, and inclusive play sessions for children. These are designed to increase their activity levels and movement skills – all whilst having fun.


When a child can’t go to school

This new factsheet explains children and young people’s rights to education and support when they are absent from school due to ill health or unable to attend for other reasons.


Find out about the latest updates on additional support for learning here


Helping Children Learn

This new publication for practitioners to help non-resident parents get involved in their child’s education may also be of interest to parents.



Let’s Talk about Maths

A group set up to encourage greater enthusiasm for maths amongst children and young people; their parents and carers and the wider public and challenge the negative attitudes towards maths across Scotland wants to hear the views of parents and young people.


Further information is available here and in the published interim report.



Read, Write, Count

The Read, Write, Count website is for parents of young children. It is packed with ideas that make children happier and more confident – giving them the best start in life.


The first Read, Write, Count bags for Primary 2 and Primary 3 children will arrive in schools in autumn 2016, around the same time as the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag. The new bags will give parents and children the resources and confidence they need to have fun reading, writing and counting at home. Visit Scottish Book Trust’s website for more information about the bags.


‘Speaking your Language’

Find out how Primary 1 teachers are helping parents share in their children’s language learning journey in and out of school.

PTA News – a review of the Year’s Activities

During the Autumn term, the PTA held a Hallowe’en disco for all the children and provided a tuck shop at the disco, which always goes down well with the children. The PTA are always looking out for helpers at these events, so please let us know if you would be interested in helping out on the night.


Christmas crackers were donated by a generous parent and the PTA, for the children to enjoy at their annual Christmas Dinner. The PTA also held raffles at the P1-4 Concerts which were very successful.


The PTA also joined the website –Easyfundraising.co.uk website. It’s a cash back website, with the retailers donating money to the PTA simply because you bought something online.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but raises money for the PTA.  Please sign up & select ‘Castle Douglas Primary School’ as your Cause & remember to go to Easyfundraising & then click through to Amazon (or any other retailer) before you buy – one extra click raises much needed funds.


Since Christmas, the PTA held a Snowman Drive in February, which had to be re-scheduled from January due to the bad weather. Many thanks to those who came along to the event – it was a great atmosphere!  Thanks also go to all who donated to the raffle as there was a fantastic array of prizes!!  £334.25 was raised at the event to support activities in the school, including school trips, and the buses needed for some of these trips.


The PTA are always looking for ideas of different fund-raising events to do with the children so please contact us if there is anything you can suggest.


During the Spring Term, the PTA have been looking into a Cookery Book involving the children and we held a Shorts N Shades Disco for the children on Thursday 2nd June.


Our next meeting will be our AGM on Monday 5th September at 6:30pm in the School Staff Room – our meetings are very relaxed and informal so please come along if you would like to be involved in any of the above or if you have some new ideas.

Weekly News – June 3rd

This Week’s News

In P1a this week we had Lexi’s mummy in our class to talk about looking after a baby. Katie – “Babies need baths.” Kelvin – “Keep changing the baby’s nappies.” Thank you Lexi’s mum from P1a.

Alfie and Kelvin won a football trophy when they played a competition for Threave Rovers – well done boys.


This week in P2a we have been looking at the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We have completed book reports and sequenced the sky correctly.  In maths we have been counting in tens and units.

Jack – “It was funny when the seagulls didn’t like mustard sandwiches in the story.” Jake – “I think tens and units are easy.”


This week in P3 we have been doing information and data handling. We share our assembly. And Molly really enjoyed it. Lexie really liked doing the actions. We wrote acrostic poems about summer and played games outside.


P3/4 are making progress painting their wellies. Looking great – but not quite ready to plant.  They should be ready to view and buy at Parent’s Night on the 8th June.
This week in P4 we have been learning about the importance of sleep and relaxation. We did some fun yoga activities in class.  We have also been working hard on our mental maths.  Next week we will be starting to learn about the Olympic Games.


This week P4/5 have been looking at data handling. We made bar graphs on the computer and also made Venn and Carroll diagrams.  We have planted spinach, tomatoes, cress and peas.  We can’t wait to track their growth.

Daniel says “I liked planting the spinach seeds but it was quite difficult to follow the instructions.”

Rory says “I was pleased this week because I got 10/10 on my Accelerated reader test for Flat Stanley.

Ryan K says “It takes 40 years to grow an acorn tree. I found this out from my info trail book.”


Our challenge in P5 this week was to reach New York in our Daily Mile Challenge. As a class we travelled 209.25 miles which means we made it!  We have now reached Europe, Asia, Africa and now North America.  Can we reach South America?  We have started a new mini topic on Electricity with Miss Solley.


This week in P6/7 the P7’s have been finishing off their My Merit profiles for High School and working on their solo talks. In maths we have been learning how to calculate Time, Distance and Speed.  We enjoyed practising our Sports Day events.

Primary 7 have been working on their solo talks and also personal challenge activities based on the Olympic Games. Outwith school Jake passed his PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Licence. Fiona represented the school at Golf and Amelia was 2nd in a ballet event (Grade 4) in Glasgow.


The school’s Netball team are playing at Crossmichael, they have won 9 out of 12 games so far with 2 weeks to go. Our boys and girls football teams are also involved in weekly matches for the Paul Jones Trophy. Both teams are trying very hard and we will find out soon whether they will reach the final or not.


A reminder that the school welcomes news on Wider Achievement – ‘big and small’ activities and achievements that happen out of school, e.g. a pupil has baked a cake for the first time, can now tie their shoelaces, swam a length of the pool, won an award for a sport, etc

Please send in an email (photos also welcome) or a note so we can add wider achievements to Good Work folders. Pupils in p4-7 can add photos and comments directly in to their My Merit (online portfolio) pages.



Next Week’s News

P1a – Thursday 9th June we are going on a visit to Tesco.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather that day Thanks.

Parent’s Evening 8th June 5:30pm – 7:15pm

Rag Bag Collection 9th June

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge


This year’s Summer Reading Challenge for children is The Big Friendly Read.  It will start in every library and mobile library across Dumfries and Galloway from Saturday 11th June and finish on Saturday 3rd September.


To complete the challenge children need to register at their local library and then visit the library 4 times over the summer holidays and read six books of their choice. Staff at the library will ask them about the books they’ve read and then give them a Roald Dahl Collectors Card to add to a special Big Friendly Read Collector’s folder. They receive incentives along the way and when they finish they will receive a medal and certificate.


The Big Friendly Read will encourage reading on a giant scale and highlight six key themes -invention, adventure, mischief, word play, child champions and friendship – that are explored in Roald Dahl’s most famous books, and will encourage children to expand their own reading by exploring similar themes, fantastic facts, characters and stories across the best contemporary children’s writing.



Weekly News – May 27th

This Week’s News

P1a and the Nursery enjoyed a Teddy Bear’s Picnic as part of our Nursery to P1 transition. We made yummy biscuits and pizzas and enjoyed having them at our picnic. Chloe – “We had face painting.” Ollie – “We had drinks.” Oliwier – “We made fruity kebabs with Liz from Tesco.” Sam – “We made bear headbands.” Kelvin – “We wrote stories to our bears.”

This week P1b have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We wrote a recipe for friendship and interviewed other pupils and staff.  It was fun! Spelling homework is looking great, keep up the super work.  Letters are coming out this week about a Tesco trip on the 7th June. If any parents can help please could you contact Miss Niven thank you.

P2a went to Rockcliffe to learn about the animals that live at the seaside with the Rangers. We went to see rockpools and we saw crabs, sea anemones, sea weed and winkles.

We drew pictures and decorated them with shells. We saw a lighthouse on the island.  Then we had our lunch and then we played.

Curtis – “I liked looking in the rockpools.” Eilidh – “I liked seeing the tide come up to the beach.” Ruby – “I liked building sandcastles.” Duncan – “I liked when we got to see the winkles.”

P3 have been working on Olympic rings, assembly songs, area of shapes, athletics, keeping healthy and favourite sport stones. P3 shared an Olympic Assembly on Friday – it was great!

P3/4 – we have begun painting designs on the wellies – looking great. P5/6 have joined us for a singing session.  It was a great success and we plan to do more.

In P4 we have been practising our adding and subtracting skills to help us add and give change in money. We have also had an exciting week with lots of visitors.  Victoria, a personal trainer, taught us exercises for different muscles in our bodies and the Edinburgh Science Festival team taught us about our organs and how to stay healthy.

This week in P4/5 we had another visit from Pitch, Pulse and Magic. We thought about the stories and feelings expressed through music.  We completed our class novel and we have written book reviews. Well done to Skye, Sophie and Lucy for scoring 100% on the Accelerated reader Quiz for Sky Hawk.  On Thursday afternoon we learned more about the body through the Edinburgh Science Workshop.

P5 have welcomed Miss Solley (1st year Glasgow Student) into our class.  We are less than 200 miles from New York in our class Daily Mile.  Next week, if we do 6 laps a day each we will have done it! In health we have been learning about internet safety.  Next week, we hope to start a challenge which we will need everyone’s help for.  We all delivered a class talk about a chosen subject.  There was a wide range of topics from Karate, Ice Skating, Computer games, Sports clubs and many more interesting topics.

This week in P6/7 we have been writing historical newspaper reports about the first Olympic Games. In art, we have been creating pictures inspired by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto.  Our Primary 6’s enjoyed their trip to Operation Safety.  They learnt about taking responsibility for their own safety, citizenship and how to cope in emergencies.

In P7 we have been working on data handling. We are creating our own artwork in the style of Brazilian artist Romero Britto. The class is reminded to practise their own solo talk presentation.  The Paul Jones Football team won all their games this week.



Next Week’s News

P1b – Farm trip 17th June.  Please return slips and our Class Assembly is on Friday 24th June.

P3/4 – A reminder to please check in school bags for notices on the Queen’s birthday, P4-7 Disco and Rag Bag.

PTA Disco Thursday 2nd June

INSET Day Friday 3rd June

Please send in an email (photos also welcome) or a note so we can add wider achievements to Good Work folders. Pupils in p4-7 can add photos and comments directly in to their My Merit (online portfolio) pages.

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