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Achievement Assembly

img_1074Primary 1 to 7 had an Assembly today to share some of our achievements both in and out of school. We heard about Horse Riding, Triathlon, Bagpipe Chanter, Football and Country Dancing. Each class then chose their Pupil of the Month and shared the reasons why.
P3-7 Pupils have also been set an Accelerated Reading Challenge. So far 3,575,000 words have been read since August by our P3-7 pupils – our challenge is to reach 5,000,000 by 14th October!



Weekly News – September 23rd

School News The school has enrolled in an online reading activity called The First Minsters Reading Challenge. It is for P4-7 pupils and we will find out more information soon on how pupils and parents can be involved.

Tesco – Outdoor Learning Project Voting for our Outdoor Learning Bid will now start on October 31st to 13th November – more information to follow after the holidays.

PTA Ready Steady Cook Event

Seats (£2.50) are still available for the event on Thursday 29th at the Fullarton Theatre. We have two pupils, Erin P3 and Charlie P7, and two teachers, Miss Conacher (P4) and Mrs Philpott (P1/2) helping two chefs prepare some (hopefully!) delicious food. It promises to be a fun, entertaining evening and it starts at 6:30pm.

House Captains who are available are asked to be at the Theatre for 6:10pm to help sell raffle tickets. Donations of raffle prizes will be gratefully received and should be handed in to the school by Wednesday please.


Class News

This week in P1 we had a fun topic afternoon with P1/2. We took part in experiments where we had to use our senses.  We described different tastes, smells and sounds and made guesses to what the different objects were. Kahlen – “I liked the toothpaste smell.”

Ewan – “I liked the tasting challenge.”

Georgie – “I guessed all of the sounds correct.”


In P1/2 we have started our new outdoor senses topic, with a focus on the story “We’re going on a bear hunt.” We have learned what the five senses are and how we use them.  We had fun identifying different tastes, smells and sounds and we have been discussing and sequencing the story together.

Rhuben – “We have a cave in the classroom.”

Ruby – “My favourite jar was the chocolate smell.”


In P2a we have been learning to spell tricky words. Lily says she could not spell them before but now she can.  We have been learning to speak French and are learning a poem.  We made a kaleidoscope with Mrs Harris.


In P2b Riley “I like counting up to 100.” We made ‘surreal’ eye pictures in art.  “I enjoyed making the pictures.”

Becky – We worked in groups in PE doing throwing and catching activities. Isla is pupil of the month for being polite, helpful and always trying her best in class.


This week in P3a, they made storyteller changers and were counting up in tens. Isla won a medal for gymnastics.
In P3b, Barney achieved pupil of the month for always working hard in class. Barney’s Grandpa – Mr Douglas Whitelaw visited us to tell us about his role as Provost of Castle Douglas.  Yvie is learning to canter on her pony today. Josh has moved up to the blue group in swimming.

P4 are working hard towards our assembly and we have been learning more about Wateraid. We have been making crafts to sell afterwards.  We also finished our Water Walk and have made a documentary we are excited to share at our assembly on Sept 30th at 9:15am.


This week in P5 “We moved on to place value in Maths” – Katie.  “In PE with Mrs Johnston and Miss Wright we are doing hockey.” Mia. “I scored a great goal in football.” – Neave B


This week in P5/6 Andrew says “We have been learning about Fairtrade.” We are making info leaflets about Fairtrade. This week we have been working extra hard to get a ‘Golden Ticket’ to let us into our film afternoon on Friday. Ryan K is enjoying Mrs Johnstone’s PE lessons.  “We have been learning about the rules of tag rugby.” Casey finished making her doll out of felt at Stitchclub on Wednesday.


In P6 we have been learning how to multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been taking notes while watching a music video.  We presented information about countries in Europe and got feedback.  We have been continuing with our hockey development.


This week in P7 we have been rounding and estimating in class. We have applied this to money and have estimated the cost of shopping.  We have also been peer assessing, editing and redrafting our writing.  We hope to display these on our ‘P7 Writers Wall’ Well done to Star for being awarded with ‘Pupil of the month’


Next Week’s News

P1 – Please remember to bring your homework every day. Have a go at playing eye spy with the sounds we know.

P3a – Threave Castle trip on Monday 26th September

P3b – We are going to Threave Castle on Wednesday. We need to bring a packed lunch and wear waterproof clothes.

P4 – Please come and join us for our assembly and bring any spare change!

PTA Newsletter – September 2016

Click here to download a copy of our PTA News – information on events and how families can support the school. 🙂

Tesco Bags of Help – Vote for CDPS!

We have received some very exciting news. Before the summer holidays the school submitted a bid to the Tesco Bags of Help scheme to help towards the purchase of outdoor equipment for Nursery School and Learning Centre.

We have received the news that our project is one of three chosen to go forward to a public vote which runs from Monday 26th September to Sunday 9th October in local Tesco stores.

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative across Scotland. The scheme will see three community groups and projects awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge. Greenspace Scotland are working with Groundwork to support Scottish communities. 

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags.

The public will now vote in store from 26 September to 9 October on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. In total, there is over £12.5 million up for grabs.


Our project is to develop our outdoor learning by providing more opportunities for active and creative play.

We have lots of ideas including :

e.g. mud kitchens and ‘cube dens’ for our early years area. A traversing wall and climbing frame for older pupils. Outdoor boards and mirrors for everyone to use.

Please do share this post and raise awareness of the vote which starts next Monday (26th) to help us win as much as possible so we can develop our outdoor learning – thank you!

Weekly News – September 16th


Learning Targets in maths, language and health and wellbeing for the term ahead will be coming home very soon. Please keep your copy at home and there will be an opportunity to review and discuss the targets with your child and their teacher before Christmas.

A reminder that the PTA is holding a Ready Steady Cook event at the Fullarton Theatre on 29th September. Tickets can be ordered from the Fullarton Box office or online. Please book early as it may be that no seats will be available ‘at the door’ on the 29th.

All our school diary dates can be found by clicking the post on the Facebook page, on the calendar link of the School App or on the School website.



We had fun this week in P1 learning our new sound – p. We had a Pirate Picnic and completed lots of pirate themed activities. “I liked getting my face painted.” Eli R “We made parrots using paints.” – Kahlen. “We liked playing pirate musical statues.” – Struan

Struan showed us the medal he won when he completed the bike race at the Tour of Britain day. Well done Struan!


In P1/2 we have been exploring Ten Town this week. We have learned all about Fiona 5, Seal 6 and Sir 7.  We are learning to count, identify form and order the numbers.  In P2, we have been adding the numbers in different ways.

“Fiona 5 likes sports – we go down round then do her arms.” – Lucca

We also gathered information and displayed it on pictograms. We made one about our eye colour, hair colour and our favourite colour.

Jazmine – “Adding is fun. We were playing lots of games.”

Charley – “Seal 6 bounces the ball 6 times.”


Last week in P2a, we were learning about braille. We can write our names using braille and use our fingers to feel the bumps.  Lexi says she thought it was more lumpy.  Isla says it would be strange to read like that.


This week in P2b “I enjoyed working with a partner at gym on the MUGA.” – Ria

“I liked my reading book.” – Alannah

The class has been working on numbers to 20. “I liked doing Maths.” – Kelvin


P3a went on a town walk on Tuesday. We saw lots of different things in Castle Douglas such as the clock tower, visited the fire station and figured out where the old railway bridge was. Hayden said “The walk was great fun.” Douglas said he learned there used to be four schools in Castle Douglas. This week, out of school, Ruby did her first proper dive into the deep end. Well done Ruby!  Duncan also scored his first try at Stewartry Sharks game. Well done Duncan!


This week in P3b we have been learning our addition and subtraction stories. We were building different 3D shapes.  We went on our town walk to look for evidence of the past.  We found the railway bridge and evidence of four schools.

Sam, Olivia, Skye, Myley, Ellie-Jay, Lucy, Anna, Reece, Lacey, Alper, Yvie and Josh can all do a front flip on their trampolines.

Have a look at some of our photos when we visited the Archaeological Dig at Torrs a few weeks ago.


This week in P4 we have been looking at easy ways we can save water. We have also been looking at access to water and started a special project for our assembly on September 30th.

Well done to Lotti who got her bronze booklet at Choir.


In P5 we had lots of fun making our Oompa Loompa – Ollie

We did some research in ICT about fish, amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles – Morven

Subtracted, add and times – Mia

We are doing lots of fun activities with Roald Dahl – Mya

We did “We are together” sheet – Neave B

“I passed my country dancing and I am getting a medal.” – Isla

Threave Rovers beat Terregles 12-1 – Sam


This week in P5/6 we have been learning about animal adaptations. Bob researched spider mokeys, Leland looked at crocodiles and Chloe studied tigers.  In Maths, we have been working on problem solving  tasks focusing on function machines, addition and place value.  Craig competed in the Stewartry mini-tri festival.  He enjoyed this very much.


This week in P6 we have been learning about our feelings and emotions. In drama, we did a role in the wall to understand character emotions.  In hockey we have been learning new skills, this week we focused on the push pass and how to stop the ball.  At stitchclub Chloe has almost finished her first ever felt bookmark and Callie finished her snake doorstop.  In class we have been learning the value of numbers in Maths.  The class have also been creating presentations to learn more about the different countries in Europe.

In P6/7 we took part in a Roald Dahl webcast to celebrate his 100th birthday.  We learned how to divide 2 or 3 digit numbers by 6 and 7.


This week in P7 pupils enjoyed finding out more about Roald Dahl and completing some Roald Dahl inspired activities. Maisie came up with the idea of a ‘Mood Bar’ where your mood is changed with every square and Charlie came up with a ‘wifi wizzle bar’ that gives you 3G internet connection.  We also created Quentin Blake inspired drawings.  Well done to Star, Maisie and Anna for competing in the interschool Triathlon.  Matthew also took part in a fun run at the weekend.


Reminders for Next Week


P2b – We have PE every Monday, could kits please be in bags. Thanks

P4 – We will still be completing the daily mile next week whatever the weather. Please make sure you bring waterproof jackets just in case.

P5/6 – A reminder that spelling words will be given out on a Monday with a spelling test on a Friday.

P6 presentations will be starting on Monday.

P7 – PE is on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. We are looking at ‘What’s in the news this week. Pupils are to bring in news articles which they find interesting to discuss in class.

Weekly News – September 9th

Welcome to our Weekly News Update.


PTA The PTA held their first meeting of the new school year and have set up a range of events for the 2016/17 session. The first event is Ready Steady Cook at the Fullarton Theatre on Thursday 29th September at 6:30pm. Pupil and staff will help two local chefs complete a meal from mystery ingredients as well as hints and tips from the chefs including how to make ‘quick’ ice cream. Tickets are available from the Fullarton Theatre Box Office online at http://www.thefullarton.co.uk/booking  or phone 01556 504506. Quite a few seats have already been taken so please book early to secure a seat!

Parent Council – there is a Parent Council Meeting on Monday 7pm in the Staffroom. New memebrs are very welcome to come along.

Pupil Council

Our Pupil Councillors have had their first meeting and one of their tasks is to collect the weekly class news.

Our Councillors are P1 – Georgie P1/2 – Coby P2a – Katie P2b –Emily-Rose P3a -Rudy P3b – Kai P4 -Lexie P4/5 -Mylie P5 – Mia P5/6 –Andrew A P6 – Jessica P6/7 – Madison P7 – Aiden

We also have two new Junior Road Safety Officers – Taylor and Sophie (both P6 age) who will be responsible for a Walk to School Survey next week.

Parent Helpers A big thank you to parents who have returned reply slips offering to help in the school. A timetable is being made up and we will be in touch soon.



Primary 1 This week in P1 we have been learning two new sounds ‘t’ and ‘i’.

Struan – “We can write ‘’i’ by writing a line down and then a flick. Don’t forget the dot. Georgie – “I enjoyed drawing things beginning with ‘t’ like a toad. P1 has also been learning about the days of the week. We have enjoyed listening to stories and learning the character names.

Please remember to bring your homework bag every day. On Monday 12th there is a P1 parent Information Evening from 6-7pm. Please come to the school hall. On Tuesday 13th is a P1 Pirate Day.


Primary 1/2

In P1/2 this week we have been thinking about ourselves and our community. We worked in teams with P1 to build houses from lots of different materials.  Leah said “We used lollipop sticks to build our house.  Our house had to have a roof and a door.”


Primary 3a

P3a have been learning about HTU. We have been enjoying The BFG and drawn scale pictures.  We have been working with 3D shapes. We have been talking about the local community and having French conversations. Duncan won a karate medal and Harrison went to street dancing for the first time.

Primary 3b

P3b have been learning about HTU in numeracy. We have been learning to join our handwriting this week. Last week we went to the archeological dig at Torrs Farm.  We loved digging and sieving looking for ancient objects.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find any. Olivia moved up to the blue group in swimming.  Anna moved up from the little class to Grade 1 in Ballet.  Erin has moved up a level in gymnastics and football.


Primary 4

This week in P4 we have been learning about the Water Cycle. We have made ICT animations, a big art display and have created water inspired poetry.  We have also been practising water songs for our assembly at the end of the month.  Congratulations to Lois who did really well at the Open Show in her horseriding.


Primary 4/5

P4/5 made bread and popcorn with Miss Gainford as part of our Health and Wellbeing topic on food. We are learning how to play hockey.  The class has started reading Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Mylie came first in every dance she did at a competition in Dumfries.  Kalim, Noah O and Jake have moved from Beavers to Cubs. Harris has moved from white belt to red belt in Judo.  Noah S took part in a Lego competition in Newcastle and came first.

Primary 5

In P5 we are learning about the bones in topic, where humans came from (the past) and Mrs Kinghorn is teaching us French. Sophie is going to be starting Taekwondo.  Some of the girls and Mya are getting ready for the ballet show.

Primary 5/6

This week P5/6 have been learning about place value in maths. Our topic this term is the Rainforest and we have been making soundscapes to re-create a thunder storm in the rainforest.  This was fun but proved a real challenge.  We are working with P4/5 on an art activity that we have named “full of imagination”.  Pictures to follow next week.  Erin was 3rd in a chanter competition at the weekend.

Primary 6

In P6, we have learned about the brain and all the different parts and what they do. We have also been learning about Europe and artists from Germany, Anselm Fiefer.  The class also started a little project about the different countries in Europe. George has moved on a level on the drums and Emma is practising for an ice skating competition.  Chloe and Callie are practising for their ballet competition.


Primary 6/7

In Primary 6/7 there has been a focus on multiplying and dividing this week. This has included sums like 584 x 7. The class has also started a Times Table Challenge. Primary 7s have been reviewing their Kingswood Visit with posters and Writing to follow.


Primary 7

Mackinley in P7 hit PB at golf course. Pupils’ completed the Leap of Faith at Kingswood and had a go on the zipwire.  Lewis and Danny moved up to Scouts and John (Pentathlete) going to fencing club.



A reminder that the school welcomes news on Wider Achievement – ‘big and small’ activities and achievements that happen out of school, e.g. a pupil has baked a cake for the first time, can now tie their shoelaces, swam a length of the pool, won an award for a sport, etc

Please send in an email (photos also welcome) or a note so we can add wider achievements to Good Work folders. Pupils in P4-7 can add photos and comments directly in to their My Merit (online portfolio) pages.



Looking ahead to Next Week’

Parent Council Meeting – Monday 12th at 7pm.

P1 and P1/2 – Pirate Day on Tuesday 13th September.

P3a and P3b are going on a history Town Walk next week. P3a on Tuesday morning and P3b on Wednesday morning.

P4 – if anyone has any spare pringle tubes / kitchen roll tubes we’d really appreciate them for an upcoming art project.

P5/6 – Could all pupils please have names on all school clothes, including PE kits which they should have in school everyday.

P6 – Please bring PE kit on a Monday and Wednesday. Homework is due every Friday.

PTA – Ready Steady Cook

Ready Steady Cook

Cycle Maths Challenge

Bike 2On Sunday 4th September the stage 1 of the Cycle Tour of Britain will be finishing in Castle Douglas.

We would like to invite the school community to join us in creating a Maths Challenge about Mr Tyson’s bike! Our challenge is to create as many maths questions as possible about the bicycle. Questions can be for Nursery children all the way through to Primary 7.

e.g. For younger pupils How many wheels does the bike have? (Counting skills) What shape is a wheel? (Shape recognition).
For older pupils If the radius of a wheel is 10cm how large is the diameter? (Shape) Where parts of the bike (a) and (c) meet – estimate the size of angle and say whether it is acute or obtuse. (Angle)

Please post your maths questions here or on our website (leave a comment) or write them on a piece of paper and it can be handed in to class teachers.

Our next challenge will then be to try and answer all the questions!


School Newsletters – Survey

Dear CDPS Family


We would like to explore with you different ways of sending out school newsletters. Sending information electronically would be very helpful as it would allow the school to send out information quickly and greatly reduce our photocopying costs.


Newsletters could be received via Facebook page, School App, School Website and also by email.


It is appreciated that not every family will have regular access to the Internet and paper copies will always be made available.


The eldest child in each family will be bringing home a reply sheet today which asks for a family response on how to receive newsletters. Could I please ask that this form is returned by Thursday 25th as we have a large newsletter to go out on Friday.


Your family’s response can also be made electronically by posting your family’s name and preference

in a) Facebook post reply

  1. b) School website post (click on comments tab)
  2. c) Send an email to gw08officecastle@glow.sch.uk



Thank you

D Tyson


Welcome to the New Session

Welcome to the new session and especially to our new P1s who have also settled in very well.
We had an assembly on Friday and it was great to see so many smiley faces and sea of gold and black uniforms.

We will be starting our weekly class news again over the next few weeks to keep families up to date with what has been happening in school.
School events can also be viewed by clicking on the Facebook diary post link, school website and from the School App.

This week we have an information evening on Tuesday at 6pm for P7 Kingswood families for any last questions about next week’s visit.


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