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Weekly News – December 2nd

This Week’s News
Please scroll down for some photographs of some of the activities.

School News
Thank you for Voting For Us – Tesco Bags of Help Award!

The school has won £12000 in the Tesco Bags of Help awards to buy large and small equipment for our outdoor environment. The Pupil Council is working hard to gather more ideas and make a final choice on how the money is spent. We will share how the work goes over the next few months.

Class news


We have been discussing our favourite toys. We tried to describe our toy and why they are our favourite.

Georgie: “My favourite is Scruffy dog because I have had him for years.”

Darci said, “I love my spacehopper because I love bouncing.”

Zane said, “My lorry is my favourite because it is so shiny.”


This week we have started our new ‘Santa’s Workshop’ toys theme. We have been talking about our favourite toys and investigating how different toys move with the forces of pushing and pulling.  We enjoyed exploring this outside.  We have started learning about electrical safety at home.

(Photos below)


We have been doing more work on counting numbers within 100.

Freya L – “I think it is quite easy.”

We have been working on counting forwards and backwards. We have been working on full stops in our sentences.

Olivier – “I can use full stops.”

We have read some more of our story about Plop.

Callum – “I think Plop is a nice wee owl.”



We enjoyed the visit from the Gritter and took turns sitting in the drivers seat. We have been learning about the orbits of the Earth and Moon.  We know that the sun is our closest star.



This week P3a got a visit from the Gritter. We were all given a chance to sit in the Gritter and it was explained how Gritters help keep our roads safe.

We have also been creating our Christmas concert artwork. P3a were designing the different  Christmas Trees.  We look forward to you seeing them.


We had a visit from the Gritter on Wednesday – it was enormous!


We did some fantastic creative writing when we created our own versions of “Journey” – the class reader. We also split into two groups this week.  Some of us practised really hard in Choir for the Christmas Lights Switch On whilst the rest of P4 and P5/6 made our very own Christmas tree for the church.  It was made out of Christmas Puddings.


Cody – “I learned the Gay Gordons dance.”

Heidi – “We have been learning to recognise fractions.”

Tyler – “We made Santas with Miss Gainford.”

Noah S – “My biggest success was learning the dancing.”

Harris – “At Golden Time we made Christmas biscuits.”

Cody went to karate on Wednesday.

Abbie W jumped in the deep end at swimming lessons.



Christmas has arrived in Primary P5/6

We have been working with P4 to make a Christmas Pudding Christmas Tree for the Church. We have also been using water colours to paint a nativity scene. (Photos below)

In our topic we have been writing text conversations between the different people that we have met so far during our study of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

**Please see note about the change of date to our hillwalk. It will now take place on Monday 12th December.  Please return slips and £5 as soon as possible.**


In Maths we have been working on fractions. The squares and circles are doing fractions of a total. Triangles are working on quarters. We have been filming our weather reports in front of the green screen.  We put our wind information onto a graph and analysed the results. We have been learning to proof read.  We have been doing dancing for our Christmas party.  Jess is making a cross stitch star.  Chloe has learned her Christmas show dance in gymnastics.

P6 Girls went on their Stronord Challenge – click here to see some photos


This week we had a geologist visit in our class. He showed us different kinds of rocks, lava rocks and lava bombs.  He showed us videos of his trips to erupting volcanoes in Iceland and shared his stories.  We got a chance to re-create exploding volcanoes.  Our topic is Extreme Earth and his visit really helped our understanding.

Owen – “It was really interesting. I liked recreating eruptions.”

Alistair – “I liked seeing how volcanoes erupt.”

Kacey – “I enjoyed listening to his experiences.”

This week we created our own eruptions in Art. We used Nick Rowlands ‘Volcano’ as our inspiration.  We used lots of different techniques to create our own.


This week P7 have started their new topic looking at Energy.

Ruby – “I found out more about fossil fuels. That they’re running out and that they pollute the earth.”

We also started practising our Christmas party dances.

Tessa – “We have also been busy working on our Big Writing Assessment.

Matthew was awarded 2nd place in the Chariots of Fire competition last Saturday – Well Done.

Good luck to Gabriel in his dance performance at the Dalbeattie Light Switch on Friday.


Reminders for Next Week

P1 – our dress rehearsal for our school show is on Friday 9th.

All costumes should please be brought in,in a labelled plastic bag by Wednesday 7th December.

P1/2 – Please bring school Christmas Concert clothes in to school before Wednesday.

P2b – Please remember to send in clothes for the Christmas concert in a labelled bag on Wednesday 7th December. Have you ordered Christmas Lunch for your child?

P3a – Can P3a remember to bring in their Christmas concert outfit. If it can be put in a bag labelled with your child’s name that would more than helpful.

P6 – A reminder that its Group 2 on Thursday for Mr McClune’s football. Please remember homework and PE Kit.

Christmas dates for your diary

8th – 9am Nursery Concert

12th – 8:45am P5/6 Robert the Bruce Hillwalk 12th – 1:15pm P3a and P3b Party

13th – 1:15pm P5 and P5/6 Party

14th – 9:30am P1-3 Concert 14th – 1:15pm P6 and P6/7 Party 14th – 6:30pm P1-3 Concert

15th – 10am Church Service 15th – Christmas Lunch 15th – evening P5/6 Panto Visit

16th – 2pm P1-3 Concert

19th – 2pm P2a and P2b 19th – 6:30pm – P7 Party
20th – 1:15pm P1 and P1/2 Party

21st – 9am Nursery Party 21st – 1:15pm P4 and P4/5 Party

(Click on a photograph to start a slideshow)

p67-geologist-2 p67-geologist-3 p67-geologist-4 gritter-visit-1 gritter-visit-2 gritter-visit-3 gritter-visit-6 gritter-visit-7 gritter-visit-8 gritter-visit-9 p6-gp-3-stronord-3 p6-gp-3-stronord-13 p6-gp-3-stronord-20 p6-gp-3-stronord-29 p56-william-wallace-portraits p56-xmas-pus-pics-wall-display p67-geologist-1 p12-forces-4 p12-forces-3 p12-forces-2 P12 Forces p12-forces-1

Tesco Bags of Help – Local Winner!

The school has won£12000 in the Tesco Bags of Help awards to buy large and small equipment for our outdoor environment. The Pupil Council is working hard to gather more ideas and make a final choice on how the money is spent. We will share how the work goes over the next few months.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us 🙂

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help initiative across Scotland. The scheme has seen three community groups and projects in each region awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge. greenspace scotland are working with Groundwork to support Scottish communities.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the five pence charge levied on single-use carrier bags.

The public voted in store to decide which local groups should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards.

Bags of Help website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp


Primary 6 (Group 3) – Stronord Visit

Our third group (girls from Miss Smith’s class) went to Stornord on the 1st and 2nd December. The first day was a challenging hillwalk to the summits of Darnaw and Craignell hills in the Galloway Hills. The group did really well and on the way back down and had an amazing surprise when a stag and two doe Red Deer ran past us just behind the group.

Comments from the girls will appear on the post soon.

Please click on a photograph to open up a slideshow.

p6-gp-3-stronord-35 p6-gp-3-stronord-36 p6-gp-3-stronord-38 p6-gp-3-stronord-39 p6-gp-3-stronord-40 p6-gp-3-stronord-32 p6-gp-3-stronord-30 p6-gp-3-stronord-20 p6-gp-3-stronord-22 p6-gp-3-stronord-12 p6-gp-3-stronord-7 p6-gp-3-stronord-42 p6-gp-3-stronord-4 p6-gp-3-stronord-2 p6-gp-3-stronord-1 p6-gp-3-stronord-13 p6-gp-3-stronord-25 p6-gp-3-stronord-27 p6-gp-3-stronord-29 p6-gp-3-stronord-17 p6-gp-3-stronord-16

Weekly News – November 25th

This Week’s School News

As a fundraiser the Learning Centre are again selling stars to put on the Christmas Tree.  Stars will be selling for £1 each and are available from Monday 28th November. We would very much appreciate any donations for prizes. Thank you

For all P4-P7 Choir members please hand permission slips in for Christmas light switch on  by Wednesday 30th November thanks.

This Week’s Class News 

Primary 1

We have enjoyed reading each other’s topic homework.  We had to research a nocturnal animal.  There were lots of interesting drawings, photographs and facts.  A special well done if your homework was handed in on time.  Homework packets should be brought to school everyday, thanks.


Primary 1/2

This week, we have been learning from each other about nocturnal animals.  We researched different animals at home with our families and we shared the key information we had found out.  We remembered some brilliant facts.

Nicola – “Some bats like to eat fruit.”

Kaidi – “Hedgehogs curl up into a ball when they’re scared.”

Connor – “A pack of owls is called a parliament.”


Primary 2a

We have been learning about numbers to 100.  We are trying hard to look at numbers before and after.  We are learning about the planets in our solar system.  Kianna says Jupiter is the biggest planet.

Murray – “Venus is the brightest.”

Chloe – “Mercury is my favourite planet.  It has nice colours.”

Lily – “There are more planets in our solar system.


Primary 2b

We have been learning about Nocturnal animals and using non-fiction books to find interesting facts.  In Maths we have started working on subtraction and the number stories for subtraction to 10.  We have also been learning our songs for the P1-3 Christmas concert.  Fraser is pupil of the month for trying his best and being kind and helpful.

Oliver – “I like our poem and Christmas rap.”


Primary 3a

This week in P3a we have been practising our songs for the Christmas Concert.  We have also been carrying out some science experiments to see if objects are opaque, transparent or translucent.  Next week P1-3 will have the chance to see how a gritter works when one comes to visit the school.


Primary 3b

This week the class has been learning about clockwise and anti clockwise rotations in Maths. We have also been working hard to try to reach our termly target in Accelerated Reading and our topic work has been about discussing light sources.


Primary 4/5

Jaimie – Leigh – “I have been learning to spell.”

Abbie W – “I have been successful in rugby.  I am more confident at catching the ball.”

Aillie – “I have tried hard with rounding numbers to the nearest 100.”

Mylie – “I have enjoyed estimating numbers.”

Tyler got a certificate for swimming.  Harris got his red belt in Judo.


Primary 5/6

This week is road safety week.  We discussed how this linked to SHANNARRI.  In Maths we were working with fractions of whole numbers and recognising shapes split into fractions.  We have started to read ‘The Midnight Gang’ by David Walliams.  Anna and Harry are developing a gymnastics routine at Gymnastics club.  We have started learning Scottish country dancing in PE.  We’re learning the Gay Gordons.

Any painting shirts would still be appreciated as we are very short.

Parents Evening – Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th.  Appointments were sent home with children.


Primary 6

In health we have made stress balls and mindfulness glitter jars.  We have been meditating.  We learned about the chemicals in cigarettes and their impact.  In drama we have been doing vocal activities.  n topic we have been presenting a weather report using the Green Screen.  In maths we have been doing fractions looking at ½ and ¼.  We are working on our times tables.  For the past five days we have been doing a wind experiment using a windicator and compass.

All the boys had fun at Stronord.

Adam – “It was amazing.”

Matthew – “It was very cold.”

Corey – “Yummy food.”

Cormac – “The hill walk was brilliant.”

Murray – “The biking was the best, amazing.”

Adam says “remember extra socks.”

P6 girls go to Stronord on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December.


Primary 6/7

P7’s went to the sports hall Athletics at Castle Douglas High School on Monday.  In maths we are learning about Angles.  The class won the local Sumdog competition on Monday and finished 5th overall.

Congratulations to Fynn being our Pupil of the month.  Stephanie did her Guides Promise.  Taylor moved up a level at Judo.


Primary 7

This week P7 pupils have enjoyed participating in an Athletics session at Castle Douglas High School.  We have been working hard in Maths and the pupils are enjoying completing their times tables challenges. Some pupils have been tackling long multiplication this week too.

Well done to Kira for being awarded pupil of the month for excellent effort in Maths.


Reminders for Next Week


Christmas Post starts on Thursday.  Post box upstairs and downstairs.


P3b- The P1-P3 Christmas Concert tickets go on sale on Monday. P3 have been asked to wear party clothes for the concert.


P6/7 – P6’s are at the sports hall at Castle Douglas High School on Monday.  Geologist visit on Wednesday.  Children are asked to please bring in £2.


P7 – A reminder P6/7 and P7 will be running the Christmas post from Thursday 1st December .  Pupils have music homework from The Magix Music Maker due in for Thursday.






P6 (Group 2 Boys) – Outdoor Challenge

A group of P6 boys went to Stornord Outdoor Centre on 22nd and 23rd November to take part in Outdoor challenges. This included a four mile hillwalk over Darnaw and Craignell hills, an evening woodland walk looking for evidence of old lead mines (without torches in some parts of the woods) and a full day Mountain Biking on Day 2.

Comments from the boys will be posted soon – look out for numbers in the Comments tab at the top of the post.

Please have a look at our photo gallery. Click on a picture to open up a slideshow.

Click here for Outdoor Education video

img_2712 img_2713 img_2714 img_2715 img_2716 img_2717 img_2719 img_2722 img_2723 img_2725 img_2733 img_2735 img_2737 img_2738 img_2743 img_2745 img_2748 img_2749 img_2750 img_2751 img_2756 img_2760 img_2761 img_2762 img_2764 img_2767 img_2770 img_2772 img_2775 img_2776 img_2778 img_2783 img_2784 img_2785 img_2786 img_2787 img_2788 img_2790 img_2794 img_2795 img_2796 img_2797 img_2798 img_2799 img_2800 img_2801 img_2802 img_2805 img_2806 img_2809 img_2810 img_2811 img_2813 img_2816 img_2818 img_2822 img_2823 img_2681 img_2683 img_2684 img_2685 img_2696 img_2697 img_2703 img_2705 img_2706 img_2707 img_2708

Weekly News – November 18th

School news

A reminder that next week Monday 21st at 6:30pm – there is a short information session for P4 families (but all P4-7 are welcome) about using My merit – an online resource the school (and High School) uses to record pupil personal achievements. Wednesday 23rd 7pm – Gateway Meeting for P7 families at Castle Douglas High School


Our Weekly Class News

P1 class has been doing topic work and learning all about the moon and what it would be like if the class were to go there. The children worked in pairs to make a model of a rocket which would take them to the moon. Struan and Ceyda made a rocket from bricks. Amber and Caleb used lollipop sticks to create their rocket and Georgie and Arno used pipe cleaners. The whole class had to work hard in their team.


In P1/2 we are enjoying our new Sun, Moon and Stars topic.  We have been learning about the moon this week and we enjoyed travelling to the moon in Drama.  We also created our own moons using lots of different materials to make the rocky surface.

Alexander – ” We see the moon at night time.”

Rhys – “The moon is rocky.”

P2a have been learning about 3d shapes. Lewis said ” Spheres can roll” and Katie told us ” A cube has 6 faces”. They have also been learning about the alphabet, names and sounds and have been putting them in order. Ollie said ” The vowels are a,o,i,o,u”. Holly said ” I can say the alphabet”. The class have also been learning about day and night. Murray said” We learned that the moon was bigger and brighter on Monday and it was a Super Moon” Kiana said” The next one won’t be until 2034″.

In P2b we painted owls using water colours.  We are continuing to learn about Plop.  We have enjoyed dressing in our sports clothes for Children in Need.  We have started practising our Christmas songs!

Saffron – “I liked learning about the Supermoon.”
This week in P3a we continued rounding to the nearest 10 in maths. Along with that we were using the numbers we had rounded to estimate answers to sums.

For our topic we looked at how rainbows are made and made phases of the moon flipbooks.

This week Duncan won a silver medal in his karate class.  Niamh has learned to swim on her own and Eilidh can now dive to the bottom of the deepend.  Well done everyone!


This week in P3b we have been learning the four compass points in maths.  We are learning to use adjectives and connectives in our personal writing on ‘My Favourite Place.’

We are learning about the phases of the moon.  Some of us observed the Super Moon on Monday.


In P4 we have been continuing our book study on Journey and have made lots of good art work including some lanterns with Mrs Harris.  We have also been identifying grid references in Maths and building our 3d shapes.


This week in P4/5 Jaimie-Leigh ” We have been learning how to play rugby in P.E”

Rosie – “We have started watching the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD.”

Noah S – “We have been learning about probability and chance in maths.”

Aillie and Megan took part in their Ballet Show.  Abbie White also took part in a dance show. Heidi and Mylie took part in a ‘Day of Dance’  Noah O took part in a cycling race.  Finlay M moved up a level at Lego Club.



P6 went to Stronord this week.  We all had a great time.

Anna – “Orienteering was the best part and we never got lost.”

Dylan and Harry enjoyed the mountain biking and Dylan thought the pizza was delicious.

Skye thought the mountain biking was hard but it was still good fun.

P5 entered book cover designs to the book fair competition.


In P6 we have been learning about the wind’s direction and speed, using the beaufort scale.  We have been learning how to use a compass.  We learned how to write personally.  We made tornados in Art.  We have been learning how to tell the time in French.  We are doing volleyball in PE.  We had a video conference session with Leswalt Primary School.

Threave Rovers won a football match at the weekend.  Cross Stitch girls completed their items.  Ava learned the Highland Fling dance.  Kayla moved up a group in swimming.  Callie and Chloe did their ballet show.



Our P6’s visited Stronord on Monday and Tuesday.  P7’s took part in current global trend of the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ which you can see.

In maths we have been constructing 3D models using nets and Knex which we hope to show you next week.

In our Daily Mile Challenge we have travelled 967 miles which means we have reached Berlin and Zurich.

This week we say goodbye to Archie and Emily who are going to Callander and also Madison as she goes to Crossmichael.  Good luck to you all.


Fundraising fever has hit P7 this week!

The pupils shared information about Children in Need at their assembly on Thursday.  They also had a super fundraising day on Friday.  The children chose and organised the activities which were – Bake Sale, Guess the bricks in the lego house, skips in a minute, Tombola, guess the animal, lucky dip, guess the page, face painting and how many Pudseys.  Thank you to all who kindly donated to these activities.  Good luck to Gabriel who is competing in a Dance Show this weekend.

Reminders for Next Week

P1-  Nocturnal animal research homework is due in on Monday 21st November.

Tuesday 22nd November is pyjama day

P1/2 – PJ day on Tuesday 22nd November and Book Fair on Mon 21st  November.

P5/6 – We have a slot to visit the Book Fair on Monday 21st November.

P6 – Stronord money is due – this must come in before children can go.  Please remember PE kits.  Stronord Tuesday and Wednesday for P6 boys and we leave at 8:30am.

It’s Sporty Spotty Day for Children in Need!

Our P7s have been very busy preparing lots of fun activities for all our pupils to enjoy today to raise money for Children in Need.
A big thank you to everyone who donated home baking and prizes for the games. (Baking tubs will be sent home on Monday!)
We’ll let you know soon how much money was raised or Children in Need.
In the meantime here’s some photos from our ‘Sporty and Spotty’ day

(Click on a photo to start a slideshow).

cin-1 cin-3 cin-4 cin-5 cin-6 cin-7 cin-8 cin-9  cin-11 cin-12 cin-13 cin-14 cin-15 cin-16 cin-17 cin-18 cin-19 cin-20 cin-21 cin-22 cin-23 cin-24 cin-25 cin-26 cin-27 cin-28 cin-29 cin-30 cin-31

Scottish Book Trust and Reading Development



Next week is Scottish Book Week and all our P1-3s are bringing home a Book Bug Bag with books and ideas to share reading at home.

Our P4-7s will be given a Reading Passport to allow them to take part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. This is a booklet to record the books they read between now and next June. There are national prizes for schools in June 2017.

We also have two packs of Scottish children’s books, written by Rennie McOwen, kindly donated by Rowantree Publishing, which we will raffle with those P4-7 pupils who complete 12 or more books by our mid-term break in February 2017. Our P4-7s also have ongoing Accelerated Reading books to read for pleasure which can be used for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. We also have been donated a box of books (which are more suited to older readers) and these will be used as prizes for those pupils achieving their Autumn and Winter term Accelerated Reading target.


Next week the Scholastic Book Fair will be here and all classes will have the opportunity to visit the Fair and buy books if wished


I hope that our younger pupils enjoy sharing their Book Bug Packs at home and would encourage all our P4-7s to take part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. Reading is a key area in our curriculum and, by developing reading skills at school and encouraging reading for pleasure at home, we can together ensure that all children reach their full potential.


P6 (Group 1) Stronord Challenges

On Monday 14th November the first group of P6 boys and girls travelled through to Stornord Outdoor Centre(Kirroughtree) for two days of Outdoor Learning activities.

(Click here to view Outdoor Education Video Clips of our visit)

After settling in and getting equipment sorted out, Mr Tyson led the group on a hillwalk to Darnaw. This is a hill near Clatteringshaws Loch which is 472 metres high. There are not many paths and the ground was rough and difficult to walk over which added to the challenge. As we climbed higher we reached the low cloud and then had to find our way in the mist.

One of our targets was to find the Dragonfly Memorial. This is a cairn built near the site of a plane crash (the plane was called the Dragonfly) in 1937 when all four men on board were sadly killed. After finding the memorial we then headed  in to the wind and rain to reach the top of the hill.

It was great to be able to walk downhill again and rest our feet in the buses! After dinner Mrs Graham joined our group and we headed off into the dark woods to look for evidence of the old lead mines. We found the entrance to a mine shaft and then walked the Lade which is a water channel dug out by miners to bring water from a loch all the way round the hill to the mine. On the way back we turned off all our torches to try out our night vision. Although it was cloudy the moonlight from a Supermoon meant we could see quite well.

Tuesday was a chance to try out mountain bike and orienteering skills in the woods. Thank you very much Ed, Mike, Alex and Robbie from Outdoor Education for helping us with the activities. Mrs Hiddleston also came over on Tuesday to help out – thank you.

(Click on a photo to open slideshow)

45 46 47 48 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

s11 s12 s1 s3 s4 s7 s8 s10 s6


P2s explore 2d and 3d Shapes

(Click on a photo to open slideshow)

img_1181 img_1182 img_1183 img_1184 img_1185 img_1186 img_1187 img_1188 img_1189 img_1190 img_1191 img_1192 img_1193 img_1195

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