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Having a go at Rugby!

Report to follow.

P6/7 Glasgow Science Centre Visit

Report to follow.

P6/7 Orienteering

P6/7 were invited to take part in an orienteering training session for teachers. The class had an enjoyable time exploring different activities which introduce basic map skills.


P4 Viking Games

As part of their Viking activities P4 pupils had to design a games using things Viking children would have had. No electricity so now tabkets or Playstations but plenty of stones, sticks and anything else that is lying around.

There were lots of creative ideas and we ended up playing each others’ games.

P7 Indian Meal

Report to follow.

P1 Singing Together

P1 classes have been enjoying singing activities with Eva Popov. Mums and dads were invited to come along and share in some of the songs the children have been learning.

Movie Night

Aimee, Molly and Samantha (all P7s) organised a Movie Night for p4-7s. Everyone enjoyed The Croods and £20 was raised for CHAS.Movie Night (1)

Movie Night (2)

P6 K’Nex Challenge

Sam, Fraser, Liam and William represented the school at the local K’Nex Challenge Final. The boys had to design a vehicle that could transport¬†an orange and a bottle of water. The boys did well with both their designs and build. Fraser and Sam were awarded the runners-up prize! :)

P5/6 Job Fair

Report to follow.

The Great Egg Escape

P2 and P4 pupils were given the challenge of helping some eggs escape from the school kitchen before they were made into egg sandwiches. The eggs managed to reach the upstairs balcony but then had to reach the bottom playground. The children had some paper, bubble wrap and string and only 30 minutes to design and make an eggscape plan.

Some great ideas and a couple of eggs managed to reach the school fence and go to Eggland :)