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My Merit – P4-7 Pupils

P4-7 My Merit
Individual logins with username and password for P4-7 pupil My Merit login will be sent home soon. The school would like to encourage children to log in at home, share ideas as a family and add posts to their My Merit pages.
Where there is no internet access available or pupils would like some extra advice and then update their My Merit then children and parents are very welcome to use the school’s ICT on a Tuesday afternoon from 3 – 4:30pm when a member of staff will be available.


Weekly Class News – February 12th

Weekly News Feb 12 a

Weekly News Feb 12 b

Weekly News Feb 12 c

Weekly News Feb 12 d

Weekly News Feb 12 e

Weekly News Feb 12 f

Weekly Class News – February 5th

This Week’s News

In P1a we have enjoyed learning all about animals that live in cold places.  We wrote some excellent factsheets showing how much we learned and we carried out an experiment all about blubber!!!

Maxi – “We have been learning about polar bears. Polar bears have blubber.”

Callum – “Penguins have 3 layers, including blubber.”

Gregor – “We put fat in to a bag and we put it in to water.  We then tested which hand was the coldest.”

Kelvin – “We pretended to be penguins in a huddle with 3 friends.  We had to wear 3 jackets.”

Lexi – ” I was cooking.”

VOWEL DIAGRAPHS SHEET  – Hints and tips to help with P1 Homework.
This week in P1b we have been learning all about polar animals.  We took part in a blubber experiment to find out how polar animals keep warm.

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0431 IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0407
P2a have been looking at weather symbols and are making their own to use when they will weather forecasters next week.


P2b have been learning about using different coins to make amounts.  We have been writing describing words about Mrs Jolly.

Erin – “I enjoyed activities to do with my reading book.”

Georgia – “I like doing adding and take aways.”


P3 have been writing with Scots words and in PE we have been using bats and hockey sticks.  In maths we are learning the 2 and 3 times tables and measuring in metres and centimetres.  Lois was our pupil of the month.
In P3/4 we created a new Scottish characters for the book “The Sleekit Mr Tod” and wrote about them using scots.  We drew harbour pictures using oil pastels with Mrs Harris.

Noah S – “I enjoyed taking part in yoga.  It was relaxing.”

Abbie W – “I have learned to count money.”
This week in P4 we have been working hard preparing for our assembly.  We really enjoyed going on our community walk and chatting to people about community issues.

Adam – “It was fun and we met new people.”

Connor – “It was interesting asking people how they felt about the floods.”


This week in P4/5 we have been looking at Headlines and emotive language.  We have also been updating our My Merit accounts.  Our P5’s had a fantastic time orienteering at Dalbeattie forest.  Caitlin and Erin completed the course in the fastest time.  Well done to Erin who was chosen as pupil of the month.
On Wednesday P5 went Orienteering to Dalbeattie woods.  Each week we add up our Daily Mile laps. Altogether we have reached Spain, Italy and Sweden depending on which direction you would like to go from Castle Douglas!



P5/6 class had a fun time reading maps on our orienteering trip this week. We also enjoyed learning their 8 times table by writing them in the playground with chalk and playdough.

Owen said ” The race  with dibbers during our orienteering was really fun”. Madison B said “I liked the teamwork in orienteering” and Becky said “I liked chalking the times tables”.

We have been learning about Global Warming and how it is bad for the polar lands.


The P6 class has enjoyed making paper International Space Stations in groups.


P6/7 have been learning about stamina in P.E and in Maths we have been learning all about area and perimeters. Alec  said ” P.E was awesome!”
P7 children took part in a Scots writing competition.  Brooke won and Fiona and Rose were 2nd and 3rd.


Reminders for Next Week.


As part of the iBike at Castle Douglas Primary School on Friday 12th February there will be a Bling your Bike Day.  Pupils are invited to be creative and decorate their bikes or scooter.  Please remember you will still have to ride your bike/scooter to school so be sensible – nothing trailing in the spokes, wheels or on the ground.  A permission slip can be collected from the school office and be completed by parents/carers.  There will be prizes for the best dressed bike or scooter from each class.


School Photographer will be in school on Tuesday 9th February. All pupils can have their photograph taken but please return your slips to let us know if it is individual or family groups (or both!)


A reminder that P1a igloo challenge is due on Thursday 11th Feb.  Keep practising blending sounds together to make 3/4/5 letter words, using the sound cards.  Please use the double sounds as well. An helpful homework hints sheet can be downloaded from the school website and also our School App (file section). It will be uploaded on Monday 8th.

P4 assembly is on Thursday 11th February at 9:10am.  Any family members are welcome to attend.  We are looking forward to skyping Alehousewells Primary in Aberdeenshire to compare our experiences of the recent floods.


P5 are visiting Dynamic Earth and the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 11th February.


A reminder for P5/6 that their igloo challenge is due in on Friday 12th Feb.


Five boys from P7 will be representing the Stewartry next Saturday in a football match.


snowman drive

Remember, come along to the snowman drive on Friday 12th.

Remember, come along to the snowman drive on Friday 12th.

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Weekly Class News – January 29th

Weekly News Jan 29 a

Weekly News Jan 29 b

Weekly News Jan 29 c

Weekly News Jan 29 d

Nursery and P1 Scottish Day

On Tuesday 26th January our Nursery and P1 classes held a Scottish Activity day. We listened to Scottish music, danced, tasted Scottish food, built Scottish castles and made highland coos. Hugo said “I liked building Scottish castles, it was fun.” and Oliwier said “I liked playing with the lego this week, I made a lego home and garage.”

Click on a photograph to start a slideshow.

N P1 Scot (1) N P1 Scot (2) N P1 Scot (3) N P1 Scot (4) N P1 Scot (5) N P1 Scot (6) N P1 Scot (7) N P1 Scot (8) N P1 Scot (9) N P1 Scot (11) N P1 Scot (12) N P1 Scot (13) N P1 Scot (14) N P1 Scot (15) N P1 Scot (16) N P1 Scot (17) N P1 Scot (18) N P1 Scot (19) N P1 Scot (20) N P1 Scot (21)

Gymnastics Team at Dumfries

Well done to our gymnasts and coach, Miss Niven, who represented the school at the Dumfries and Galloway Championships on Saturday 23rd January.

Have  a look at some of our gymnasts in action – impressive routines! Click on a video link the Download File.

Some photos near the bottom of the post too :)




IMG_0188 IMG_0181 IMG_0180 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2

Weekly Class news – January 22nd

Weekly News Jan 22 1

Weekly News Jan 22 2

Weekly News Jan 22 3

Weekly News Jan 22 4


Weekly Class News – January 15th

Weekly News Jan 15 1

Weekly News Jan 15 2


Weekly News Jan 15 3  Weekly News Jan 15 4

Weekly News Jan 15 5



January Newsletter

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School Newsletter January 2016

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