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ELC (Nursery)




Memories and Happy Holidays

We said goodbye to our Primary 7s today. Our last assembly of the year was full of memories but also looking forward to new opportunities and challenges whether it is in our school in August or at Secondary school.

We hope everyone has a well deserved holiday and the sun keeps shining 🙂

End of Session News

Dear CDPS Family


Paul Jones Football

Well done to our football team who, over the afternoon games and final day at Kirkcudbright, lost only two matches in Stewartry’s Paul Jones tournament. Thank you to the team for their enthusiasm, parents for help with transport and to Mrs Tait and Mr Robb for the excellent coaching they have given over the year.


P6 – Deputy First Minister’s Maths Challenge.

P6 pupils have been given a series of Maths Challenges which they are welcome to try during the summer holidays. Solutions and workings will be published at blogs.gov.scot/making-maths-count on Friday 26th July.


Staffing News

Mrs Milligan will be starting her maternity leave during the holidays and we look forward to hearing news of her new baby.

We will be saying goodbye on Friday to
Learning Assistants – Miss Johnson and Miss Osborne.

Nursery – Miss Kerr and Mrs Gowans will be leaving us to take up a new Early Years positions in Dumfries.

Teaching Staff – Miss Mackintosh (P5), Mrs Starkey and Mrs Thompson (P1 teacher). Mrs Thompson is setting up a charity with her husband making links between refugee camps and Scottish schools. Their exciting project focusses on meaningful connections for displaced children through education, play, art, nature and a sense of well-being.

I would like to thank them all for their hard work and commitment to the pupils and best wishes for the next step in their careers.


After the holiday Mrs Baird will be moving from Nursery to teach Primary 1 and we will be welcoming Mrs Potts (P3 and P5/6), Mrs McCulloch (P5) and Mrs Campbell (P6/7) to the teaching team. Mrs Michelle McBurnie also will be joining us as our new Nursery Manager.


Summer Holiday Dates

We go on holiday on Friday 28th June and pupils return on Wednesday 21st August.

Holiday dates for the next year are available on both the

School – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdps/holiday-dates/

and D&G Council – http://www.dumgal.gov.uk/article/15239/School-term-dates websites


Diary dates can also be found on our new School App and a link to download the App can be found on our website. Please delete the old ‘Jigsaw’ App if you still have it.


School and Nursery Inspection Report

I have been advised that the report from our recent Inspection will be published in August and will let families know when it is available.


Thank You.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our pupils for their hard work throughout the year and to all our staff for the commitment and effort they put in to all aspects of our school life.

Thank you to our families for the support given to the school over the session and an extra thank you for the additional help we have had in classes and for activities such as PTA, Parent Council, class visits, After-School Clubs, Golden Time and in the school library. Your interest and support is much appreciated.


On behalf of everyone in the Nursery and School I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and sunny summer holiday.


Thank you

David Tyson


Our Weekly News – 21st June

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

A reminder that any sponsor money should please be brought in to school as soon as possible. Thank you for your support with this fundraising activity.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a

We had a wonderful time at Sports Day on Tuesday – third time lucky! It was lovely sunshine and a great chance to compete in some races with our friends. Thanks to all the parents who came and cheered us along!

Murry: We played some games. I liked the one when we jumped over the little bridges.
Lola: When we were doing the egg and spoon race.
Skye: I liked the different activities and we went round. My favourite one was the jumping over boxes.

We can’t wait for our Family Picnic next Wednesday! We wrote invitiations to ask our families if they’d like to come along and decided to send them by post! Our invites should have already arrived!
Poppy: We went to the post box and the park and we had a play.
Lexi: We had to post the invitations to our picnic.
We also hosted a Movie Night for ‘Cars’. Thanks to all who came along!
Iris: I liked the movie night. Skye shared her snacks with me.

We’ve also really enjoyed meeting our new teachers and visiting our new classrooms!
Ayla: I liked when we started to move up.
Amelia: I liked playing in Miss Newall’s class with the dolls.
Kendyl: I liked playing and sharing with Miss Bell.
Luke: I liked playing in my new classroom and sharing.
Riley: I made a bridge in Miss Bell’s. I made it with some cardboard, lollipops and straws.
Ethan: I played with the transforming toys.
Jillie: I liked making new friends in my new class.

Family Picnic invites should be arriving by post. Please send back to the slip letting us know if you’re attending as it’s helpful to know numbers. We hope to see you there!

Primary 1b

Another busy but fun week!
We all enjoyed taking part in Sports Day on Tuesday and what a beautiful day it was. We enjoyed sharing a picnic with our families on the field. Well done to everyone.

Zane: “we did the movie night and sports day.”
Jacob: “I was running and I was in third place.”
Ellie: “Every time I was running super fast.”
Brodie: “I liked running.”
Archie: “I’ve been running.”
Charlotte: “I liked doing sports day” “super fast.”

We also had our movie night on Tuesday and we watched ‘Cars’.
Hannah: “the movie night was Lightening McQueen.”

On Wednesday and Thursday we met our new teacher and spent time in our P2 classroom – we had a lot of fun!
Mya: “I like my new teacher”

On Wednesday morning we all walked to the Post Box to post our invitations to our families.
Ziya: “You put a stamp on.”
We had our snack and then played in the park – what a great way to spend a morning, having fun with our friends.

Family Picnic invites should be arriving by post. Please send back to the slip letting us know if you’re attending as it’s helpful to know numbers. We hope to see you there!

Primary 3

We have had a very busy week!
On Tuesday, we enjoyed participating in Sports Day and working with our teammates in Potted Sports. The sun even came out to join us!
We also had an exciting time visiting our new classes and new teachers in preparation for August.

In Maths this week, we have been learning to make different amounts with coins and we are learning to calculate change. We have been using the role-play area to practise our new skills with our friends!


Primary 4

We had brilliant fun at sports day on Tuesday. Thank you to all the families who supported the class and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun. We all demonstrated fair play, achieved personal goals and took part in all the activities.

“At the beginning I was nervous but when we started the races I felt better” Alfie.
“The sack race was really funny because everybody was falling over” Lexi.
“This was my first time getting a sticker, I came 2nd in the egg and spoon race” Alex.

Our butterflies are now in their chrysalis and will soon be ready to spread their wings and move into the butterfly net. We plan to release our butterflies into the nature garden when they are ready. This week we explored the nature garden and built homes in preparation for the butterflies. We were learning how to design and construct. We worked on our own or in teams.

“Me and Callum made a house using stones and grass” Leo.
“My team found rocks and leaves to make a bed. We found a cup and filled it with water” Amelia.
“Fraser helped me carry a heavy log back to where we were building” Lewis.

Wider Achievement
Isla McF came third in a tennis competition. She shared her medal.
Sam won a gold medal for Judo at Kilmarnock. It was the 70th anniversary of the club.
Holly took part in a gymnastics competition in Perth.

Butterfly release next week, more information to follow.

Primary 4/5

In maths this week we have been learning how to divide with Miss Henderson.

Freya – We learned how to do divide using the written method.
Chloe – We have been sharing things into groups.
Darragh – I have been dividing decimals by whole numbers.

We finally got to enjoy sports day on Tuesday and all had great fun taking part.

Oliver R – We took part in three races.
Hugo – After we finished, we then took part in potted sports activities.
Lily – I was running in the relay race for Swift.
Ollie – The sack race was very tricky.
Lhlyaijana – I was third place in the sack race.

We got to meet our new teachers this week during the moving up days.
Skye – We got to meet our new teachers. I have Mrs Hart.
Leo – I thought it was fun because we got to do a game called All Around the World – good job we know our times tables.
Maxi – I like Mrs Hart, she is nice.

This week we did our ‘20’ sponsored event. Have a look at our photos on the school facebook page. What a laugh we had! Thank you to all sponsors and donations received.


Wider Achievement
Alexander, Maxi, Shea, Callum and Hugo – were awarded some badges at Cubs.
Alannah joined football club.

Primary 5

This week on Monday we wrote booklets for our new teachers telling them a bit about ourselves. We have learned about algebra in Samson where we had to work out what number a letter represented. We have also been learning about measurement.

On Tuesday we had our sports morning.
Shannon, “I felt proud because I did the egg and spoon race.”
Georiga, “I felt positive because I took part and it’s not about the winning that counts.”
Douglas, “I enjoyed eating my cake as a snack because it is delicious.”
Alper, “I am proud of myself because I took part.”
Erin, “I feel proud of myself and so should the others for what they have achieved, even if they did not come 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.”
Freya, “I felt really happy because I never thought I could but it turned out I won – even though there were people in my race that I thought were faster than me!”
Anna, “Before I started the race I know that I had confidence in myself and then I just thought ‘Don’t look at other people’ – I think that helped me a lot.”
Lucy, “I feel like people at the side like my sister were helping because I started 16th place and they gave me motivation to get to 4th place.”
Olivia “I felt proud of myself because I never thought I would be able to do it but I thought ‘Just do it’ and I got 2nd place.”
Finlay, “I did very well and before today I never thought I would get 1st place twice. I think afterwards I was feeling pretty confident with myself. It helped when people cheered me on.”

On Wednesday and Thursday we had our move up days and got to meet our new teachers for next session. Some children will be with Mr Coulthard in P6 and some will be with Mrs. Hart in P5/6.

On Thursday we were learning about conductors and insulators in topic work. We all created electric circuits and had to work out if different materials were conductors or insulators based on if the bulb lit up. Children realised that the only materials in the conductors list were foil and coins which are both metals. Children then experimented with classroom objects such as zips, buttons and scissors.

Next week on Monday we will have our last visit from Shalla Gray of the Galloway Glens Biosphere Reserve before our trip on Tuesday.

Wider Achievement
Lucy wrote a letter to Alistair Jack a couple of weeks ago. She has been trying to design a straw that is environmentally friendly. She had the idea of creating edible straws.

Sebastian has been learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers.

Please return any permission slips and report feedback forms as soon as possible. Our Trip to Tongland Powerstation is on Tuesday 25th June.


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6

In maths this week, we have been working hard on our mental maths in Samson. We have been working on subtraction and multiplication by double figures.

“We have been learning about angles” – Lewis
“We have been learning about the names of different angles and the differences between them” – Michalina
“We have been doing angles” – Jake
“We have been improving our mental maths skills with Samson” – Emily

In spelling, we have been practicing summer related words. This had led to a lot of talking and listening surrounding the Summer holidays and what the children are most looking forward to.

Sports Day
We finally got a good day for sports day! We enjoyed the races most but it was also fun to take part in the potted sports. The children were learning a lot from sports day. This includes the importance of suncream, good sportsmanship, the importance of water to hydrate us as the ability to have fun.
“I enjoyed sports day.” – Tiegan
“We were learning about taking part and having fun.” – Fraser
“We were learning about fitness at sports day.” – Lewis
“It is important to drink lots of water.” – Jake

Wider Achievement
Megan, Ellie and Lois received certificates for their ballet exam.
Logan and Lewis received their silver award in Scouting. This means they have hit the top award in the Cubs.



Sports Morning – Action Shots!

After two postponements due to rainy weather we were able to enjoy our Sports Morning and Big Picnic on Tuesday in lovely sunshine. There was a lot of determination, enthusiasm and teamwork from all the pupils and super support from families who came along to join us.

The winning house this year is Deer and there were only three points separating the other three houses – Eagle, Hare and Swift.

There are over 100 photos to share – please click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow.

P4/5 Stena Cruise

Please have a look at our Gallery from our class visit to Stena on Tuesday. Click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow.

P2 Rockcliffe Gallery

Please have a look at our Gallery from our class visit to Rockcliffe. Click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow.



A massive well done to the cast and stage crew of our School Show Club who shared their wonderful version of Mary Poppins with the community this week. It is impossible to convey the enthusiasm, fun and enjoyment through pictures alone but we hope the photographs below share some of the wonderful scenes the audiences were treated to.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic performances 🙂

Our Weekly News – June 7th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

Families are asked to look out for End of Year reports coming home today via pupil post which summarise pupil achievements and attainment over the 2018-19 session. There is also an Opening Evening on Thursday 13th from 5:30 – 7pm for families to come along and for pupils to share more of their class work.

Sport morning is now planned for Thursday 13th, 10am start, should finish by 12:30pm followed by a Big Picnic on the sports field. A text will be sent out early next week for any packed lunch orders.

Next week is also our Sponsored 20/20 Activity Week with classes doing a wide range of activities over the week. This is our main fundraising event for the year and community support is very much appreciated.

Class News

Primary 1a

Poppy: “We met Barnaby bear and he’s friends with Ben and Ted!”  
This week we heard from another bear called Barnaby! He had been on a big adventure.  
Ethan: “He was going to France. He went on a boat.”  
We worked on retelling his story in our writing. We were super independent writers and lots of us wrote more than one sentence! Well done! 

For our maths this week, we learned about different types of clock.  
Hannah: “We learned about digital clocks.” 
Ayla: “We did o’clock times.”  
We’re getting very good at telling the time and using the clocks around us. 

We also looked at the information we gathered on our traffic survey. 
Murry: “We went to the park to see the traffic. The sheet told us how much lorries, cars and tractors.” 
We counted all our tally marks and then made bar charts to show our information. 

We started a mini art project on artists from around the world. We looked at a very famous artist and tried to make our own versions of his work.  
Lexi: “He was called Vincent Van Gogh.” 
Darla: “We made a sunflower.” 

We’ve also been enjoying using our balcony during play.   
Riley: “I liked it when Mrs Sharpe brought the orange bike in.” – thank you! 

*Junk Modelling Morning on Tues (11th) at 9-10:30. Please return the slip to help us know how many people will be attending and organise the event accordingly. Any extra junk that could be collected and brought in would be greatly appreciated!  
*Open Evening on Thurs (13th)  – feel free to come along and see your child’s work. 


Primary 1b 

Zach: “I like playing with Flynn.” 
Elliot: “Me and Kai outside, Angus in Primary 2, we were playing tennis.” 
Kai: “Me and Elliot like playing football.” 
Brodie: “I like playing police with Charlie and Owen.” 
Ziya: “I like playing with Elliot, Kai, William, Angus, Brodie, everybody.” 
Max: “I like playing on the bikes.” 

We used the information we collected in our traffic survey to make bar charts. We counted the tally marks and worked with our partner to count out the correct amount of objects for each type of transport. 
We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of the sunflowers and were inspired to become artists ourselves and create our own sunflower pictures. We talked about the colours and parts of the flowers and using oil pastels or chalk, worked independently as artists. We look forward to showing you our artwork at the open evening or after school.   
Ellie: “I liked the picture, it had bright colours.” 
Beth: “I like making my sunflower.” 
Charlotte: “I like making my sunflower and mine is the brightest.”  
We have planted our own sunflowers and are looking forward to watching them grow.

Conall: “I like playing football with Eddie and Kai and Zane and Joshua and Hannah and Angus and William and Max and Beth and Charlotte and Mya and Flynn and Ellie and Archie and Jacob.” 

Wider Achievement  
Mya: “I like going to ballet with Beth and Charlotte.” 

*We are really looking forward to the junk modelling morning on Tuesday 11th June 9am – 10:30. Please return the reply slip if you haven’t already. Keep collecting junk! If you could drop it off on Monday that would be great.   
*Open Evening – Thursday 13th June 5:30-7pm.

Primary 2 

We have been learning about floating and sinking. 
Evie says we were predicting what would happen. 
Eilidh says we were using the words certain, never, likely and unlikely to describe what we were doing. 
Nell remembered we were learning about not leaving rubbish on the beach in case animals eat it or get trapped. 
Fern said we were learning about holidays today and in the past at the seaside. 
Cara we found out they didn’t have picnics in the olden days as there was no plastic. 

Robyn and Oona  learned how the grown ups were pulled out to the sea in a bathing machine.
Today P2 are going to the beach at Rockcliffe – look for some photographs next week 🙂

Wider Achievement 
Fern and Cara moved up a level  in swimming. 


Primary 2/3

Lily S – We made turtles. We drew them with oil pastels and put patterns on them.
In music,
Lewis – We have been practising our echoes.
Alexander – Some of us have started sports club.
Zoe – The best part was lots of different races.
Alba – My favourite part was the wheelbarrow race.

This week we have been investigating floating and sinking.
Cooper – I enjoyed testing stuff in the water.
Eamon – We estimated if they were likely or unlikely to float.

We have been researching sea creatures to create our own posters in a group.
Alex – Me and Cameron were making a poster about turtles.
George – My group were doing a poster about an octopus, we used a book to get information.
Jack K – An octopus eats small sharks, sea snails, crabs and fish.
Maisy – My group learned about whales and where they live and what they eat. Blue whales live in icy waters.
Darcie – Me and Abbie found out dolphins can spin 7 times when they jump in the air.

Our music afternoon is on Wednesday 12th at 2pm in the hall.

Primary 3

This week, as part of our ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’ topic, we have been learning about the Grand Canyon. Mr Cormack has visited the Grand Canyon and he was able to tell us his first-hand experience of visiting this natural wonder.
In groups, we carried out an experiment to investigate different types of erosion and the impact that this has on the rock at the Grand Canyon.
We also used watercolour paints to create our own Grand Canyon masterpieces using a variety of colours and blending techniques.

In ICT, we are creating a Powerpoint about the natural wonders. We are learning to insert new slides and images and we are using bullet points to input the facts that we are learning.

Wednesday 12th – Farm Trip – please return permission slips and send extra shoes and a plastic bag for dirty wellies (please see information sheet sent home.)
Thursday 13th – Sports Morning.
Friday 14th – Assembly at 9.15am in the School Hall – all welcome!
Children can wear summer clothes to school on this day, no uniform required.

Primary 4

As part of our Body Topic, we were visited by Lisa from Quit Your Way. She helped us learn more about the effects of tobacco on the body. We have been learning about the lungs and what can happen to the body as a result of smoking tobacco.
Riley and Kacie were scientists and helped put together some of the 4000 dangerous chemicals that are contained in a cigarette. Things like…
“Nicotine, it goes to your brain and makes you become addicted” Leo.
“Tar, it’s black, gooey and sticky. It looked like syrup” Alfie.
“Rat poison, I was really surprised” Blaine.
“Nail polish remover” Saffron.
“Bleach, vinegar and batteries” Amelia.
“There are 4000 different chemicals in a cigarette” Ben W.
Lisa had a sponge which we pretended was a healthy lung. She poured water over it (as if it was oxygen) and Kacie squeezed all the water out. Lisa then put tar on the sponge and Riley couldn’t squeeze any of the tar out, the lung had turned black and wasn’t bouncing back again.
“It was disgusting” Riley and Kacie.

In grammar we learned about onomatopoeia with Miss Wilson.
“Onomatopoeia’s make writing interesting and lively” Fraser.
“Bang, boom, pow and smash are all examples” Becky.
“You made small books of words with pictures to bring them to life” Isla McC.

Wider Achievement

Alfie, Callum, Rylan, Ben W, Leo and Emily-Rose all played for Threave or Saints. It was the Heston Rovers football tournament. We all got a trophy for taking part.

20/20 sponsored selfie challenge on Monday 10th.
Please bring outdoor shoes and a packed lunch for sports day on Thursday 13th.
P.E kits needed on Monday and Thursday for two weeks.

Primary 5

Jack “We have been learning the difference between a proper noun and a common noun.”
Sebastian “A proper noun is a name, place or important event such as ‘Queen Elizabeth’ or ‘Eiffel Tower’ or ‘Christmas’.”
Alper “A common noun is a noun used often to describe a place, person or object without it being the actual name such as ‘teacher’ or ‘dog’.”
Harrison “We have been learning some new connectives such as ‘before’ and ‘until’.”
Cullen “We have been using connectives like ‘nevertheless’ and ‘in order to’.”

Kerys “We have been measuring objects using centimetres and milimetres.”
Emma “Some people did milimetre line segments.”
Emma “We also learned about 3 digit multiplication by 7.”

Health and Wellbeing
Barney “We went to the gym hall to practice for sports day and used the changing rooms.”

Olivia “We were learning how to draw Father’s Day cards with Mrs. Starkey.

Shannon “We have been making electricity posters about what we have learned in our topic so far. Most of us did the dangers of electricity.”

Show Club
Lucy “A few members of the class were in Mary Poppins.”
Yvie “It was really successful.”
Erin “It was so fun doing Mary Poppins and it was an amazing experience being a main character.”

Wider Achievement
Eilidh achieved a yellow belt in karate and went on a two night Brownie residential trip to Yorkshire.
Alper went to Kirkcudbright to do a fun race and won a medal.
Olivia baked a cake for her dad all by herself for his birthday.
Josh got a season 9 umbrella on fortnite.

We have our trip to Tongland Powerstation on Tuesday 25th June. Please can children bring in their permission slips by 17th June. Parent helpers welcome, please message Miss Mackintosh on ClassDojo if you are interested in joining us.


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6

In reading comprehension this week, we have been looking at D-Day and how the attack took place. We read through a passage detailing the event before answering questions on the text. We then looked at the medal that the British soldiers were awarded and created our own medals using the same features.
Carlie – “I enjoyed designing a D-Day victory medal.”
Michalina – “I enjoyed learning about D-Day in our reading comprehension.”

In maths this week, we have been looking at time. More specifically being able to read bus and train timetables to answer questions and calculate duration.
Lexie – “I enjoyed learning to read train timetables in maths.”
Michalina – “I enjoyed reading train and bus timetables to answer questions.”

Mary Poppins
Seven members of the Primary 6 class have been performing in Mary Poppins all week. They have been showcasing their talent with 3 performances throughout the week. Well done Seren, Logan, Teigan, Carlie, Tommy, Lacey and Eilidh!

Tommy – “I have enjoyed being in Mary Poppins.”
Seren – “I enjoyed the atmosphere of Mary Poppins.”
Logan – “I enjoyed being a part of Mary Poppins.”
Eilidh – “I enjoyed learning all my lines for the show.”
Teigan – “I enjoyed everything about Mary Poppins.”

Sports morning is on Thursday 13th of June. The Children will require a packed lunch for the day.
We will be completing our 20/20 sponsor challenge next week. Please can you remember to get your sponsor forms filled in and any sponsors to the school.
Open Evening is on Thursday 13th of June.

Primary 6/7

Lexie White ” We have been presenting our solo talks this week.”
Kalim ” We have been learning about Living and Growing in Health and Wellbeing.”
Noah “I enjoyed my solo talk about my Gravity Racer. I have made this for the Soap Box Derby.”
Aillie ” In maths we have been learning about bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts.”
Miriam ” I enjoyed researching for my solo talk about Marvel Comics and Movies.”
Abbie ” I enjoyed presenting my solo talk and playing my guitar to the class.”
Holly ” We have finished our last show of Mary Poppins.”

P7 trip to Mabie Farm on Tuesday.
P7 2nd Watersports Group on Wednesday.
Proposed Sports Morning on Thursday.
Induction Days at CDHS 19th, 20th, 21st June.

Primary 7

We are proud because we got our Accelerated Reader Target this week. – Jack, Elise, Sam and Sophie.

This week we have been doing our Mary Poppins shows. It has been really hard work but it has helped us to become more confident. – Mia.
We have been learning about a balanced diet. We made posters to give advice to 7-11 year olds to eat better. – Isla A.
For Superscot this week we did the fitness activities. I did really well.- Sophie.
In big writing, I am happy that I finished my story and I think it is quite good. – Jayden.
It was cool to see the photoshopping when we learned about body Image this week.- Rory L.

Wider Achievement
On Thursday I passed my grading in Karate and now I am a Brown belt. – Rory T.
We did really well on the 4th week of the Paul Jones Football Competition in Dalbeattie. We won all of our games. We are excited for the final on Saturday in Kirkcudbright. – Sam.

Show club members party Mon 10th June (3.00-4.30pm)
Mabie Farm trip Tues 11th June.
Watersports group 2 Wed 12th June.
Induction days Wed 19th – Fri 21st June.
Leavers’ Events letters and money due in.

Sports Morning – Postponed till next week.

Sports Morning – Postponed to June 13th.

The weather forecast for this Thursday is not looking good and the rain forecast for today and tomorrow will also not allow the pitch to dry out. Sports morning has therefore been changed to next Thursday 13th which has a much drier and warmer forecast.
Lunches as normal this Thursday.
A text will be sent out early next week to book any school packed lunches for the Thursday.
Thank you.

P6 Operation Safety

P6 pupils went to Stranraer to …. (report and pupil comments to follow)

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