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Autumn Term Music with P5/6, P6/7 and P7

Autumn Term Music
Please take a look at our Video posts of some of the music activities our P4, P5/6, P6/7 and P7 have been working on with our Music Teacher, Mrs Teale.

P7 has been working on a piece called ‘In The Fast Lane’, playing xylophones, glockenspiels and chime bars. Everyone in the class has perfected it!


P6/7 has been working on some tricky rhythms, using drumsticks to play along with Scotland The Brave and an Irish dance


P5/6 had fun listening to songs about animals living in the rainforest. They then worked in groups and used facts about the animals to create rhythms patterns. Everyone in the class took part and all performed to each other


P5/6 had great fun playing djembe drums






Weekly News – October 14th

School News

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 ‘Went on a Bear Hunt’ this week. There was lots of imagination used as the children followed a trail and also lots of chat with fantastic words being used such as ‘amazing’ and ‘humungous’.

After a steep climb to the top of the hill the children cooked some delicious marshmallows on an open fire and built dens or a secret store for Daddy Bear to hide his marhsmallows in J

All our classes have been creating ‘foody’ art work for a School Calendar which we will have on sale next term. Each class has chosen a month and there is a photograph of P5/6 working on their paper mache Christmas puddings! We’ll let you know when the Calendar will be ready!

Tag Rugby – some of our older pupils took part in a TAG Rugby Festival on Wednesday which was organised by Active Schools and Stewartry Rugby Club. Our teams had an enjoyable time and ended up in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places – well done!

Marvellous Mathematicians – Our P4-7 pupils have begun a new online Maths programme called Sumdog (which can be accessed at home and school). Sumdog have been running a national mental maths competition and our P6/7 class took on the challenge. They did very well and have finished 2nd in the United Kingdom and on Wednesday were the daily winners out of 1600 schools. In P7 Naomi was the class champion.

Autumn Disco Over 200 pupils came along to Autumn Disco on Wednesday and, if  the heat in the hall is anything to go by, an energetic and fun time was had! Thank you to all the parents and staff who gave up their time to organise and run the Disco.

Pupil Council Certificates The Pupil Council held a competition to design our Bronze, Silver and Gold Award certificates for this year. They had a difficult task looking through all the entries and chose the designs by Lucy Bowles, Sophie Bowles and Caitlin McElroy, all in P5/6 class,  to send away to the Print Unit to get turned in to certificates.

Our October holidays start this afternoon and we return for the Winter term on Monday 31st October. We wish everyone a happy holiday.

papier-mache-xmas-puds-for-weekly-news sumdog img_2355 img_2356 img_2358 img_2368 img_2377 img_2379 img_2399 img_2402 20161013112317415_0005-copy 20161013112317415_0003-copy 20161013112317415_0004-copy

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Click on a photograph to open up a slide show of our walk in the Woods. We followed a trail of porridge left from a hole in Daddy Bear’s shopping bag. We didn’t meet Daddy Bear but did find his secret store of marshmallows which we all enjoyed 🙂

There was lots of exciting chat as we went round the woods. We didn’t see big trees we saw HUMUNGOUS trees!

img_2176 img_2183 img_2208 img_2215 img_2224 img_2230 img_2241 img_2248 img_2250 img_2269 img_2284 img_2286 img_2295 img_2306 img_2311 img_2321 img_2326 img_2328 img_2334 img_2335

Autumn Term Displays

Click here to have a look at some of our Autumn Wall Displays which show what we have been learning in school.

Weekly News – October 7th

Class news


This week in P1 we enjoyed a sound and number hunt in the town.

Callum – “I spotted a s on the street.”

Noah – “I found an o on a sign.”

Imogen – “I saw numbers on doors.”

Georgie – “I found a capital a near the market.”

Rose – “I saw a capital e near a shop.”

Eli L – “We saw numbers and letters on cars.”


In P1/2 we enjoyed our sound/number/word hunt around the town on Friday – we spotted lots of the sounds, numbers and words we know.  Thanks to parent helpers.

Emma – “I saw 7 on a door.”

Leigha – “46 was on a car.”

We made musical shakers out of plastic bottles.  We used our senses to listen to the different sounds they made when we filled them with different materials.

Cameron – “I put water and glitter in mine – it made a swoosh sound.”


In P2a we have been learning about grid references and we made very colourful birds using them.

Alfie – “It was pretty good to see how the birds appeared.  It was kind of fun when I worked out how to do it.”

Lily – “I thought it was hard but fun.”

We have been learning about our sense of smell.  We were listing nice smells and bad smells.  Lewis likes to smell ice cream.  Lexi does not like the smell of farms.   Riley likes the smell of chicken.  Callum does not like the smell of oil.


On Wednesday P2b had fun making chocolate sparklers and shortbread Catherine wheels for their page of the 2017 School Calendar. The class also had a look at the alphabet in sign language and learned how to sign their own names.

Zac B said ” I wish it was Wednesday every day so we could bake every day”


In P3a this week we have been improving our ICT skills.  We have been learning how to copy and paste.  We have also been working on grid referencing and plotting co-ordinates.  This week Douglas has been learning to dive down to the bottom of the deep end.  Harrison moved up a class in Karate and Duncan passed Stage 3 in gymnastics.  Well done boys!


In P3b we have been taking photographs for the school calendar.  We have written fantastic imaginative stories that were based on Dreams as our class novel is the BFG.  In Maths we are sequencing and ordering numbers to 100 and 1000.


This week in P4 we have been looking at emotions.  We have been starting our underwater animations about water pollution.  We have also designed our page for the 2017 calendar.  Carlie participated in the CD fun run last Saturday.


P4/5 have been learning their times tables and the history of chocolate.

Abbey S – “I enjoyed drawing and painting characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Finley McG – “My biggest success this week has been reading my ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

Harris cycled up a new hill.


This week in P5  “we are learning about the Hanukkah with Mrs Bathgate in RME” – Neave B

“We are finishing the 2016-2017 calendar pictures for the PTA to sell for the school.” – Elise

“We went outside to the playground and thought of habitats.” – Tianna

“The tag rugby team are about to do their very first game in Kirkcudbright.” – Rachel


This week in P5/6 we have been working on our art work for the PTA calendar.  We are doing the month December.  We have been using paper mache to make Christmas puddings.  We have also been studying the artist Andy Warhol.  Leland has nearly finished his book mark at Stitchclub.


This week in art P6 have learned how to make paper mache nests.  We have been subtracting decimals.  We have been learning how to count to 20 in French and how to say class objects.  We wrote a recount of the Titanium video.

In the Hard Rock competition Carla got 3rd place.  Callie and Chloe have a ballet competition coming up. George has started Archery.  Stitchclub girls have been improving.  It has been a birthday week in P6 : George, Jess, Fraser and Carla.  Cormac, Murray and Corey played a football match at the weekend and won 14-6.


This week in P6/7 we looked at how islands were formed.  We researched our own Scottish islands and we have photos to show what we made.  In the Daily Mile we have now reached Paris.  James, Archie, Stephanie and Madison took part in the Bikeability scheme.


This week P7 have been completing a Vopic assessment – creating a storyboard.

Some pupils have also taken part in Bikeability Level 1 training.  The boys and girls have also been completing challenges on Sum dog.  Their current challenge is addition based and is open until Wednesday 12th.  Well done to P7 pupils who took part in the Hardrock Challenge last Saturday – Maisie, Leah, Innes, Tessa and Danny.


Reminders for Next Week

Monday 10th – Pupil Flu Vaccinations

Monday 10th 6:30pm – Kingswood Meeting for families wishing further information about the proposed visit in August 2017.

P1 – On Tuesday we are going on a bear hunt to the Doach Woods.  Please dress in appropriate clothing (old clothes and please bring a coat) for the weather on that day.
P1/2 – Please send teddy to school on Wednesday 12th for our Bear Party.  We are going to the Doach Woods ‘On a Bear Hunt’ on Wednesday 12th.  Please send a pocket sized snack and appropriate clothing (old clothes and please bring a coat) for and footwear.  Please send homework bags and diaries to school every day.

PTA Autumn Disco P1-P3 6pm until 7pm and P4-P7 7:15pm – 8:30pm

Friday 14th – October Holidays. School opens for the Winter |Term on Monday 31st October.

For P4-7 Pupils The National Sumdog Competition is now open until next Thursday. Log on at home and have a go!!!

Free School Meals / Educational Grants

Free School meals – pdf download


A Free School Meal is a school lunch, or any item from the school kitchen between 8.30am-lunchtime in Secondary schools, provided free of charge by Dumfries and Galloway Council, to children attending Nursery (including commissioned providers), Primary and Secondary School whose families meet the following required criteria:

 Income Support

 Job Seekers Allowance (Income based)

 Employment and Support Allowance (Income based)

 Child Tax Credit on its own with an annual income under £16,105

 Child Tax Credit with Working Tax Credit with an annual income under £6,420

 Universal Credit

 Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

If you apply and qualify for Free School Meals there is a potential yearly saving of £332.50 per primary child and £351.50 per secondary child.

Currently Primaries 1,2 and 3 receive a free school meal, however if you meet the above criteria and qualify, you can receive support (see below)

 School Clothing Grant worth up to £80.00 per child

 Free Music tuition costing £200.00 and free instrument hire costing £49.00

 Up to 600 hours free Early Learning and Childcare for 2 year old children

 Financial help towards the cost of School Transport for Non Entitled Pupils of £250.00 per pupil paid in 2 instalments during August and January. Please note additional criteria does apply –they must attend their catchment school, live more than 2 but less than 3 miles from school and have previously been declined for “grace and favour” transport.

Some Scottish Government funding direct to schools is linked to the Free School Meal entitlement in that school. If you apply and qualify, you will also be helping your child’s school.

You can request an application form for Free School Meals and a Clothing Grant by contacting the Community and Commissioning Team on (01387) 260493. Application forms

are also available at your child’s/children’s school and from Dumfries and Galloway website www.dumgal.gov.uk.

If you would like more information about Instrumental Instruction in your area please contact the Instrumental Instruction Service on (01387) 722152.

If you would like information on how to apply for Early Learning and Childcare you can apply for a place by emailing free600@dumgal.gov.uk with your name and address or by telephone on 01387 273950.

Applications for help towards School transport are available online from the Dumfries and Galloway website or from your local school.

August, 2016.


Weekly News – September 30 – Photographs

Have a look at the Photo gallery of some of our events from this week
– P6/7 Volcano Experiment
– P3a and P3b Threave Castle Visits
– PTA Ready Steady Cook Event
– P4 Assembly

Weekly News – September 30th

This Week’s News
School News

A big thank you to the PTA who organsied a fun Ready Steady Cook evening at the Fullarton. Over a hundred people came along to enjoy the cooking which was won by chef, Michelle, and her school helpers – Charlie and Miss Conacher. It was a very close decision with chef , Ed, and his helpers Erin and Miss Philpott just a few votes short. There was a raffle and also ice cream making using dry ice to quickly freeze the mixture which was great to watch!

Some pictures from the event will be posted on the website and Facebook page very soon and we’ll let you know how much was raised for PTA funds next week.


School Residential visits

P4-6 families are very welcome to send in monthly payments towards the costs of residential visits that will take place in P6 and P7 years. By saving up over many months it is hoped that such visits will continue to be affordable.


Class news


This week in Primary 1 we have been learning all about ‘e’ and ‘h’.  In maths we have been making numbers that are 1 more or 1 less.  We have been reading ‘We are going on a bear hunt’. We sequenced the story and we acted out each part.  We also created each part of the story using art materials to make a class display.

Nicole – “I have enjoyed learning ‘h’ Hat begins with ‘h'”

Lewis – “I liked listening to the bear hunt story.  The mud was my favourite part.”


This week in P1/2 we have been working as part of a team in PE.

“We take turns.” – Devlin

“You help your teammate.” – Kaidi

We also made a teddy bear with five senses using different materials.

“He has a smelly minty nose.” – Coby

“They have noisy ears and their paws are soft.” – Alex



Riley – “I feel really proud of myself for writing all these words.”

Every Monday we do writing activities.  We are trying hard to write on our own and use capital letters and full stops.

Dylan – “I enjoy doing the warm ups at gym.”

We have been learning about grid references in maths.

Becky – “I drew a fish with grid references.”

This week P3a went on a trip to Threave Castle.  This involved having to get a boat over the River Dee to get to the castle.  Once we arrived at the castle we were able to see lots of exciting things.  These included a hanging stone, the old dungeon and even the old toilets.  Eilidh thought some of the castle was a bit scary.  Hayden and Chloe said they had great fun and the castle was amazing.  Everyone had a great day and managed to avoid the rain.

There was lots of wider achievements this week.  Freya was able to swim a full length of the swimming pool and Milly says her backstroke is getting better and Eilidh says her dolphin is improving.  Emma has perfected her handstand and Harrison has been attending street dance classes.  Well done everyone!!!


In P3b on Wednesday we went a trip to Threave Castle.

Coll – “It was awesome.”

Lucy – “It was pouring with rain but we sheltered in the cellar and the fireplace of the great hall.”

Olivia – “Mr Tyson told us a scary story.  We all jumped and screamed at the end.”

We learned to write a recount of our trip on Thursday.

Erin did the memory walk last Sunday in memory of her great grandmother.  Erin took part in Ready Steady Cook at the Fullarton Theatre.

This morning in P4 we did our assembly.  We enjoyed doing our rain sound scape and showing our documentary. We also liked selling our cakes.


Primary 4 has had a busy week preparing for their Assembly which we shared this morning with other classes and parents and family. It was all about Water and how important water is to us. We showed a video about a girl who has to walk four miles to and from a water hole every day to collect water. We decided to raise money for Water Aid to help them in their work in getting clean water to people in countries which don’t have it. We held a bake and arts and craft sale and will let you know next week how much was made.


P4/5 made ‘divas’ with Miss Gainford.  These are special Divali lamps.  Teigan, Noah S, Tyler, Finlay M made apple sponge from the school apple tree.  We all tasted it.  It was delicious.  Emily got some medals for country dancing and Jaimie-Leigh got medals for football.


P5 – “The pupil of the month is Cameron.” – Katie

“We are doing place value in maths.” – Neave B

“In topic we are learning about living things.” – Mya

“I got a gymnastics certificate for working hard and always being quiet when told to.” – Mia


In P5/6 we started using Sumdog this week.  We can access this from home too.  In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.  Some of us have been using ICT to create 2D shapes.  Skye won her first Highland Dancing Competition.  Ryan P is making great progress with his swimming .  Craig, Daniel P and Andrew A survived a night in the torrential rain at Cub Camp.  They all had great fun though!!!!


This week P6 in health have been learning about personal hygiene and starting puberty.  In maths we have been adding decimals.  We are all getting better at hockey and keeping the sticks on the ground.  We have been learning how to name everyday objects in French.  We have been creating 3D chicks.  In ICT we have been working on Sumdog, doing the maths tests and games.

Katie, Chloe, jess, Callie, Hannah and Morgan have learned how to do 2 new stitches in Stitchclub.  Murray and Cormac have cycled 61.97 km in a month.


In P6/7 we are learning about how Scotland’s landscape was formed.  We learned how mountains were formed from moving plates.  We made our own volcanoes in a sink experiment.  In our daily mile we have travelled more than 450 miles which means we have reached Calais, France.


This week in P7 we have been learning to say members of our family in French.  They’ve been working on their wanted posters for Desperate Journey topic.  We’ve been learning how to play tag rugby.  Also, the pupils had an assessment on rounding in maths.  A few pupils have been helping in P1 at gym and first break.  Anna, Innes, Aiden, Ruby and Charlie helped at Ready Steady Cook and Charlie was in the show.  Innes built a slingshot at Scouts that didn’t break.


Reminders for Next Week


P1 – Thursday 6th October we are going on our number and sound hunt in Castle Douglas.  Please dress appropriately.  Please also remember to hand in consent forms and £2 for our trip to the Doach Wood.  Thank you if you have already done this.
P1/2 – Next Friday 7th October is our Sound/Number hunt around Castle Douglas.  Please bring waterproof jacket and suitable footwear.  Please send homework bags to school every day.  Please end an empty bottle in before 5th October for our challenge.
P4 – Anyone who ordered a DVD will be able to get them sometime next week.
P6 – Stronord and Kingswood letters to be handed in for next Friday 7th October. Disco letters and money £1 per ticket.
P6/7 – It is our week for the news board so please bring in clippings.  Keep checking Sumdog for new challenges.

Community News

There is a Bingo Night next Friday, 7th October at 7:30pm, in the Scout Hall, Blackpark Road. Money raised from the Bingo Night is used to support the upkeep of the hall which is used by many of our school pupils who go to Beavers, Cubs , Brownies and Guides.

Residential Visits Survey and P6 Visits

We carried out a survey of P4-6 families to help the school decided on the way forward with residential visits. Nearly 70 families replied with very positive support to keep residential visits going and also offers of parental help.

It has been decided to continue with visits to Stonord in P6 and Kingswood in P7.

Families are very welcome to start saving for these from P4 and monthly amounts can be paid to the school.

P4-6 Residential Survey

P6 Kingswood Letter Sep 16

P6 Stronord Letter Sep 16

Achievement Assembly

img_1074Primary 1 to 7 had an Assembly today to share some of our achievements both in and out of school. We heard about Horse Riding, Triathlon, Bagpipe Chanter, Football and Country Dancing. Each class then chose their Pupil of the Month and shared the reasons why.
P3-7 Pupils have also been set an Accelerated Reading Challenge. So far 3,575,000 words have been read since August by our P3-7 pupils – our challenge is to reach 5,000,000 by 14th October!



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