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Family Learning – Maths Activities at Home

We are launching our Family Learning at Home webpages today and invite all our CDPS families to have a go at the maths activity chosen by each class and/or group.

There’s a quick  link on the Website Welcome post to the Home Learning homepage or click here.

More information about November’s activities (with class links) can also be found below.


Dear CDPS Family

Family Engagement – Sharing Learning Together at Home

Parents are the first, and most vital, teacher any child has. While schools give children a great education, learning doesn’t start and stop at the school gates. Doing fun things with your children is one of the great things about being a parent. You can make a huge difference. Research shows that children do better at school and throughout life when parents take part in their learning.

To help with this, our school is working on developing a bank of activities for families to access and share at home. The activities are not extra ‘homework’ but opportunities for families to find out more about what is happening in school by having a go at activities that do not require much preparation or resources and will support the work being taught in class. The activities are not for children to do on their own but together with one or two other family members. It’s all about talking and helping each other.

The activities are optional but there is strong evidence of the positive impact on pupil attainment when families are engaged together in sharing learning and we would encourage every family to have a go at the maths activity for this term.

The activities are found on our School Website. https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdps/

There is a quick link to the activities in the Website Welcome Message or please use the Family Learning and Engagement menu on the right hand side of the website.

Families will be directed to the relevant activity by email and Facebook post or a paper copy will be sent home if no internet access at home.

From the Learning Together – Home Learning Ideas and Activities page you will find general information as well as links to Family Learning Ideas (right hand menu). This session we are developing maths and numeracy activities.

Early Level is mainly for Nursery and P1 age, First Level is mainly for P2-4 age, Second Level is mainly for P5-7 age and families will be directed to the activities that match your child’s pace of learning.

We hope that families enjoy having a go at the November’s Home Learning activity and we will be asking for your feedback on
– how easy (or not) it is to access the activities from the website.
– the suitability of the activities for home engagement. (The activities should be too time consuming or involve a lot of preparation).
– any problems you may have met doing the activity.
– suggestions for similar activities
– suggestions for other learning that your family would like to have home activities for.

It is planned to share at least two activities each term but families are welcome to browse through all the activities and suggestions to be added (particularly with a local context) are very welcome.

Please go to the next page for class maths activities to try in November. Primary 1 are asked to wait until 26th before starting theirs.


Read, Write and Count for Primary 1-3 Pupils
The Scottish Book Trust is giving every P1-3 pupil in Scotland a pack which contains reading and writing resources for you to enjoy and keep at home. The Family Packs will also be coming home today.

Click on a link to take you to the home learning website.

Activity – click on the bold link and then scroll down the activity webpage.

P1a and P1b – Measurement – Activity 1 – How Tall Am I?


P2 – Probability – Activity 1 : Could it Happen?


P2/3 – Shape – Activity 3 : 3D Objects at Home


P3 – Shape – Activity 3 : 3D Objects at Home


P3/4 – Shape – Activity 2 : Robot Challenge


P4 – Fractions – Quarters – Activity 6 : Bob and Betty


P4/5 – Fractions

Circle Group – Activity 4 : Half Number Line Game

Rectangles  – Activity 7 : Quarter Number Line Game 

Triangles –  Activity 11 : Coin Collections

Squares & Hexagons Activity 13 : Coin Collections


P5 – Fractions

Choice from

Activity 15 – Sorting Objects or for a more difficult challenge try

Activity 1 – Fraction Facts


P5/6 – Position and Movement  – Activity 5 : Co-ordinate Map


P6 – Shape

Circles Group – Activity 2 : Robot Challenge

Pentagons/Triangles/Squares – Activity 1 : 3D Objects at Home


P6/7 – Shape

Squares and Rectangles –
Activities 1: 3D Objects at Home and 4 : What is that Shape?

Triangles and Pentagons – Activity 2 : Cube Nets


P7 –  Shape – Activity 3 : Shape Robot.


Our Generous School Community

Thank you so much to our generous Nursery and School Community.

In the past few weeks families, staff and friends of the school have donated £125 to the Poppy Appeal, £1177 to Children in Need and the Pupil Councillors helped fill sixteen shoeboxes full of toys, toiletries and household items (there are still three more big boxes full of items to put in shoeboxes!) for the Rotary Shoebox Appeal.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Our Weekly Class News – November 9th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the school Community

Please have a look at what some of our Classes have been up to this week.


Primary 1a 

Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

 This week we have read ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson. Alongside this, we have been designing our own teddy bears using different materials and writing to our class bear, Ted. We are looking forward to taking Ted home for the weekend and sharing our adventures together with the class. 

Riley: I liked having milk and muffins for ‘m’.
Lola: I really want to take Ted home. I want to play with him.
Kendyl: I like playing with teddies.  

In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes. We made some wonderful Shape Monsters and loved going to the hall and working in groups to create shapes with our bodies.  

We really liked wearing our Pyjamas on Friday. We took part in various Children in Need activities, shared our families favourite toys from their childhood and talked about our dreams. Lots of fun learning this week! 

Owen: I liked the assembly. I liked the song.
Kaci: I liked the Pudsey song as well. 


We have a Book Fair slot on Monday afternoon.
Thank you to everyone who sent back ‘Stay for a Sound’ slips. Please find times and dates in the reading folders. We look forward to seeing you next week.  

Primary 1b
 Class Activities and Pupil Comments
We have enjoyed reading our Julia Donaldson book of the week ‘The Everywhere Bear.’ Alongside this we made our own material bears; exploring different materials. We also wrote to our class bear, Ben telling him all about ourselves.  

In Maths we have been exploring 2d shapes; naming them and identifying properties. We used our bodies to make 2d shapes in groups and made some really funny shape monsters! 

Conall: “We’re wearing our jammies.”
Zane: “It’s children in need and it’s jammies day.”
Tiffany: “We bought teddies to school.”
Charlotte: “We’ve been reading ‘The Everywhere Bear.”
Brodie: “Julia Donaldson wrote it.”
Beth: “Ben the Bear is going home today.”
All the boys and girls will have the opportunity to take Ben the bear home for the weekend.  Beth is taking Ben home this weekend. Have fun Beth and Ben!  


*Thank you to everyone who sent back ‘Stay for a Sound’ slips. Please find times and dates in the reading folders. We look forward to seeing you next week. 
*Thank you to those who sent in photographs and information for the toy homework. We enjoyed sharing these as a class.
*We had a book fair slot on Monday afternoon. 


Primary 2 

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
We have been learning about the Four Seasons. Clay likes to get in his dinosaur paddling pool in the Summer. Frankie likes to jump and play about in the leaves in Autumn. Floyd likes it when it snows in winter because he likes to make a snowman.
We have been learning about tiling this week in Maths. Robyn and Dorota used hexagons to make an excellent tiling using three colours.
We have been looking at new words likely, unlikely and impossible and where we can use them. It is impossible for Elsa from Frozen to come to my class, Ferne said it was likely the ice cream van will come to my street and Oona said it is unlikely to snow tonight. 


Primary 2/3  

Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

This week we have been learning about the water cycle as part of our topic. 

Zoe ‘Water turns into a cloud when it goes into the sky then comes back down as rain.’
Kyle ‘Water keeps going round in a cycle.’
We learned anew song about snowflakes this week.
Alba ‘I love this song I knew it when I was little.’ 

 Darcie ‘We have been using 2go and it is fun making pictures with the colours.’
We have also been using the Beebot for some of our topic work this week.  

We have been trying some different activities first thing in the morning and the children move to a new one each day.
Jack J ‘I like the magnetic one.’ 


Please could PE kits come in on a Monday morning.
Our visit to the Book Fair is on Monday morning. 


Primary 3 

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
This week we took part in World Kindness Day on 13th November. On this day, participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness. We have our own kindness challenge to complete over the next week; hopefully the kindness elf will visit your home! 

We have been learning all about an artist called Paul Klee, we have looked at his paintings and we are learning to give our own opinion on a piece of art. This week we created Paul Klee Castle and Sun pictures.  

Rose “Paul Klee’s family liked music more than painting and he did his pictures by using shapes and different colours to make it look interesting. I like my painting because I like the colours”  

Eli Russell “I liked his art because it was arty and I liked the shapes” 

Kahlen “Paul Klee was born in Switzerland. I liked his good colours and how he didn’t make his pictures the right colours all the time” 

What have we really enjoyed this week…… 

Caleb “ I really like our new Jolly jobs, my favourite is the space number job.”
Lewis “I really liked our takeaway mental maths because it’s easy.”
Ceyda “I like the castle and I liked painting.” 

Monday and Thursday are our PE days.
Wednesday is our chance to visit and buy from The Book Fair. 


Primary 3/4
Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

This week we have been learning about a famous artist called Paul Klee.
“He painted 10,000 pictures” – Lucca
“We made our own Castle and Sun pictures” – Fern
“Paul Klee was in World War One” – Caitlin
“Paul Klee used different colours and shapes in his work. They looked a bit weird. Some were scary” – Alex
“He made abstract paintings” – Nikola
“When we made our own pictures it was very messy” – Emma
“I liked my picture because it was bright and colourful” – Ruby 

We have been working on shapes in maths.
“We went on a shape hunt to see what shapes we could find in the classroom.” – Kaidi
“We had to try to make different shapes from playdough and sticks. It was quite difficult.” – Coby
“We were building towers with the different shapes.” – Caitlin
“We drew and cut out different 2d shapes to make a picture. I made a dinosaur.” – Kaidi 

Primary 4
Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

In maths we have been learning about fractions and how to order them on a number line. We also took part in the Sumdog ‘Dumfries and Galloway Maths Contest’ finishing in 16th place (54 classes took part).
In P.E we practised the dances we will be doing at the Children in Need assembly. Our focus was our body awareness and coordination.  

When watching Newsround we found out that Stan Lee, the creator of some of the world’s most popular superheroes, had died. He also wrote and developed all of Marvel’s comic covers until he retired. Taking inspiration from this, we decided to create our own imaginative comic strips inspired by Stan Lee’s iconic characters. We then wrote our own superhero stories to accompany our illustrations. 

Wider Achievement
Holly took part in a vault and floor competition at gymnastics on Saturday. She scored highly for both her floor and vault routine. Well done!  


Primary 4/5
Class Activities and Pupil Comments

In maths we have been learning how to subtract.
Murray – It is a bit difficult but with practise we will be able to work it out.
Alannah – I find subtraction fun.
Shea – I thought the sums were difficult to begin with but now I understand how to find the answer. Ollie – I am starting to ‘get’ it.

This week we have handed out the order forms for The Christmas Chorus.
Freya – We have had lots of orders so far. It is fun collecting in all of the order folders from each class to see how many we have sold.
McKenzie – We have been counting up the money.
Brooke – We’ve also made invitations for our CD launch day. Look out for these next week.

Wider Achievement
Lily took part in her ballet show at the weekend.

Please remember to bring in Christmas hats or tinsel by Thursday 22nd November.


Primary 5
Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

We have learned about money this week looking at using decimal fractions in everyday situations and started work on simple fractions. We have also been learning about chance and uncertainty and started work on angles with Mrs. Starkey. 

In literacy we have continued our work on poetry techniques and finished writing our acrostic poems based on World War One. Some students started looking at blackout poetry.  

We were privileged to be visited by Barney’s Grandpa, Mr. Douglas Whitelaw, who used to be provost of our local area. He spoke to us about his time as provost and showed us some photos and then we had a Q&A session afterwards. 

In PE we have started learning about Scottish Country Dancing to prepare for our Christmas party. In art we have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and blending. For topic as an introduction to voting we did a secret vote on the best questionnaire made in the class for using to ask local people what they like and what they think needs improved in Castle Douglas. We voted based on question relevance, meaningfulness, questions to make people think and numbered questions. Alper won our quote of the week last week which was, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland. 

 Wider Achievement
Eilidh and Niamh performed with NYCOS choir at Dalbeattie school on the 8th November as part of a World War One remembrance event. The pictures are from the NYCOS Dumfries Facebook page. Well done! 

Any parents who would like to share wider achievement photos please send them to Miss Mackintosh on Class Dojo via ‘messages’ 

Primary 6
Class Activities and Pupil Comments

“We have started using the Green Screen and made a short video about the different climate zones that we’d been learning about.” (Mylie)
“P6 have been learning about rainfall. There are three types of rainfall: Convectional, Relief and Frontal.” (Jake, Fraser, Logan & Michalina)
“We were working on positive and negative coordinates. We learned about the X and Y axis and we had a think about when we would use coordinates.” (Seren & Rosie)
“I learned that climate is the average weather over a long period of time and weather is short period or daily.” (Eilidh)

“In PE, we have been continuing with our running and working on keeping a pace.” (Rhianna)
“Mr Tyson set us a challenge question and got us thinking about why the hottest areas were not on the equator even though the sun shines closest here.” Lewis
“The Polar climate zone is the coldest and temperatures can reach –60 degrees Celsius.” (Carlie) 

 Wider Achievement
Lois, Ellie and Megan took part in a ballet show last weekend – Well done!
Eilidh moved up a swimming group to the “Club Ready” group – Well done!

Fraser played rugby in Moffat at the weekend- Well done!  

Boys are at Carlingwark Monday and Tuesday.
Girls are at Carlingwark Thursday and Friday. 


Primary 6/7
Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

This week Primary 6/7 have been learning more about children in need. We have been selling Pudsey merchandise during the week and have really enjoyed this. This morning we led the Chidren In Need assembly and had lots of fun organising and taking part in the whole school Zumba sessions. 

Reminders- Our slot for the book fair is on Tuesday. 

Primary 7
Class Activities and Pupil Comments  

At the World War One workshop this week I enjoyed looking a the the weapons. They were very heavy and long. – Rory L
I liked the First Aid station at the workshop because we bandaged up Mia. – Rory T  

Yesterday we found out about a soldier who sketched a tree stump. A replica tree stump was then made, and a soldier hid in it to find out information from the Germans. – Charley
I really enjoyed building the jigsaw, it was so tricky! – Jayden.
I had fun playing the WW1 game L’attaque. – Sam 

We each built a huge base and used small soldiers. We attacked each other’s base. – Daniel G
I enjoyed looking at the coins. I learned that a crown could buy a weeks’ worth of food. – Ryan K
I found out that WW1 bombs were made heavy so that when the exploded shrapnel would fly everywhere. – Elise.
I enjoyed playing the Flying Circus with Tony. It was interesting to see how the planes attacked each other. – Isla A
It was fun and tricky using the quill and ink. Sometimes it smudged and too much came out. – Hannah.
I think I made a good start to my big writing assessment and I’ve set myself up for an exciting story. – Ollie. 

Wider Achievement
I did a dancing show with Mia for three nights. Mia won Dancer of the Year! – Tiana. 




P6 Have a Go at Green Screen!

Primary Six have started using the Green Screen. We are going to use this for a number of activities in class so watch this space! A group from Primary Six trialed a video to share our learning about different climate zones. Take a look and see what you think! “We enjoyed creating the video and it was really easy to do!”

Our Weekly News – November 9th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the school Community

Please have a look at what some of our Classes have been up to this week.

Global Gang News – E**** and L**** took the groceries down to the foodbank on Tuesday. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation. We took a huge amount of groceries down that will help to support people in our community.

Shoebox Appeal – a reminder that any items for the Rotary Appeal will be gratefully received by the Pupil Councillors who will be filling the boxes this week. Donations should be handed in by Wednesday 14th please.

Primary 1a

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week we have been reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We have written some lovely letters to the Giant to introduce ourselves. We’re getting very good at writing our names and forming our letters! We’ve also been measuring using non-standard units. We enjoyed going to the hall to use different objects to measure our heights.

Melisa: I like the Smartest Giant story.

We have also been creating our Post Office. We have been paper macheing our big box (thanks to Ethan!) to make our post box. Thanks to Abby and Finlay for the pictures.

Ethan: We got all glue-y doing the paper mache.

As always, we’ve been busy working on our sounds and numbers.

Hannah: I like doing hard work. I’ve liked learning my letters.

Skye: I like doing my numbers and my sounds.


Important letters have gone home today in bags. Please make sure you send in replies next week. Thank you!

Primary 2

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

We went to the Fullarton Theatre on Wednesday to watch the film “The Giant Pear”. We all enjoyed it. Frankie liked when the cat found the bottle in the sea. It had a message in it from JB. Eva liked it when the cat fished out the boot. Morgan said “I liked it when the pear grew so big it smashed the house.”

In PE we were learning to throw and catch the ball. Mason was very good at throwing the ball to Taleah.

Noah and Luci know all their key words – very well done.


Primary 2/3

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

We wrote potions last week in language work.

Abbie ‘My potion was to make people better.’

Cooper ‘Mine was to make a fish dinosaur.’

Our new topic is learning all about the weather.

In PE we are working on ball skills – throwing, catching and aiming.

In maths we are working on addition and subtraction.

We went to the cinema to see The Giant Pear which we all enjoyed.

George –  In Accelerated Reader I found out why Darth Vadar has a mask and a suit.



Please can all children bring a PE kit to school on a Monday and leave it at school for the week. We have PE on Monday morning and again later in the week. Thank you.


Primary 3

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week P3 have been learning all about a Knights role in the Castle and have been learning all about each part of a Knights armour. We have continued to look at non-fiction texts and we have been using the Contents and Index page to search for information.

On Wednesday, we went to The Fullarton Theatre to watch The Giant Pear as part of the Into Film Festival. Thank you to our parent helpers.

“The character was stranded on a mysterious island” – Eli

“The Giant Pear turned into a house” – Ewan

Take a look! There is a super spread and photographs in The Galloway News this week of our Spooky Bake Sale.

Wider Achievement

Struan competed in the D&G Schools swimming competition on Wednesday. He came second in freestyle and back stroke. Well done Struan!


Please can everyone bring a PE Kit to school.



Primary 3/4

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week we visited The Fullarton Theatre to watch The Giant Pear.

“I really enjoyed the movie” – Lucca

We have been learning about the different parts of the castle.

“We turned our classroom into a castle!” – Alex

“We turned the windows into a portcullis and we put a drawbridge on our classroom door with chains to lower it and bring it back up” -Kaidi

“We made the castle walls. We put battlements along the top” – Tika

“We put a moat along the floor” – Fern

“We had to work as a team to be able to transform our classroom” – Emma

In maths we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.

“I can name different 3D shapes now” – Cameron

“We have been naming the shapes and finding out about the different edges, faces and vertices” – Alex

We have also continued our learning on SHANARRI.

“The R stands for respected” – Caitlin

“We thought about what respect sounds like, looks like and feels like” – Fern

Wider Achievement

Emma and Ruby have moved up to level four in swimming.

Rhys went to rugby for the first time this week.

Primary 4

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

In art we created a night sky of fireworks using warm and cold coloured pastels. Inspired by the story of Guy Fawkes and bonfire night, we used chalks and blended the colours to create motion in our pictures.

During maths we have been focusing on measure and fractions. We took part in Sumdog’s ‘Wee Sleep Out’ maths contest at home and in school. P4 came 156th in the leaderboard of 872 classes from all over Scotland.

This week during RME we have been learning about the Hindu celebration, Diwali. The children created diva lanterns and Rangoli patterns. We discussed the different things Hindu’s do when celebrating Diwali and could identify similarities to our own celebrations at Christmas.


Primary 4/5

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week in P4/5 we have been busy recording our song for ‘The Christmas Chorus’ our class CD. Maxi came up with this name, we all thought it was a really good idea. We have finished our posters to advertise it and they will go up around the school next week. Keep a look out. You can pre order your CDs now from P4/5 (order forms are with class teachers). We also handed out a ‘Design our CD’ Competition and had lots of entries. We have now judged the winning designs and they will announced on our CD launch day on Wednesday 5th of December.

Murray – We recorded our class song for the Christmas CD.

Jesse-Leigh – We had to change our song last minute but we worked really hard to get it recorded.

Callum – The CD design entries were very colourful.

Elle – We had lots of good entries and it was really difficult to judge the winners.


In PE we started a block of dance. This week we listened to Latin American music and followed some fun Zumba routines.

Freya – The Zumba dancing was really fun.

Maxi – I aced the dancing routines.

Lhlyaijana – It was great fun but I was exhausted afterwards.

Shea – The moves kept me on my toes.

Wider Achievement

Freya and Lhlyaijana started a dancing class this week.

Callum has learned how to play the chanter.


Primary 5

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

Primary 5 have been doing lots of learning about World War One this week. We watched an assembly by P7 about their topic of WW1. We read part of ‘Poppy Field’ by Michael Morpurgo and re-enacted some key scenes in drama using freeze-frames. We discussed how to use body language and express emotions without using words. In writing we were looking at use of imagery in the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ by John McCrae. We started by brainstorming in our groups the images that we think of ourselves when we think of ‘war’ or ‘soldier’. We then looked more closely at the imagery used in McCrae’s poem. We also discussed what the poppy means to us and why people sometimes wear different colours of poppy.

In maths we have been continuing with addition and subtraction with Miss Mackintosh and chance and uncertainty with Mrs Starkey. We have also created fantastic World War One art with Mrs Starkey using blending and silhouettes.


Wider Achievement

E***and I*** were 1st and 2nd in their age group at the Stewartry karate competition on Sunday!

Please have permission slips handed in for the trip to Dumfries Museum by Monday 12th November. Our trip is the same day as come as you please for Children in Need. Therefore, may I ask children to please bring their outfit in their school bags to change into after we have been to the museum in the morning wearing school uniform.


Primary 5/6

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

What a week! We became more confident hockey players by mastering our passing, dribbling and shooting. Mr Coulthard can really see the hard work paying off!

We deepened our knowledge of probability by discussing the terms “impossible”, “certain” and “even chance”. However, Mr Coulthard wasn’t impressed that the majority of the class thought his chance of marrying a movie star was “impossible”.

We also made fantastic fireworks pictures with the use of crayons, paint and washing up liquid. The results were amazing!

Subtraction was the theme of the week in maths and we mastered “borrowing” from the tens and hundreds columns. Again, hard work paid off and the class took the challenge in their stride!

We have also enjoyed reading “The Twits” as a class at the end of each day. Particularly, the gross parts like the ghastly specimens found in Mr. Twit’s Beard or Mrs. Twit’s warty feet!


Primary 6


Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week, Primary Six have continued to look at 2D and 3D shape. “We have been learning about the edges, faces and vertices of shapes.” (Molly). “Our group had to find suitable shapes for tiling.” (Carlie). “We were looking at different triangles- isosceles, scalene, right angle and equilateral.” (Jake)
“In Art, we focused on reflection and we created a firework display using wax crayon and water colour.” (Rhianna) “In PE, we have been doing running and working on control and stamina.” (Jack)

We were very lucky and were able to attend the Fullarton as part of the Film Festival. We watched Small Foot.

Wider Achievement

Eilidh has been practising her Breast Stroke in swimming and is now more confident.

Teigan won a rosette for her horse riding.

Carlie completed her library book challenge.




Class DoJo slips have been sent home for parents to connect with Mr Maxwell.



Primary 6/7


Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week we have been learning about the work of Children in Need. Bobby ” We learned that Blush the Bear, Pudsey’s pal, was introduced in 2009″ Aillie ” Children in Need support over 2500 projects in the UK”. Holly ” Terry Wogan hosted the BBC show when it first started”.

P6/7 will hold a Children in Need fundraising day and assembly next Friday (16th Nov). Friends and family are welcome to attend the assembly. Children are asked to bring a donation for the non-uniform day.

Some of us have started using Reading Wise – an online programme which we can use at home too.

We received letters this week from our Edinburgh pen pals that we met at Kingswood!

This weekend Mya and Aillie will take part in a dancing show at the Fullarton Theatre! We wish them lots of luck.

Adam is playing a football match with Threave Rovers this weekend – good luck to him!
Primary 7

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

Ryan – We went to the cinema on Thursday to see Small Foot. It was amazing.

Sam – We wrote a film review for Small Foot. I would definitely recommend it.

Ollie – We had our assembly on Wednesday and we had lots of compliments from teachers and parents.

Rory T – I enjoyed singing our World War One song at the assembly. The parents liked it too.

Katherine – The adults came down to our classroom after our assembly and tried some of our World War One baking.

Elise – I really enjoyed taking part in the baking on Tuesday. We learned how to make Anzac biscuits and Trench cake. The Anzac biscuits tasted of coconut.

Ollie – With Mrs. Campbell we worked on co-ordinates this week and how to use them correctly. We used 4 grids because we used negative co-ordinates. It was tricky.








Our Weekly News – November 2nd

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the school Community

The Learning Centre are planning an evening to raise funds.  It will take place on Friday 30th November at Threave Rovers Social Club – times and details to be confirmed.
If you, or any friends/family would like to have a table at the event to sell and/or exhibit your creations/crafts, then please get in touch to reserve a table. (£10 per table).
We would also very much appreciate any donations for a raffle.
Tickets for the event will hopefully go on sale in the next week or two – numbers will be limited so make sure you don’t miss out!! Thanks

Poppies will be on sale in the next week.  Our P7 pupils will be visiting classes if any pupil wishes to purchase any.


Please have a look at what some of our Classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a

We have had a spooky, fun-filled week! We have read and listened to Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and have taken part in lots of spooky activities linked to the story. We had lots of fun carving some pumpkins – we made Harry Potter, a witch, a cat and a vampire. Photos taken by Murry and Finlay. We also thought about who we would invite to ride our broom – we wrote some lovely lists of people who would go on adventures with us!

We also celebrated Global Outdoor Classroom Day, spending time in different outdoor areas this Thursday. We practiced writing our numbers outside and making the shapes of the numbers with outdoor materials. We worked really hard! We spent the afternoon making potions with things we found in the field.

Melisa: I liked making the potion from the grass. I made mine with Joshua.

Ethan: I liked it when I was grabbing lots of flowers for my potion with Brodie.

Abby: I made number 7 in the nature garden. I used leaves.

Riley: I liked carving the pumpkins with Kaci. We made the witch!

Lola: I made the witch pumpkin too!

Darla: I carved mine with Mrs Graham. We used Ethan’s mask.

Primary 1b

We had lots of fun celebrating Halloween and taking part in lots of spooky activities! Eryithsyai, Tiffany and Flynn thoroughly enjoyed decorating and carving the pumpkins – we had some super scary designs!

Beth: “I liked building in the builder’s yard and I liked playing with my friends”

Charlotte: “I liked getting the monster points – I’ve got 43.”

Willow: “I liked playing in the playground with my friends.”

Mya: “I liked making potions.”

Ellie: “I liked playing with the microphone.”

Ziya: “I liked doing the science things.”

Angus: “It was Halloween.”

Brodie: “Making at the craft table with Eddie.”

Beth: “We were outside all day.”

We celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday and spent the whole day outside in the glorious sunshine. We played hide and seek and Joshua was our top hider as nobody could find him! Flynn told us he was “camouflage” as his coat was the same colour as the bush! We did our number work outside; collecting a certain number of objects and then making that number with natural objects we found. We then wrote all of the numbers to 10 in chalk – we aimed to fill the football pitch on the playground with numbers. Taking inspiration from our story of the week ‘Room on the Broom’, we all turned into witches and wizards in the afternoon and made our very own potions. The adults had to watch out as some of the potions turned you into a frog!

Primary 3

To kick off our Castles topic we visited Threave Castle on Monday with Mr Tyson and Mrs Hart. We learned lots of interesting facts and it was fantastic to explore the castle right on our doorsteps.

“The dungeon was very dark” – Kahlen

“The drawbridge can move up and down”

“There was a moat to keep the enemies out of the castle” – Cara

We have been learning about the different parts of a castle and their purpose.
On Wednesday, we held our Spooky Bake Sale. We raised a grand total of £281.65. This will be donated to the Janice Jamieson Memorial Foundation and to Unicef.

Thank you very much to the Parent Helpers for both days and to everyone who donated baked goods. We also had some very kind donations from the Co-op and Tesco.

We’ve had such a busy, exciting week! Keep an eye out for our bake sale in The Galloway News over the coming weeks!

Primary 3/4

hat a great first week back we have had! On Tuesday we went to Threave Castle. We had a great time exploring our fantastic castle!

“Mr Tyson told us a scary story in the castle!” – Caitlin

“We had to go on a boat to get across to the castle”. – Tika

“When we got to the castle we had to be detectives to find the different rooms” – Connor

“We saw a body in the dungeon!” – Alex

“We were great history detectives” – Fern

“We went into the dry moat and tried to run out. It was quite tricky to hold our swords and shields”. – Rhys

“The castle had thick walls for protection” – Cameron

This week we have also made our own Picasso monsters! We learned about Picasso and then created our own picture in the style of Picasso with our own spooky twist!

“Picasso was a really famous artist” – Leigha

“It was lots of fun creating our own picture” – Ruby

“Some of his paintings were abstract” – Nikola

“He made his paintings blue when one of his friends died. He chose blue because he wasr really sad” – Kaidi

“When he fell in love he felt happy so he started to use rose colours in his paintings” – Lucca


Homework bags should be brought to school every day.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bring appropriate kit – these can beleft in school.

Primary 4
This week our learning has been Halloween themed! We started by exploring the history and traditions of Halloween. In ICT we used 2Simple to create spooky animations. Some children animated exploding pumpkins or witches flying across the sky on their broomsticks. In math we have been detectives, problem solving ‘The Halloween Mystery at Harriet’s House’ in pairs. We began our hockey block in P.E and will be working on preforming an increased range of skills and techniques this term. In language we wrote a recipe for the perfect friendship, this is linked to our emotions topic in health and wellbeing.

Wider Achievement

Kacie and Lexi are dancing in a ballet show this Sunday.

Holly auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent during the holidays.



Sumdog’s Wee Sleep Out Contest starts today at 8am and finishes at 8pm on November 8th. P4 can play at any time. For their score to count, the Wee Sleep Out Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of the screen when you click to start each game.


Primary 4/5

This week we were preparing for our Spooky Bake Sale. We had a fantastic morning and raised £281.65 for our charities. We all worked really hard and are very proud of ourselves. We would like to thank all the parent helpers on the day and also to those people who donated baking for the event.

We are continuing to practise our song for our Christmas CD. We have started talking about the different roles that are required to run a successful business. This week we have been learning about advertising and marketing. We have created our own posters to advertise the CD and have come up with a good name…watch this space.

Our class were joint winners of the Walk to School week. We have been awarded the Golden Trainer Trophy.


Wider Achievement

Maxi and Alexander were joint winners of the pumpkin carving competition at Cubs.


Primary 5

We have been revising place value this week through the game ‘Nice or Nasty’ where children worked in pairs to see who would win by using a combination of strategy and place value knowledge. We have also been doing SAMSON maths working on addition and subtraction.

We are continuing to work on adjectives and on Wednesday we were thinking about what we would put in a Halloween potion. Our topic this term is ‘Local and National Government’. We were contacted by agents from MSB (Make Scotland Better) – a secret organisation who asked P5 personally to let them know the advantages of living in Castle Douglas and what could be improved. On Friday morning we received another task which was to create questionnaires on the computer for people of Castle Douglas to ask how they would improve their local area.



P5 should all have come home with a letter about a class trip to Dumfries Museum. Please return the permission slip by Monday 12th November.


Primary 5/6
“I’ve learned a lot more of the ‘book detectives’ roles this week and feel confident in doing my reading tasks independently next week” Rosie

“I learned about place value with Mrs Carlyle” Keira

“I am able to lay out my sums better” Kacey

“I enjoy working with larger numbers” Jazmin

“I enjoyed learning how to dribble in hockey” Lotti

“I mastered ‘Indian dribbling’ with a hockey stick in Gym” Oscar

“I like that we now have new seats and can work with different people” Kyla


“I really liked paining a haunted house for Halloween” Cutis.

“We learned vocabulary like ‘even chance’, ‘likely’ and ‘impossible’ during our probability maths lesson” Amy


Wider Achievement

Rosie won first place in a horse-riding competition.

Lexi was commended for her fighting spirit at her local boxing club.

Myley received a trophy for mastering her “front walk over” in gymnastics.

Lotti successfully jumped onto the high bar at her gymnastics class.



Primary 6

This week, Primary Six created Candy Skull inspired artwork! Take a look at our pictures- they look SPOOKtacular.
In Maths, we began to learn more about shape. We went outside for a shape hunt and found many 2D and 3D shapes in the playground and nature garden. We began to use the terms, “faces, edges and vertices”.

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have Jamie visit us from the Fire Service and he spoke to us all about fire safety on Bonfire Night


Please bring homework folders to school every day.
PE kit on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays please.


Primary 6/7
This week in P6/7 we have been looking at rounding and estimation in maths this week. We have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100,100 and up to 3 decimal places!

We had a fire safety talk this week.
Brooke learned to always wear gloves when using sparklers.
Holly learned never to wear cotton gloves when using a sparkler but instead, to wear gardening gloves.
Abbey learned to always put your used sparklers in a bucket of water or sand.
Abbie learned to always stay well back from fireworks as they can be unpredictable.
Jaimie-Leigh says that you have to be 18 or over to buy fireworks and only adults should use them.
Some of us are going to attend organised displays over the weekend.

We have also written Halloween stories this week and they have been uploaded to the school website for you all to read!



Primary 7
Mia – We have been preparing for our assembly which is next week. I am reading my poem.
Katherine – This week began Magix Music Maker with John. It was really fun and quite tricky.
Tiana – We have been doing a lot of poppy art. We drew pictures of poppies with lines and used hot and cold colours.
Jayden – I learned that the Battle of the Somme was the bloodiest battle. On the first day 20,000 British soldiers were killed or wounded.
Bob – On Thursday a fireman came to talk to us about Bonfire night and how to be safe with sparklers.
Isla l – I went to the war memorial and I took pictures of the names.
Jayden – On Wednesday Katherine and I went around the classes selling poppies.
Ollie – We made invites for our assembly. We did it in the style of propaganda which a picture of Lord Kitchener.
Sam – My Dad came to do research on Thursday night as part of our topic.



Wider Achievement
Ryan K – I got a rosette for trying my best at horseriding. I can start, ride and stop.

Assembly – 07/11//18   9.15am.

Cinema – 08/11/18   during school time.





P6/7 Hallowe’en Writing Challenge

Mr Tyson gave P6/7 a Hallowe’en Writing Challenge. The class had to choose from either preparing an imaginative potion or a short piece of descriptive writing such as local newspaper report of a scary Hallowe’en Event.

The class agreed that they had to

  • use lots of adjectives and they could make up their own ones too.
  • use alliteration if it was appropriate.
  • create their own new words if they were needed for their story or potion.
  • use an appropriate layout, e.g. title, description, ingredient list, clear instructions.
  • work with a critical friend to read and give feedback to their finished work. All within 45 minutes!

Please have a look at some of the finished items. Click to open a file and then scroll through. Hope you enjoy the short stories!

Abbie W








Lexie W1

Lexie 2



Abbey S

Mati 1

Mati 2


Noah O

Noah S1

Noah S2

Lexie Wh






Our Weekly News – October 12th

Sharing our learning with the school community.


Our Weekly School News

School News 

 a) Walk to School Week 

Our Junior Road Safety Officers, Lotti and Lois, gathered the data from our classes last week and have written this report. 


In our Autumn Walk to School Week 39% of the school walked and 13% Park and Stride (which is just over half the school). Also 36% were driven, 2% scootered or skated, 3% cycled, 5% came by bus and 2% came by taxi. We hope that more people walk to school during the school year. 

This term P5 won the Walk to School Golden Trainer. We hope a different class may win the Golden Trainer next time – Good Luck!    

by Lotti and Lois. 


b) The Global Gang would like to thank everyone for their kind donations for the Helping Hands Food Bank. 


c) We go on holiday on Friday 12th and return to school on Monday 29th October.  

Our school team, pupils and staff, have been working hard this term and have a well earned rest.


Please have a look at what some of our Classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

 We’d had a great week in P1a! 

 Miley and Ollie: I like reading with the big boys and girls (P6/7). We get to read stories. 

Lola: I like the fish we have in class. I helped out with cleaning the tank. 

Melisa: I liked going to the library. 

Finlay: I liked playing on the bikes. I like the blue one. 

 We have been learning how to take care of our class fish. Abby, Lola, Finlay and Gillie had the job of cleaning the tank and feeding the fish. 

 We have also been planting some bulbs on the balcony.  

 Charlie: I liked putting the seeds in. 

Iris: We put the soil in. We used the watering can. 

Our photos this week were taken by Ayla and Kendyl. 




Primary 1b 

Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

Primary 1b enjoyed having their families in on Tuesday afternoon for a ‘story time’ session. Willow: “we read The Detective Dog”  

Zane: “Juila Donaldson” 

Angus: I liked doing the sugar, making the letters” 

Charlotte: “I liked going on the board so we can write stuff” 

Brodie: “making craft – the robot and the racing car” 

Kai: “I liked playing in the MUGA” 

Zane: “I liked playing in the Maths area and writing” 

Eddie: “I liked playing in the building area. We have a new role play area in the classroom – a builders yard.” 

Beth: “I like doing gym” 

Eryithsyai: “I liked sharing the books” 

 *Thank you for all the fantastic pattern homework.  

Wider Achievement
Tiffany “I‘m swimming without armbands”.  

Have a super holiday! 


Primary 2/3 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

In art we have been learning about colour mixing. First we learned to mix secondary colours from primary colours then we mixed shades and tints of a colour. 

Abbie – ‘We did photos to match the colour we made.’ 

Alexander – ‘They are all goo.’ 

Cooper – ‘We worked hard on them.’ 

Alba – ‘It gets prettier when it gets to the lighter and darker bits.’ 

We have focused a lot on working together and co-operation this term. This week our task was to create a PE game with our group and explain it to the class. 

Eamon – ‘We had to use certain equipment to work on a game for our team.’ 

Cameron – ‘We had to follow the team rules.’ 

Lily S – ‘We all worked as a team to do it.’ 


Please label all clothes we have 3 unnamed sweatshirts in class without a home. 


 Primary 4 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 


In art we finished our clay starfish by painting them. We mixed white and orange paint together to create different tones. We also experimented with brush control, using light and narrow strokes. Details were highlighted using sponge painting. We created a rock pool for them to live and we think they look very realistic.  

As part of our health and wellbeing topic we created a compliment cloud for a friend or family member. We hope this helps increase their self-esteem as we have been learning that this is linked to our emotions. 


Primary 4/5 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

This week we finished our class novel. 

April – We found out one of the main characters was a girl and her name was Alexa. 

Lhlyaijana – It was a splendid book. I learned all about refugees. 

Brooke – It made me feel a little bit angry that so many people are forced to run from their homes. 

Alannah – It made me feel quite sad but happy too because Ahmet found his mum and dad.  

We made the most of the lovely sunny weather this week and did our PE outside. 

Charlotte – we were trying to build up our stamina, so we could run for longer.  

We have also been learning how to write a letter and lay it out in the correct format. 

Alannah – You need to include your address. 

Jesse-Leigh – You need to put the recipient’s address on too. 

We are all now ready to enjoy a well earned rest. Happy Holidays 🙂  


Primary 5 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

 This week P5 have been learning about multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.  

Children have also been learning how to use similies, metaphors and alliteration when writing poetry. We have used what we have learned to write a poem about human influence on the environment. We have also had a visit from Elspeth and Alice from the Galloway Glens Biosphere Reserve who taught us about different biospheres around the world and how we can use our senses to appreciate nature.  

Hanna came up with our quote of the week which is, ‘Don’t listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.’ – Zig Ziglar 

 Have a great holiday, 


 Primary 5/6 

 Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

A fantastic finish to the term! In ‘Writing’, we played active games to help expand our vocabulary before locating ‘wow words’ in a piece of text. P5/6 have also battled it out with cloze procedure passages in order to insert words into unfamiliar texts.  

 We designed a new ‘Rajmobile’ in ICT as we say a warm goodbye to the characters of “Billionaire Boy”. Mr. Coulthard was also very impressed with everyone’s ability to apply their knowledge of coordinates to class games of “Battleships”.  

 “You blink more when you talk” and “Babies don’t produce tears until they are 6 weeks old” were some of the fascinating facts we discovered during Science this week. 


Lastly, P5/6 would like to wish a very fond farewell to an amazing pupil as he prepares to move to Dalry in the coming weeks. Stay in touch! Have an amazing holiday everyone! 


Primary 6 

Class Activities and Pupil Comments 

 Primary Six have been working on adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers with a decimal place this week in Maths. Mr Maxwell set us some problem solving that really got us thinking!!  

We were learning about Lord Shaftesbury in Topic. He played a major role in improving the lives of Victorian people. During Health and Wellbeing, we did some drama to show a number of emotions and we discussed bullying and the affect that this has on someone’s wellbeing. Overall, we have really enjoyed learning about the Victorians this term and have compared different aspects of their lives to our own lives.  


Primary 7

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

P7 enjoyed a visit from PC Ellis this week as part of their internet safety sessions. She explained the risks associated with the internet and how children could stay safe. Pupils also completed tasks such as making a list of strong and weak passwords, making posters to explain how to stay safe, writing stories using emojis, tracking their digital footprint and making lists of website suitable for different age ranges.

In maths we have moved on to addition and have begun with addition of two and three digit numbers. Pupils have enjoyed taking part in a range of games and activities to support their learning.

We have continued to work on a range of topic activities for our WW1 project. The pupils found out all about the use of propaganda this week and created posters of their own. We also completed our letters home from the front line and created some class poppy artwork. We are continuing to learn our WW1 for our assembly next term.

House and Vice Captains have also helped to deliver potatoes for the church this week. Well done to Chloe and Sam who volunteered to share information at the P5 and P6 information night on Monday.


A reminder that our sharing learning activity will take place on Thursday 1st Nov from 6-7pm.

Our WW1 assembly and class open morning takes place on Wednesday 7th Nov at 9.15pm.

Our trip to the Fullarton is Thursday 8th Nov.





Singing Stars!

Some members of our School Choir took part in an evening concert in the Parish Church at the end of September. The choir sang a medley of songs and also joined with The King’s Grange Singers and the and Dumfries Male Voice Choir to sing I Believe.
The children enjoyed the experience of singing in front of a large audience who enjoyed their confident and delightful singing and earned a standing ovation!

Our Weekly News – October 5th.

Our Weekly School News

Sharing our learning with the school community. 


School News

A reminder that next week there is

– an information session on Monday at 6:30pm for P5 and P6 age pupils and families about proposed Outdoor learning residential activities when they are in P6 and P7.

– Dental Inspections for P1 and P7 on Thursday.

– The October Holiday starts next Saturday 13th until Sunday 28th.


Some of our Class News 


Primary 1a    

On Friday we visited the Nature Garden and tried to make patterns with any objects we could find. We made some lovely designs!

Amelia: I liked making my pattern. Lola helped me. We did it together. We did stick, leaf, stick, leaf.

Iris: I put decorations on mine. It was purple flowers.

Ollie: I like finding things in the garden.

Owen: I liked finding the things for the pattern. We used sticks and leaves too.

We’ve also enjoyed other things this week.

Lexi: I liked playing with the junk. I make castles and stuff for my friend Hannah.

Miley: We’ve been going to Ten Town. I like Seal 6 because I like seals.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Storytime session on Friday. We hope you enjoyed sharing a story with us at home time. Look out for more dates in the future.

Primary 1b

The children have been enjoying using the iPad to take photographs of their friends, their work and their learning environments. We are planning to make a joint display with Miss Conacher’s class.


We were looking for signs of Autumn this week around the school grounds. Zach and Eddie told us that the leaves change colour in Autumn and Brodie told us the leaves fall from the tress in Autumn. We collected different shape and coloured leaves and discussed which trees the leaves had come from.


The children have been busy making and creating with the junk modelling materials. Thank you for your contributions – keep it coming please!


William: “we’ve been learning about numbers”

Zach: “we’ve been playing with the Lego”

Ellie: “we’ve been playing with Brambles”

Hannah: “doing people’s lunch” Hannah has been helping to give out the tokens – what a super helper!

Elliot: “I liked playing superheroes”

Beth: “I liked playing in the kitchen”

Angus: I like playing with the playdough and the Lego”

Flynn: “I like playing with the Lego”

Willow: I liked playing with the babies with Mya”

Ziya: “I like visiting Ten Town. I also like playing with Elliot and Ellie. I also like playing with Brambles, Ben, the caterpillar and Inky Mouse”.



*Homework packets must be brought to school every day.

*Story Time Session: Tuesday 9th October at 2:30pm in P1b classroom.


Primary 3

This week, to further explore our Forces and Friction topic, we went outside with Mr Tyson to do some rope activities.

We investigated the effect of pushing and pulling on the ropes as a class and Mr Tyson showed us how to do a clove hitch knot and a figure of eight knot to keep the ropes tight.

We pulled the ropes very tightly and released them to lower our friends down the hill.

Ferne was able to hold the whole class on the rope using just one finger and thumb but she had a friend called Friction to help!

Lewis – ‘I made a figure of eight knot!’

Ferne – ‘The friction on the rope helped the class to pull me up’.

Primary 3/4 

This week we have continued our health topic about SHANARRI.

Alex – “There’s two A’s in SHANARRI. One stands for active and the other stands for achieving”.

Fern – “This week we focussed on achieving”.

Rhys – “We designed our own medals to celebrate out achievements”.

Connor -“In maths we have been learning about probability. We were thinking about the chance of something happening and using the right words to describe it”.

Lydia – “We were using words like likely, unlikely, certain and impossible”.

In topic we started learning about magnets. We explored how magnets worked and investigated some objects in our classroom to find out if they were magnetic or not.


Mr Tyson also came to show us a super activity about forces and friction.

Coby – “He taught us different knots – they were pretty hard. We went outside to see if Caitlin could hold the whole class on a rope just using two fingers!”

Cameron – “We tied a special knot in a rope and two of us had to tie the rope around of our waist and go down the hill and two of us had to hold the rope to make sure they didn’t go too fast.

Jake – “The knot meant that we could control their speed and help to keep them safe”.


Please return any Threave Castle letters by Monday.


Primary 4 

P4 have been learning about probability in maths. We used the words never, sometimes and always to describe the likelihood of events. We also shared examples of things that are likely and unlikely to happen.

In music we have been perfecting our Christmas song with P5 for the school Christmas album. We are excited about recoding this after the holidays. The children have added tune percussion such as glockenspiels, claves and bells which sound fantastic.

In art we were inspired by starfish to create our own clay models. We worked on forming, smoothing and flattening the clay. We had to work fast to stop the clay from drying and added fine details to make them look realistic using modelling tools. We are painting our models next week.


P.E kits are required on Wednesday and Thursday every week.


Primary 4/5

This week in P4/5 we have been learning about how our community meets everyone’s needs. We discussed all the different things in place for people who use a wheelchair, people who are deaf and people who are blind.

Brooke – Braille is little bumps that make up an alphabet. It helps blind people to read.

April – You can get a special chair lift to help people go up the stairs.

Callum – There are special swings for children who use wheelchairs.

Charlotte – People who can’t hear properly can use hearing devices and hearing aids.

McKenzie – We have been learning how to do sign language.

Freya – We learned how to sign the words book, sandwich, cow, and cat.

Jesse Leigh – We learned how to say hello and how are you in sign language.

Primary 5 

On Monday we voted for our new ‘Keep the Quote’ and chose Erin’s quote as our class motto for the week which is:

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” – PT Barnum (The Greatest Showman).

In maths we have been using compasses with Mrs Starkey and continued our work on place value with Miss Mackintosh.

In P. E. we have continued working on our rugby skills with passing the ball and intercepting the ball. Children are all now working on their own endangered animal talks for next week as a home learning task.

For topic we have been researching life cycles in ICT, learning about groupings of animals and the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate.


Primary 5/6

A great team effort with reciprocal reading this week! Individual accountability means that all children need to do their job in order for each group’s reading task to be a success. Fantastic conversations about literature were occurring as a result.

Children have been using their ‘pupil voice’ to make decisions and hold votes to determine what the class do in P.E. Firm favourites include Star Wars Dodge ball, Capture the flag and Nukemball! It may only be October but there has been a festive feel in P5/6 as we practise our Christmas song. Watch this space!!!

Sclera, ciliary, retina, anterior chamber, iris… We have been learning about our eyes and just how complicated and brilliant they are! Although staring into each other’s eyeballs seemed to trigger the giggles, we had a great afternoon of science!

Primary 6

“This week, we began a Basketball tournament in PE” (Molly).

“We learned about the Eatwell Plate in Health and Wellbeing. It shows us how much of each food group we should eat daily.” (Rosie)

“We studied Dr Barnardo in Topic. He helped poor children and set up schools and homes.” (Jack and Jake)

“In Maths, we were ordering money from smallest to highest.” (Teigan)

“We were ordering 1 or 2 decimal place numbers.” (Emily)


Primary 6/7 

This week in Primary 6/7 we have been continuing to learn about multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been discussing the importance of place value and how each number can mean something entirely different depending on what column it is in.

In Samson we have been focusing on addition of decimal numbers.

Our literacy this week has been linked to our topic – Cyber communities. We have been exploring Ten Top Tips to stay safe online. We are working to design information posters to share our learning.

We are hoping to make the final recording of our Christmas medley of Let it Snow and Walking in a Winter Wonderland with Mrs Teale this week.

We now have more fish in our class fish tank as well as some underwater snails and 3 shrimp! We’re enjoying watching them settle into their new home.

Primary 7

I am impressed with my mental maths this week as my time has gotten quicker and I have been noticing patterns. – Rory L

We looked at different pieces of evidence this week – photos, video clips, diaries and letters to find out what it was like in the trenches in WW1. – Morven

I enjoyed writing a letter pretending I was a solider on the front line in WW1 this week. – Charely.

I thought I was good at taking notes on Wednesday because I only wrote down key information. – Ollie.

It has been really fun doing Ultimate Dodgeball. We have been using team work. – Sam.

I did well with my reading this week. I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School and got 10/10 in the Accelerated Reader quiz. – Chloe.

Our reading book is scary but it makes me want to read more because it is exciting. – Jayden.

We have also welcomed Mrs Campbell into our class this week. She will be working in class with us until mid December.


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