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P7 Magic Music Maker Mashup!

From November through to February our Primary 7 pupils have had the wonderful opportunity to design their own digital music through the Magic Music Maker activity. The pupils worked in small groups to create their own compositions.

Please click on the link above to hear a selection and enjoy listening!

Photo Gallery – February 3rd

(Click on a photo to enlarge and view in a  slideshow)

Primary 2 Money

p2b-money-2 p2b-money-1 p2b-money-6 p2b-money-5 p2b-money-4 p2b-money-3

Primary 3 – RHET and Market Visit

p3b-farm-2 p3b-farm-7 p3b-farm-11 p3b-farm-12 p3b-farm-15

Primary 6/7

p67-glow-1 p67-music

Primary 6 K’Nex Challenge

knex1617-013 knex1617-021 knex1617-023 knex1617-002 knex1617-005 knex1617-008

Weekly News – February 10th

Class news

Primary 1

We have been Weather Watchers all this week. We have done a daily Weather walk and filled in our weather chart.  The children have worked incredibly hard at home to complete our Igloo Challenge.  We have some fantastic Igloos – well done everyone!

Primary 1/2

This week we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We talked about our friends and listened to each other. Charley – “I fell and my friend helped me up.” Kacey – “Good friends play nicely.” Homework challenge – Our igloos look amazing!

Primary 2b

We all did very well in our Scots Poetry competition last week. The winner was Amelia and Ben was the winner of the art competition.

Our new topic is weather and we have been talking about what we want to learn.

In Maths we have started work on money to 20p.

Enjoy the mid-term break!



Primary 3a

This week P2a have been very lucky to get a visitor from the Royal Highland Education Trust. Sara came to talk to us about farming in Scotland but focused mainly on dairy farming as that is the type of farm we are going to visit on our up coming trip.

We learned all about dairy cows and how to stay safe on a farm and we also got the chance to make butter.

Ruby said she “liked making butter.”

Max said he found it interesting learning about farm safety.

Oscar said he learned that cows can produce ’32 litres of milk a day’.

We were also able to visit the mart to watch a cattle sale.


Primary 3b

We had a visit from Sarah from RHET. She told us all about Torrs Dairy Farm.  We are going to visit it next Friday.  We went to Wallets Mart to see a bull demonstration yesterday.  We saw two beautiful bulls in the ring.  Anna and Lhlyaijana got to be the Auctioneers while we pretended to bid for the bulls.



We started our Viking topic and we read the Selfish Giant with Mrs James. Ryan L won a gold medal for Karate at Dumfries.  Logan B won a silver medal for Swimming two lengths at Kirkcudbright.



“I enjoyed drawing Highland Coos using chalk pastels.” – Megan

“I’ve been inspired by the Daily Mile and I’ve made a running club with Noah O and Kalim” – Miriam

“I have enjoyed Multisports.” – Emily



“We’re doing money.” – Melissa

“We are writing adventure stories.” – Mya

“We are making a French Café” – Mia

“We are making rosettes for a political party.” – Neave B




We’ve been learning to budget in Maths. We’re looking to see what Golden Time resources we can afford to buy with £50.00.  In PE we have been looking at developing our own circuit stations and have been continuing with gymnastics on Tuesdays with Mrs Johnston.

P6 K’Nex Competition – School Competition was won by Lucy and Sophie with Craig and Harry runners-up. Lucy and Sophie will now go on to the next stage against other local schools.



We have been reading the Street Child and it is getting very exciting.

We can now find the area of a shape.

We have been continuing with mindfulness meditations.

We have been doing input and outputs in Maths to create a full function machine. In Art we created some Victorian silhouettes.

Rhianna held a 3 hour sponsored silence to raise money for blood bikes – she raised £236.00

Stitch club girls are improving.



Music – with Mrs Teale not only performing but taking on Solos

K’nex – thanks to Miss Wright for running this competition. Challenge was to build a bridge.

Maths – Learning about negative numbers.

Topic – Learning about rationing in World War 2.

Last week of Magix Music Maker. Hope to share music we made soon.

Jake and Flynn taking part in Stewartry Football.



This week we began our new class novel – The Breadwinner which we are very much enjoying.


We examined the features of persuasive texts and created our own piece of writing.


We also had our first in a series of transition visits from Miss Beattie from CDHS. We found out lots of information.


Well done to Naomi and Andrew for trying hard on Sumdog this week.


Reminders for Next Week

Mid Term Holiday Monday 13th February.

Pupil Holiday – Tuesday and Wednesday 14th and 15th (Staff Training Days)

P1 – Open afternoon for parents to see children’s work in the classroom Friday 17th February 2:45pm –3:15pm.

P1/2 – Please send homework bags every day. Open Afternoon Friday 17th 2:45pm-3:15pm.

P3a – Can anyone who has not returned the consent form for the farm visit on Tuesday 21st February bring it when the children return to school. Thank you

P3b – We are visiting Torrs Farm on Friday 17th February. We need to have had a big breakfast, wear cosy clothes and wellies.  Our class Assembly is on Friday 24th February.

P4/5- Scottish animal homework challenge – in by next Thursday. Shared learning days Thursday and Friday with P4.  P4 and P4/5 children are invited to wear something Scottish or blue and white on Friday.

P5/6 – Mr Whan has set a challenge on Sumdog if anyone would like to have a go at it over the break.

P7 – Pupils have research to complete at home for their tourist leaflet. This is due Monday 20th February.

A reminder that it is Football Group 2 on Thursday 16th February 3pm – 4:15pm.

Good luck to our P7 Quiz team in next week’s Rotary Quiz.




Weekly News – February 3rd Photo Gallery

(Click on a photo to enlarge and view in a  slideshow)

P1/2 – Symmetry

p12-feb3-2 p12-feb3-4 p12-feb3-1 p12-feb3-3


P2b Art Work

p2-feb3-4 p2-feb3-5 p2-feb3-1 p2-feb3-2 p2-feb3-3

P5 Orienteering

or31 or28 or34 or52 or49 or21 or14 or6 or1 or55 or24

P5/6 – Gymnastics and Art

gymnastics-2 kilts kilts-2 gymnastics-3

P7 – Decimals, Smoking Matters and Badminton

p7-decimals-5 p7-decimals-4 p7-decimals-3 p7-decimals-2 p7-decimals-1 p7-badminton-31 p7-badminton-11 p7-badminton-8 p7-badminton-7 p7-badminton-1 p7-smoke-9 p7-smoke-7 p7-smoke-4 p7-smoke-3 p7-smoke-1

Weekly News – February 3rd

Photographs from this week can be seen in our Weekly News Photo post and also on our Facebook page – click here

Class news


This week Mrs Bathgate has been teaching us lots of different things in French. Georgie said,” We listened to the three little pigs in French”. Eli R said, “We know the colours in French too”.

We also took part in a blubber experiment and have learned that Polar animals have layers of blubber to help keep them warm.


We have been learning the ‘oo’ sound this week and have been making and reading lots of words and sentences. We have been exploring simple symmetry and making symmetrical pictures in different ways. We have enjoyed learning about people who live in cold places and finding out about their houses, clothes and hobbies. We have been learning ‘The Wee Rid Motor’ as our Scots poem and have also learned some new Scottish words.




We have been learning our poem ‘The Elephant’ by J K Annand. McKenzie said,” I thought the poem was funny”. Charlotte said,” I liked learning about the Scottish words” and Ollie said,” I liked doing the actions because they helped me think of the words”. Kianna said,” I thought the elephant eating was funny”.



We are very proud of the clay owls we made with Mrs. Harris. We made a collage crocodile to go with our Scots poem too. In spelling we were learning about crosswords.



This week we have been spending time learning our Scots poem and doing the artwork to go with it. For this we all brought our favourite teddy bears into draw.  We have also been learning about Scotland’s famous landmarks.

Cullen and Oscar have been learning patterns in Taekwondo. Milly has learned how to play the scale on her chanter with both hands. Well done!


We have been learning to give change from 20p, £1 and £5 and estimating the weight of objects 1kg and 1/2kg.

Our topic work is now food and farming. We recognise whether our food is from a plant or an animal.  We drew fantastic Highland Cows using chalk pastels.

Kerys swam to the deep end in her swimming. Reece has done so well in gymnastics she has moved to the mini club.  Ellie-Jay can ride her electric scooter.

We are visiting the Mart on Thursday to see a Bull demonstration.



We have worked very hard this week on learning our Scot’s poem. We have also really enjoyed doing some joint research with P4/5 on Scottish animals.



Orienteering – Dalbeattie Forest

“We learned how to set a map before you leave” – Cameron

“The race at the end was fun and fast.” – Katie

We learned how to stay safe and how to use the whistle safely.

“Me and Rory L found it funny that our first point we went to we got lost.” – Ollie

We learnt how to serve in Badminton with P5/6.




We’ve had a really busy week!

On Tuesday with Mrs Johnston in PE we worked on our gymnastic sequences. We all worked hard to improve.  On Wednesday P5 went orienteering to Dalbeattie Woods.  We built on the map reading skills that we developed when we went to Loch Trool last term.

Primary 6’s made dancing kilts whilst P5 were orienteering very well done to those who have achieved silver and bronze awards. We’re proud of you!

We’re still on the lookout for old shirts to be used when we are painting. They would be greatly appreciated.



We have been learning how to cope with our emotions through mindfulness meditation.

We have completed art for our Scottish poem.

We had a badminton session with Jason and Fraser.

We have been reading the Street Child and learning more about Victorian life – especially within the work house.

We took part in a Scottish poetry competition.



Lots of Scots work – poems, art and writing.

PE – Circuit training developing fitness.

ICT – PowerPoints of most famous faces in World War 2.

Maths – Completed money unit and used Sumdog for assessments. Great job!


This week we have been very busy in P7. We had a visit from Smoking Matters where we learned all about the risks associated with smoking.  We looked at some of the chemicals which are found in cigarettes in class – Yuk!

We also had a fun badminton session with Active schools on Wednesday.

We have also worked really hard to recite our Scots poem this week – ‘The Storm’ from Tam O Shanter by Robert Burns.  We created super artwork to illustrate the poem too.


Reminders for Next Week

School photographs are being done on Wednesday 8th February.

P1- Friday 10th Feb Igloo Challenge to be handed in. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations.

P2b- Individual & Family photos are being taken on Wednesday. Remember P.E kits on Monday too!

P6 – Kingswood initial deposit is due.

P6/7 – Photograph slips to be returned. National Sumdog Competition has begun.  Please go online if you have the chance.


Safer Internet Day – 7th February

Download information for Parents and Carers


Weekly News – January 27th

Please click on a photograph to open slideshow.

School News

P3a Solar Aid – raised £230 – thank you very much for support. This means that 76 solar lamps can be bought for houses in a village in Africa.

img_3542 img_3533 img_3536 img_3537 img_3539 img_3541

Achievement Assembly

This week we had an Achievement Assembly to share successes from both inside and outside the school.

Mr Tyson told us that P4-7 classes had improved more than 7 months with Accelerated Reading scores since August which is three months ahead of target – well done!

We then heard and saw some Wider Achievements.


Struan, in P1, told us about moving up a level in swimming. We heard about cycling success from Gregor (P2) who took part in the Tour of Britain children’s race and Emily-Rose (P2) who can now ride her bike without stabilisers.

Primary 3 pupils, Duncan (Swimming), Elle (karate) and Kyla (gymnastics) told us how they had all improved and were learning new skills.

Craig (P6) played us Auld Lang Syne on the piano. Craig has been learning the piano for two years.

Cormac and Carla (P6) told us about an indoor Athletics Event that some of our P6s and 7s went to in Dumfries on Wednesday. Our team were fourth overall and were praised for their effort and sportsmanship.

Leah and Tessa (P7) showed us their awards from Threave Rovers and Ruby also told us about her athletics competition. Gabriel showed us Dance Moves to a Michael Jackson song. He took part in a national dance competition in Wales and also performed at the Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Well done to our Pupils of the Month who were chosen by their classes.

P1 – Ceyda, P1/2 – , P2a – Callum, P2b – Dylan, P3a – Max, P3b – Lucy, P4 – Tommy, P4/5 – Jake, P5 – Connor, P5/6 – Ryan K, P6 – Callie, P6/7 – Ben, P7 – Innes


We ended up with the whole school singing Auld Lang Syne.

Thank you to House Captains who organised a Movie Night for our P3-5 pupils.



Class news


We have been learning how to add our numbers together using different strategies.

Cara and Amber were awarded their silver award for their dojo points.

We enjoyed learning about Robert Burns – we made thistles.

We weaved paper to make tartan kilts.

Congratulations to Ceyda who was awarded our pupil of the month.

We have been learning about penguins this week.  We have been learning lots of interesting information.  In the hall, we had a ‘huddle’ just like penguins and we tried to carry an ‘egg’ on our feet like a male emperor penguin.  It was not easy!

Caitlin – “They live in Antartica.”

Cameron – “Penguins are good at swimming.”

We are also exploring addition in maths and we are doing lots of exciting activities.

We used clay with Mrs Harris to make our own emperor penguin.
We have been researching about Nocturnal animals.
Alexander – “I found out a fox lives in an earth.”
Holly – “I found out a hedgehog has about 5000 spikes.”
Isla – “I found out a male badger is called a boar.”
Kianna – “I found out that owls could not move their eyes.”
McKenzie – “I found out Hedgehogs are good swimmers and climbers.”
We were doing research on Nocturnal animals.  We found out some interesting facts – Did you know Hedgehogs are good swimmers?
We are making clay owls with Mrs Harris in Art.
Dylan is our pupil of the month for always being polite and friendly and trying his best.

img_1199 img_1204 img_1205 img_1208 img_1209
We have been very busy preparing our Assembly which was about Light. We raised over £230 for Solar Aid from our non-uniform day which is enough to buy 76 solar lamps for houses in a village in Africa.

img_3555 img_3559

We wore tartan or royal blue and white on Wednesday 25th January and learned about the life of Robert Burns.
We were working together to have fun with the parachute in the gym.
We have learned lots of different types of rolls in gymnastics.
Lucy is our pupil of the month for working hard to improve her handwriting and she is excellent at giving change in her maths activities.

We have been learning about money in maths this week and participated in a ‘real life’ activity.  We had to create goods to sell, price them and buy/sell items always remembering to give the correct change.  It was lots of fun!
Well done to Tommy for being our pupil of the month.

09 08 07 06 05 02 01 03 04

Holly – “We are learning about Chinese New Year.”
Lexie W – “We are doing adding and subtracting in Maths.”
Mia – “At gymnastics I managed to do my kickover.”

We were trying out some orienteering skills in the playground getting ready for our Outdoor Education day next Tuesday.

img_3561 img_3563 img_3565 img_3566


We have been learning about money in maths and looking at the combinations of different coins.  We learned more about E.A Hornel from Miss Ryan our visitor who used to work at Broughton House in Kirkcudbright.  We are continuing to get better at using VCOP to up level our writing.
Well done to Ryan K for being our pupil of the month.

We have been learning about metaphors.  We have been doing random acts of kindness as part of our health topic on relationships.
We have been reading Street Child and answering questions about it.
We have been trying to beat our scores in PE circuits.
We have been practising our Socts poem for the competition.
The school came 4th in an athletics competition.  Carla and Cormac from P6 were in the team.
Lewis has formed a little band with his brother.  Nicole has been improving her swimming skills.  George has became a Threave Bow-man and Chloe and Callie are learning a new Jazz dance.

Madison, Fynn, Jake and Kacey represented CDPS and the Sportshall Athletics.  In PE we have been developing fitness through circuits and monitoring our heart rates.
In maths we have been developing budgeting skills and finding best buys.  The class has also been completing a design challenge in ICT.  Congratulations to Ben – pupil of the month.
Well done to the P7 pupils who competed in the Regional Sports Hall Athletics competition on Wednesday – we came 4th overall.
Well done to Innes for being awarded pupil of the month.
This week in class pupils have completed a Climate Challenge.  In groups pupils had to come up with an energy saving idea – they had to write a description, draw and label a diagram, build a model of their idea and then present it.  The ideas were fantastic.  Well done
Reminders for Next Week
P2b – Could all children please bring a PE kit in on Mondays as this is when we have PE.
P4 – Keep practising our poem “The Magic Pizza” – we will be reciting them next week.
P5/6 – A reminder to all children to continue to learn their Scottish poem.  Mr Whan has sent home a VCOP support sheet to help include VCOP in our homework.
P6/7 – Keep practising your Scots poem.

Friday 3rd Feb – PTA Bingo Night – 6:30 – 8pm.


Thank you from Children in Need


Speech and Language Therapy – Advice Line

speech-and-language-advice-line-2 speech-and-language-advice-line-1

Weekly News – January 20th

Please scroll down to have a look at our class news, photos and video clip.

School News

P3a Solar Aid –Non-Uniform Day   Primary 3a would like to invite everyone in the Nursery and School to take part in a non-Uniform day on Friday 25th January. This is to raise money for the charity Solar Aid. Any money raised will go towards buying solar lamps for families in rural Africa. We have recently found out that many people in these areas don’t have any electricity and use dangerous kerosene lamps for light.

All our classes have a mini-topic on Scots Language so we would ask everyone to come to school wearing something tartan or blue and white (colour of the Saltire flag). A small donation would be very welcome.

Thank you


Primary 3a


Class news


Our new sound this week that we’ve been learning is “ch”

Do you know any words with ch in them?

Caleb suggested “Chicken”

Noah said “Church”

Fallon said “Bench”

Well done to Noah and Zane who were our Hero Handwriters this week. They focused hard to make careful letters.


We have been learning about cold places in the world this week and comparing them with where we live. Rhys- “A polar bear lives there”, Rhuben-“Antartica is a cold place”. Mr Grierson brought us a huge block of ice and we loved exploring it in our water tray. Thank you Mr.Grierson!

We learned the numbers to 10 in French and we sang a song about them too.



This week we have been learning about halves and quarters. Lexi-” I am good at quartering a shape”. Molly-“I am good at halving numbers”. We have been learning about how to research and we know we can use the computer and books to find things out. Sam-” I want to learn about foxes”



In PE we added bench step ups and shuttle runs to our circuits. Mr Tyson took us outside to make nocturnal animals with things we could find in the playground and chalks.  In mental maths we are counting on and back from 100 and writing numbers before and after to 100.  In circle time we have been talking about friendship.

oa-16 oa-22 img_3510 img_3519 img_3520 img_3522 img_3526 oa-2 oa-3 oa-5 oa-7 oa-8 oa-11 oa-12


This week we have been very busy getting ready for our upcoming assembly. We have also been looking at our Scots poem and figuring out what the poem is about.

We have been writing imaginative stories. We have been recognising coins and giving change from 20p, 50p, £1 or £5 in our groups.  We have painted a Scottish landscape and made a tartan Loch Ness Monster to stick on it.

Barney moved up to green in swimming. Lhylaijana has moved up to yellow.  Anna has moved up to gold and Yvie has moved up to swimming club.



This week Mr Tyson introduced us to My Merit and we enjoyed inputting some of our recent achievements. Today we enjoyed joining in with Scots songs online with other schools across Scotland.  We also began looking at Money in maths and using different combinations of coins to make a total.




This week we started our new topic, Scotland, and we will be doing some shared learning with P4. In Maths we are working on money and we were lucky enough to be given £50 from the P.T.A to spend on Golden Time toys. Here we are choosing and spending our money wisely.


Melissa – “We are learning about the ancient Greeks.”

Lexie W – “We have been doing Symmetry with Miss Cousins.”

Mia – “We have been learning our Poem called ‘The boy on the train’.”


As part of our work studying Scottish Artists we invited a local artist Rosie Cowan in to talk to us. We learned lots from Rosie about her life, how to ‘build’ the perfect painting.  The qualities and uses of different paints and how she painted her picture of ‘The Thistle’ that is for sale locally.  We also started to paint our own thistles with Rosie using acrylic paints and we will finish these when she returns next week.

rc5 rc3 rc6


We are learning our Scots poem.

We have been learning about Victorian schools and we had a Victorian classroom experience. Miss Smith pretended to be a Victorian teacher.

We have been converting measurements in Maths.

We have been introduced to our new book study of the Street Child.

In art we have been drawing thistles, using the art element “line.”

We have also been working on similes.

Emma took part in the British Skating Championship.

Hannah learned how to use a sewing machine also with Katie and Jessica.

Cormac and Carla are taking part in an athletics competition on 25th Jan.


The class has had fun during their Magix Music Maker class and have been creating their own music which they hope to share with everyone in 3 weeks. In their World War 2 topic they have been looking at main people and evacuees. In Maths they have been multiplying and learning factors and in ICT they took part in a local Sumdog competition. Well done to Kacey who came 28th!!



This week we have been looking at Global warming and we are creating a leaflet to tell people about it and how they can save energy. We have also been looking at Scots language. We have been practising our Scots poem, ‘Tam O’Shanter’ and writing our own Scots fairytales. In Maths we have been looking at fractions and have been competing in a National SumdogCompetition.


Reminders for Next Week

P1 – Igloo Challenge due 10th Feb.  PE Kit should be brought every Tuesday.

P1/2- Igloo Challenge for 10th Feb.

P3a will have their assembly next Friday, 27th Jan. It would be a great help  if you could help your child learn their lines. Thank you.

P3b – Learn Scottish poem by Friday 27th ready to perform it on Wed, Thurs or Friday 1st, 2nd or 3rd Feb.

P4 – Please practise our Scots poem whenever you can.

P4/5- Remember to keep practising your poems,’ A Dug, A Dug’ and ‘Fireworks Aff the Castle’

P5/6 – Reminder that all children have a Scottish poem to learn as homework.

P6 – Please remember PE kit. Learn Poem and Kingswood deposit money is due.

P7- A reminder that some pupils have an athletics competition on Wednesday 25th Jan, leaving school at 8.55am.





Digital Images Policy

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A form is being sent home with every pupil.

A copy of the Council’s policy can be downloaded here.


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