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Weekly News – January 20th

Please scroll down to have a look at our class news, photos and video clip.

School News

P3a Solar Aid –Non-Uniform Day   Primary 3a would like to invite everyone in the Nursery and School to take part in a non-Uniform day on Friday 25th January. This is to raise money for the charity Solar Aid. Any money raised will go towards buying solar lamps for families in rural Africa. We have recently found out that many people in these areas don’t have any electricity and use dangerous kerosene lamps for light.

All our classes have a mini-topic on Scots Language so we would ask everyone to come to school wearing something tartan or blue and white (colour of the Saltire flag). A small donation would be very welcome.

Thank you


Primary 3a


Class news


Our new sound this week that we’ve been learning is “ch”

Do you know any words with ch in them?

Caleb suggested “Chicken”

Noah said “Church”

Fallon said “Bench”

Well done to Noah and Zane who were our Hero Handwriters this week. They focused hard to make careful letters.


We have been learning about cold places in the world this week and comparing them with where we live. Rhys- “A polar bear lives there”, Rhuben-“Antartica is a cold place”. Mr Grierson brought us a huge block of ice and we loved exploring it in our water tray. Thank you Mr.Grierson!

We learned the numbers to 10 in French and we sang a song about them too.



This week we have been learning about halves and quarters. Lexi-” I am good at quartering a shape”. Molly-“I am good at halving numbers”. We have been learning about how to research and we know we can use the computer and books to find things out. Sam-” I want to learn about foxes”



In PE we added bench step ups and shuttle runs to our circuits. Mr Tyson took us outside to make nocturnal animals with things we could find in the playground and chalks.  In mental maths we are counting on and back from 100 and writing numbers before and after to 100.  In circle time we have been talking about friendship.

oa-16 oa-22 img_3510 img_3519 img_3520 img_3522 img_3526 oa-2 oa-3 oa-5 oa-7 oa-8 oa-11 oa-12


This week we have been very busy getting ready for our upcoming assembly. We have also been looking at our Scots poem and figuring out what the poem is about.

We have been writing imaginative stories. We have been recognising coins and giving change from 20p, 50p, £1 or £5 in our groups.  We have painted a Scottish landscape and made a tartan Loch Ness Monster to stick on it.

Barney moved up to green in swimming. Lhylaijana has moved up to yellow.  Anna has moved up to gold and Yvie has moved up to swimming club.



This week Mr Tyson introduced us to My Merit and we enjoyed inputting some of our recent achievements. Today we enjoyed joining in with Scots songs online with other schools across Scotland.  We also began looking at Money in maths and using different combinations of coins to make a total.




This week we started our new topic, Scotland, and we will be doing some shared learning with P4. In Maths we are working on money and we were lucky enough to be given £50 from the P.T.A to spend on Golden Time toys. Here we are choosing and spending our money wisely.


Melissa – “We are learning about the ancient Greeks.”

Lexie W – “We have been doing Symmetry with Miss Cousins.”

Mia – “We have been learning our Poem called ‘The boy on the train’.”


As part of our work studying Scottish Artists we invited a local artist Rosie Cowan in to talk to us. We learned lots from Rosie about her life, how to ‘build’ the perfect painting.  The qualities and uses of different paints and how she painted her picture of ‘The Thistle’ that is for sale locally.  We also started to paint our own thistles with Rosie using acrylic paints and we will finish these when she returns next week.

rc5 rc3 rc6


We are learning our Scots poem.

We have been learning about Victorian schools and we had a Victorian classroom experience. Miss Smith pretended to be a Victorian teacher.

We have been converting measurements in Maths.

We have been introduced to our new book study of the Street Child.

In art we have been drawing thistles, using the art element “line.”

We have also been working on similes.

Emma took part in the British Skating Championship.

Hannah learned how to use a sewing machine also with Katie and Jessica.

Cormac and Carla are taking part in an athletics competition on 25th Jan.


The class has had fun during their Magix Music Maker class and have been creating their own music which they hope to share with everyone in 3 weeks. In their World War 2 topic they have been looking at main people and evacuees. In Maths they have been multiplying and learning factors and in ICT they took part in a local Sumdog competition. Well done to Kacey who came 28th!!



This week we have been looking at Global warming and we are creating a leaflet to tell people about it and how they can save energy. We have also been looking at Scots language. We have been practising our Scots poem, ‘Tam O’Shanter’ and writing our own Scots fairytales. In Maths we have been looking at fractions and have been competing in a National SumdogCompetition.


Reminders for Next Week

P1 – Igloo Challenge due 10th Feb.  PE Kit should be brought every Tuesday.

P1/2- Igloo Challenge for 10th Feb.

P3a will have their assembly next Friday, 27th Jan. It would be a great help  if you could help your child learn their lines. Thank you.

P3b – Learn Scottish poem by Friday 27th ready to perform it on Wed, Thurs or Friday 1st, 2nd or 3rd Feb.

P4 – Please practise our Scots poem whenever you can.

P4/5- Remember to keep practising your poems,’ A Dug, A Dug’ and ‘Fireworks Aff the Castle’

P5/6 – Reminder that all children have a Scottish poem to learn as homework.

P6 – Please remember PE kit. Learn Poem and Kingswood deposit money is due.

P7- A reminder that some pupils have an athletics competition on Wednesday 25th Jan, leaving school at 8.55am.





Digital Images Policy

The Education Department has issued an updated Digital Image Permission Form. There is a second part to this form to give permission, or not, for children’s names to appear on Media such as local newspapers and their websites.

A form is being sent home with every pupil.

A copy of the Council’s policy can be downloaded here.


Winter Term Art Gallery

Please click here to see some of our Corridor displays from last term.


Weekly News – January 13th

School News

We received this thank you email from Castle Douglas Rotary

Dear Castle Douglas Primary 

Just a quick note to thank you and the pupils from Castle Douglas Primary School choir who helped with our Santa Sleigh collections on 20th December 2016 in Tesco Car Park. 

I am delighted to inform you that a total of £1676.16 was raised over the six evenings. 

The money will be used to support local good causes and charities.

Kind Regards 

George Dickson

Community Convenor

Castle Douglas Rotary Club.


Car Park We have several families who need to use Disabled Parking Bays near the front of the school and are members of the Blue Badge scheme. We would ask that other families do not park in this area. Thank you for your help with this.


Class news


Welcome back!

We have been doing science experiments this week – investigating how to make ice. We discovered that water needs to be put in a very cold place like the freezer for ice to be made. We predicted how to melt ice.  Jack and Kahlen’s ice melted the quickest by pouring hot water on it.



This week has been a busy one! We have started our new topic and are learning about water and ice.  We discussed our ideas of how we could freeze our cups of water.  We decided to put some in the freezer and to put some outside.  We loved watching our ice melt the next day.

Nikola – “We put our ice in the sunshine, it melted quickly near the radiator.”

The snow on Thursday was perfect timing for us to go out and talk about the melting process – we were sad it didn’t last!


We have been revising halves and learning about quarters this week in maths. We looked at star constellations and made our own.  We finished our collage owls with Mrs Harris.



This week P3a have been learning about opposites with Miss Gainford.

For our maths we have been focusing on fractions. Looking at finding thirds of shapes and numbers.  We have also started our Mental Maths Time challenge. 

There have been lots of achievements in the swimming pool. Both Duncan and Niamh received certificates and Douglas moved up a group. Cullen attended his first Taekwondo class and Milly learned the scale on her chanter.  Skye learned the Highland Fling in her Scottish Country Dancing.


We have started “Kindness 5” this week, where we take 5 minutes each day to discuss what acts of kindness we see in our class.

Logan- “You get to see who has been kind and get a sticker if you’ve been kind to someone.”

We have also made lovely winter art pictures looking at shades of colour.

We have been practising our 9 times table – lots of practice at home would be good too, if possible!



We have been learning about Charles Rennie MacIntosh and we recreated his work. We also created a picture mosaic of Scottish people in the shape of the saltire. In maths we have been working with function machines. We are learning to use VCOP to improve our writing.

p56-scot p56-mack



Our new topic is the Victorians and we have been finding things out about Queen Victoria.

In maths we are learning about measure. We have been working on mm, cm and m.

In PE we are doing circuits. Next week we will get our base-line scores and try to beat them each week.

In language we have been learning about similes.

Katie learned how to use a sewing machine. Nicole improved her tambourine skills.  Cormac got picked for an athletics competition.  Josh reached Level 3 in drum class.

Reminders for Next Week

P1 – PE Kit should be brought to school every Tuesday this term. We would like to remind everyone how important it is for homework to be brought each day.

P1/2 – Homework drop in on Monday at 8:50am or 3:00pm

P2b – Our Scots poem is The Crocodile and it will come home on Monday with your child’s homework. Please send your child with a PE kit on Monday as we have PE on Monday’s.

P4 – Mrs Johnstone asks girls not to wear ‘Skorts’ but rather shorts or leggings so we are safe using the gymnastic equipment.

P6 – Remember to bring your poem to school and please learn it as homework.






Accelerated Reading Target Champions!

publication1Special mention to the following pupils who have achieved their Term 1 Accelerated Reading target. Well done and thank you for your hard work.

Accelerated Reading books are loaned from the School Library or can be books from home. Once the book is finished pupils then log on to a computer quiz and points awarded depending on the score achieved.

Our challenge is to have even more pupils achieving their Term 2 target by Easter – let’s go for it in the New Year!


Merry Christmas!

merry-christmasOur last school week of 2016 has been full of Christmas fun with more class parties and our choir singing at Tesco.

We hope everyone has a very enjoyable holiday

and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from all at

Castle Douglas Primary

img_3232 img_3228 img_3236 img_3184 img_3174 img_3156 img_3207

Weekly News – December 16th

It’s been a really busy Christmas themed week!


Primary 1

P1 have loved playing in our Santa’s Workshop. We have built toys for Santa, wrapped presents, written labels for parcels and written letters and posted them in the post box to The North Pole.

Eli R said ” I like building toys with Lego”.

Milly said ” It’s a hard job being Mrs.Claus”

img_3106 img_3105


Primary 1/2

We have had a very busy week with our Christmas show. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have been exploring toys in the past and thinking about what our parents and grandparents might have played with! Everyone in P1/2 would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Primary 2a

P2a had a great time performing in their concert.

Alexander said “I thought it was great”.

Murray said, ” I thought the turkey dance was excellent”.

Anna liked the turkey dance because she thought it was funny. Isla said ” I liked the loud parts of the poem” Freya said, “I liked how we all joined in together” and Shea said, “I liked the dance because everyone joined in and we were all laughing.”

img_3122 img_3118

Primary 2b

We have been learning about symmetry in Maths this week. We have been looking at and learning about nocturnal animals. Elliot the Elf has been up to mischief all week! We all really enjoyed our concert performances and hope you all did too.




Primary 3a

On Monday P3 had their Christmas party where we danced and played games and even had enough time to stop for some ice cream. Hayden said, “The games were great fun”. Douglas said he really enjoyed the dancing. This week the class also worked in groups to research a nocturnal animal and presented what we found to the rest of the class. On Thursday the class went to the Church Service and then came back to school to enjoy our Christmas lunch. Ruby and Hanna both said the food was yummy!


Very best wishes from everyone in the school to Miss Anderson (P3a Teacher) who is getting married tomorrow. We’re looking forward to saying hello to Mrs Boardman on Monday!



Primary 3b

We had our Christmas Party on Monday.  We are working on symmetry in maths.  On Wednesday morning we performed in our first concert.  We did our second performance in the evening and our last performance is on Friday afternoon.  On Thursday we went to Church for our Christmas Service Jessica and Holly were mice in the stable.  We enjoyed our Christmas lunch when we came back from Church.  We made folded paper snowmen in Art.  Next Wednesday we can bring a game to play in the afternoon.  Erin is going to be a flowergirl at Miss Anderson’s wedding.


img_2054 img_2031 img_2032 img_2045

Primary 4

We have been learning lots about electricity this week and had fun creating our own battery circuits and Christmas decorations involving lightbulbs. We also created some lovely Christmas lights artwork.


Primary 4/5

Abbey S explained,” We have been doing speed mental maths”. Meghan said, “We had to do the sums quickly and beat our time”. Rosie mentioned, “I’ve been trying my best to finish my speed test quickly” and Noah stated,  “I’ve learned more about fractions of number”. Well done to Jake who was chosen as pupil of the week and also to Noah O who played Joseph in the nativity.


Primary 5/6

Everyone has been making good progress with their class novel, The Midnight Gang. They are becoming faster with the 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 times table and this will help them with their work on division. The class has also been writing reports on their visit to Loch Trool and have put pictures on the school website for everyone to see.

On Wednesday the class walked to the church to see the Xmas Tree Festival. Well done to Craig who played ‘We Three Kings’ on the piano for the class.

img_3028 img_2969 img_2992


Primary 6 

On Wednesday we had our Christmas party.  On Thursday we made melted snowmen with Miss Stoddart.  We have learned some French Christmas vocabulary.  We had our Church Service on Thursday.  Cormac and Marisa were part of the Nativity.  We enjoyed Christmas dinner.  Katie completed her project in Stitch Club.  Chloe can land a handspring in Gymnastics.  Last PE session on Monday then kit home.

Primary 7 

This week P7 pupils had their last Magic Musix Maker session.  Over the weeks the children have created their own music, which was fantastic – Calvin Harris should be worried!!

We have also been adding to our Art Gallery display – giving feedback on pieces of art that we like.

Well done Naomi for coming first in her Karate competition.  Well done to Danny, Ryan and Andrew for playing well in their Rugby tournament.  A reminder that the P7 Christmas Party is on Monday.  Pupils need to bring the slip to say how they’re getting home.


Reminders for Next Week

P1 and P1/2 Christmas Party is on Tuesday afternoon. Please wear party clothes.

P2a and P2b Our party is on Monday afternoon.

P4 and P4/5 Party is on Wednesday afternoon.

img_3053 img_3059 img_3082 img_3087 img_3092 img_3097

P5/6 relive Battle of Glentrool!

P5/6 went on a 5 mile hillwalk today to visit the Site of the Battle of Glentrool which they have been researching in class. We started at Bruce’s Stone with a wonderful view over Loch Trool to the site of the battle. We think Robert the Bruce may have stood in this spot to give a signal to start the Battle!
Later on we had a go at setting up an ambush and also found hidden English army gold – lucky for us it was chocolate and had survived 800 years and was good enough to eat!

Please check our Comments to find out what the class learned and enjoyed about the walk.

Click on a photograph to view a slideshow.

Click here for Outdoor Education video.

img_2969 img_2972 img_2970 img_3040 img_3036 img_3034 img_3031 img_3032 img_2966 img_2968 img_3018 img_3024 img_3007 img_3009 img_3025 img_3028 img_3011 img_3017 img_3030 img_2980 img_2990 img_2984 img_3036 img_2987 img_2992 img_2988 img_3004 img_2999 img_2976


Weekly News – December 9th

Class news


Miss Menzies and P1 are delighted to have Miss Hardwick joining them as their new teacher for the rest of P1.

We have been so busy this week practising for our Christmas Show – we can’t wait to perform it to our families next week.

Our arrangements for our evening performance next Wednesday – please drop off P1s dressed in costume to P1 class for 6:15pm and collect from class at 7:15pm.



This week, we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance.  We can’t wait to perform on stage next week!

We have also been using our art skills to make different Christmas crafts.  Our Jolly Santas are in the hall for everyone to see!

We have been learning about Christmas in France with Mrs Kinghorn.  We loved hearing about how French children leave their shoe out instead of a stocking.




We enjoyed making crackers and Christmas puddings for the hall.  We are still reading about Plop and learning about Barn Owls.  In subtraction we have been remembering to put ‘the big guy’ first.



This week P3a have started looking at fractions.  Elle said “each part of a fraction has to be equal.”  As part of our topic we also learned what opaque, transparent and translucent is.



We are learning about symmetry in Maths.  We wrote fantastic letters to Santa and drew Christmas elves with craypas.



We have been writing newspaper reports about Robert the Bruce’s activities in Dumfries and Galloway.  We will continue our learning when we visit Loch Trool on Monday.  We have been learning to estimate and measure objects in Maths.  Anna, Bob and isla have been preparing to take part in the Church Christmas Service on Thursday.

Casey, Caitlin, Erin and Sophie have their first performance of Aladdin on Saturday at the Fullarton.  Break a leg girls!



In Art we have been doing lots of Christmas decorations.  In Maths we have been working on fractions, looking at fractions of amounts and of shapes.  In PE we have been learning dances for the party.  In ICT we have been editing our green screen weather report and creating weather logos.

All the girls got up the top of the hill at Stronord overcoming lots of challenges.  Stitchclub are making candy canes.



ICT – We have been creating our own Worlds using Kodu.  This is computer coding and we have created our own games.

Maths – We have been completing and creating symmetrical shapes.

PE – We have been practising our Scottish dance moves, ready for our Christmas party.


Fynn, Madison, Alistair and Kacey represented P6 and P7 at Castle Douglas High School Sportshall Athletics.

Kacey – “It was really fun and intense.  The back and forth races were challenging.”

Alistair – “The obstacle course was hard because of the steps you had to go through.”



This week P7’s have continued with division activities in Maths.  We have made beautiful snowflakes in class too.  We have been finding out about Solar, Wind and Hydroelectricity as part of our energy topic.  Next week we have our last Magix Music Session and we can’t wait to get a copy of our songs on disc to listen to.


Reminders for Next Week
P1-3 pupils – Please remember the evening performance on Wednesday.  Come to school for 6:15pm in concert clothes.

Pick-up time is 7:15pm


Christmas Lunch Thursday 15th – money for the lunch (P4-7s) should be paid by Wednesday please. There is no sandwich option on Thursday – please bring a packed lunch if not having the Christmas Lunch.



There will be no after- school football on a Thursday until after the holidays.


A reminder for children in P4/5, P5 and P5/6 that it’s the Panto on Thursday evening.  To meet outside The FullartonTheatre at 7:10pm.  A groupcall will be sent mid-week with a time for pick up.



P3a – Christmas Party on Monday.  If children would like to bring in party clothes to change into other than their concert outfit that is fine.


P5/6- Visit to Loch Trool on Monday.  Leave school at 8:30am.  Remember packed lunch and items mentioned on kit list.  Christmas Party on Tuesday 13th December.


P6 – Christmas Party 14th December ( Wednesday) Please bring clothes to change into if you wish.

P6/7- P6 Party Wednesday 14th pm.  P7’s are reminded to bring in party slips.


P7 – Pupils have a slip to return regarding the P7 Christmas Party.

Christmas Choir

A big thank you to everyone who came along to Castle Douglas Town Hall on Friday evening to sing at the Christmas Lights Switch On. You were stars!

img_2917 img_2914 img_2908

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