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Weekly News – 19th May

Our Weekly School News

This is an opportunity to share our learning with the school community. We hope that families will find our posts useful in helping to develop listening and talking about some of the things our pupils are learning in school.

(Comments on our activities are also very welcome – click on the small comments link underneath each Post heading on our website.)

Positive Destinations. We are inviting ex-pupils of the school to either post on our Facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/cdpschool/) or email the School – gw08officecastle@dumgal.gov.uk to tell us about what jobs they have done and any achievements they would like to share. This is to add to our ‘Positive Destinations Wall Display’ to give our current pupils some ideas and information about their future aspirations.


Summer Fete

The PTA organized a Summer Fete on Saturday 20th May. There were activities, stalls and also visits from the Fire Service and Police. A fabulous £1376 was raised which will all go towards supporting activities in our classes next session. Comments are very welcome on what visitors to the Fete thought of the day.


Some Class News

Primary 1/2

This week, we have been busy carrying out our homework challenge. We have been looking at and learning about old transport at home with our families. Our posters and drawings are fantastic! Rhuben told us that his Papa had a Bedford Coach! We loved sharing our assembly today. We told the story of The Enormous Turnip and encouraged everyone to work as a team. Devlin said, ” I loved singing the songs”. Thank you all for coming.


Primary 2b

We read The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch and have enjoyed doing activities related to the story. Our pesky seagulls are now flying around the class! We are working on addition and subtraction in Maths again now.

Primary 3a

This week we have been working on multiplying two digit numbers by a 1 digit number.

We have continued on our Romans topic.

Milly – “We learned that a Roman helmet was called a cassis.”

In Literacy we have been working on adjectives.

Douglas has been learning to do patterns in Taekwondo. Harrison, Duncan and Finlay all went to visit the police station with Beavers.

Harrison also won a medal in Karate and Eilidh learned new moves in her Karate class.

Milly has learned to do a forward flip in Gymnastics.

Well done everyone!


Primary 3b

We started a new topic on the Romans. We have made a storyboard on the legend of Romulus and Remus. We are researching about Roman soldier clothing and have started a mosaic design with Mrs Harris.

Our class would like to say Well Done to the following pupils:

Anna has learned to play frog on a log at her piano lessons.

Josh has learned how to play A minor on the ukelele.

Reece can do a handspring at mini squad.

Ellie-Jay can do the splits at gymnastics.

Georgia can play Mary had a little lamb on the piano.

Lucy & Erin can do the box splits at gymnastics. Erin can straddle over the box too.

Lhlyaijana can play a beat with drum sticks and spin a drumstick while she’s playing.

Olivia can finally do handstands at the bottom of the deep end at the swimming pool.

Sarah can do a forward flip at dancing.


Primary 4      –

We have really been enjoying learning some First Aid skills with Mr Tyson recently. This week we learned how to properly apply bandages. We can’t wait to learn more!

We have also been researching how the main organs of the body work.


Primary 6


We have been working on our presentation. We have researched about Apollo 11 and we have written a newspaper article about this event.


We have been working on our mental maths and improving our long multiplication skills.

Health and Wellbeing

We had a session with Mrs McCleary, GIRFEC Officer, for a discussion about wellbeing.

Operation Safety

We went to Stranraer to an Operation Safety day and learned all about fire/internet safety.



Primary 6/7

P6’s went to Operation Safety at Stair Park, home of Stranraer FC. They took part in activities about keeping safe with drugs, fire, internet, vandalism, alcohol, coastguard, ambulance, anti-social and electricity.


Paul Jone’s Festival started this week. Boys won 3 out of 3 matches and the Girls won 1, drew 1 and lost 1.


Teams:- Andrew, Aidan, Kelvin, Charlie, Kayden, Kira, Tessa, Leah, Ruby, Amber (P7)


Corey, Cormac and Carla (P6)


Fynn, Jake, Ben, Lacey, Stephanie (P6/7)


Primary 7

This week we have been completing some Time assessments in class. We have also been looking at directions and degrees in Maths.

In topic and literacy we have been learning about the Blitz and precautions people took during this time. We wrote Blitz themed cinquain poems and created some silhouette Blitz pictures.

Pupils have been working hard on Superscot activities in PE.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Netball and Football interhouse competitions this week.


Reminders for Next Week

P1/2- the class will visit the book fair on Monday 22nd May.

P6/7 – Continue to prepare solo talks.

P7 – Solo talks will be taking place on Thursday 25th May.  Inter-house rounders competition on Monday.

Weekly News – Friday 12th May

School News

(Comments on our activities are also very welcome – click on the small comments link underneath each Post heading on our website.)

Positive Destinations. We are inviting ex-pupils of the school to either post on our Facebook page or email the School – gw08officecastle@dumgal.gov.uk to tell us about what jobs they have done and any achievements they would like to share. This is to add to our ‘Positive Destinations Wall Display’ to give our current pupils some ideas and information about their future aspirations.

Class news

 Primary 1

We have been doing a lot of outdoor play linked to our transport topic.

Ewan – “We’ve got bikes, trikes and scooters.”
Georgie – “We’ve got a garage and I like playing there.”
Alex – “There’s tools to fix the bikes.”
Ceyda – “There’s lots of toy vehicles too.”

Primary 1/2

This week we have been exploring transport from the past. We enjoyed exploring the similarities and differences between old and new vehicles and we sorted them into two groups.

Jayden – “We looked at a steam train.”
Cameron – “The old bike had a big wheel and a small wheel.”

Primary 3a

This week we started our new topic on the Romans. We have also been finishing off our work on dividing and times tables.

Primary 3b 

We designed and made our own magnetic games and presented them to the class.

Anna and Yvie have started piano lessons. Ellie-Jay can ride her electric scooter.

Jessica, Erin, Anna, Summer, Barney, Reece and Lucy were chosen for the NYCOS choir.


Primary 4

We have been enjoying learning about the skeleton this week!

We can now name lots of the bones in the body and made some lovely skeletons out of natural materials from our playground outside.

Well done to Lotti, Ellie and Lois for trying their hardest at their ballet exam this week!

Primary 5

Primary 5 travelled to Edinburgh on Wednesday to explore more history at the time of Mary Queen of Scots. We had a very interesting tour of Holyrood Palace which also included a costume workshop. There were lots of challenges to look out including looking for royal symbols and working out what items such as the fire screen and chamber pot were used for. After lunch we went a walk up part of the Royal Mile to look for more evidence. There lots of clues on street names and we found where John Knox is supposed to be buried. We couldn’t get in to see Mary’s last letter which she wrote the night before she was executed but we did get a replica letter. Our last visit was a quick look at a replica of Mary’s coffin which is the National Museum of Scotland.

Primary 6

We have learned about the moon’s phases.

We have also learned about Galileo and his theories about space/solar system and a little about the planets and we can order them from the sun.

We have been doing long multiplication in Maths as well as the Fibonacci sequence.

In ICT we researched Galileo and wrote a biography for literacy.

Callie got a star gymnast certificate.

Chloe completed her ballet exam.

Primary 7

P7 pupils have enjoyed visiting CDHS this week for a health and wellbeing transition day. Lots of the pupils made new friends form other schools.  We have continued with our new topic WW2.  We have been focusing on evacuation. In Maths we have been working on time – looking at tricky times-tables and 24 hour time.  A reminder that pupils have a talk to prepare at home for May 22nd.


Reminders for Next Week

P1 – Thursday 18th Topic Homework due in. Thursday 25th “The Mighty Mile”, dress sporty/bringing bike and scooter with all the appropriate safety gear.

P1/2 – Our assembly is on the 19th May at 9:15am – please practise words at home. We are very excited about it!

P3a are visiting the book fair on Friday 19th May.

P6 – Operation Safety Tuesday 16th May. Need to be at school for 8:45am.  Remember packed lunch, wear school uniform and trainers.

Tesco Bags of Help – Our new Playground Games

We would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Tesco Bags of Help and everyone who voted for our Playground Games application. We had a fantastic £12000 to spend and, in January, our Pupil Councillors were given the job of spending it! The first task was to find out what games our Nursery and P1-7 would like and then decide on the best ideas. Then came the difficult job of working out what we could afford to buy or get made.

Over the next three months the games and storage boxes arrived in school and were made ready to use. We are having a lot of fun using the new games and activities and our playground is a much busier and interesting place to be – THANK YOU!





Weekly News – 5th May

School News

Thank you to those families who returned one of the Report Card Summary evaluations. The response has been very positive for the new style of report which we will use in June and also some suggestions for followup Parents Meetings which staff will discuss before next session. Your comments have been very helpful.


Class news

(Comments on our activities are also very welcome – click on the small comments link underneath each Post heading on our website.)

Primary 1/2


This week we have been learning about direction. We enjoyed using the Beebot toys to move around the classroom and we also made our own simple maps.  We also used tally marks to carry out a transport survey in the Community – we saw lots of different vehicles.

We recorded them on our clipboards.

Jayden – “We saw 7 buses.”

Leigha – “We saw 2 bikes.”

Please RSVP for our assembly on 19/05/17.


Primary 2a

We have been learning about what area is.

Isla – “It is the surface of something.”

We have been doing joined up handwriting.

Kianna – “I am finding it hard at the start but it gets easier as you go along.”

We have been talking about Italy and the food they eat.

Gary has been learning how to be a good friend. He’s very good at that.


Primary 3a

This week we have been drawing the Tardis in Art because in Maths we are learning about time and we have been talking about time travel.

We have also been learning about homophones – Isla said that they are words that sound the same but are spelt differently like sale and sail.


Primary 5

“In Maths we have been doing sums” – Holly


“In Art we have been drawing ancient jewellery.” – Mia


Primary 5/6

Very well done to L and S who won the Castle Douglas heat of the D&G K’Nex Competition. The challenge was to design and build a bridge and the girls were at Dumfries final today. The next challenge was to design a fire engine and the girls did very well with their problem solving and did themselves and the school proud. Well done!


Primary 6/7

We have been practising for our assembly next Friday 12th at 9:15am.


In maths we have been working at the simplest forms of fractions and converting to percentages.



Reminders for Next Week

P6/7 – The P7’s are at the High School on Tuesday 9th May please meet before 9am.

P1 and P7 Class Photographs on Wednesday 10th May.

Weekly News – 28th April

Weekly News – Friday 28th April

(More photographs are on our school website. Comments on our activities are also very welcome – click on the small comments link underneath each Post heading on our website.)

School News

May Day Holiday – a reminder that the school is closed on Monday for the May Day Holiday.

Positive Destinations. We are inviting ex-pupils of the school to either post on our Facebook page or email the School – gw08officecastle@dumgal.gov.uk to tell us about what jobs they have done and any achievements they would like to share. This is to add to our ‘Positive Destinations Wall Display’ to give our current pupils some ideas and information about their future aspirations.


Class news

Primary 1

We had a super time at Dino Land on Tuesday. Imogen said,”I liked to go on the bouncy castle” and Euan said,” I liked the big gorilla”. Georgie said, ” I liked doing the mystery wall. I felt a giant fossil.” Caleb said, ” I liked playing on the bouncy house. It was a great way to end our dinosaur topic.”


Primary 1/2

We are enjoying our new Transport topic. This week we have been learning about why we might use different modes of transport and which is the best option for different journeys.  We enjoyed using the water tray to explore floating and sinking and the cars and ramps for pushing and pulling.


Primary 2a

We have been learning the days for the week in French. We have been learning about smaller and larger numbers within 100.

Shea – “I found it quite easy.”

Maxi – “It made me think about numbers.”

We have been looking at what we want to learn about the seaside.

Ollie – “Why does the water make a swoosh sound?”

Kiana – “How are the sea shells made?”

Gary – “How is sand made?”


Primary 2b

We enjoyed doing drama this week moving like crabs, octopuses and turtles.

In art we have been making patterns on shells and string prints.

In French we have started learning parts of the body.

Isla started Rainbows this week and she really enjoyed it.

Our football with Active Schools starts again next Friday – so can we have outdoor clothing with us on Friday’s please?


Primary 3b

We had a visit from Freda from the Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group. We learned lots of facts.  Our favourite fact is that bats only eat the moth’s body not the wings.

We have been looking in detail at Salvador Dali’s drippy clock and learning the origins of the names of the days of the week.


Primary 4

We had a visit from Victoria, a personal trainer who led us through circuit exercises which we will continue over the next few weeks. In maths we have been working on time and we made our own analogue clocks.

Primary 4/5

Our topic is learning about Ancient Egypt.

Abbey S – “We have been learning new songs for our assembly.”

Megan – “I have enjoyed practising our assembly.”

Aillie – “I have worked hard to practise my times tables.”

You should have an invite home today to our Ancient Egypt assembly. It is on Friday 12th May at 10:45am.

Primary 5

“On Wednesday the class went on a hillwalk in Carsphairn. We started at a farm then we went through the farm but we had to be really quiet as there were lots of young lambs. Once we got to the end of the farm we had to walk through a big lake of mud. Before we started our proper walk we had a 5 minute snack.  Then we headed off!!!!  We had to climb a very massive tall hill but it was worth doing.  Half way up we got to go in the grouse butts. We tried to all go in it but it never worked.  Then we got to the top of the big hill so we went in two lines in search for rocks with a cross on it that someone had made. Ryan had a good idea to pour water over the rock.  So you could see it and it worked.  After we looked at the rock we headed back down and we came to a wood that was all gone.  It was just things everywhere .  Mia and Charley got their feet stuck in a swamp.  Then we came to the end of our walk but at the end there was a small village that had been around in the past.

One house would have had one room for the animals and one for the humans and the street was called Narrow Street. Then we went back to the bus and back to school.”


Primary 6

Maths – We have been working on our date handling by finding average from a set of data, using mean, mode, median and range.

Literacy – We have been working on our speech marks. We made an Acronym to remember the order of our planets.

Topic – We have been learning about space and our planets. They are part of our Solar System.

Hannah, Morgan, Jess and Callie all finished an item at Stitchclub. Rhianna has been learning her own gymnastic skills.  Emma has passed level one in snow boarding.  The boys played football at Threave and did well.

Reminders for Next Week

P1/2 – May 5th Traffic Survey in the community. Assembly 19th May – Please return RSVP and practise words at home.

P3b – Our class hamper for the summer fete is on the theme of “Pamper” goodies to be sent to the school by Friday 5th.

P6 – A reminder that Kingswood Money is due.

P3 Magnet Painting

P3 enjoyed creating paintings using magnets – it does look a bit spooky seeing the metal items moving by themselves!

P5 Hillwalk – Mary Queen of Scots Pilgrim Road

Primary 5 went on a hillwalk from Carsphairn to the abandoned village of Polmaddie. The route followed the old Pilgrim Road which led to Whithorn and the first Christian Church in Scotland. Mary Queen of Scots used this road when she visited Whithorn in 1566. The road today is a grassy track which can still be seen in many places. We also found some engraved stones with crosses on them which showed it was a Pilgrim Road.


School Newsletter

Please click here to download April School Newsletter.

Welcome to the Summer Term at CDPS

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

Our class news will start again next week.

In the meantime this week there a few photographs from our P6 visit to New Lanark, Bikeability Breakfast and coming soon – P7 India Day on the School Facebook page and website.

There will be a newsletter coming home on Monday with dates for the Term ahead.

Information about

– ordering school uniform for next session

– opportunity for P4-6 Musical Instruction and

– P6 Kingswood Information

will also be sent home.

Please look out for this in school bags  🙂

P6 New Lanark Visit

On the first day of the Summer Term our Primary 6 visited New Lanark to find out more about the life, work and times of 19th Century families.

Primary 6 are invited to post comments telling our website visitors about

  • What did they find interesting about the visit.
  • What new knowledge they learned.
  • How they found the school experience.
  • Their thoughts on living in a single room with all their family and no electricity or inside toilet.
  • What they will remember most about the visit.

Please remember to think carefully about your writing – use key words and interesting sentences that have correct spelling and punctuation.

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