Our week in P7B

Primary 7B have had yet another busy week at school! Our Prefect Rotas have been put in place and some of the children have had the opportunity to carry out a range of jobs throughout the school. Thank you for all of your hard work!

In class we have:

  • Investigated the short e sound in spelling.
  • Revised and consolidated  decimal fractions, looking at tenths and hundredths. We have also continued to look at lines of symmetry in complex shapes and patterns.
  • Studied a piece of descriptive writing and examined it’s key features. We had a go at writing our own descriptive writing piece on the role of Firefighters.
  • Continued  our Novel Study, Divided City, and have had time to carryout our own research on a theme in the novel that interests us. Some of us have chosen religion, football or asylum seekers for example.
  • Looked at the work of Glasgow artist, Charles Rennie MacIntosh, and planning a piece of art which we will share with you next week.
  • Talked about the SHANARRI indicators in Health and Wellbeing and how these apply to us every day.
  • Watched our first school assembly of the year and were reminded of Skipper and the tools he uses to help him to be resilient.

Consider the points below and leave a comment:

1. What did I enjoy learning about most this week? Why?

2. What would you like to learn more about over the next few weeks?

3.  Which tools from Skipper’s toolkit did you use this week?

4. Did you help a classmate or pupil in the school this week? How did you help them and how did it make you feel afterwards?

25 thoughts on “Our week in P7B”

  1. I enjoyed learning about forces while doing science when we done parachutes and paper aeroplanes to see the difference.

    I would like to learn how to do more descriptive writing.

    I had to take a moment when I was with my writing plan for my writing this week.

    I helped Zack with information for our firefighter rating pease.

  2. 1.I enjoyed forces because we got to make paper airplanes and parachutes and it was fun
    2.I would like to do more of science
    3.I got active by doing more activities in the playground
    4.I helped Robyn on her sectarianism poster by lending her my pens and rubbers

  3. I enjoyed P.E this week because it was hockey and we got to do matches and our team won in a match it was so fun. I would like to learn more about sectarianism around the world and maybe we could write a short speech with facts in it. This week I had to use take a moment when we were doing writing because I didn’t have many facts because I wasn’t here on Monday. I helped someone in maths this week they were stuck so I explained it to them.

  4. My highlight of the week is the paper plains we made .It was hard to make them aerodynamic . In skippers toolbox 🧰 I was resilient because when things got hard. I helped Evan with his paper plain and felt good that I helped someone.

  5. I enjoyed PE because I have never tried hockey before and I really liked it. I would like to learn more about our novel book. From skippers tool kit I used get active in PE and running club. This week I helped Isla in her music Because she didn’t really understand what to do.

  6. I liked doing the shanarri posters because I liked drawing the self portrait.

    I would like to learn more about stuff that we can do outside.

    I used get active from skippers toolkit.

    I helped my friend with the maths questions.

  7. I enjoyed learning about Charles Rennie Macintosh in art.
    I’d like to learn more about the architecture in Glasgow.
    I got active from skippers tool kit in PE.
    I did the lunches this week.

  8. This week I enjoyed doing hockey in P.E I scored a couple goals which made me feel good. Next week I would like to learn more about science and forces. This week I used look on the bright side because my teem at hockey didn’t win the first match but we won the second. This week I helped ruby with her maths because she didn’t understand it but I explained it to her.

  9. This week I enjoyed science 🧪 because we got to make paper 🪂. In the next few weeks I want to learn more about are book divided city. This week I think I used have a go because the problem solving was hard but I just had a go at it I also I helped Millie M because she didn’t know what to do.

  10. Doing the secratairism poster because it was interesting researching the facts and stuff

    More about catholics and Protestants

    I don’t know sorry I haven’t been here most of the week

  11. I enjoyed reading and learning about our Novel this week we did our sectarianism posters that are linked to our book! I love drawing so that’s what I enjoyed about it. I would like to learn more about racism in football. Our tools we used with skipper where listening, and have a go. I helped eliana spell sectarianism in her poster!

  12. I injoyed The health and well-being posters

    I would like do learn more about are decimals

    I yoused the get active one couse I did running club

    I helped Kate with her facts for writing

  13. I liked the prefect Rotas as they were fun 🤩

    Over the next few weeks I would like to do more prefect jobs(I’m obsessed!) as I like spending time with small children.

    Math was hard 😔 but skipper helped me as i gave it a go

    I helped Zack with math as there was soooooooo many questions and after he was really thankful

  14. I liked learning about firefighters in my piece of descriptive writing because it was interesting.

    I would like to learn about people saving lives in the sea for our next piece of descriptive writing.

    Get active

    I helped them with a maths question and it made me feel good.

  15. I ingot getting closer to being a prefect andwoching my friends be won . nest web I wod lic to do sum mor sines
    This weck I got activ ba sicling
    Iduscusd and shard my I dress.

  16. This week I enjoyed doing the posters about the novel because it was fun.I would like to learn about about divided city.From skippers tool kit I had a go.I bought Elsie a water bottle from the office since she forgot hers 🙂

  17. This week I liked doing problem solveing it was good fun and a challenge. I would like to do more problem solving and finish of my writing.I help Zack get the answers for maths

  18. 1. I really enjoyed the descriptive writing we did about fire fighters🔥

    2. I would like to learn math that’s a bit harder because I usually wiz through the math we’re doing at the moment.📚

    3. I got active in my own time by fishing with a net and a bucket, I also seen a eel🐍🐟

    4. I helped someone during music by helping them send there work to mrs ingles and I felt good about myself after😁

  19. This week I enjoyed doing skippers tool kit because it was really fun

    What I would like to know about Glasgow religion

    Tools I used in skippers tool kit was active because I was playing football

  20. I liked doing the racism in football poster because it was fun to draw.
    I would like to Learn more about Glasgow.
    This week I have used mostly take a moment and keep connected.
    In music I helped some people with sending the sheet thing.

  21. 1. What did I enjoy learning about most this week? Why? Decimal fractions. Simple

    2. What would you like to learn more about over the next few weeks?science

    3. Which tools from Skipper’s toolkit did you use this week?get active

    4. Did you help a classmate or pupil in the school this week? How did you help them and how did it make you feel afterwards?no but Lucas practiced goalkeeping with me so thanks Lucas my guy

  22. This week I enjoyed doing litter picking to help make the world a better place.

    Over the next few weeks I would like to learn more about about sectarianism in Glasgow.

    The tool I used from skippers tool kit this week was have a go when drawing our posters.

    This week I helped Olly in problem solving. It made me feel happy.

  23. I loved learning about all the topics from are novel divided city

    Decimal because I like it is part of a hole but can be split up and written out easily

    Resilience because when it was so hot I took a breath and kept going with the work

    I helped my table partner with some of the tricky tech in music

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