P7A Review of the Week 10.9.21

We had some great weather earlier in the week so we have enjoyed doing some of our learning outside.  We have been learning about compass points and bearings following on from our work on Angles.

What else have we been up to this week?

  • Analysing a descriptive text and revising our knowledge of effective vocabulary.
  • Investigating other graphemes that make the short e sound in spelling
  • Reading more of our novel Wonder and exploring the music associated with some of the chapters.  We had a great discussion about Space Oddity by David Bowie followed by a look at a Picture book version and then a fun table quiz
  • Consolidating our knowledge of Place Value and Addition strategies in Numeracy
  • Investigating the angles in triangles and using what we found to calculate missing angles
  • We started a piece of Art linked to our novel study, description writing and Health & Wellbeing. We look forward to sharing these soon.
  • We watched a virtual assembly which reminded us about Building Resilience and the tools in Skipper’s toolkit.
  • Some of us started Prefect Duties and the rest of us are looking forward to ours over the next fortnight.

Time for Reflection

  1. When did you make a good decision this week?
  2. What would you change if you had the opportunity?
  3. Name one thing you are proud of this week.

20 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week 10.9.21”

  1. Jack
    1:I made a good decision when we were doing the compasses
    2:I would change how I did my writing
    3:I am most proud of my maths

    1. Choosing column 5 in spelling
    2. The weather
    3. Being a prefect at lunch

    1. I made a good decision by remembering it was PE
    2. I wish I could change the weather so we could work outside every day
    3. I’m proud of my Maths

    1.choosing the right spelling column
    2.charge my iPad

  2. 1. I made a good decision by remembering to charge my iPad because I usually forget.

    2. I wish I could change the wether so that I could be an indoor prefect in P1A.

    3. I am proud of my art that I drew in art.

  3. 1. When I didn’t feel amazing but I still went to forest schools.
    2. I wish I was on prefect duty in the P1 and P2 playground .
    3. I am proud of the dog picture that I drew with words.

  4. 1 I made a good decision when I decided to stay calm instead of getting angry in the loud noise.

    2. I would the p1 and 2 for at the start of the week to stop them chasing the prefects.

    3. I was proud that some of the children in p1 and 2 came to me about some problems they had.

  5. 1.I made a good decision when someone asked me to tell the secret my friend told me not to tell anyone and I said no
    2. Fixing a sum that I got really wrong
    3. My word art rabbit

  6. 1. When I offered to do Chloe’s prefect duties
    2.not to stick my hand in the food bin on prefect duties
    3.finishing my prefect duties and angles

  7. 1. When I chose column 5 in spelling.
    2. Change the weather so that it would be the right weather for working outside.
    3. I feel proud of my spelling

  8. I made a good decision when I helped P1 down from the climbing frame.
    The weather to one really bad day so I could do in door break.
    My art of my horse.

  9. 1. I made a good decision with my answers to come first on the class Kahoot!

    2. I would remember to bring headphones in music if I had to change one thing.

    3. I am proud of my maths booklet score.

  10. 1.wasn’t here all week but buy a good decision was when I brought 2 water bottles in when it was really hot

    2. The maths

    3. Bringing my water in

  11. I made a good decision when I thought of two answers in maths and picked the right one .

    If I had the opportunity to change the picture that we drew in art I would .

    I’m proud of the art this week .

  12. Picking a good partner for the chalk compass thing.
    Spelling I already knew that stuff.
    Math today in the textbook angles the big compass.

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