P7A Review of the Week

This week’s highlights:

  • Reading more of the Novel ‘Wonder’ – starting to understand things from his sister’s point of view
  • Learning about Angles – how to measure them, how to draw them accurately, how to calculate angles when you know part of a straight line or whole turn and about vertically opposite angles
  • Revising rules for Rounding numbers
  • Exploring Volume, Mass, Density and Buoyancy in Science
  • Improving our understanding of how to write a really great Description and using it to write about either a Spooky House or a New York Skyscraper scene
  • Taking part in some Prefect Training to learn some new playground games with all the P7s.

Time for Reflection:

  1. When were you at you best this week?
  2. Why do you think that was?
  3. What one thing do you feel you could work on next week?

22 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week”

  1. Otto
    My maths
    Because I was good a my measuring in class
    My spelling and my handwriting

    I think I was good at Angles in maths because I am been trying hard.
    I want to work to be the best prefect as I can I am going to need to watch out for anything like someone getting left out .

    I think I was at my best in in maths with a protractor
    I think I was at my best at my maths because I understand it more
    I thing I will work on my writing next week

    I think I was at my best in angles in maths
    I think I was good at it because I understood measuring the angles
    I think I could work on writing next week

  2. 1. I think I was Best at listen and maths.

    2. Because I listen and I like to do maths.

    3. I would like to work on my spelling.

  3. 1. I am happy about my writing ✍️

    2. Because I tried my best and hardest

    3. I feel like I could do better at my spelling

  4. 1. When we did angles outside.

    2. Because I felt really good at measuring them and finding out other people’s questions.

    3. I feel that I need to work on my spelling for next week because I wasn’t very good at it this week.

  5. 1.I was at my best during spelling
    2. I got them all right and bonus points
    3.I think I need to work on my angles in maths

  6. 1. When I was doing running club
    2. ✨🦕Because I enjoyed it and I knew how to do it 🦕✨
    3. Maths/angles ✨🦕

  7. 1. When we were doing prefect training.
    2. I don’t know why I was at my best but it might be because I like learning.
    3. Finding out what missing angles are quicker.
    I have had a good week and I’m looking forward to the next week😁

  8. 1. When I was at my best was when we were playing the playground games to be prefects.

    2. I think that was because I was outside with my friends.

    3. I think I have to work on my angles work.

  9. 1. When we did the sentences for spelling
    2. I like making up sentences and the words where quite easy to put into a sentence
    3. Maths

  10. 1. When I was doing Prefect training
    2. Because it was good for teaching us how to play other games in the playground
    3. Being a Prefect with the younger children in the school🏫

  11. 1. I think I was at my best when we were playing the prefect training games .

    2 I think that was because I was outside in the fresh air.

    3. Next week I think I could work on my concentration in some of the subjects.


  12. I was at my best doing angles this week because I got every question right. I would like to carry this on into next week.

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