Primary 7B Round Up

We have had another busy week in Primary 7B. We have continued with our Novel Study and the class have enjoyed researching different landmarks for our artwork .

In maths, we have been rounding numbers and looking at place value.

We have started engaging with Descriptive writing texts and have been looking at adjectives to help us with this. In spelling we have been revising the short e sound.

We have been learning about forces in science and had to investigate friction within our classroom. The children were challenged to design an experiment which would test the distance and speed of vehicles on different surfaces around the room. One of the main considerations was how to ensure they were carrying out a fair test.

Post your comments below

1.What was your highlight of the week and why?

2. What did you find most challenging and how did you overcome any of these challenges?

3. What are you most looking forward to next week?


13 thoughts on “Primary 7B Round Up”

  1. My highlight of the week is the painting of a land mark with the sunset in the background I found it really fun to do it with the blending different colours to make it lighter or darker or just making a new colour or shade!I really hope to learn about other art things in Glasgow with landmarks soon,I used kind to others in skippers tool kit!I helped Zack on what to say replying to the blog and I think it helped.🙃

  2. My highlight of the week was painting the sunset for the novel, I found the problem solving a bit hard but I found out how to do it later on and I’m exited for prefect duty’s next week.

  3. This week I really enjoyed doing the sunset are because they looked amazing when they were done. I found the problem solving quite difficult but I worked with my table and I mange to figure it out. I am really excited for next week because we are starting prefecting .

  4. I liked doing novel study because we got to do a sun set and put a Glasgow landmarks . I found the problem solving hard but if I did not get the question I just scoped it.l am looking forward to starting being a preefect .

  5. I really liked test when we had to test the cars on different surfaces to see how far it went. I found the most hardest thing is music it was hard to find out different beats and sending it but my friends helped me.I am looking forward to PE because I really like hockey a lot but I also want to play a Mach see if I am good.

  6. I loved doing Physics experiments with cars and different surfaces

    I found maths in textbooks challenging so I asked my friends and the teacher and finished it in the end

    Possibly doing prefect duties

  7. My highlight of the week was doing the playground games for being a prefect because we made it fun 🤩.

    I found the problem solving hard but I got it in the end once I got it explained at the end :).

    Next week I am looking forward to starting prefect duties but I might not be on next weeks one though .

  8. I enjoyed the playground games we played rob rob rob it was fun
    Also the art because I got to make a famous landmark in Glasgow

  9. I really enjoyed the science as it was interesting 🤔
    At first i didn’t know how to get a good ramp.
    It was so frustrating but i persevered and i got a good ramp

  10. My highlight was doing the art and painting. The hardest thing was maths but I tried my best and done it and I’m looking forward to prefect probation next week

  11. My highlight of the week was painting our sunset pictures. I founding very calm and relaxing.

    I found maths very tricky today.

    I am most looking forward for being a prefect next week.

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