Literary Features Homework


In class we have been learning about literary features. Use this link and watch ‘Made of More’ The Latest Guinness Advert (the one with the cloud). Write an example of a simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification , onomatopoeia and imagery that would apply to the cloud in the clip. Due 28th Nov.

Our Rainforest Homework.

We have been looking at Rainforests as our topic and we decided to combine our topic with our homework. We have lots of things as homework that we can choose from. One of them was making a poster of an endangered rainforest creature or make a short movie trailer about the rainforest or making a song about the rainforest.  We are enjoying our topic and getting to choose what to do for homework 🙂 .

by Poppy, Sam and Nicole

Here is a link to see Arran’s documentary


Rainforest scorpion by josh and Macinnes


Some scorpions are deadly but not all and this one isn’t or is it? READ ON IF YOU DARE!!!!!

it lives in the Australian rainforests.



The rainforest scorpion has eight legs like a spider. Its exoskeleton can have four different colours- black,brown,yellow and green. Its claws are very large to catch its prey.scorpion
A scorpion can change its food limit and eat only one insect a year. It sheds its skin so it can grow and hunt bigger prey. its body is a shield since its boneless. If needed a scorpion will eat another to survive. The scorpion needs little energy to survive that is very useful because it best sees at night. For safety mother scorpion ride their mothers back for one week
The scorpion grabs its prey and paralyzes it with its stinger They also ambush their prey for an easy dinner.
This report should of told a lot about the rainforest scorpion, what do you think?


Ma famille by Bethany

In class we have been learning French and this is my family in French.

Ma mere or ma maman for mum.

mon  Pere or mon  papa for dad .

ma soeur for sister.

mon frere for brother.

ma grand mere or ma mamie for gran.

Mon grand Pere or mon papi.

I hope you know your family in French .

Bethany song about the Rainforests

Do you know that people are cutting trees,

Do you know that we are losing the rainforests,

Do you know that p6a are trying to help,

Do you know that we are losing half of our animals,

There is four floors there is the Emergent layer,

Also Canopy, Understory and the Forest Floor,

We do not want to lose all of our animals,

(Everyone) Rainforests Rainforest we do not want to lose them,

We love the Rainforests yeah,

We will promise we will take care of the Rainforest ok



By Bethany

Fionn’s dad’s visit


Today Fionn’s dad came to visit us to tell us about the time that he spent in the rainforest in Borneo. Fionn’s dad was there when he was Fionn’s age and he told us about his memories and he brought in some of the things that he had from his time there. We were especially interested in the blow pipe and the arrows that you would put into it.
Thank Mr Hollingsbee for giving up your time and giving us an interesting talk.

Chocolate Planets

Mrs Hinks from Cocoa Black came in to school to help us make chocolate planets.

First we painted melted chocolate onto our baubles and then stuck on some sprinkles.

Then we painted on some special shimmer powder.

Finally we put our planets in a bag and licked all the chocolate off our fingers!


246 240 239

Chambers street museum

We went to the museum in Edinburgh.  We got some information about space and we played games in the science gallery.

I liked playing hit the button. Emma

I liked when the robot wrote your name and we made it write Kingsland! Hannah

I liked looking at the race car. Alex

I liked pedalling to make the fan work.  Abbie

I liked cycling in the race against all the animals but I couldn’t beat the cheetah.  Calum K

I liked lifting myself up using the pulleys.  Ruby

I liked watching the universe film.  Andrew M

I liked spinning the wheel round to launch the rocket.  Freya195

Rainforest Song- Munro’s homework

Munro wrote this super rainforest song- Well done!

Rainforest song by


The sloth goes climbing up the tree so he spends most of day

There day day day day day yeah



The sloth goes oh oh oh like a crab ab a . Up the tree e e yeah all day ay ay eh

OH the sloths are very good at swimming oh yeah soooooooo yeah yeah ah ah



The sloth goes oh oh oh like a crab ab a . Up the tree e e yeah all day ay ay eh


Even when the emergent layer falling on your head I will save you yeah there are 4 layers of the rainforest called the forest floor and also the under story yeeha and the canopy even the emergent layer yeah you count it like 1 2 3 4



The sloth goes oh oh oh like a crab ab a . Up the tree e e yeah all day ay ay ehh

And there are lots of animals like the sloth and the jaguars



The sloth goes oh oh oh like a crab ab a . Up the tree e e yeah all day ay ay ehh


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