Block 2 – What do we already know ?

Image result for tropical rainforests

This block we are going to be looking at the themes of adaptation and conservation when we look at the Rainforest.

What do you already know? We thought about the following questions individually and now we have worked in groups of 3 to share what we know.

What types of living things can be found in the rainforest and how have they adapted to survive?

How do humans use the rainforest and what does this mean for the rainforest?

what we want to learn about space

We would like to find out about:

  1. All the planets
  2. The solar system and how it works
  3. Space travel
  4. The sun and how it affects the Earth
  5. Moons and how they are made
  6. Stars and how they are made
  7. Life in space
  8. The Milky Way, black holes, and nebulas
  9. The big bang

End of block 1!

What have you enjoyed?

What have you learnt?

Have you been surprised by anything this block?

What have you found tricky?

What are your next steps for next block?image5

Our Achievements!

Have a look to see what our achievements have been in primary six. These may be achievements in school, or at home, and can be added to the page by Mrs Wallace, the children, or by parents. Well done P6b – you are all stars!!!


The Iron Man V The Iron Giant

We have been reading the novel the Iron Man and recently started watching the film The Iron Giant.  There have been lots of similarities but also lots of differences between the two.  What similarities/differences have you spotted?

The Iron man


We have been given a challenge of building an iron man out of recycled junk.  Our iron men must:

  1. Be able to stand up unaided.
  2. Be between 80-100cm tall.
  3. Have eyes that light up.

We have drawn our plans and started building but will we be able to meet all the criteria?


Discrimination By Ava and Rebekah

We have been learning about discrimination. A horrible, nasty thing that happens all around the world. Its when people  react differently towards someone who looks different, acts different or has  a different religion or  ability or skin colour , just because they’re different doesn’t mean people have to treat them differently!

Discrimination Rap by Calum

Discrimination religion colour or creed

Discrimination ,religion ,colour or creed. imagescagl0b9p

racism there is really no need.

Listening, tolerance rather then rejection these are the values that should have protection.

Like Martin Luther King we all have a dream that we could listen and work as a team.

Discrimination its spreading like a germ across the nation.

Love and peace should be our solution.

Discrimination ,religion ,colour or creed. imagescagl0b9p

racism there is really no need.

By Calum

Rocks by Munro

As a class we have been studying rocks. So far we have done the rock cycle there are three different rocks named  Sedimentary and igneous and metamorphic . So some of us has brought some of these types of rocks to class to have a look at here is a definition of the rocks  sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous and the differences among them have to do with how they are formed. Sedimentary. Sedimentary rocks are formed from particles of sand, shells, pebbles, and other fragments of material.

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