sloths:are they really that slow

Sloths are really good swimmers.They grow algae and they are vegan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By Ewan


Pandas-Do they really kill animals?

The Chinese word for Panda is xiongmao

Pandas eat 20-45 pounds a day

They live for 15-20 years

Baby Pandas only cry for attention

Pandas don’t normally kill other animals but you can never be too sure because they do have very strong jaws.

By Katy and Nicole.

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The Red Eyed Tree Frog-a master of disguise


  • The red eyed tree frog has green skin for camouflage during the day
  • When the red eyed tree frog detects a predator it opens its eyes which are bright red and moves its legs which are orange and startles the predator
  •   The red eyed tree frog blinks to force its pray down
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