Burns Night 2021

Robert Burns Halloween

Burns Night is on the 25th January.

We normally celebrate by looking at the Scots language in class. This year is a little different.

We will look at the poem To a Louse in our Monday Meeting. Have a read over a few of the verses:

To a Louse

Can you figure out what the words mean? What is a duddie boy? or a Lunardi?

You might want to practise reading a verse. Could you also try and draw a cartoon louse. You could make it a Scottish one. Upload it to Teams before the meeting in the Learning Chat.

Here is a reading of To a Louse by a pupil at Calderwood Primary.

You might like to do a little Burns research too.

Neeps and Tatties

There is a nice Book to Read Neeps and Tatties. There are some activities to go along with it in the NLC Digital Classroom, have a go.



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