Bye Bye Biggies

It is the end of term. The last of the Biggies will be leaving although many will return next session to be Biggie again!

Here is what I’ve been most proud of this session I am giving:

  • Heather An award for having a great imagination and the skills to share your ideas in drawing and writing.
  • Fulton An Award for your great smile. A bonus one for your art work, you should admit you are an artist!
  • Jonah An award for your mental maths, you can explain how you partition and move numbers around to find an answer.
  • Rhea What a smile! An award for becoming a lot more independent over primary 4
  • Aaron An award for the best questions, you are always wondering and thinking, great for your learning.
  • Rylan An award for most improvement in Art in the shortest time. Keep slowing down!
  • Alana An award for always working hard and enjoying the work you produce. Dream Catcher Champ.
  • Jessica An award for creative thinking. I Love the art.
  • Hannah An award for working to improve and enjoying your learning. You will kill p6!
  • Max An award for bringing your own ideas to the table. Bonus for when you work them through! Magazine Master!
  • Emily An award for independent learning. You drawing has improved by your own hard work. Animal artist of the year!
  • Logan An award for your sense of humour. Bonus for joining in more and more in P6
  • Islay Attitude award, always learning, alway trying!
  • Aaliyah An award for enthusiasm and bringing your ideas and finding into to school everyday!
  • Jack An award for being the Times Table King! fastest in Class!
  • Colin An award for best meme. Creative words in poetry too.
  • Zara An award for careful detail in all of your work. Beautiful Art.
  • Emma An award for self awareness. Great understanding of your own learning. Most thoughtful e-Portfolio posts.

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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