On Tuesday the whole school went out to celebrate  Banton’s 50th anniversary we did it by getting the toys they used back in the olden days.

We were outside doing this because there is not enough room inside we used conkers, skipping ropes, Chinese ropes and marbles.

Chinese ropes are made out of a chain of rubber bands. You need at least three people. Two people facing each other one doing a dance. I can give you a little song for it Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales inside outside monkeys tales.

Marbles you draw a circle in the middle and you shoot to the marble in the middle there will be a marble that you can hit if you get it out its now you marble.

Conkers  you can get them from a chestnut  tree and the good thing is THEY ARE FREE.

After lunch we had A 50th BIRTHDAY CAKE but the bad thing was that we got it the next day but it was good the cake everyone got a bit and that was our lovely day.







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  1. Aaliyah, this is a fantastic blog. I really like how you have included some instructions too, particularly the rhyme. Well done!

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