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P6A Review of the Week 21.9.20

We have looked at the sense – sight – and created these eye models.  We made our name in Braille.

For our descriptive writing we wrote about the setting of the novel  ‘Holes’ – Camp Green Lake.  We then watched a small section of the movie Holes.

We have been thinking about ‘having positive thoughts and we used the App Post It to record our happy feelings.

In numeracy we have been working on addition strategies;  using doubles, rounding to nearest 10 or 100 and splitting numbers into units/tens/hundreds/thousands to help us.  Our problem solving group activity was linked to sequences and this was pretty tricky.

Anna really enjoyed making the eye models.  Adam liked using Braille.



Review of week 18.9.20

Here are some highlights of this week:

We used the Descriptive Writing Structure and worked together to create a text about Hay Lodge Park.   We made an Imovie using our photographs from our walk and then added our Descriptive Writing.  Here is an example made by Annabelle.

Whilst creating the Imovie, Adam enjoyed listening to the different Soundtracks and choosing an appropriate one.   Isla liked using the Voice Over feature while creating the movie.

We are learning about The Senses and this week we studied the structure of and how the ear works.  We recorded sounds at home and the class had to guess what the sounds were.

It was Week 3 (and our final week) of our mouldy food experiment  – the look of the cheese and the strawberry made Jamie feel sick – and others in the class.  The cheese was blue and the strawberry had fermented and was all mushy.  Niamh felt that all of the foods were disgusting.

In literacy, last week we looked at similes and this week we look at changing similes into metaphors.

The fire was as bright as the sun.

The fire was a bright sun.

In numeracy we have worked on the vertical written standard method of addition and also mentally adding several numbers together looking at what numbers went well together to make ‘tens’.


In the comments add a simile and change it to a metaphor.

Week ending 11th September 2020

We have had a very busy week.

We walked around Hay Lodge Park gathering ideas for our Descriptive Writing.  We will use our photos for our writing and our IMovie next week.

We were also very excited to find out what our Mouldy Food and Germs experiments would show.   The strawberries were very mouldy and mushy.  The cheese was also mouldy. Some of the bread had started to mould slightly.  We were looking at the colour and texture of the mould.  We decided to keep the food for another week and see what would be next to go mouldy.

We know that germs are everywhere but some places have more germs than others.  We grew germs on different surfaces;  table, floor, our hands, outside in soil and puddles.  The number of germs had grown so we did not need a microscope to see them.   Our growing germs on different surfaces showed us that the floor and our hands (even though we are washing our hands lots of times) had so many germs that the potato had turned all mushy.





This week’s learning

We have had another busy week.

We have been finding out about Germs.  We have learned that there are four types;  Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Protozoa.  We set up two experiments.  One to see what surfaces germs grow and the other to see what food will go mouldy first.

We have been learning about place value; adding and subtracting multiples of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

We have been looking at the types of words and phrases used in descriptive writing.  We made up some similes to help create visual images.

  • as slow as an old tortoise
  • as pretty as Rapunzel
  • as big as a whale
  • as small as a mouse
  • as green as Shrek
  • He jumped like a cat.
  • as long as Pinocchio’s nose
  • as cunning as a fox

What questions do you have about your learning?

How could you demonstrate your learning?


Our Learning Week 3

Primary 6 have had a very busy week in school.  We have been thinking about our individual strengths that we can use when we find things tricky and looked at what skill or strength we have practised recently.

This week we have been working with the sequence of numbers to millions and place value.  Sometimes these numbers are very tricky to read but this is a great video to help with reading large numbers.  We learned about different type of lines;  parallel and perpendicular and explored outside to see these types of  lines in our environment.

For reading we have been looking at different types of questions;  Literal, Inferential and Evaluative.  We answered questions and created our own ones.  We will be continuing to work on this.

This block we are working on Descriptive Text and we looked at the text structure to remind us how to layout our work.  We will use some of the characters and setting from our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar to inspire our writing.

In science we looked at different germs and found out different ways to stop the spread of germs.




We are grateful for ….

Today in Assembly Mrs Wilson asked us to think about what we are grateful for ………………………

Mrs Scott is grateful for her loving, kind and  helpful family as well as her kind, helpful and supportive colleagues.

Lucy is grateful for her home.

Maisie is grateful for her dog called Seb who she loves.

Olly is grateful for his family.

Vinny is grateful for his Xbox.

Mea is grateful for all her friends.

Isla and Evan are grateful for their family.

Aidan is grateful for his cat Flo.

Kirsty is grateful for her home.

Adam is grateful all the wonderful animals.

Ben is grateful for his house/home.

Scarlett is grateful for her dog Angel.

Charlie is grateful for his car.

Jack is grateful for his bed where he can rest and relax.

Annabelle is grateful for all the things she has in her bedroom.

Niamh is grateful for Victor her guinea pig.

Flo is grateful for her guinea pigs Patch and Axel.

Lewis is grateful for education, he missed coming to school during lockdown.

Megan is grateful for her dog.

Ruby is grateful for the beautiful place she lives.

Sam is grateful for all the wonderful food.

Anna is grateful for her cat Tonks.

Gabriel is grateful for being a school.

Aimee is grateful for her house.

Chloe is grateful for her dogs Nellie and Portia.

Ben is grateful for aeroplanes.

Millie is grateful for her wonderful house.

Jamie is grateful for clean air.

Evie is grateful for her dog Maizy.

Alex is grateful for his fabulous life.

Gregor is grateful for his family.

We are all (most of us) grateful to be back at school.


Welcome Back Primary 6

It was fun and we did more creative activities.  Flo

It was good to get back with friends.  Niamh and Olly

It was good to get back into a routine.  Vinny

It was good to see friends and get back to school and feel a bit more normal.  Adam

Anna thought it was good to test out our ipads and check all was working.

We had to learn all the new safety rules.  Ruby

It was good to have a laugh with my friends again.  Annabelle

It was really nice to see all our friends and teachers.  Lucy