Week ending 11th September 2020

We have had a very busy week.

We walked around Hay Lodge Park gathering ideas for our Descriptive Writing.  We will use our photos for our writing and our IMovie next week.

We were also very excited to find out what our Mouldy Food and Germs experiments would show.   The strawberries were very mouldy and mushy.  The cheese was also mouldy. Some of the bread had started to mould slightly.  We were looking at the colour and texture of the mould.  We decided to keep the food for another week and see what would be next to go mouldy.

We know that germs are everywhere but some places have more germs than others.  We grew germs on different surfaces;  table, floor, our hands, outside in soil and puddles.  The number of germs had grown so we did not need a microscope to see them.   Our growing germs on different surfaces showed us that the floor and our hands (even though we are washing our hands lots of times) had so many germs that the potato had turned all mushy.





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