Weekly Review 11/9/20 P5/6

This week we learned about the eye. We labelled a diagram then took part in some fun experiments to test our eyes.

We have also been busy designing our Christmas cards. We had to think creatively and be very careful when colouring.

We have also enjoyed:
-working collaboratively to create one large piece of art. (Look out for the finished piece next week.)
-learning about addition in maths. We have been challenged to add several large numbers together at once. We have focused this week on explaining the strategies we use to solve questions.
-P.E. We were working on our athletics skills again.
-learning about literal questions. We had to answer in sentences and we were challenged to create our own literal questions.
-Music. P6 have been using Garage band to create their own music. P5 are making their own pattern sequences in groups.
-Handwriting. We are working hard to practice our joins and earn pen licences.
-Writing our description text about Fleas. Some thought they were fascinating; some thought they were disgusting.
-learning about proper nouns and common nouns.

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