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P6A Lest We Forget

Today we listened to The Poppy Story and learned about Remembrance Day.   We heard the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae and thought it was very sad.

We made poppies to take home and put in our windows for tomorrow, 11th November, to remember and think about servicemen and women who have served their country in any war, not just the First World War.


We also created some effective silhouette remembrance art work to display in our classroom.   Here is a small selection.

We will be thinking and remembering about veterans tomorrow at 11.00 am.


P6A Review of the Week 6/11/20


Mrs Ryalls has created this beautiful display for our Haunted Houses.  Thank you.

We were working on nets of 3D shapes and built dodecahedrons, triangular and square based pyramids, triangular prisms, cubes, cuboids and pentagonal prisms.  Sam created a rhombus prism.

In Science we learned the proper names for the bones of the Skeleton, a few examples are:phalanges for fingers and toes, pelvis, cranium for skull, carpals and metacarpals for the wrist and hand and tibia one of the lower leg bones.

We were given the month of August for the School Calendar and we have started making a collage of the school building for Back To School.  We are looking forward to seeing the finished product.

In numeracy we have been learning different strategies to help with multiplication:  16 x 35 – we would half 16 and double 35 to help us make the calculation 8 x 70;  to multiply by 25 we multiply by 100 then half the answer and it again.

What has been your highlight of the week?   Add a comment.


P6A Review 30/10/20

We have worked on creating double mirror images using two lines of symmetry.  Flo created this brilliant symmetrical picture.

We finished off our Senses Science work and learned how to finger spell our name using British Sign Language.

Super discussion was enabled with our Let’s Think Science group work looking at different skeletons and bones and trying to identify them.  We also had to think about putting some bones in order of strength.

We have also studied ‘A fair and equal life for girls and boys’ and become aware of and understand the meaning of stereotypes, discrimination and equality.  Lots of ideas and opinions were shared, explained and discussed.

Today has been a Halloween Day and we have been sewing pumpkins.


Maisie found it hard at first but then a lot easier.

Jamie found it frustrating as it all came apart.

Flo wanted to do the cross stitch at the side and Anna was able to show her.

Gabriel made his pumpkin different to anyone else.

Mrs Smith helped everyone.  Thank you Mrs Smith.

We started to create collage Haunted Houses.  We will post our finished pictures next week.


P6A Review of the Week 23.10.20

Adam’s Texture Book

We have used the Book Creator App on our iPads and created a story related to our novel  Holes about Stanley Yellnates and the sneakers!  We have enjoyed using all the tools;  background, comic text, video, sound, etc along with the pictures we drew.  Niamh has particularly enjoyed doing this.

As we have studied the Sense of Touch this week, Olly and Annabelle enjoyed going on a playground Scavenger Hunt looking for different textures.  We then choose to show our findings either in Book Creator or iMovie.

Megan’s Texture Book

Flo and Mea liked the section we read on our novel Holes in relation to the character Kate Barlow and we have had some interesting discussion around this part of the book.

We have continued to work on mental subtraction strategies and inferential questions throughout the week.


P6A Review of week ending 8/10/20

We have worked hard on our last week of Block 1.

We have written our Haunted House description text using adjectives, similes and metaphors.

We have investigated the Sense – Taste and tried to identify the flavour of different Jelly Beans.  If you hold your nose you can not taste any flavour!

In number, we have continued to work on the standard written method of subtraction and know the importance of a clear layout.

In reading, we have been using part of the question to help form our answer.  This has been a little tricky.

We wish everyone a happy, and well deserved October break.  See everyone back in school on Monday 19th October.


Review of the week ending 2/10/20

We have been working hard again this week.

In science we finished learning about how the eye works and studied the sense of smell.  We took part in a ‘smelling experiment’ and

  • Niamh didn’t like the smell of vinegar
  • Anna would never have guessed the shower gel carton
  • Maisie liked the smell of vinegar
  • Annabelle liked the smell of soap
  • Jamie not only identified soap but he even identified the brand of soap
  • Lewis liked the smell of cinamin
  • Olly hated the smell of garlic.
  • Adam liked the smell of curry powder

Our descriptive writing was about a mystical, mysterious scene and a lake and Annabelle enjoyed it as it was imaginative as well as descriptive.

In PE we ran laps around the school and also did long distance relay with the laps around the school.  It was quite hard going.

For Numeracy we have now started subtraction and for a warm up we used different dice to see who could reach zero first.