P7B’s Busy Week!

This week in P7 we have learned a lot even though we were off on Monday. We have done a lot of maths, from our times tables needing to be lightning fast and learning all our angles with a protractor. One of the coolest things we did was draw jungle animals mouths measured by a protractor.

In writing and literacy we have learnt all about information reports and similes which can be fun to use out of context. We have also looked at ideas for Dalguise funds.

Plus we had a bonus lesson on Tuesday! we had a live lesson for Code Week. We made a plan for a potential app using keynote and there is a competition to choose the best app idea. The winning child’s school will win an Inspire Sphero robot.

Lastly we began to look at our topic which is…Tropical Rain Forests! We look forward to learning more throughout the term.

(By Lochain McNae)

One thought on “P7B’s Busy Week!”

  1. I enjoyed getting the stick insects p.s they are so cute and I enjoyed PE we did gymnastics but I’m to good at that but I really wanna keep doing it I never want to stop.

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