EU Codeweek Lesson LIVE from Kingsland

What an afternoon! Kingsland were delighted to host Paul and Andrew from Inspire Learning for a Live Lesson on Coding to begin our learning for  Europe Code Week.  All of the P4-7 classes joined live from their classrooms along with at least 60 other classes from Primary Schools across the Borders!

The theme for the day was designing an App that could be used by many people with Inclusivity as a key focus. After Paul talked us through the initial part of the task, P7A and Mrs Little were delighted to share some of their ideas LIVE on with all the other pupils and schools.  A HUGE well done to all the pupils who spoke and shared their work.We gave a big shout out to all the other classes at Kingsland who we know were also producing some great ideas and were rewarded with a huge cheer!

Then it was time to get down to the task properly.  We learned how real App designers Prototype their ideas before they get to the coding stage. We did this using Keynote on our iPads and are looking forward to learning how to add hyperlinks in our next lesson. There is a competition across the Borders for the best Prototype Design which excited a lot of pupils!

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