P7A Review of the Week

P7A have had an interesting week with lots going on.

One of our highlights was designing, building and testing our very own model zip wires.  This was part of our work on Forces. Have a look at the pictures below – which forces can you see?

Other highlights of the week:

  • Forces Presentations using AirPlay to share our Keynote Presentation with the class
  • Scale drawings
  • Continuing Description Writing  – Museums of our choice
  • Short o Spelling words – including a word art rhyming task
  • Using rounding to find approximate answers to calculations
  • Singular and Plural in Grammar
  • Taking part in the Maths Week Scotland contest on Sumdog

Reflection time:

  1. What was your ‘best bit’ of the week and why?
  2. When were you Resilient this week?  (Did you overcome an obstacle or find a different way to do something? Choose to react in a different way when things went wrong? etc.)


26 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week”

  1. Daisy
    1.making the zip lines
    2.when I was on lunches as a prefect

    1 Billing are zip wire because it was lots of fun
    2. I was resilient this week was when I was building my zip wire

    Chloe S
    1. The best part of my week was making a zip line and my partner was Holly it was so fun
    2. I was resilient when I was being a prefect and I love being one. It is sooo much fun

  2. 1. It was the zip line build. I got to learn and work together.

    2. I was resilient when I found a better way to right…. On my iPad

  3. 1. My best bit of the week was when we made our zip lines and me and Flo’s worked

    2. I was resilient when I had p1/2 duty in the playground

  4. 1.My best bit of the week was when I made my zip line with pj
    2.i was resilient when the poles of my zip line weren’t sticking to the base so I had to try all the different tapes to get it to work.

  5. 1. Making the zip lines because it was fun and interesting
    2. When my zip line wasn’t working and I didn’t know how to make it with the materials I had
    ☻ ☆ ☻

  6. 1.definitely making the zip line!
    2.I was resilient when making my zip line when I tied the string and the tower started tipping forward so it took a lot of effort to stick it back down.

  7. I enjoyed doing the zipline because it was something different.
    I was resilient when I ran into an obstacle doing the zipline.

  8. 1. When we made the keynote presentations.
    2.when we were making the zip lines my one broke so I was resilient and fixed it.

  9. 1. The best bit of the week was definitely making the zip lines
    Because it was really fun.
    2. I was resilient when I didn’t understand a bit of maths but I persevered and did it.

  10. 1. The best bit fore me was the zip line because I like to make things.

    2. I was resilient in maths because I did not understand it at first but I asked for help then I got it.

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