Our Week in Primary 7B

The Primary 7s have had a busy and challenging week!

For writing, we wrote a descriptive piece of writing about the National Museum of Scotland. We enjoyed carrying out research on the attraction and we were able to use our plans to help us with our final draft.

For spelling, we have been working on the short o with other graphemes. Our root words were: sock, song, spot, stock, stop, occasion, person, region

We have continued to look at decimals in maths and have been rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and nearest tenth. We have also been learning how to add numbers with one or two decimal place.

We continued with our Charles Rennie MackIntosh stained glass art. We have displayed these in our window and they look wonderful.

This week we also had to vote for our Eco Reps and Pupil Council Representatives. Everyone had the opportunity to stand and had some time to prepare a little speech to say why they would be the best candidate for the role. We were all very impressed by the high standard of speeches and it was a very close result. Our Eco Rep is Charlie Harding and our Pupil Council Rep is Anna Maciver. A big well done to everyone who put themselves forward!

Consider the questions below and post your responses:

  1. What did you enjoy most this week? Why do you think that was?
  2. Was there anything that frustrated you? What did you do to help yourself?
  3. Can you think of something that a classmate did that was kind?
  4. What are you looking forward to next week at school?

14 thoughts on “Our Week in Primary 7B”

  1. Lucas Scott. I enjoyed maths because we haven’t done adding decimals and it was quite fun. I got frustrated in spelling with prefixes and suffixes but i checked the dictionary to help me.one of my friends help me with spellings I’m looking forward for the zip lines.

  2. I enjoyed the Charles Rennie Macintosh because the stained glass we made is really good . I got frustrated on averages but I tried and tried and I managed it.

  3. Isla
    This week I enjoyed doing the Charles Rennie Macintosh stain glass. It looks very nice in the sun in the glass. This week I found writing a bit frustrating because it was something really different to what I usually do. Anna was kind to me because she helped me understand my maths. Next week I am looking forward to doing a description on Saturn.

    This week I enjoyed PE because I find it fun doing hockey games and skills. I found the planing of the writing frustrating because I couldn’t really find any information. Isla was really helpful in music when I didn’t no what to do and helps out a lot.I am looking forward to writing about Saturn because it’s interesting.

  4. I enjoyed the Charles renni machentosh art because I like doing art it was also challenging because it was hard doing the cutting trying to concentrate in maths I moved to a different table. Eliana helped me with my mAths I’m exited for the prefect badges.

  5. Lochain Q1: creating a Charles rennie Macintosh stained glass with paper. I liked that when the sun shown through the window they all lit up.

    Damian Q1: I really enjoyed the activity book tasks when we had to design a menu for a Mexican restaurant. 🌮

    Lochain Q2: when I kept mucking up the hockey drill in pe but I asked for help from my group and got better.

    Damian Q2: During math there was so much chatter and noises and I get frustrated easily.. but I asked the teacher to tell the class to shooosh and it worked👩‍🏫

    Lochain Q3: when I didn’t get the maths, Millie noticed I was struggling and re explained and after that I was much better at it.

    Damian Q3: Lochain shared his iPad with me because my proxy was being annoying. And that’s how I am typing now 😎

    Lochain and Damian Q4: We are looking forward to making a zipline out of scraps and junk next week like the other class.🏫✏️

  6. This week I have enjoyed doing my prefect duty I was in the p5/6 playground and we played loads of games and what made it even better was the people I was on with, Millie and Amelie. I was frustrated when I didn’t finish my National Museum of Scotland writing because I was doing more research but now I will work even harder next time. Isla, Ruby and Lucy were kind to me when I was doing my pupil council speech. Next week I am looking forward to making the zip lines like the other class did.

  7. -I enjoyed doing our stain window art it was so fun to do and after it looked so cool on the window
    -nothing really frustrated me this week
    -Robyn let me use her iPad for research when I forgot mine
    -I’m looking forward to the starter activity and pe next week cause there super fun to do

  8. This week I enjoyed doing art because We did Charles Rennie Mackintosh stain glass windows with tissues paper.
    In maths I was finding it a bit hard to concentrate so I moved table so I could get more done. When I didn’t under stand the spelling task Millie and Elsie helped me. Next week I am looking forward to making zip lines.

  9. I enjoyed the decimal work because I found it challenging which I was frilled about . I got frustrated about the predation getting moved up a week at least I’ve got a week to improve. One of my friends helped me in maths . Next week I’m looking forward to the next art lesson

  10. This week I enjoyed PE because I scored lots of goals!
    I got really frustrated when we were doing our Charles Rennie Macintosh stained glass because the tissue paper was ripping.
    Aimee was kind to me because she let me borrow her pencil.
    Next week I’m looking forward to making zip lines!

  11. This week I enjoyed the Charles rennie mackintosh art the writing the numbers in words frustrated me cause it was so long I thought my art was bad but people at my table said it was good I am excited for the zip lines

  12. I enjoyed the Charlie rainy Macintosh art because I like to do are
    Sometimes I got a bit frustrated at decimal maths but I just kept on going. They asked my if I wanted to share a maths book with them.I am looking flowers to making zip lines in class

  13. I mostly enjoyed the Charles Rennie mackintosh stain glass art cause I found it really fun and I liked the designs, nothing really frustrated me this week , Robyn was kind to me by letting me use her charger for my school iPad and I’m looking forward to getting prefect badges next week.

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